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Hello, thank you for reading this review;
I bought this controller just for the purpose of playing FPS (First Person Shooters, like Quake, or Call of Duty for example) in the PS3, like I do in the Xbox360 (and original Xbox before that) because I just can't play them (FPS's) with the Dualshock 3 [don't get me wrong, I play videogames since the time of Commodore 64 and Spectrum, Nes, Megadrive/Genesis, Original Gameboy (Black an White screen), Sega GameGear, Sega Saturn, PC, etc) and I own a PS1, and owned a PS2, so I'm no stanger to the Dualshock design and I like the Dualshock 3, but I can't get any accuracy in FPS's with the positioning of the analog sticks so close together and on the same height). The shipping packaging (amazon's) was really good, and I made the order on the 9th October and got the controller on the 14th October in my house (I'm from Portugal).

Moving on,

The Good:
- The controller is really well built together, feels solid and the buttons are all responsive, except (unfortunately) the L2-R2 (more on that in "The Bad");
- It was really fast to synchronize with the PS3, just power on the PS3, wait for the cross bar to appear and then connect the USB dongle to the console, and connect the USB recharge wire to the controller and the Dongle and the console recognizes it (it came with a little battery, so you can unplug the USB recharge cable as soon as the PS3 recongizes it);
- It has a nice weight (it stays between the lighter Dualshock 3 and the bulkier Xbox360 Wireless);
- The sixaxis works just like the Dualshock 3 does;
- It has a comfortable grip (except for softier skins - more on that on "The Bad");
- It is really good for a 3rd party controller (obviously not the quality pearl that Dualshock 3 and the Xbox360 Wireless are, but all in all it is a very good quality effort); as for the duration (and the rubberized surface quality) I will try to tell in about 6 months if I can edit this review.

The Bad: (edited on 25th January 2011 - downgraded the stars from 4 to 3)
- Sometimes it loses connection when we are more than 2 meters away from the PS3, or when we are behind a metal object that (may) block the frequency!?
- The left analog stick is doing a grinding noise when rotated from the upper left side to the upper right side - iit doesn't feel good to me and it seems it will break anytime.
- It doesn't have Bluetooth connection (it requires the USB dongle to occupy 1 USB port of your PS3);
- The D-pad isn't so good as the DS3 one (for example when you click left it may register down - but only sometimes);
- For some (not for me, because thankfully, I can get up the sofa and turn on the PS3) the home button does not power on the console;
- You need to push the L2-R2 buttons to all it's course for the action to register, or else (if you only press it half way of it's course) it will become erratic (shoots a burst, then stops, then starts shooting again) for example to fire the gun (for R2) or to aim the gun (L2) (fipped default button configuration of Modern Warfare 2) and I feel that it breaks a little of the overall experience...;
- The handles being spike rubberized (the controller is built this way for the people that have sweaty palms, and don't want to have their hands sliding off the controller in long play sessions) is a win/lose situation (the rubber is a little on the rough side, because the spikes are hard, but they're made of rubber anyway) - be aware that if you can't stand little rubberized spikes in your hands you'll hate this controller;
- When you click the L3-R3 (analog sticks) they are a little loud and feel fragile (may be I'm just a little picky and need to see in the future if I'm wrong, or may be my experience with the Xbox360 wireless controller in that you need to input more pressure for it to click);
- Last bad thing about this controller is the dead zone - I don't think that it is so enormous that you can not play, but it is a little bigger than the dead zone of the Dualshock 3 and the Xbox360 Wireless controller, so you need to increase the sensitivity in almost all games, and adequate your playing style to the amount of dead zone, sniping is a good example that you may need a little training, but (in my opinion) it sure beats the hell of the (bad) accuracy of the positioning of the analog stick of the Dualshock 3 gives me!

- I really like this controller dispite it's flaws, but until Nyko Raven arrives (I called Nyko America and only in November will they start shipping that controller to North America, and they don't have yet a fixed date to start shipping it to Europe - don't get it people that have it also complain about deadzones, the same goes for the Gioteck HF-1) it's the only reasonable alternative (I'm sorry, but it's just not durable enough for me to mantain what I said) for Us FPS "freaks" of the Xbox360 to play FPS games properly (and with decent accuracy) in the PS3. Bottom line, if you need the feel of the Xbox 360 controller in your hands on your PS3, buy this controller or any of the other 2 - Nyko Raven or Gioteck HF-1, but don't expect good aiming qualitys due to the deadzones always bigger than Sony's and Microsoft's official controllers, or hope and wait instead for the Razer Onza controller (if it will ever arrive to the PS3 with an Xbox analog layout style).

Thank you for reading! Hope it helps, because when we want to buy something, nothing like real reviews, from real people!

P.S.: I tested the Power A Controller Wirelles with COD: Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2, Haze (the demo version), and been playing a lot of MAG with it (really nice to play with this controller but it is tough to aim really fast accurately when sniping)
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on 12 July 2011
It's a long review but contains everything you need to know:

I bought this controller as I moved over to the dark side from being a previous Xbox 360 owner and thought the DS3/Sixaxis controller was a little too fiddly and small for FPS games.

The controller has a nice, grippy, weighty feel to it, it's design is sleek, practical and more ergonomically friendly for FPS games than the DS3/Sixaxis controller, the vibration function is strong and the sixaxis motion control is as responsive as Sony's own. The buttons are responsive and light up while the controller is switched on (and the lights can be switched off by holding the select button on the controller).
Unfortunately though, that's where it's good points end.

The first major problem I noticed was as soon as I started playing Black Ops with it and you'll notice the other reviews mention this too - the dead zones for the analogue sticks are far too large, to the point that the movement on each stick feels numb and precise aim and movement becomes incredibly difficult. Each stick only seems to want to accommodate extreme movement as the dead zones end precariously close to the edge of the sticks movement zone - meaning you only have a fraction of a millimeters distance from the center where you can actually create slow and intricate movement before it hits the full-push of the edge of the movement zone.

Now I could have got around this as it only really affects racing and FPS games to an annoying degree so could have still been a suitable third-party second controller for other game genres, but after two weeks of very light use the R2 trigger began to stick. This became quite annoying as it not only stuck when fully depressed, but also stuck just before the full depression zone of the trigger, meaning you had a choice of jamming the trigger down and quickly running your finger underneath it to push it back up to stop firing or gently pushing it down just enough so it doesn't jam but then sticks and puts up harsh resistance to depress the trigger further. By this point the controller had become practically useless for any game involving a gun or firing on the R2 button and went back to the DS3 controller.

Another problem I noticed in this time is it's operational distance from the wireless receiver. My sofa is approximately 8 feet away from the PS3. At this range the controller frequently loses it's signal with the receiver, even if it's in the same place where it was working fine previously before it dropped out - it just drops out and doesn't respond at all if any further away. If I wanted to use the controller without it dropping out I had to hook up a USB extension lead and place the receiver right in front of me on the coffee table.
There are more problems with this too - the product claims to use a wireless signal but it acts more like infrared. Unless the controller is roughly in a line with the red light on the receiver, you will experience drop outs. If the PS3 is on it's side and you hold the controller higher than the receiver when it is in the PS3, you will experience drop outs. If the dog walks in front of the receiver, you will experience dropouts. If you cross your leg over your knee and hold the controller on your lap behind said leg, you will experience dropouts - it's pathetic for an age where the average TV size is between 32 and 42 inches and you need to allow viewing distance between you and the TV - because the controller wants you to sit so close you can lick the screen, with the controller in front of the PS3 between your legs.

4 months later and my PS2 controller that I was using with an adapter as a second controller breaks. So I crack out the old Power A Pro Elite to use in it's place while a friend and I played Dead Nation - shouldn't have been a problem because you only use the R2 trigger to melee and open containers in this game. I was wrong.

Somehow, after being locked securely in a cupboard for 4 months doing nothing but gathering dust, the left analogue stick seemed to have vindictively extended a portion of it's dead-zone on the left analogue as revenge for not using it for an extended amount of time. So now I have a controller that after owning for just under 5 months has developed a potentially useless R2 trigger and an allergy to turning left. It reads some movement when pushing left but it fights back and doesn't read it as a continuous movement, meaning pushing left results in slow, jerky turns or pacing.

"Sod-it" I thought to myself, "I'm going to open it up and see what the problem is." After removing the back of the controller I found a large circuit board spattered with glue where the builder of this particular controller had glued the controllers chips and connectors in with what looked like glue-gun glue and hadn't been particularly concerned with finesse. There were trails of glue all over the board where the builder had just spattered glue on a connector, then trailed the excess to the next point they were going to glue. After pulling the whole thing apart I noticed the stick was attached to a sealed metal control box which was inaccessible without ripping the circuit board apart so I put the controller back together, finally giving up.

It's such a shame for this controller as I had such high hopes for it - well designed and comfortable, but poor internal craftsmanship has caused this expensive purchase to become practically unusable in a matter of a few months. Bundled with it's out of the box faults such as it's stupidly large dead-zones and the problems with the wireless receiver it's a poor product. I just wish I'd kept the packaging so I could have sent it back.

Thanks for staying with me through this long review but hopefully you have all the reasons you need to not waste your money on this thing. If you want a controller shaped paperweight however, you've found the best one.
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on 7 November 2010
I really did want to like this controller, it looks very sleek and modern, the buttons all have a solid feel, the triggers feel just right and your fingers sit on them very naturally, the matte coating is very comfortable and the textured finish is a nice touch, and the left analogue stick is in a very natural position with a nice rubbery coating. I just wanted to hold this controller for hours, it really is amazingly comfortable, very ergonomic, however there are two things that let it down, and they really do kill all of this potential for a DS3 replacement: The positioning of the right analogue stick, and the dead zones in both of the analogues. Firstly, the right stick needs to be further over to the right and slightly upwards as your thumb naturally sits right on the edge and it takes a stretch to get it in the right place, which detracts hugely from the overall comfort. Even if it didn't have the dead zones, it would be very hard to aim with the controller like this. Secondly, the dead zones in the analogue sticks. I should point out now that if you aren't sure, a dead zone is where you move the stick slightly, but nothing happens on-screen. The controller's sticks can be moved as much as 2mm in any direction without any movement occurring in the game, meaning a) a delay in movement, and b) precise movement becoming much harder as the amount you have to move them will get you a lot of movement all at once. All of this means that for FPS games which this controller is designed for are impossible to play well. For reference, I played with this for 20-30mins on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and I didn't get a single kill in that time, not because I'm bad (My k/d is about 1.2) but because it was very hard to aim accurately.
In conclusion, this controller could have been fantastic and in design it is very hard to fault apart from that right analogue stick's positioning, but in functionality it just doesn't work anywhere near as well as it should and I just couldn't justify the price.
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on 19 September 2010
Ok, so I got this through the week as a replacement for the god awful DS3 pad that Sony produced.

I own a 360 as well as the PS3 and since its launch I have bemoaning the fact that Sony have insisted in keeping the analogue sticks in probably the most unnatural position for an average human being. The pad has probably been the main reason I have not considered the PS3 as a games console, more of a glorified Blu-Ray player if you like. But now with this pad, oh yes I can finally enjoy a game on the old grill.

People have been saying about "deadzones" and how this pad is no good for FPS games and to be honest I cannot argue with that at this stage. I have spent all afternoon playing Heavy Rain, mainly because it includes 6 axis control and I wanted to see how this controller responded. And I can say that it worked perfectly for me, no issues syncing or during play (inc 6 axis moments), just an all round good experience.

All I can say is if you are like me and own a PS3 but cannot get along with that effort of a controller Sony continue to force upon us, then buy this.
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on 27 February 2015
Great controller, feels comfortable and works fine on most games. Comes with charging cable and adapter which has a usb port built in to compensate for the usb port being used.

It worked fine on most games I played except Fifa when I was selecting my lineup. It skipped past players when highlighting down.

Works with PC also, I have used on a few PC games too and is fine.
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on 1 January 2014
I bought 2 of these to replace my old ones. They arrived the very next day, that was great. These controllers have a great look and has a really good grip on them. There is just one down side to them... the roll buttons are a bit tight, so if you playing a shooting game like "Over kill" its a little annoying and takes some getting used to.
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on 6 August 2011
I hesitantly bought athe PowerA Pro Elite after alot of poor comments regarding the controllers supposed "dead zones" in the analogue sticks. However, I had also heard alot of good things about the controller. so I was torn whether or not to buy the controller (The reason i'm doing this review is because i'm sure other people are going through the same hesitance) but I am so glad that I did!
The controller arrived a day earlier than it said it would and when I got it out of its box I was very pleased with the quality make of the controller. I know it looks very good in an image/video but it is hard to get an idea of the feel of the controller in these. The conrollers feel is so comfortable and looks like it could have been made by Sony. I think PowerA understand that in order to appeal and persuade people to buy a 3rd party conroller it has to look and feel like a 1st party controller. Although PowerA aimed to do this, they failed......they made it better than the 1st party controller!!!

--I am now going to go through some of the PowerA's features and extras--

PowerA Adaptor/receiver (USB dongle)

some see the dongle as a disadvantage to the controller. However, I do not see it as one as it comes with many advantages such as,
-although it takes up a precious USB port you can charge your controller from the dongle so you don't have to take up both ports just to charge and play at the same time.
-the dongle picks up your actions alot quicker than the ps3 sensors do for the dualshock 3. A good way of testing this is when you start up the ps3 press the ps button on your dualshock 3 controller and there is a delay before it is usable. With the PowerA when you press the home button the light starts instantly and it's usable!

Glowing buttons with on/off control

I play with the LED's off because I do not need to see the symbols on the buttons when i'm playing (also it must run down the battery life faster) although I can see the attraction in this and it does look very nice with them on.

Dual rumble (vibration) and SIXAXIS compatible

The vibration is very nearly equivalent to the dualshock 3's very strong vibration. Although I think the reason for this is that the materials used to make the PowerA are more comfortable so therefore one might assume they are thicker so they may dubb out some of the rumble (vibration) feeling. As for the SIXAXIS built in to the controller is an amazing feat for a 3rd party controller. The SIXAXIS is just as responsive as the Dualshock 3 controller's.

Reversed analogue sticks/Custom L2 R2 buttons

The reversed analogue sticks are replicating the xbox 360s controller (as is the whole controller, but these are the most obvious replication) and they are nearly just as good despite not being as grippy as the xbox 360s controller (due to a design patent by Microsoft). The L2 and R2 buttons are great improvments as they curve out rather than in (Dualshock 3 controllers go in) this means that you can use them without risk off your fingers slipping off. These buttons really encourage me to flip the controls on Call of Duty to use them as triggers to take full effect of the improvement.

D-pad/Gripped hand areas

The D-pad is a massive improventment to thed xbox 360s "circular one button" D-pad but not as good as the Dualshock 3s "four button" D-pad. the Grips in the hand placements are very comfortable and grippy and you can see why they included them in the final product as the rest of the controller is soft and slippery.

To sum up, this controller is for people who do not like the design of the ps3 controller and prefer the xbox 360s one and the PowerA does a damn good job off porting the xbox 360 controller to the ps3 (and even improved on it in some aspects). Unless you are a real hardcore FPS player than you won't notice these "dead zones" (I put them in quotes as I think it's more of an excuse for poor play rather than an actual problem), I certainly haven't!
Even if you like the ps3 controller i'd recommend picking one up anyone I just wanted a change and I don't think i'm ever going back!
I hope this review helped out some people who were torn like I was.
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on 17 April 2014
It charges and feels fine but the connection between the usb adapter is intermittent so can cut out when you are playing which is highly frustrating. Would not recommend to any serious gamer but good just to have when friends come round.
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on 29 July 2013
Quite simple review, it was dead on arrival, wouldn't charge or turn on and was drawing to much power from the USB ports. Tried charging on both the PS3 and my laptop, PS3 gave the message to many USB devices connected (it was the only one) and laptop it shut down power to the other USB ports due to I'm guessing overload.

Also it looked and felt tacky tbh.
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on 4 August 2011
Its an alright controller, but i didn't use it that much, i bought this because i was convinced this a xbox 360 controller simulator and this way i wouldn't have to buy a actual 360 controller and adapter to connect it to the ps3, its an alright controller, works fantastic, its responsive But later i bought a xbox 360 anyway, great accessory though and fantastic by amazons delivery services once again!
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