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on 19 September 2017
I enjoyed seeing all the characters again in scenes that had been deleted. For me it did not work that well seeing the characters through the eyes of Lulu. I wanted to see more of the women even if scenes that had made it to the main series were also included. I have watched every part of The Chronicles including the prequel and I know that I will watch it again with the sub titles turned off. I felt as if I was on a journey with the characters and feel sad that the journey has ended. For a viewer to understand Heimat Fragments, the viewer needs to have watched at least some of Heimat 1 , 2 and 3 and in my view these chronicles are worthy of 5 stars because of the impact they made on me. Even though I have only reviewed this film as ok I will watch it again I am sure.
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on 16 December 2010
I largely agree with the previous reviewer. This is a selection of outtakes/deleted scenes from the 3 Heimat series, woven together with a dreadful framing story featuring Hermann's daughter Lulu.

I enjoyed the outtakes/deleted scenes, but the framing story was so bad & distracting, it's hard for me to believe it was made by the same director who made the 3 stunning Heimat series. He tries to tie each of the deleted scenes into an area of Lulu's current life & it just doesn't work. I would have greatly preferred commentary from Reitz weaving them together, or just the outtakes presented alone.

I would also suggest that if you haven't at minimum seen Heimat 1 & 2, don't even think of buying this as you'll be beyond confused!

Perhaps the Germany only 3 disc edition ties up some of this, but since there are no English subs on the Germany 3 disc, & since the price on the Germany 3 disc is out of my range I may never know!

Reluctantly recommended for Heimat fanatics like me.
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on 28 June 2017
Having seen the original Heimat on TV and became completely involved with all the characters I have purchased everything produced around this story. Absolutely enthralling.
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on 24 September 2010
My first viewing of Heimat 1 and 2 left me convinced that Reitz had created a masterwork of cinema. Heimet 3, while engrossing, was of a lesser standard, and there was much in it that I found either misleading or unintentionally laughable. For example I couldn't believe that the East Germans who Hermann and Clarissa brought in to rebuild their ancient house would have done such a fantastic job -- my expectations were all in the other direction. And I found the thematic use of the Berlin Wall and the Millennium boring and predictable, like all those excruciating Thanksgiving dinners in a certain type of American movie. (I suppose the same was true of the historical benchmarks in Heimats 1 and 2 -- street riots, assassination of Kennedy, etc. -- but the personal and individual stories were so powerful and convincing that these historical background notes were perfectly accommodated within the whole). Anyway, the series kept me watching to the end. With Heimat Fragments I was seriously tempted to switch off, particularly during the new footage, which mostly showed Lulu wandering through Shabbach and environs wielding a power drill like a shotgun, or staring at her own image through forest pools or holes drilled into marble columns. In essence the film was an excuse to tack together a lot of random footage -- mostly from Heimat 2 -- that had not been seen before. If the film was meant to be about how Lulu was shaped by her family's past, then it was an abject failure-- there was no point at which she became a character in her own right. Of course the Heimat out-takes were fascinating, and often brilliant, but they didn't need a spurious 'arty' framework to make them watchable. I don't really know why Reitz did this; I wish in a way that he hadn't.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 September 2015
One could be cynical and allege that ‘Heimat Fragments: The Women’ (why is there no companion ‘Heimat Fragments: The Men’?) is a way for Edgar Reitz to make a little more money and a little more kudos out of his grand project.

In essence the DVD comprises largely unseen footage from all three ‘Heimat’ series interspersed with musings on time and identity by Lulu Simon. Since the focus is on the stories that have not been told of the lives and likes of Clarissa, grandmother Maria, Lucy, mother Waltraud, Helga, Evelyn, Olga, Elizabeth Cerphal, Esther – that is people she either has not met or feature before she was born – the conceit is that Lulu remembers these lives she has not lived vicariously in search of a deeper identity for herself.

But I am not going to make this cynical allegation, for there is something of interest here, some insights to be had, such as that youth ends on the very day that you start to look back. And there is some benefit in the curiosity to be had by enquiring into how memory works, the “re-arranging fragments into a new formation”, as Lulu revisits many of the scenes of Heimats One, Two, and Three in their twenty-first-century guise, reviewing the choices made by her parents, her grandparents, and their friends.

There seems little rhyme or reason in the precise order of the clips, and there are no extras – but, then, it could be said that the whole DVD is an extra.
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on 2 January 2011
Edgar Reitz est un des meilleurs réalisateurs allemands de la fin du XXème siècle. Sa grande oeuvre Heimat123 est une saga d'une extraordinaire qualité narrative, historique et cinématographique. Heimat Fragmente en est la conclusion originale et il est donc conseillé d'avoir vu auparavant les 3 saisons précédentes.
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on 14 July 2014
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on 4 October 2014
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