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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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I`ve been into 30 Rock for a few months now, going the Comedy Central route (shame on me for taking so long, I know). My wife and I dismissed it at first when watching trailers, but soon enough realised that the trailers were significantly more amusing than the shows we had tuned in to watch! I`ve always been a big fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm but I don`t think this should be compared exactly to Larry David`s monster. The main thing to differentiate them is that this is, at heart, a warm show. Kudos to you, Tina Fey. There might be some swearing and adult themes but the characters are very easy to like and to laugh with. Tracy Morgan is hysterically funny, Liz Lemon`s (Tina Fey) frustration with her colleagues and life very easy to relate to, Alec Baldwin deserves every accolade he receives as Jack - he is constantly scene-stealing - and the supporting cast are all strong too and I love it; it`s funny and it`s essentially kind-hearted.
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on 7 January 2016
Tina Fey is a comedy genius and she has created a true gem of a show with 30 Rock. Alec Baldwin is perfect as her boss and the characters around her are utterly bonkers in their own sweet ways. You won't go wrong in buying this!
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on 5 February 2010
I won't waste your time telling you about the plot, or that it is critically-acclaimed, or that Alec Baldwin is in it. Amazon.co.uk have already done this. What I will do is give you a few - of many, many - reasons why I love 30 Rock so much.

I love comedy, and I particularly love American television comedies. But I am very picky and don't watch a series unless I really like it.

This show has the intelligence and subtlety of 'Frasier', the subversiveness of 'Sarah Silverman', the sheer random quirky cut-aways of 'Scrubs', and the non-stop pace of 'Family Guy'. But don't think this is just a pick 'n' mix; it is blended into a quality comedy that could be the new 'Friends' - in popularity, not style.

The writing is brilliant: the humour is always on the money, and at times laugh-out-loud-and-rewind funny.
The whole acting industry (including both 30 Rock and its actors) are sent up with spot-on paradies and in-jokes. There are threads of humour that span a full episode or a full season, but also stand-alone sequences lasting a mere 3 or 4 seconds (You Tube will provide you with these).
The show also manages to seamlessly blend, as opposed to clumsily 'insert', hints of genuinely touching, believable emotion.

The characters are not what you'd call 'realistic' in the sense of, say, 'The Office' characters, but within the context of the programme (call it a heightened reality if you like) they are generally rounded and believable. I must add that each and every one is played to perfection; kudos to the casting team.

Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin are clearly the stars, but the performances put in by the 'supporting' cast are anything but. You feel like the show could allocate major screen time to any of the cast and deliver.

If you like to watch comedies where the entire production team take seriously the job of entertaining you, without taking themselves seriously in the process; where the humour is intelligent but not smug with it; the characters are believable but not boring; and the show does not set out to change your life - and despite/because of this may give you genuine pause for thought, then you will probably adore 30 Rock.

****The only reason I gave this product 4 and not 5 stars, is because 30 Rock the show is 5/5. But the product i.e. DVD season 1 is vanilla: there are pretty much no extras. You would hope for something more (I expect future seasons will have extras) but, that said, Amazon are selling at a very low price.

So: buy this DVD, watch it, love it, and you'll have only one question: 'How can I get a job at 30 Rock?!'
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on 10 September 2012
If you're a Tina Fey fan like me you already know how amazing this show is. One of the best comedy shows out there and yet very underrated, for some reason. As it seems the other reviews already said it all when it comes to the intellectual and comedic value of this show, so i may just go in a different direction and simply tell you about the bonus features you will find in this boxset, something that amazon usually likes to omit.

First season doesn't have any bonus features.

Season 2 Bonus Features:

Deleted Scenes
"Cooter" table read
30 Rock Live At The UCB Theatre
Tina hosts SNL
An Evening With 30 Rock
Easter Egg Bloomers

Season 3 Bonus Features:

Audio Commentary by Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Alan Alda, Jack McBrayer, Jane Krakowski and More
Deleted Scenes
Behind The Scenes With The Muppets
Season Finale Table Read
The Making Of "Kidney Now!"
Photo Gallery
And More... As Far As You Know

Season 4 Bonus Features:

Extended Versions Of "Secret Santa" and "I Do I Do"
Audio Commentary by Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowski, Jack McBrayer, Jon Hamm, Scott Adsit, John Lutz, Jeff Richmond, Don Scardino and Lorne Michaels
Deleted Scenes
Behind the Scenes Of "The Moms" and "I Do I Do"
Food Network's Ace Of Cakes: 30 Rock (And Roll)
Tennis Night in America
Photo Gallery

As for subtitles you'll only find them in english and exclusively for season 4.
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on 28 July 2008
I caught a few episodes on tv then it seemed to disappear so it's good to get the whole season on dvd. I tried buying it in my local Borders but their packs were faulty with 2 disc 3's and no disc 2.

Boy was I glad to receive mine through Amazon and find out it had the correct discs.

This show is amazing, I don't know how Tina Fey does all she does but I'm glad she does it. This woman has an amazing brain and a spot on sense of humour that translates well to UK humour.

If you want escapism and a laugh then buy this boxed set.
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on 30 April 2011
Since 30 Rock began airing I had watched a number of episodes on TV in no particular order. At the time I thought it was pretty funny but didn't feel like I was able to fully appreciate some of the humour, having missed most of first couple of series. Nevertheless, I decided to take a punt on the box set and having watched all the episodes I don't regret it.

The first series gets off to a somewhat tentative start, something that Tina Fey acknowledges in her autobiography/memoir Bossypants, but once the relationships between the characters have been established it really comes into its own. The five lead performances are all great, with the writing for each of the main character really getting stronger from season to season. Trying to describe 30 Rock's style of comedy is a bit of an ask, you should probably watch a few episodes before you even consider buying a four season box set, but I'd be inclined to say that it has a little bit of everything. The show definitely embraces its silliness and slapstick and physical comedy is commonplace throughout the series, but there are also satirical moments and some hilariously obscure references thrown in, all of which I really enjoyed. In some ways this broad range of comedy styles reminds me of Arrested Development - Season 1-3 [DVD], which is one of my favourite comedy series, though whether fans of Arrested Development will enjoy 30 Rock, or vice versa, I can't guarantee.

The DVDs also feature some decent extras. Season One only includes the episodes on their own, but the subsequent season have the usual commentaries, as well as some table readings of episodes, deleted scenes and 'Making Of' clips. The most enjoyable special feature is a live performance of one of the episodes that was performed in a theatre around the time of the Writer's Strike, which is definitely worth watching.

As a whole the series and the box set are really enjoyable. And if the 30 Rock brand of comedy is your sort of thing I would certainly recommend this collection.
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on 10 February 2010
I absolutely love '30 Rock'. It's a perfect blend of extreme silliness, clever writing, brilliant comedy timing (Alec Baldwin....sending himself up in just about every scene) and cheerful, ensemble lunacy. There is also some genuine character and relationship development, so we get to know and like the mad staff of 'TGS'. Buy this and give yourself a treat - it was the mainstay of my snowed-in Christmas - just me, snuggled in a blanket, drinking a nice Sauvignon Blanc and laughing like a maniac over my '30 Rock' boxed set.... Heaven!
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on 23 February 2009
One of the funniest series currently about, which again is overlooked by UK tv. Not quite on a par with Arrested Development (criminally neglected by UK stations) but more accessible (more character development investment in Arrested Dev before it really sucks you in). Everyone seems to talk about Alec Balwin, and he is excellent in this, but it really is an ensemble piece. Consistently funny - and I can't say that about too many shows at the moment. Waiting for season 2 to come out in UK. Bargain price at Amazon for stacks of episodes.
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I'd seen the odd one on tv and thought it was quite good, if a bit different. Given all the great reviews here, I decided to give the whole 1-4 box set a go.

It turned out to be be very funny and enjoyable, and one of those rare shows where you keep wanting to watch just one more. It's unusual in that it doesn't have a laughter track, so it often comes across as relatively subtle humour.

There are 5 main characters - Liz, Jack, Tracy, Jenna and Kenneth. Liz is neurotic, clever and sharp-witted, Jack is suave, shameless and super-cool and Kenneth is very funny and endearing as the honourable hillbilly turned page with a heart of gold and a folksy saying for every eventuality.

It definitely helps seeing the show from the start, as you understand clearly where they all fit in and there are also general over-arching story lines. There are a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, particularly from Liz and Kenneth, so it's simply a great buy.

It's not quite up to the same stellar standard as Frasier, but then nothing is, although it's pretty much the next best thing.
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on 20 August 2010
A massive treat. Hours and hours of one of the best, funniest and most investive comedies for years.

Was always reluctant to start watching this show, simply because I'd not heard an awful lot about it. After a couple of episodes it became a must see highlight and soon probably my favourite show. Always looked forward to the next episode and all too easy to `just watch another' with the box sets.

Always maintains the same standard that has maintained it so far with plenty of exceptional moments. The characters are still all hugely dysfunctional but written with enormous affection and comic effect. The situations beautifully constructed.

A massive treat for exisiting fans or, if you haven't yet seen any yet buy this now you will not regret it. One of the best comedies on TV for a long time, I only hope the writers find continue finding the inspiration to continue while finding new angles to explore. Shows absolutely no signs of slowing down yet. Brilliant.
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