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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 July 2012
I have an Xbox 360 but previously used a separate wired 360 pad for the PC.

I wanted to use my wireless 360 pad with the PC so I bought this device.

Many reviewers seem to be making a meal out of installing this device. I never used the packaged drivers for the wired pad and I never used the packaged drivers for this wireless device.

It is actually as simple as simple can be.

If you have Win 7 simply plug this device into your USB port, Win 7 will automatically recognise it for what it is and install the drivers itself without you having to insert the disk or do anything yourself.

Once it has finished doing that, just turn on your pad and press the button on this device and the small button on your pad (the one you use when syncing the pad with your 360).

It will immediately sync the pad with the device and away you go.

The only downside to this device is that I have seen third party 360 replica pads being sold cheaper! Of course they are not wireless and I can't vouch for the quality. So if you only plan on dabbling in PC gaming you might want to take that cheaper option otherwise I thoroughly recommend this unit.
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on 20 January 2017
Flawless, I've used it using 2 different controllers, 1 Being my Speed Wheel and the other just a regular controller and both work perfectly, it's as if you were playing on a console! Was a very simple setup, just stuck the disc in, let it install, plugged it in and sycned it with the controller and done! No hassle and no searching for anything. (Windows 10)

This is currently based on Day 1. I played American Truck Simulator for about 4 hours using the wheel which was amazing and about 30 minutes of Arkham Knight with my controller and that too worked perfectly! The only problem was with Project Cars (The Free version on Steam), for some reason it didn't detect my wheel as a wheel and instead a thumbstick so it didn't work very well and had a very big center deadzone even with it off, though testing Dirty Rally on a friends account works fine and it even detected that it was the 360 Speed Wheel, so yeah be wary about Project Cars if you get this just in case. I will update this review if any issues arrise.
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on 5 November 2016
When it comes to PC gaming, the mouse and keyboard are perceived as one of two things 1.) the only tool that works 2.) The best tool for gaming. However they are not the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to specific genres of games which include racing, fighting and a far share of platformers. Bring in a stereotypical controller like the one for Xbox 360 and these games will work better.

To get it to work, plug the adapter into a computer running Windows Xp or later (I happen to be using Windows 10), sync up a wireless controller by pressing the sync buttons and then start Steams Big Picture mode or a game with native/modded support for the Xbox 360 controller and now you can play on your PC as if it was a console, except you can get more that 1080p and 60FPS running on higher settings than a console can produce, plus I haven't even noticed any latency between pressing a button and the character on screen taking action. Tip: Also works well with gaming on the sofa.

If you were thinking "Its cheaper to just get the play and charge kit so that a wireless controller works." That unfortunately won't work as you still need the adaptor for a 'wireless' controller. I have also found it is better than using the PS4 controller as with that controller, you have to work with some clunky drivers. This adaptor is what I consider the perfect plug and play solution, especially if you are new to PC gaming or want to do some local multiplayer on the same computer. If its not working just download some drivers from Microsoft's download centre and follow the instructions (Windows 8/8.1/10 users: get the Windows 7 drivers, run that in compatibility mode and go through the installer)

When buying this product through Amazon, just carefully pick a seller and please understand the fact that this adaptor was available as a bundle with the Xbox 360 controller so it could fail to come with its original packaging as they have to separate it from the controller, even if advertised as new (it still is new through).

Overall in satisfied that I only had to plug it in and let it do its job whilst I plugged an HDMI cable into the computer and the TV so I can play on my computer as if it was a console
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on 18 April 2014
Looking for a relatively low priced controller to use with your PC? Well there are really only 2 options which seem good enough in my eyes: Microsoft's Wired Xbox 360 Controller for Windows or Microsoft's Wireless Controller for Windows. Which do you choose? Well if you don't like the idea of changing batteries, then you'd pick the wired one. If you don't like the idea of having wires lying around, then you'd pick the wireless one. Seen as I have picked the wireless one, I might as well talk about the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows.

Plug and Play - As soon as you plug the wireless receiver into your PC, it automatically finds and downloads the necessary drivers.
Connection - Controller connected to receiver as soon as I turned it on! :D
Controller - Good size, good weight, very nice thumbsticks and buttons. Very good built quality as well!
Compatibility - All the games I've played so far have allowed me to use my Xbox 360 controller!
Very fast response - Little to no delay between button press and response on screen.
Comes with 2 AA batteries and a drivers disc as well.

Potential compatibility issues with games.
Batteries will need changing every once in a while.

There isn't much more I can say about this controller. It's a brilliant controller which doesn't really have anything going against it. Okay! There may be compatibility issues with some games that DON'T have controller support, but the controller works flawlessly with games that DO have controller support. If you're thinking of buying a controller which is very decently priced AND intend to use it to play a game that DOES have controller support, then this controller is a must have!

Would I recommend this product? Oh hell yes!
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on 22 January 2016
Honest to God, I think this did come to me faulty. But I simply couldn't be bothered to exchange it. It is genuine, but the damn thing drains batteries like some kind of AA energy vampire. I much prefer using the controller that came with my Xbox as it doesn't have the same issue of dying quickly. Stick a pair of fresh batteries in and it works fine, but don't expect those Duracells to last long. If you're gonna buy this, definitely be prepared to get into the habit of taking the batteries out each and every time after you've finished with the controller otherwise it'll suck out their energy in their sleep.
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on 24 July 2016
I finally got around to purchasing this controller for use with my PC following a few years of putting up with a wired DualShock 3 - it has been a welcome change to having to use third party software just get my PS3 controller to work with my PC.

Xbox controllers have been my preferred design for many years now and I'm glad I get to use one with my PC. The thumbstick and face button layout is optimal and responsive. Setup was extremely straightforward; install drivers, plug in adapter and go. I believe you can also use this with an Xbox 360 however I have not tried that out yet.

When it arrived the thumbsticks were squeaky, something that has quietened with use but is not yet fully gone. I presume this is simply an issue of it being a new, unused device however as both thumbsticks are squeaking. If it was just one I would be more inclined to believe it was a legitimate problem. Finally, unfortunately this doesn't have a rechargeable battery pack: you'll be using disposable double As. To remedy this, I have found that you can order third party rechargeable battery packs from other sellers, however, in 2016 you would expect to receive a rechargeable battery with any device.

Overall a great controller for both PC and Xbox 360.
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on 16 December 2016
This controller is very pleasing to the eye. The only downside is that if your hands sweat you will see the marks on the chrome surface. Otherwise its just another controller for the collection that looks nice.
This controller is much better than the original controllers that came with the xbox. The analogue sticks are much more comfortable to use & the "transformer" d-pad (though a little bit gimmicky) is a welcome addition.
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on 3 December 2014
Absolutely fantastic. Simple, painless installation, seamless operation with Windows 8.1, and, for the games that support it, it's impressive how well-integrated the controls are. This receiver pairs up with my wireless controllers instantly: noticeably faster than the same controllers pair with my Xbox 360 Slim. The unit comes in sensible packaging, looks and feels sturdy, is small and discreet in use, requires no user interaction once installed and, to be quite honest, its presence could easily be forgotten. Perfect on all counts.

Bottom line: if you enjoy gaming, and want the flexibility of using wireless Xbox controllers with the power of your PC, get one of these. Well worth the asking price, and you won't be sorry for long.
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on 14 May 2017
I always loved the 2nd generation design of the 360 controller. The D-pad upgrade is a major plus for me as I can switch to a flat D-pad or the standard deep 'PLUS' D-pad without the supports between. Build quality is good and weighty as it should. Fitment with aftermarket rechargeable batteries is snug and not loose as my previous 1st gen controller was meaning I was disconnected mid battle/race just because the battery pack somehow slipped off where as this Chrome controller held the battery packs I had tightly.

The Xbox 360 Chrome gold was the cheapest of the lot for me and with Amazon Prime it came to me next day so I am really happy with my purchase.

Would definately buy another for local gaming
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on 7 January 2013
Bought Lego Lord of the Rings as a Christmas present. Loaded easily on Windows 7 Laptop, played but kept crashing.

We bought the MS/XBox 360 wireless controller after reading on here that it worked well with Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately I was ill and could not take the controller till last weekend. Once connected very easily we found the controller worked but the game kept crashing.

Another Laptop was bought - with Windows 8.

Game loaded and controller too.

YES. Game and this controller are working wonderfully on WINDOWS 8.

As the controller keeps searching for Wireless connection when lap top is switched off, we decided to remove the little box with the batteries in it when play is over for the day.

If the controller has an off switch we would like to hear about it.

The controller was bought to work on a Windows laptop/PC - we don't have an XBox 360 to try it out on.

I understand a charger can be bought and the controller used while wired to it but we have not researched into this yet.

Shame about Christmas and New Year with no game but 2013 will make up for it.

Edit March 2013. I bought one of these controllers for myself for my Windows 7 computer and it works perfectly. Also bought a charger. The charger has a wire which plugs into a computer's USB Socket the other end plus into your controller where the battery box usually is. Keep the battery box (in case you ever need it again).
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