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on 13 December 2010
A series of seemingly unconnected vignettes - a groom makes moves on a waiter during his civil-partnership reception; an East-end postman attacks men he picks up in gay bars; Theo, a 14-year-old male, sets out to seduce his 30-something neighbour - all prove to be connected, in this exquisite, brutal satire (written by Kevin Elyot and directed by Adrian Shergold).

These disparate events coalesce in a dinner party hosted by a barrister and his wife, one steamy summer evening in London. The inimitably bourgeois guests - doctors, lawyers, housewives, and a token gay writer - form a grotesque contemporary symposium of the most insipid and hypocritical middle-class 'values'.

Although originally broadcast as a one-off drama on Channel Four several years ago, the startling beauty of CLAPHAM JUNCTION is its enduring, penetrating incision. The veneer is stripped away, revealing the petty fascisms that dominate modern culture in the guises of liberal toleration, queer assimilation, and think-of-the-children protectionism. While - necessarily - a bleak work, if we are offered a single shard of optimism it is that embodied by 14-year-old Theo in his quiet yet courageous rebellion, reminding us that the apocalyptic destruction our culture so sorely needs must unfold through localised experimentation.

CLAPHAM JUNCTION's superb and impressive cast, including Joseph Mawle, Rupert Graves, James Wilby, Tom Beard and Phoebe Nicholls, are utterly convincing in their various portrayals. An emotionally-engaging work of the finest quality, this production is highly-recommended.
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on 22 March 2011
I had earlier viewed a 90-minute version of the Clapham Junction as broadcast in 2007 by the BBC. An IMDB review of that presentation of starts, "Over a two day period a series of interconnected events impact a disparate group of [gay] Londoners," and that is quite accurate even if the period is about 36 hours. It is interesting that this DVD remains unreleased in the UK.

Clapham Junction is not far from Lavender Hill, the location for The Lavender Hill Mob, but that was a comedy and this certainly is not.

In 2005, Jody Dobrowski suffered a horrendously brutal murder on Clapham Common, and a similar event is central to this film, which is an ultimately depressing and sometimes shocking exploration of contemporary urban gay sexuality. Some of the characters are deeply unpleasant, dishonest and self absorbed. But you will want to watch them.

One gay youth who play the violin is clearly intimidated and frightened by gangs on his walk to his teacher, whilst another gay inbetweener embraces his homosexuality and relentlessly stalks an older gay neighbor. Some of the gay yuppies are married but unfaithful to their wives in the type of park restrooms frequented by George Michael, and one who marries his partner dallies with a server boy in the kitchen after the ceremony. It is hardly justice when a gay gay-basher gets bashed himself. And you are forced to watch, or not.

The actors sometimes rise above the material. Paul Nichols is clearly full of himself as his character, Terry, and the scene in which he dresses for a night out is great, though one surprising scene reportedly used a stand-in. The film unites James Wilby and Rupert Graves of Maurice, but their relationship could not be more different than what they shared in that film, though both were, again, brave to take their roles. David Leon is powerful in his role as Alfie Cartwright (the Jody Dobrowski character). But Luke Treadway as young Theo pursuing a reluctant Joseph Mawle as Tim is absolutely chilling, and worth the price of the DVD if anything is.

You will never forget Clapham Junction if you watch it. But there is some hard-to-watch "bad" mixed with the "good" (the performances).
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on 19 December 2012
An amazing film by the violence it contains. It is both realistic and frightening.

Gay people, young and old, are forced to live a clandestine life with an underground satisfaction of their desires or impulses. They have against them three types of people. The parents, in this case essentially a mother, who cannot understand that at age 14 her son can have some desires and can try to get them satisfied. She is a bigot. If he would look for girls she would just be satisfied but not for boys, what's more men.

The second type of enemies are gangs of gay hunters or in fact hunters of anything that is different and one of their victims is a gay waiter who is just walking home through a common park. He will be beaten to death. Another one is an Asian young teenager who is playing the violin and preparing for some Royal Academy of Music. We only see at the end the smashed violin in some underpass.

The third type of enemies is more vicious because it does not even have the excuse of gang rule. It is purely individualistic isolated gay-bashers who go around, let one flirt with them and then trap him in a way or another and smash him to death. The film has one moment of extremely morbid humor here since one of these predators meet with another of these predators and one will end up in hospital.

Gay men seem to have one more enemy which is among themselves this time. It is unfaithfulness. One couple gets their civil partnership celebrated and while everyone is having fun, the older groom flirts with the waiter in the pantry in the basement of the house. Pretty ugly for that predator of another type, a predator who only has one objective: have his way with as many gay men as possible while his civil union gives him some kind of cover up for his feline treacherous behavior.

That is sordid, bleak, and even morbid in a way. And yet there may be some hope in all that darkness. The hope of maybe some might start feeling differently about it, feeling that all men have the same right to love those they want and want to be loved and to love back. The hope that one closeted gay man might do the right thing and help the police catch the killers who took the life of the waiter. And eventually the second groom of the "married" couple coming across the ring he gave his partner on the finger of one of the solitary gay-bashers who got beaten up by the other solitary gay-basher understands that his own partner has given his ring to someone and this ring ended up on the finger of someone who was not at the wedding ceremony or celebration. The police will sort out the rest. That's the hope, but wrapped up in so much muck.

The film is supposed to be based on true facts and to have been shot to help develop a debate in our societies. It sure brings up many questions and no easy answer because you can change the law, you can change the police, you can change courts and judges, but to change the mentality and minds of bigots and hunters hunting human preys for the fun of catching, torturing and then killing those who are dressed to kill in a way and yet are killed by those who are just by-standers who should have let life live the way it wanted to be lived.

Such crimes might finally get down in number and gravity when everyone will have the same rights and the law gives everyone the same dignity and freedom. But it will be long and difficult. Bigotry is alas very well and widely spread and we have not invented yet the bigotry-collecting trucks and machines to get it to the closest bigotry dump.

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on 18 April 2011
Been waiting for this to come out for ages. Cannot understand for the life of me why this has not had a UK release on DVD.
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on 12 February 2013
Originally broadcast by Channel 4 on the 22nd July 2007, this film has to be one of the best gay movies ever to hit the UK screens alongside 'Beautiful Thing' and 'A very British Sex Scandal' all of which depict gay life in it's most raw and intimate form. I cannot add anything more about this film that hasn't been said already except that, as a gay man myself I found this film very moving indeed. A 'must see' movie and one which you will probably want to watch again soon after.

Since Amazon have not yet updated the item description above this film is only 99 minutes long, NOT 120 mins as previously advertised.
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An intelligent and well acted drama, possibly too explicit for comfort, that portrays a depressing and very limited perspective on gay life that will not be the "norm" for many gay men. Hard hitting and decidedly unpleasant, its brave portrayal of repression and excess could depress younger gay people who should not see this as the life ahead of them. It's somewhat unfortunate that when gay characters appear in drama they are almost always included to depict some sexual issue or personally damaging behaviour patterns, rather than as ordinary souls living their lives as the majority of heterosexual characters are portrayed in drama. Until this can be rectified - in ways needed for all "minority representation" - any notion of true social equality cannot be expected. That said this particular production is undoubtedly impressive - if, unfortunately, not progressive.
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on 19 August 2013
What a bonus, i don't have to watch this on my US DVD player...its region free. Cant understand why Channel 4 wont release it on DVD.
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on 16 September 2011
I had seen this movie during a movie festival some years ago in Sydney and found it compelling viewing then and also when I watched this DVD. A well crafted DVD with some real life issues dealt with, even violantly in some cases. But hey that is life.

As faras the supply and delivery - first rate.
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on 22 November 2014
product arrived in perfect condition and in great time!
brilliant piece of entertainment reflecting the way things were at that time.
i would ensure people knew about both the service in buying this product and also the product itself.
high accolades all round!
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on 16 February 2014
I found it a disturbing channel 4 movie about gaybashing and homophobia!. I was impressed by the acting. I don't understand why it was never released in the Netherlands. I just wanted to have this movie on dvd to see it more than once.
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