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on 30 August 2017
I have been buying mp21s for several years now as love the sound quality and inline control only problem is build quality. Current pair purchased in may and now august the left pud has come apart and is no longer working same thing happened with last set but right bud. I'd still recommend them for the price but you'll be replacing them if in daily use
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on 23 March 2017
Very nice and balanced sound, an absolute win for the price. No downsides in the detail region either.
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on 5 February 2015
Tinny sounding speakers. Did a direct comparison to the free ear buds supplied with my iPhone and the buds were so much better. Not magic at all.
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on 14 March 2011
I've been a Sennheiser buyer for many, many years however when both my Sennheiser PMX70 - Sportline Stereo Neckband Headphones and my Sennheiser CX300-B High Quality Stereo Ear-Canal Headphones failed leaving me with only my very large HD-477's I decided to move away from the brand and try out other offerings. I replaced the PMX-70's with a cheap pair of Sony MDR-W08L Headphones to be used in the gym and when out running with my I-pod Nano. They're okay (reflected in the price) but nothing really spectacular to write home about.

Owning an I-phone 4 I thought I'd replace the CX-300's with an in-line mic set and after stumbling across this pair of SoundMAGIC on Amazon with 4 reviewers all giving top marks I thought I'd conduct my own research on various audio forums before taking the plunge myself. Everything I read about the earbuds was very positive so I decided to buy them (although at the time they were unavailable on Amazon).

I have to say these buds are absolutely fantastic straight out the box. I heard about 'burn-in' and that some people think it's a myth whilst others swear by it so despite mixed views on the subject I decided to burn the SoundMAGIC's in myself for just over 40 hours using a couple of web programs/pages. Now I can't say if there's much difference after the burn-in process as it's only now I'm using the buds properly (with my I-phone) but I am seriously impressed with what they can do.

All my music is re-encoded to 128kbps AAC files in I-tunes before being synced to the phone and the reproduction produced by these buds is simply awesome. A lovely natural soundstage is produced with great bass and clarity and they blow the socks off any of the Sennheiser's I've previously owned whilst the new Sony's are nowhere near the quality of the SoundMAGIC's. Needless to say I can see the SoundMAGIC's being the only buds I ever use, whether it be in the gym or on the bus/train.

The various rubber tips guarantee a very snug and comfortable fit in the ear and ALL background noise is cancelled out. The in-line mic works very well and lets you pause/play, skip forward/back, fast forward/back and access voice control but NOT any volume controls which isn't that big a deal.

Accessories include a soft leather pouch, shirt clip, PC adapter (to use the buds & mic with Skype) and various sized rubber tips. One reviewer mentioned ear hooks however mine didn't include them and I'm not sure if they've omitted this accessory now or it was an error in the review?

All in all these buds are fantastic and tick all the boxes for me. The price bracket they fall into means if they get lost or damaged it's not gonna break the bank and the sound they produce equals earbuds 2 or 3 times the price. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with these headphones and if you don't need the in-line mic, take a look at the PL-21's which are exactly the same for a couple of £'s less.

A huge thumbs up for the SoundMAGIC MP21's!!!
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on 15 April 2011
I took a punt on these ear phones after reading the great reviews here.

Well initially I thought, these sound good but I'm not sure if they are better than my previous Creative earphones (High end Sennheisers rebranded).

But then...

Coldplay's X&Y album came on, an album I must have played so much I don't even notice it normally.

These headphones have the finest sound staging, controlled punchy bass and delicate tones that I have ever heard outside of a top end Hifi system. Little intricate detail in the music is unveiled such as fingers striking the strings of the guitar, and the movement of drumsticks across the skins of the drums. My initial doubts were unfounded, give these little beauties a chance to shine with the right high bit rate dynamic song and you'll be smiling like me and writing your own review!

In-addition an excellent quality microphone positioned close to your mouth with a button that on my Htc Desire pauses playback (short press) or skips to the next track (long press)

Oh and build quality looks excellent

At this price these earphones are a bargain!

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on 31 December 2010
UPDATED 21.10.2011

I've scored this down by 3 stars. I should have done that 4 months ago when the left earphone stopped working and there was a tiny rip in the plastic casing of the wire, with a bit of copper wiring showing. Everything else was great, but as others have also stated, the build quality just isn't good enough to last the wear and tear from daily life. A shame.


I recently purchased an iPhone and was looking for a replacement for the Apple earphones/mic that kept falling out of my ears. While browsing the amazon store, I brushed past these earphones, as I'd never heard of them and assumed they were a rip-off/clone or something, and there weren't many reviews to support it.

But after doing some online research and audio forum visits and hearing from audio-enthusiasts, I came to dicscover how much I'd underestimated these earphones.

On purchase, I was actually quite blown away by the sound quality. Now that may be because I've never dished out £25 for earphones before, but nevertheless, the quality is very good. I have never found myself noticing sounds and notes so accurately, and am not sure I can return to cheaper earphones after this (read Apple earphones). I would test it by putting the volume up very high and comparing the much reduced distortion to the the tinny distortion of my previous earphones.

The mic is also very good. It does appear to be better than my iphone ones as I can hear background noise (in my earphones) of cars driving by me for example when I'm talking into the phone. There's one button to rewind.pause, play, forward, skip, etc. your tracks as well as receive calls. But I have not found any volume controls, which is a downside compared to Apples' default earphones. Also, there is no intruction manual which doesn't help, even though I usually hate manuals.

And of course you get a nice leathery pouch with a velcro flap.

Only 2 downers then are: lack of volume controls (or I didn't find them), and no manual.

I guess I will wait a bit more and see how it fares after a couple of months (IA) to see if there are any changes. If so, I'll try and provide an update.
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on 13 February 2011
These headphones are amazing! I would recomend them to anyone who cant find headphones that will stay in there ears.
They include different rubber fittings small, medium and large, all in different materials.
There easy to clean and are suprisingly comfortable, so much so I can keep them in for hours without having to take them out!
There is also a handy clip which you can fassen to a pocket or part of your shirt so if you tug on them they wont fall out.

I personally dont usually pick headphones in this price range but they are definatly worth every penny.

I would also like to take this opertunity to thank Nikita Perezilo from PureTone for her cooperation when I (out of my own personal error) ordered two of this product. She was very understanding, helpful and promt in her response which has definatly giving me trust in ordering more products from this company.

I would definatly recomend this product and this company to anyone who shows an interest.

Thank you PureTone!!!
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on 13 February 2012
I keep breaking iPhone headphones (most recently a Sennheiser MM 30i Ear-Canal Headset) so I was looking for a durable, good value set of in-ear headphones with iPhone mic. The SoundMAGIC MP21 headphones fit the bill very well. Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons:

- Very good, balanced sound quality, especially for middle and upper range
- Durable, angled 3.5m plug
- 4 sizes of eartips (will fit anyone's ears well)
- Mic and next track button on the cable
- Adaptor included for use in airliners

- Symmetrical cable length (I prefer one cable longer, to go behind the head)
- No volume control on the cable
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on 3 August 2017
I've had the same pair of these for 3 years and use them everyday at work. They still look and work as new. Sound quality is pretty much the best you will get for the money and the earbuds isolate enough sound.
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on 6 May 2012
Got these as a replacement to high end Shure in ear monitors that i lost and they have been a pleasant surprise!
The sound of these lil things is impressive the low end is skull crushing, the mids are not the very best but are heard and the treble is decent enough.
Sound wise i have no problems with them.

Noise Isolation could be better. Coming from high end noise isolation earphones this is where i noticed the difference the most.
I have to put my music up to drown the noise sipping through while the shure's simply kept the noise out...i never had to go past 60% volume with the Shure's but with these i have to juice them nearly 90%!

This brings me to my next point...The Fit. If these earphones fit well then the noise isolation would be working but i have not yet found the perfect fit with these.
So you might find yourself constantly adjusting them which is kinda annoying especially if you have a woolly had or scarf.

The other down-point which might be isolated to my set is the microphone.
My mic is one moody mic. it works when it wants and even then it keep cutting out so the hands free part of the earphones just doesn't work for me. So really cant review this part of the earphones.

To summarise even with its faults these lil earphone are easily one of the best sound wise in the price range.
I cant compare them to £250 Shure Earphones its just not fair but i was very pleasantly surprised when i heard what they can do.
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