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on 23 March 2014
I decided to pick this book up because I found that the BBC Books' scarcely seem to publish a Cyberman story. So I was thankful of this addition to the line up, even if the book is a "Quick Read" book.
I was also happy to learn that Terrance Dicks has returned to writing Doctor Who stories, as he is a big name in the classic series and wrote the brilliant 20th Anniversary story "The Five Doctors"

This book deals with the after-effects of the 2006 story "Doomsday". Only a small group of Cybermen remain on Earth. They are trying to bring themselves back to power by stealing technology from the Earth's military forces. It's the job of the 10th Doctor and Martha to stop them.
Firstly, the good points. Devoted fans of Doctor Who will know that in the TV series, Martha never met the Cybermen. It is therefore nice to see how she interacts with them in this book. It is also nice to see how people reacted to her vanishing from the Royal Hope hospital and left her friends questioning where she had gone.
Terrance Dicks has also introduced a couple of new characters that the Doctor interacts with. The military have two main characters. Whilst we don't explore them in great depth, they help to keep the pace and story going.
Now on to the bad points, the reason I picked this story up was because of the Cybermen being incorporated into the BBC Books range. Whilst it is great to see them here, they are largely kept in the background in this book. Due to this, I felt no sense of urgency or danger coming from them. The Cybermen are also portrayed as scavengers here, having to scrimp and scrape from Earth's technology. Whilst this is an essential plot-point and key to the story, it makes them appear weaker and it is difficult to believe that they were all over the Earth upgrading humanity, only a few stories ago.

In conclusion, I would say this book isn't bad but it isn't brilliant. The story remains balanced on both good and negative points. It is good to see more of Martha's friends and how they reacted to her leaving but the central threat that the story presents is a weak one and it's sad to see the Cybermen so underused, especially when BBC Books rarely do a story with the Cybermen.
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on 11 September 2015
It was great to
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on 28 December 2014
The Characters of The Doctor and Martha wee spot on..The energy in the story was fully felt..I loved the links to Torchwood Tower and the stories..Army Of Ghosts..Doomsday and Smith and Jones..The Doctor cleaverly takes control of the situation once he realises that The Cybermen have once again returned. There are some great comedy moments with The Doctor which you match with David Tennants portrail..As useual The Doctor used very great and cleaver skill against The Cybermen and saves Martha in the bargin..I must that this short Doctor Who story was excellent...Good and gritty and very much recommended to all fans.
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Before marking any reviews as 'unhelpful', note that an Amazon error means that this page is for both 'Made of Steel' and 'Revenge of the Judoon'. To circumnavigate the problem I'll include reviews for both books here.

As an English teacher I am well aware of the barrage of criticism aimed at the literacy levels of many of today's children. What you have here is a superb range of stories that waste little time on preamble but plunge the reader instantly into the story and then keep them hooked right to the end; ideal for kids with short attention spans and those who struggle to wade through a full-length novel.
The new series of Doctor Who has thrown up a range of publications that even rival the golden era of the Target novelisations; the 'Quick Reads' range are just one example of these. Following on from 'I am a Dalek' these two entries in the series once again pit The Doctor and Martha against the remorseless men from Mondas, and the brutal space police with rhinocerid heads. Both novellas deliver fast-paced yet intelligent tales that reflect the current TV series and which are perfect for people who 'don't really like reading'.
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on 28 March 2017
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on 27 September 2011
Almost written as an introduction to the Doctor, even listing the full text on the TARDIS door. It is very short with a handful of scenes. They do tie in nicely with the series and what happened to the cybermen at the void, but it is over very quickly.
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on 22 January 2014
This was a very quick read. I'm an adult and love Doctor Who, but unfortunately this book is written for younger children so I didn't enjoy it. I'll be handing it over to my kids to read; reckon they would enjoy it more.
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on 17 April 2015
Delivered quickly and in good condition. I bought because I am fan of Doctor Who books. They are easy, fun reads and this was exactly that. Would recommend for Doctor Who fans
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on 20 January 2013
A fun read on a short adventure with the good Doctor... Probably would have been happier with my purchase had I realised it was a novella & not a novel...
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on 13 October 2013
This book was great.the only bit I didn't like was that it never really explained why it needed the king to help. The king was very funny.
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