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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 18 October 2009
When i learnt that there was going to be another Supes/bats animation again,i thought Dc wasnt going to pull it off. why? from what i saw of the trailer,the artwork had changed form the usual batman anmimated series 70's look to a more concentrated look to it.But i was wrong.The story really delivers.Unlike almost every Dc animation that i have seen,Public enemies is really Packed with great battles (loved the face off between superman and shazam)with almost every villain and hero you can think of in the DC universe.
Get wont regret it.
*keep an eyeout for Bane he makes a brief appearance!
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on 22 May 2011
first of all, wow!! this was not what i expected at all. i thought this would be a cheap attempt cartoon, but was i suprised, it was superb! better then watching a live action movie! the story is amazing, the animation top notch, the voice cast just legends! as you superman batman fans will find out if you buy it. In this animation batman and superman team up, (superman my personal favourite) and its just amazing from start to finish, i highly reccomend you buy this, for the price too its a bargain!
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on 23 November 2010
After waiting months to find a copy I found it was well worth the wait. The story was amazing and kept me gripped the whole way through, this truly is DC at its best and may well be my new personal favourite Superman movie. I look forward to buying the sequel!
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An animated movie featuring Superman and Batman, which is an adaptation of Superman Batman TP Vol 01 Public Enemies. It runs for just over an hour.

The story sees the rise of a new force in American politics. A party led by Lex Luthor. Promising tough solutions to deal with economic crisis, he becomes President. And swiftly brings the country back into shape. Several superheroes agree to work for him. But Superman can't bring himself to trust his arch enemy, and is convinced that he's working towards something.

Batman doesn't trust anyone. He's looking into the situation.

But when a huge meteor is spotted heading towards the Earth, and when Luthor's plans turn Superman into a wanted man with a huge bounty on his head, the two heroes have their work cut out to save their reputations. And the world.

The comic was a storyline that came at the end of several years of Luthor having been President in the DC Comics Universe. The movie gets all this in via a pre credits sequence that does work pretty well. Early scenes do bring home the moral dilemmas facing the characters, of trusting Luthor and all the various civil liberty issues that his actions are resulting in. This is well done and pretty absorbing.

The voice cast does use Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Clancy Brown, all of whom have voiced Batman, Superman and Lex Luthor before, and who are the best these movies have for the roles. It's always a pleasure to hear them. There's a decent guest cast including stars from Desperate Housewives and Smallville. It's nice to hear these actors in different parts, but some do get more to do than others.

This starts out as a fairly loose adapatation of the comic story before getting closer to it as things move along.

At that point all the moral ambiguity of the earlier sections vanish and it becomes a more straightforward superhero drama. With lots of fight scenes and cameos from various dc comics villains. Very few of whom get much to do.

Some do get some good character development though.

Luthor's motivations are better written here than they were in the comic, and they're somewhat clearer as well.

There is one big change to the end, though, that will require a huge suspension of disbelief.

The animation is in the style of artist Ed McGuiness, who drew the comic. With big figures in a somewhat anime style. This may or may not appeal, depending on your artistic preferences.

But where this beats the comic is the interaction between Batman and Superman. Thanks to the writing and the actors their relationship does come over very well, with amusing asides and good interaction. That pushes what might have been a three star film up to four.

Parents be aware it's a twelve certificate thanks to lots of fight scenes, two bits of very mild language, and two bits of mild innuendo.

Quite a watchable little film and a decent adapation, thus it's worth four stars. Although there are stronger entries in the dc animated movies range out there.

It has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English, Castilian Spanish, Czech.

Subtitles: English, Castilian Spanish, Czech, Dutch.

The only extras are trailers/previews of five other animated dc films. All of which are more interviews than clips, and all of which will be familiar, having been on other dc animated dvds before.
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on 10 April 2013
This is an action packed super brawl for all. This follows the event of the Batman Superman comics' issues 1-6, with minor changes; I can live with, to adapt it into a movie.

The story is Lex Luther had become president of the USA. He has pulled them into an almost renaissance they are out of debt, standard of living is better; crime is at an all-time low. Even most of the Super/Meta-humans have thrown in with him. With the exception of Superman and Batman (also in the comics the rest of the Justice League have refuses his invitations). Luther "tries" to reach out to Superman, bowing under pressure to ask for Superman's help for an emergency. A meteor heading for Earth. The catch is the Meteorite is made out of Kryptonite and is the size of a continent.

Superman is then framed for attacking the president and murder, he and Batman must find a way to clear Superman's name and figure out a way to stop the Meteorite all the while Luther still another secret. Even though I have not mentioned him much in this review but Batman does more then hold his own in the movie. He proves yet again why he is the most important member of the Justice League if not in DC in general.

Great movie stays true to the source material, good animation, (they might need to tone it down on Power-girl though, I do not blame Toyman one bit, you will see what I mean) , lots of action (good old comic book violence), even a creditable plot. I would not have minded if the film was a little longer but I am just being greedy. Once again great movie well worth the money.
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on 17 January 2011
Adapted from the Public Enemies comic, this animated film has Superman and Batman team up to generally beat the hell out of anyone who stands against them, with well animated fight scenes and the witty dialogue from the comic that is excellently delivered by veteran Batman and Superman voice actors Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly.

It only misses out on top marks because it takes liberties with the original comic story and doesn't feature cameos by the sidekick teams of Superman and Batman, but it is still a worthy purchase for fans of the Superman and Batman animated series and comic books.
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on 10 September 2015
This plot of this film is hardly realised, and the war between heroes seems contrived. It felt like the plot was an afterthought once the writers decided that they wanted to have an hero-v-hero story.

On a sidenote, the background music is glorious.
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on 25 March 2015
I love DC comics, and it's common knowledge that, they're animated films are excellent. So I wanted this to add this to my collection. I really enjoyed this film, good plot, loads of characters (heros and villians). There is lots of good fight scenes, the film always moved quickly and was an all round entertaining film.
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on 26 January 2012
This is a great feature which deals with many of the themes present in Alan Moore's Watchmen or Marvel comics Civil War event, both of which consider more carefully the implications of super powered crime fighters or "meta-humans" in a world of average beings.

However, unlike each of those storylines in which the meta-humans operate in "our" world the events unfold in this storyline very much within Batman and Superman's world. So it is not simply the authorities who respond to "supers" with legislation compelling some to become outlaws, in this case it is Lex Luthor who has exploited a number of dramatic events to secure political power.

Luthor is of course acting to with his own design in mind but plays a game, at least in the beginning, of "this leopard has changed its sports" persuasively enough to divide the superpowered community into pro and contra camps.

This is pretty cerebral and clever, the way in which the plot develops is great as Luthor frames Superman for crimes against the state, which in turn develops into a whodunnit as a superpowered character is killed in the process.

What I liked about the feature but which I know has lead others to be critical of it is that it manages these more mature themes without departing altogether from being a cartoon adventure. The finish, with Luthor donning armour and injecting himself with some kind of physical enhancing formula for a show down, while the Toymaker builds a giant spaceship resembling Batman-Superman in appearence is completely different in style and tone from the beginnings. However, I felt that the proper balance was struck for a feature which is realistically going to attract more younger than mature viewers. They kept it fun.
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I quite enjoyed this animated movie. Okay storyline, good action and the animation was good in my opinion. Loads of other super characters are in it, some i'd never seen before so was interesting seeing what they could do!I would recommend it and my lad (13) will love it! Good stuff indeed.
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