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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 October 2013
Well after smoking weed for 25 years (and still looking incredibly youthful on it), I was convinced that there were additional health benefits to this plant and after many years of research none of which i can remember I am now convinced of this.

So after kicking the evil weed (cigarettes) I decided that my pot smoking days were over as it was the smoking part which is the damaging aspect of taking the drug and not the drug itself. Anyway after kicking cigarettes then weed and then alcohol into touch for 5 years now I finally decided that I had to have a six pack, the only difference is that this six pack was going to be on my stomach and not in a carrier bag from the off licence.

Well after training for 3 months I decided that I needed a protein supplement, well after quite a bit of research (all of which i can remember now) I decided that whey was not the whey to go as I didn't want to drink the equivalent of a cow a day and feel as bloated and probably produce as much methane as the said cow, so i decided to to look for another source and it wasn't going to be HP.

Well you can imagine how excited I was to find out that I could now eat my favourite drug/plant, (well without the THC of course) I nearly wet myself. I was really astonished that hemp was now available and it confirmed to me that it was the super/wonder/food/drug/plant that I always new it was so I just had to give it a go.

Well the results are amazing, good solid muscle definition along with good muscle gain a lot more energy than I ever had before and weight loss as a bi product, its a fantastic product perfect in every aspect, with all the essential amino acids and more omega 3 oils than you you can shake a fishy stick at.

As for the taste, on your first take it will probably make you projectile vomit further than you can throw your shaker, however now I am completely used to the natural nutty taste and true grit like texture which is rather refreshing with cold water before and after a work out.

As for my six pack its still got the wrapper on at the moment but its getting there. It also makes a big difference in the trouser department, (because they keep falling down), but at 45 years old my wife is more than happy that I can do more than one push up before falling asleep on the job, so to speak.

So all in all a wicked product a small price to pay for such a big tub, the only downside I have now is that every time I cut the grass at home I want to eat the cuttings so take a leaf out of my book and to cut a long story short, the end!
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on 9 July 2014
Reason for buying:
I decided to buy this product because I wanted a clean, healthy protein powder that met the following strict criteria:
- Organic - Sprouted
- Raw - GMO free
- Antibiotic Free - Casein free
- Cold Pressed - Gluten Free
- Free from Artificial colours, colours and preservatives

After spending several hours on Amazon ruling out the products that did not meet the required standard, I ended up with 1 product that had a price tag that would make you put it back on the shelf quicker than you could pick it up. £46.99 for 1kg. Whaaatttttt!, that's how much we spend on our weekly shopping!. After going through another 'less strict' round of elimination, I ended up with 2 manufacturers, one of which was 'Good Hemp Protein Powder Natural' (the other product was 'Pulsin Hemp' - refer to main rival section).

What is Hemp protein?: (You can skip this section if you already know what it is or if you are not interested).
Hemp along with marijuana are different varieties of the same species of plant, Cannabis sativa L. Now before you come to the conclusion that buying Hemp will result in you having your front door kicked down at 4am by armed police and subsequently being arrested and latter charged for possession of Class B drugs, Hemp and Cannabis are about as similar as a Chihuahuas is to a Wolf.
Not only are they scientifically different but they are grown in different ways. The active ingredient found in Marijuana / Cannabis is called THC. It is not present in Hemp or Hemp Protein Powder.

Ingredients: 100% Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder Nutritional Profile:
Nutritional Analysis per 100g
Energy = 1548 kJ / 370 kcal
Protein = 47.0g
Carbohydrate = 15.4g
(of which sugar = 5.4g)
Fat = 12.6g
(Of which Saturates = 1.4g)
(Of which Omega 9 Monounsaturates = 1.5g)
(Polyunsaturates GLA + ALA = 9.7g)
(Of which GLA - Omega 6 = 7.4g)
(Of which ALA - Omega 3 = 2.3g)
Dietary Fibre = 21.0g
Sodium = 0g
THC = 0.00g
Glycemic Index [GI] = 13

What does it look like & taste like?:
If you imagine taking a pint glass sample from an Algae infested pond and mixing it with a few handfuls of sand, that's what it looks like!. However you will be glad to hear that it tastes nicer than it looks, only just. If you are one of those people that end up throwing it to the bin immediately after tasting it, I fully understand. No other food on earth tastes so 'interesting'. However if you persist with it, you will eventually get used to the taste and you will find (several servings latter) that it tastes much nicer because your body gets used to the taste and you feel like your body has had something that it never had before but really needed.

Compared to most other proteins Hemp is relatively difficult to mix (although Soya is much worse). I usually add a 75g or 100g serving into a 700ml 'Protein Powder Shaker' and add approx 500ml of water before shaking it a dozen times as hard as you can. After drinking it I usually find that there is a lot of un-dissolved powder left therefore I add another 500ml of water and it usually captures the rest of the powder (after repeating the shaking process).

Reported Health benefits of Hemp Protein Powder:
After faithfully taking the product 3 times a day for 30 days (for the purposes of this review) without changing anything else in my life (diet, fitness activities, supplements etc), I can honestly say that I felt happier, more energetic and my head felt clearer. Although there are many other reported health benefits with Hemp, I believe that they may take more than 30 days to develop in order to make a big enough of an impact for you to notice a considerable difference.

What other Hemp powders can you buy for your money?:

Note: This product is available in both the 500g & 2.5Kg sizes. Although I have purchased both, I found that the 2.5Kg bag is much better value because it costs less per 100g or Kg (see below):
(100g = 0.1Kg)

Prices of 'Good Hemp Protein Powder Natural' on 09/07/2014:
500g = £10.75 (£2.15/100g)
2.5Kg = £36.95 (£1.48/100g)

(1000g = 1Kg)

Although there are many different types of Hemp powders available on Amazon, with the exception of 'Pulsin Hemp Protein which I rate very highly (refer to 'Main Rival' section below), the rest of its competitors are either made of 'cheap' ingredients for as little as £10 / 1Kg or 'expensive' ingredients for as much as £46.99 / 1Kg. I have tried both and I found that the 'cheaper' ones have more carbohydrates added to 'bulk up the product' and have some of the protein & healthy fats taken out. The more expensive Hemp brands have slightly better ingredients than Pulsin, most notably an 'Organic badge' which means you end up paying nearly £50 for 1Kg.

Good Hemp Main Rival:
Good Hemps nearest competitor is 'Pulsin Hemp' which is valued at a similar price, has similar ingredients and similar nutritional profiles (nearly identical actually). Given that they both fluctuate in price, I usually buy the one that's cheapest at the time. The only problem with 'Good Hemp' is that it's not stored in BPA plastic (BPA = Plastics that have a potential to leak plastic particles directly into the product'). The problem with Pulsin is that their powders and stored in thin bags which are quite awkward to close and are more likely to be pierced by a sharp object. You also can't stack other things on top of it in your kitchen cupboards.

Apart from the taste, The only negative that I could identify was the Protein content. Most Protein powders have a protein value of 70% - 90%. Hemp on the other hand has only 47% which means that if you are buying it to add Protein to your diet (which most people do), you will go through the container twice as fast than most other Protein Powders. It must be noted thought that the rest of the Powder is made up mainly of slow release carbohydrates (15.5%), Fibre (21.1%) and healthy Fat (12.6%). Some of the Fat is Omega-3, Omega 6 and Omega-9 which have a number of different health benefits.

Verdict: A complete vegan protein (non meat & dairy) that will give you the most amount of health benefits, healthy Carbohydrates, Fat, Fibre from all the vegan protein powders. If you don't mind the 'Unique' taste then I would highly recommend this product.
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on 12 September 2013
I did a lot of reading and research before I bought this product and I felt compelled to write a review because so many reviews are negative about the taste, colour and consistency.
I got my first tub today and tried it. Firstly, it's a completely natural product, so it smells, looks and tastes very unprocessed. Some people will be put off by this, especially if you are used to drinking whey drinks and other highly processed sugary drinks.
I'm going to give you a break-down of my experience with it.
1) Smell: smells identical to shelled hemp, if you've ever had it before. If not, it smells a tiny bit like fresh leaves or grass. It's not that strong and it's not unpleasant.
2) Colour: an earthy green. Very natural. I liked that about it.
3) Taste: very slightly nutty, but reminded me very much of sunflower seeds. It's a nice taste and quite subtle.
4) Texture: it does have a slightly sandy texture. A lot of people have complained about this as well as the flavour and said "it'll make you gag and make you sick". It didn't with me and I've super-sensitive to flavours and textures. I'm a fussy eater and this wasn't a big deal.

I'm vegetarian, but I eat very little in the way of dairy and I'm quite active, so I need a good source of plant protein. I think hemp is the way forward for me. Give it a try. If you can't stomach it on it's own, add it to soups and smoothies. I think it's worth the effort for all the goodness it provides.
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on 14 September 2014
This was the first thing of its kind I had ever bought, not having tried any kind of protein shake before. I work in sports retail so I had a fair idea what I wanted and why, and I picked the hemp protein for its omega content, plus I am not a big fan of dairy. I have been working out 6 days a week, and tried some weeks without the protein and some with and the difference the protein makes is clear. My energy levels are great and also I feel full for a long while after taking the shake which means I cut down cravings for crap food. I notice that my muscle tone is better with the shake and my skin, hair and nails benefit too. I have always had crappy nails but they are super strong now. Obviously that's not really an important factor in sports fitness, but hey, it's a nice bonus! I have a shake alongside my usual breakfast. I mix it with half water and half soya or almond milk, then I add flaxseed, frozen berries and organic cocoa powder to the mix which makes it really yummy. I love this stufff!
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on 9 February 2015
OK first off all a few people are talking about the taste and grittiness of this product. I fill 3/4 of a pint glass with fresh orange juice and put it into a food processor and then add 2 bananas and 2 scoops of the hemp protein. It still turns out looking a little like mossy swamp gloop but it tastes great and the bananas give an extra energy boost. It fills the pint glass.

I work out usually 5 times a week. I have a hemp smoothie in the morning when the stomach is empty and ready to absorb something good. I then have one after my work out. At first the only noticeable effect was that my muscles recovered quicker and had less tiredness allowing me to work out each day. Then i began to notice that they were getting bigger and stronger.

Compared to other powdered protein products this does not cause any bloatiness in the stomach or horrific smelling farts. Not with me anyways.
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on 16 March 2015
I have been using this for about a week now and I am glad I read the reviews before I tried it.

YES its green
YES its a bit gritty, BUT you can overcome a lot of that by good mixing and leaving for five minutes and then shaking again before drinking. I have used Soya milk with a bit of hot choclate powder which was good but I have also used Dairy free chocolate coco drink which is easily better.
YES it works really well, did a 5 hour ride had one serving on return then another 4 hours later, got up the next day with no soreness and very little muscle fatigue and ran for 90 minutes, bang tidy.
Its worth sticking with in my opinion.
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on 4 June 2014
I'm no body builder, but I bought this stuff to put in meal replacement smoothies with fruit & greens. Obviously this is the bulk of the protein component of said meal. I've never had any before so had no idea what to expect. The ingredients appear to be all I needed, but I haven't got any qualitative, or quantitative analysis machines in my kitchen. So I just take what it says on the tub as what it is.

Inside the tub is a little plastic scoop to measure out a serving (2 scoops, it says contents make 16 servings on the tub). To me, it smelled a little weird, but when I put this green fine powder in my smoothie and blended it, it disappears without trace, and no taste. I've never tried any raw as the smell put me off, and I imagine it doesn't taste so healthy. But what do I know, right? Maybe I'll try, and see if I retch. ;-)
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on 22 May 2014
I was a bit worried about not being able to stomach it based on other reviews but it really isn't that bad! A bit gritty but fine! I have been blending it with ice, almond milk/water mix, banana - sometimes I add a small teaspoon of peanut butter but it isn't necessary. Have also used a mix of coconut milk with water which masks the taste even more. I have not been using it for that long so I can't comment on the benefits to my physical shape but I feel healthier for drinking it after gym sessions and I have dropped about 1kg in a week (am also watching what I eat and exercising though!) If you are wanting to try it, i would definitely recommend it and do not be put off by the negative comments ... it's not that bad! And the scoop is in there... you need to search for it - 2 scoops = 30gms.
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on 1 March 2015
Just adding my tuppence into the debate. I buy this from my local health food shop and have tried various other protein powders. I have used it on and off for a couple of years. I found that after I discovered palatable ways of drinking the shake, it was an excellent drink which will help both with weight loss and with an exercise regime.

My suggestions (which may or may not work for you):

1) I found it difficult to just drink with water in the recommended mix. Curiously, it also made my throat feel odd, almost as if I had the start of a cold.

2) Blending it with fruit may be a really really bad idea for some peoples' digestion. I don't want to go overboard with my description, but it made gas, and a gas which is probably illegal under the Geneva Convention. Generally mixing acidic fruit and vegetable juice together is known to cause some problems like this.

3) Drinking one and a half scoops in half soy or almond milk and half water with another additive (such as a green powder) on the other hand was really easy to drink. I have a Breville Blend-Active (which is truly brilliant) and maybe it just breaks it down a bit more, but this mix tasted good and went down. As an alternative, I reckon half a banana (ie. non acidic fruit) is all that would be needed to deal with any initial taste problems.

Quells appetite, is not full of sugar like most sports protein drinks and is contains lots of amino acids which nutritionists love. So I recommend.
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on 15 April 2013
I'm very pleased with this. Yes its yucky and green and you probably wouldn't want to drink it on its own, but added to smoothies you cannot taste a thing. Its one of the most balanced sources of amino acids, so great after a weights workout.

But best of all its not full of weird artificial sweeteners, which is something that baffles me about all those flavoured protein powders. Why the heck would you want to put that cr@p in your body if you're interested in health and fitness?

Stick natural - and this is one of the best natural products I've found.
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