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Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 28 September 2010
You have to hand it to these guys, make a million (or many more) churning out the same formulaic rap rock. Sure it was good, but did we really need to hear the same style album again and again? They were in danger of becoming like Oasis or Status Quo - same album - different cover. If you're are in it for the money thats fine, but Linkin Park are at least attempting to fight against the machine they created, and for that they should be congratulated.

Sure, in places the stick to form with some convincing raps, but gone is the type of song they probably wrote in their sleep, you know, rap verse, sweetly sung chorus, a few riffs to underpin it and there you go, another million in the bank. Instead we have mood enhancing keyboard sweeps, dialogue, and more challenging rythms (do I hear Tribal drums in there?) In places its almost prog-rap, if there is such a genre.

I can understand how this was puzzled/angered/dismayed their loyal fanbase who wanted another 'In the End' or 'Numb' but the band are fighting against becoming an almost parody of themselves.

Inventive, sometimes challenging, sometimes filler but sometimes rivetting this album may be looked back at with real reverence - a real turning point in theie career.
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on 6 December 2014
Very cool album, modern art rock with a kinda apocalyptical theme, has a few great songs, i'd recommend it, it was way better than Minutes to Midnight which had its good parts, but it was so-so... get this album and enjoy. It is LP. I shall not betray it.
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on 2 October 2010
For many years i have really liked Linkin Park, however, there latest album is one of the worst albums i have ever heard by any artist in my life.

The thing that dissapoints me most is, i have tickets to there concert in November 2010, and if this album is what the concert is going to be like, i will not be looking forward to it.

I would not recommend anyone wastes there money on buying this album.
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on 10 June 2017
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on 8 December 2010
If you like the original Linkin Park, do not get this. I would attempt to get my money back if I didn't think it was going to be a nightmare because I downloaded it.
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on 25 September 2010
I enjoyed listening to the first Linkin Park album when a drummer friend bought it into the shop I worked in. The beats and mish mash of explosive riffs, fairly decent raps and soaring choruses impressed me immensely. A little older and wiser the second had it's moments for me but was drifting and slowly the two held less interest for me beyond a few songs. Minutes to Midnight came along and while admirable for its efforts in trying to forge the next steps in their sound there were chunks that left me wanting. My friend and I bought tickets for November at the O2 largely out of 'never got around to this, been ten years, perhaps we should'. Imagine my surprise when I first heard the Catalyst. A driving beat, soaring synth notes, lyrics that grab me in a very grown up way, a better marriage of Mike and Chester's (and apparently the rest of the band's) vocal sounds than I'd ever heard from them. Building and building in a fashion of emotional highs and lows I wouldn't have ever thought possible. Best I could describe my first encounter with this was - I want to listen to this again. Once the actual album arrived I was in awe. Everyone working at the top of their game. From the gentle keyboard to the varied beats, the waves of delicate to vicious guitar and the whole band vocals dipping in and out from beginning to end. I've now heard this album probably 20 times and I'm still not tired, if anything it gets better each time. Maybe it is too different (I am intrigued to see how some of it's going to fit in with the older tracks live) but different is good. All the Oppenheimer/Dr King stuff, it lends a meaning and weight to a lot of it. It's like they're striving for something bigger and better even as they finally release it.

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, I'm not trying to start a debate with anyone, I just need to share my two cents. I know it's only been a few days but unlike a lot of the bands I listened to in my youth I can actually imagine enjoying this in ten years time.

Bravo Linkin Park; Bravo
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on 15 September 2010
Having received and listened to my copy of a thousand suns prior to reading any of the reviews.
i was not suprised,to then read the rather mixed comments it received.
However ignoring the fact that it was Linkin Park,and just listening to the tracks,i found i liked more than i disliked .
I really liked.... when they come for me...wretches and kings,and... the catalyst.
mainly due to the fact that they were not typical Linkin Park tracks.
I strongly believe music should be bought because you like it not simply because its the latest release of a particular band.
And there are definately more tracks on this cd that i like than dislike.
I think the reason for the mixed reviews are best summed up by the band in the lyrics of when they come for me.


well its not
So If you you only like old Linkin Park stuff then don`t buy this cd,save your money and play all your old Linkin Park cd`s.
But if you like diffrent types of music give it a listen.
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on 28 September 2013
This is what happens when you try and cram 15 songs into 47 minutes.

Most of the tracks are just fillers and last anywhere from 10-60 seconds. They have no lyrics and are just random noises generated by computers. It honestly sounds like they bought a new music software, started to mess around with it, managed to conjure a random assortment of sounds and decided to add them to the album. Not good!

The actual songs have the opposite problem; they last way too long! They feature very monotone singing and repetitive lyrics. They're so badly written it's actually laughable for a band like Linkin Park.

Before anyone tells me to "give the album another chance", let me just clarify that I've owned this album for a while now and have listened to it way more than 10 times. I hate it more every time I hear it. If you're looking to buy some Linkin Park albums, choose one of their first three. They're not as painful to listen to as this nonsense.
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on 12 December 2010
A Thousand Suns is an awesome album,I have been playing most of the time since it first came out,as I commute to and from work,it's better the listening to the radio and the looped playlists.
I love Blackout(something they did not perform on tour for some reason?).
The album needs playing loud and the car is the prfect place.
I cannot understand the people that hate this album,it is different and the group are developing not just standing still,so Hybrid Theory is a brilliant album from the groups past and this latest album must be taken as a fine example of how a group can develope.
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on 16 October 2010
This is not a rock album.... I've listened to this album lots and tried my hardest to like it but, oh my god it's just rubbish.
There's more filler in this than the Tesco's sandwich aisle. To say I was disappointed is possibly the understatement of the year.
Terrible dance/pop songs spread out with plenty of abstract loops and samples.
I thought that this album couldn't possibly be worse than "Minutes to Midnight" I was clearly wrong. I shall not be buying any more LP albums...
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