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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
The Fool Circle
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on 6 April 2017
The production values on all Nazareth albums are top notch, none more so than this album. In the case of Salvo remastering it for CD, I'd go one step further and say this must be close to studio reference quality. The music is so clear , which for me enhances the listening experience enormously.
Curiously, the songs here, are driven by the bass rather than lead or rythm guitar. Congrats to Pete Agnew for such stunning work, but Manny ''where were you?''
'The fool circle' was their second album of the 80's. Like it's predecessor ,this selection of songs is a million miles away from 1970's Nazareth. A case in point is the opening track here. It's called 'dressed to kill' but it's as war-like as ''Hammy hamster, in tales from the river bank.'' The least said about track one the better. The second song is a highlight. "Another year" is amazing stuff. The subject matter of life and death AND NOT SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF is all there to savour (probably inspired by Little Feat's trouble...which McCafferty
himself recorded on his eponymous album).

Tracks 3 & 4 are not to my taste. The vocoder on track 4 drives me demented.
Track 5 Let me be your leader is better. Given the contribution of keyboardist John Locke here, it's no wonder they went on to ask him to officially join the band.
Track 6 We are the people has a memorable tune and lyrically it is the best song on offer. It contains the unfortunate boast "we can change the format if the sales go down". After this album, the sales went down, down, deeper and down (even though the next one ''2XS'' , was a return to form musically).
Track 7 'Every young mans dream' is infectious, but then, so is measles. The lyrics are weak, as in tracks 1, 3 and 4 - amateur hour at best.
Track 8. ' A little part of you ' should have been the 45 rpm 7" single. McCafferty soars as does guitarist Manny Charlton. Nevertheless, this would have been a 'filler' track on a 1970's Naz allbum, whereas on ''The Fool Circle'', it's the second best ''new'' track behind (Another year).
Track 9 is a great live version of an old stage favourite, 'Cocaine' and featuring the recently departed Zal Cleminson (who'd bailed ...not died). Magnificent.
Track 10 is embarrassing. Truly awful. Excruciating lyrics and an ill advised Beach Boys 'good vibrations insert. This has the saddest chorus of all time.
Thank God for the bonus tracks 2, 5, 6, 8,9 the unconnected bonus songs...and yes thank God for the packaging inclusive of booklet.
Between 'Razamanaz (1973) - No mean city (1978), Nazareth were unbeatable. In 1982 they released the marvellous ''2XS'', and 1983's ''Sound elixir'' was a fine effort. From 1984 - 1990 their next releases were rather patchy, after which long serving guitar maestro left.
It was never the same after that, but at least they gave us a handful of great songs: ''Every time it rains 1991'', ''Nothing so good 1998'', ''Gloria 2008'', ''Butterfly 2011.'' I, for one didn't like their last album to feature Dan McCafferty called ''Rock n roll telephone 2014'', but hey guys...when you're good, you're very good. Thank you for the music.
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on 25 August 2017
Love This album. Originally bought when i was a young optimistic 15 year old. Now an old cynical 50 something, this Lp still brings a smile to my Face.
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on 3 March 2017
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 October 2011
Essentially a companion album to 1980's MALICE IN WONDERLAND,once again produced by Jeff Baxter,it pretty much follows the blueprint for the previous release.

Opening with another rocker 'Dressed To Kill',once again think early 80's Quo,superb little opener which along with 'Pop The Silo' & 'Victoria' are the most rockin this disc gets,three fantastic tracks which alongside the superb ballad 'Moonlight Eyes' are the best this album has to offer

The remainder could be classed as bland,inoffensive pop with only the bouncing bass led 'Let Me Be Your Leader/We Are The People' having any redeeeming qualities

This Remastered edition comes with 6 bonus tracks,the forgetable 'Morgantau' and outstanding 'Crazy' while the remaining 4 tracks make up the live ep from 1980 ,the sound quality surprisingly not as good as the live tracks from the same source found on Malice In Wonderland,so a rather mixed bag.

An ok disc but not one you will revist on a regular basis,the big surprise being why Victoria never became a regular feature in the live set
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on 30 January 2006
The Fool Circle was the follow up album to the slightly A.O.R experimental Malice In Wonderland recording and it continues in a the same theme albeit in a slightly lesser extent.
Just like Malice In Wonderland, this album opens up with a track (Dressed To Kill) that is not a true full blooded rocker, but it's catchy lyrics and memorable tune made it a big favourite with the fans and a feature in the live shows even to this day. What makes this album a little better than Malice In Wonderland is that the songs are still seemingly aimed at our American cousins, but they have also retained much more of Nazareth's classic sound. Another Year, Pop The Silo and We Are The People are as melodic as you would expect from an American group, but they have also retained a rawness to them which compliments the tracks surprisingly well. Let Me Be Your Leader, We Are The People and Little Part Of You are catchy fast paced numbers that will have you mincing up and down your livingroom floor. Two very nice surprises on this album has to be the Darrell Sweet composed tracks Every Young Man's Dream and Victoria; simple, singable and great fun, you would wonder why the late, great Darrell didn't do more solo writing and usually kept his writing credits to group writing. The big stand out track on Fool Circle Has to be the cover of J.J Cale's Cocaine. only ever heard in it's live version, Nazareth show that they are one of the very few groups that can take any song from any genre and turn it into a true Nazareth classic.
This album is better than Malice In Wonderland but when i reviewed that album i gave it the same three stars. That is because The Fool Circle still has the feeling of Nazareth doing something they are very good at, but not quite suited to. I would have given this album a 3 1/2 if i could, but never mind, all you really need to know is that this album is Nazareth on the road to perfecting the A.O.R sound that they displayed in Sound Elixr, but still retaining enough of the Nazareth sound that makes them one of the longest running and best loved bands in the world - and long may they continue to be.
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on 30 June 2012
As with Uriah Heap, I prefer Nazareth's lighter side since Dan McCafferty has a really sweet voice in the lower register. This album has much less of the screaming you get on No Mean City or Hair of the Dog and more melodic tunes. One of my favourite Naz albums. Buy it!
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on 17 October 2008
Very good album from Nazareth and note this edition is remastered and gives excellent sound quality.While the album is not as heavy as Hair Of The Dog or No Mean City there are plenty of strong songs on the album to get into.Feel this was Nazareths anti nuclear contribution,listen to the words on Pop The Silo and you will see what I mean.Great songs also include Morning Dew you get German version as well as one of the bonus tracks and the terrific Victoria a real rocking number that will have you cranking up the volume and practicing your air guitar.This album seems to be overlooked by a lot of fans as not being a typical Naz rocker but as said there are plenty of strong songs here for you to crank up and enjoy.
If you want heavy Naz albums you need to get Hair Of The Dog remastered and No Mean City remastered with Glagow born guitarist Zal Clemminson joining for the afore mentioned album,he also played on Malice In Wonderland not bad album but no where near the power of the other two albums.see my review on Hair Of The Dog.
Hope review is of help,please check out my other reviews you might find something of interest.Cheers.
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on 11 July 2013
Hu I love this album. Lively songs cheer up. The sound is unmatched. For me - this is one of the most successful albums of that group.
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on 3 December 2012
Their previous release 'malice in wonderland' is a true classic rock cd. This one however seemed lacking punch in many ways. It's a average naz release and coming after 8 great ones it's easy to see some steam go out of the group. Their next one 2xs is a much better release even if it's more new wavy. I like this one and I actually own 2 different copies of this on cd. (for the bonus tracks which are different) but it's a very average release from this great band. I have all of this bands releases and that's alot. In fact their new one 'big dogz' is outstanding! this one is not bad, I liked alot of their 80's output actually but it's just lacking in great songs, the songs here though are good , better than some hard rock bands releases for sure. I just wouldn't rate it any higher than 'no jive' probably. Completists like me have it but hard rock fans may want to get this one after you get their 72-80 output.
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on 3 October 2014
All right!
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