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on 10 April 2017
The cover is quite thick without it being bulky, the size is big and it comes flat and folded. The striped strings to pull it into shape and size is at first not obvious in the hems and because it is thread and not elastic, it takes a little effort to get it into shape. The cover itself is also quite stiff but sturdy.

The instructions advise that you steam iron the cover before you first use it so I did that but what it does not tell you is not to iron the white edges as it completely melted under my iron and left pieces of burnt plastic. At first I thought it was the cover that was burning so beware to not iron the edges.

I bought this for a smaller tabletop ironing board so had to ditch the little plastic tool it comes with to tie the two strings together. I will update later on how it fares ironing clothes.
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on 12 December 2014

1) It was cheap, and now that it is fitted, it's okay.


1) The drawstring only runs around the two curved sides. It doesn't gather the flat end, so that always flaps up.
2) The drawstrings are not strong, and are made or a braided cord that unravels very easily.
3) The device for tensioning the drawstring did not work for me either.

All in all, a cheap item, but it feels it!
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on 29 January 2015
This cover is a bit on the short side for my ironing board, even though it is described as extra large. There is plenty of width and with the application of elasticated clips to hold it in place is more than adequate for wrapping over the edges of the board. The metallised fabric is great for reflecting the heat onto the items being ironed and helps to make ironing easier. Reasonably happy with this item although the gathering strings are a bit flimsy and might not cope with the strain put upon them by being held taut. Obviously, too soon to pass judgement on this aspect of the cover until it has been in use for a considerable time.

As the length does not interfere with the ironing area it is not too much of a problem but it does look a bit unsightly with the under-blanket showing beyond the straight end.
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on 25 January 2017
Apparently the secret to new Ironing Board covers is to put it on top of your existing covers, but I found this out via Google Searches.

Apart from this, good cover. Works well. Wish it came with instructions on how to attach to your board (place on your board, find the red strings on one edge, and pull these (a lot), until the cover shrinks around your board), but once I figured this out, very happy with it.
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on 2 November 2016
The sheet isn't particularly ergonomic for applying to an ironing board initially. The string used for tightening the sheet is suitably built to keep everything taught, though I would question it's longevity. It easily fitted onto a 125 x 45 ironing board with some excess to work with. The surface when tied tight remains in place.

Once attached this ironing board cover is excellent. It's heat reflection qualities are brilliant and the new cover can mean I only have to iron clothes on one side to achieve a crisp, flat output.
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on 1 July 2016
Although the material itself is of the usual quality for this type of product, it was impossible to fit, because (1) the draw string was so thin - like cotton - that it snapped when pulling the cover tight; (2) despite its "fits all sizes" claim - it wasn't large enough to cover the ironing board; (3) there were no clips that might have helped secure it; (4) the material was too thick to be drawn tightly across the ironing board with the thin drawstring; and (5) the draw string on one side wasn't long enough to be connected with the drawstring on the other side. A complete waste of money.
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on 6 March 2017
Not impressed with this - bought for a minky ironing board of the same size....

Very awkward to fit - and gives off a smell of cabbages in use - I was expecting this to fade over time but it hasn't... after 3 months or so....

It provides enough support/padding to make ironing bearable....

I would replace it but I have a "being that bothered" thing going on here - and I'm not "all that"....
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on 17 November 2015
"Easy fit" is a relative term. One needs to take time pulling the (very thin) thread to get an even fit and finish. 2 issues for me. Firstly the pull thread did not go around the straight edge, leaving the tie hanging - my board has a retracting iron holder; so this is not the best set up for me. Secondly, my board is 2cm deep, so while the cover is the correct size, there is more or less no "overlap" allowed in the design to ensure the cover can be pulled to a tight fit. I am glad I followed the Amazon prompt, "other customers bought", to buy the elasticated braces too. Otherwise, it does the job.
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on 21 August 2016
Good quality cover but the string to hold it in place is not great. This is the 3rd time I've replaced the ironing board cover but the first time I've had to buy clips to hold it in place. If you already have these clips (or intend to buy them) then this is a great cover.
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on 13 March 2018
Definitely doesn't fit "tightly around board" or have "Easy-Tie drawsting fastening". It's too big for my ironing board but I can't adjust the cover as advertised, because the drawstring is thin, flimsy and too short anyway, so can't be used to secure or adjust the thing. I would only buy this if your board is exactly the size it suggests. Any smaller and it will be useless, or you'll have to buy clips separately to secure it and you'll still end up with bumps on the surface you can't do anything about.
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