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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
The Brain That Wouldn't Die [DVD]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 17 June 2011
This was a new twist on the frankenstein story. His creator started with a body and then looked for a brain. Herb Evers, having crashed the car and decapitated his girlfriend, keeps her head alive presumably to have someone to talk to on those long winter evenings?
She, however, prefers to talk to some unspeakable monster who inhabits the locked cupboard across the room. While poor boyfriend is out looking for a body for his true love, she's doing mind games with horror boy. It can only end in tears, although in this case 'flames' might be more correct.
An oldie but still worth a look, and a worthy edition to your old horror film collection!
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on 20 February 2016
The film in general is a low budget scifi film, the transfer is good, but I'm disappointed that the end credits have been cut and it's such an abrupt ending.
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on 28 August 2016
Yeah cheesy 50s sci fi, but great for a cheap DVD.
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on 14 November 2015
Good old fashion entertainment can't go wrong very good
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on 1 March 2012
Quality melodrama. A brilliant but otherwise completely normal surgeon has developed a new compound whereby he conducts experiments involving imbuing life into lumps of tissue, keeping disembodied heads alive and creating a creature out of limbs stolen from amputees which he keeps alive in a closet at his country home.
Due to his negligent driving he has almost killed his young lady. Almost killed I say; she has lost her head but that is no obstacle to this fellow.
In a quite amusing scene he reaches in thru the wreckage of the burning car and scoops up her head in his jacket before running off to his country house lab with his 'girlfriend' Pretty soon the head is all rigged up on a table as good as new although she will only stay alive like this for 48-50 hours.
Like any doting boyfriend would he sets out around the sleazy joints to give the once over to as many female forms as he can in order to choose a nice new (and preferably busty judging by his scrutiny) body to replace the car damaged and burnt one for 'her indoors'!
Anyway the head is rather narked at her plight and in between groaning 'Let me die' she is winding up the thing in the closet and getting it to do her bidding to delighted howls of laughter from herself.
After much perusing of the beautiful ladies and one catfight he brings his chosen one back to his for coffee and decapitation, it all goes a bit pear shaped with the head just getting on his nerves and being really lippy though a plaster across the mouth soon puts paid to that!
Some great dialogue as well. I liked the good Doctors imploring remark to the head that 'wanting to keep you alive isn't a crime' no but murdering and sawing the head off the drugged lady on the operating table in front of you and co-opting her body for your wifes head might be considered as a tad impolite Doc!
There are a couple of killings and a nice bit of blood for a black and white film which looked really good. A very enjoyable film that occasionally has pacing problems. Great sleazy music and sleazy broads as well. Quite reminiscent in theme to Eyes Without A Face [1959] [DVD] which may even have been the same year but not as stylish or ethereal as that French film which is also really recommended.
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on 3 November 2011
This really is rotten...I know I've only got myself to blame, I get the post ironic joke about it being so bad it was good but it's not it's just rotten, serves me right. It's been a long time since I felt so completely disapointed with a film so I'm off to watch plan 9 from outer space...Doh!
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on 2 February 2013
Avoid this one like the plague ! I gave up watching after half an hour. The transfer was dire and the sound was equally diabolical, with the dialogue frequently out of sync with the lip movements. At the very start of the film where the scene is set in an operating theatre we find out that the the three-man team consists of a 'Frankenstinian' type surgeon, his father and his fiancee. Then I knew that I was in for a long haul. When the 'surgeon' turns out to be someone who totally ignores road-sign warnings and thus drives his fiancee to death in an inferno, instead of feeling some sympathy for the innocent deceased girl, I couldn't help laughing as the dazed 'surgeon' cradles the wrapped up detached head as he ponders on the possibility of resurrecting her brain. The sleazy night-club with its hostesses who knew as much about acting as the main roles was ludicrous. As for the creature in the closet I could bear it no more and switched off. I had real sympathy for Virginia Leith who deserved a better role than being submerged in a tank for so long. The long shots of her detached head in the lab were a real hoot. It looked like a mask of Peter Lorre. I assume that this was made on a cheap budget, but it is sad that in 1959 cinemagoers were subjected to such junk. Quite clearly it is derived from 'Donovan's Brain', a much better movie, but not the sort that I would wish to buy. At least this film was cheap at the price - as no doubt were the actors.
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on 1 May 2017
Loved it
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