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on 27 July 2015
Poor item,stop working after second time of use.
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on 12 November 2014
easy to set up. excellent performance. very happy with the product. adjusts from carpet to hard flooring with ease.
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on 28 August 2013
I have had my XR210 robotic vacuum cleaner for about one month and on the whole I have been impressed. It has been used almost every day, although obviously I am not yet in a position to comment on its long-term reliability. I will first address some of the criticisms that the item has received in other reviews.

1) Some people have said that it "ignores" obstacles less than one inch high. This is true and is clearly intentional as otherwise it would not be able to go over rugs, door bars, and other uneven areas of floor. However, it does mean that if you leave items on the floor such as books, lengths of wood, flip-flops, etc, it is liable to try to climb over them. In such cases, it can get itself stuck.

2) Rugs. It can have problems with rugs that have long shaggy pile or tassels, as these will tangle in its mechanisms. Also, if you have floppy rugs (that is to say rugs that are easily folded, like towels, rather than quite rigid like a doormat) then the robot is likely to fold over the edges and move the rug around.

3) Battery life. Somebody said that the UV light significantly reduced the battery life. I did four timed tests to see if this was true, and I found no difference at all in the battery life whether the UV lamp is on or off. I have noticed, however, that the battery lasts longer when the robot is cleaning a smooth laminate floor rather than a capret. Typical cleaning times from a single charge are 2hrs on carpet and 2½hrs on a smooth floor.

4) Small bin. If your floors are really dirty, you will find yourself having to empty the bin very regularly. When my robot first arrived, I had not vacuumed for a few weeks, and within 15 minutes its bin was full and filter clogged. Now, after using the robot every day so that each room gets cleaned about twice a week, I find that it takes 1-2hrs before the bin or filter need emptying/cleaning.

5) Strong sunlight. After a couple of weeks my robot went crazy, bouncing off imaginary objects and generally acting as if it was stuck when it was in the middle of an unobstructed floor. Eventually I discovered that its sensors were being confused by very strong sunlight. I have only had this issue on a very bright day when the sun was on the horizon. I closed the curtains and it began acting normally again.

6) Poor manual. The manual explains some things in detail and completely omits other important issues. The manual is very good in explaining how to clean and maintain every part of the robot, but less comprehensive in its general usage. It does not explain, for example, that the FULL GO setting means that it will start cleaning automatically once fully charged. Having said this, when I contacted customer services for some clarifications, they were prompt and helpful.

7) Detectors and stairs. On its front end, the robot had several very effective detectors. It will normally stop just short of hitting an object. Or if its front edge goes over a drop such as at the top of a staircase, it quickly stops before it falls. The problem is that occasionally the robot goes into reverse, and it has no detectors on its back end. If it reverses into an object it will simply drive into it. This is not really a problem as it is not strong enough to damage walls or furniture. But if it reverses towards the top of a staircase, then it will simply leap to its death like the apocryphal lemming. The robot doesn't often go into reverse mode, so chances are it would be fine for several weeks in a room with unguarded downward steps... but eventually it will drive off the edge, so you cannot risk leaving it unattended around open drops.

8) Maintenance. There are lots of parts on the robot that can get clogged, tangled or jammed. You will have to clean these on a regular basis otherwise the vacuum will keep shutting down and giving errors. The biggest cause of problems without a doubt is hairs. Generally it is fine with short hairs, like cat hairs, but longer human hairs get twisted around the various spinning parts of the mechanisms and eventually cause jams. (Maybe the manufacturers assume this product will only appeal to single men, rather than households with women where there are more likely to be long hairs on the floor?!)

9) Mop function. This is a useless gimmick. It is a small pad underneath that you can moisten so that the robot mops the floor as it goes. If your floor actually needs mopping, then the pad will get dirty and need removing and washing within about 30 seconds. If the pad can mop for an hour or even five minutes without getting so dirty that it needs cleaning, then frankly your floor doesn't need mopping!

10) Some reviews have complained that the robot has no ability to "learn a room". No robotic vacuums have this feature and it would be counterproductive if they did. Rooms change. Pieces of furniture get moved around, doors open and close, other transient obstacles get in the way. Imagine if the first time your robot cleaned a room it encountered your sleeping dog in the middle of the room and avoided it, and then for the rest of eternity it never cleaned that patch in the middle of the room because it assumes there is a permanent obstacle there.

11) One reviewer said that the robot stops and does a thorough clean "if the robot finds a patch of dirt". This is not true either. The robot switches between its various cleaning strategies (such as random zig-zags, following the edge of a room, or spot-cleaning in an ever-growing spiral) but it does this at random, not in response to the amount of dirt.

12) Docking station. When it runs out of battery, my robot seems quite good at finding its charging station and heading towards it. But often, once it reaches it, it can take ten minutes having several goes at trying to dock with it! I think automatic docking works best in a very open, unobstructed area on a smooth floor.

13) Narrow areas. The robot can sometimes get stuck in areas that are slightly wider than itself. For example, there is a 40cm gap between the end of my futon and the wall. Sometimes when the robot goes in there, it spins about madly and eventually, because all its proximity sensors are constantly being triggered and it cannot find its way out, it shuts off. That said, 80% of the time it finds its own way out.

14) I am particularly keen on the timer function. Each evening, I set the robot to turn itself on automatically about an hour before I get up next morning, then place it in a different room each night. Usually, i wake up to find the robot merrily cleaning that room. Sometimes I wake to find it sitting beeping in the middle of the floor, complaining of a jam or other error, but generally it is fine.

The above may seem like a lot of complaints, but for my purposes they are all fairly trivial and the problems are not so frequent as to make me regret my purchase. All in all, it is everything that I expected for such a competitive price.
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on 5 July 2014
Pretty simple to use its basic features and seems to do a good job, even on carpet covered in pet hair. Best to run it every few days so that hair doesn't build up.

The best bit is how well the cleaner has been designed allowing you to clean it! The beater-bar (spinning brush) can be removed without unscrewing anything. I advise you do this every time you run the cleaner (especially in households with long haired people!) so that it doesn't build up; it will get entangled in hair, it's inevitable. I didn't do this initially - I ran it twice and on the third session the cleaner came up with an error number on its screen. I looked the error up in the manual and it said that the beater-bar needed cleaning. 2 minutes later I had cleaned it, put it back together and it was happily cleaning again. The vents around the motor are easy to clean when you empty the cleaner. The wheels and other brushes are easy to clean too - just a few screws to undo.

Some people have said that it's best feature is that it has a high ground clearance allowing it to go from hard floors up onto rugs. I agree with this, but I also agree with people who say that the high clearance means it will happily crawl onto things that are not floor! If you have a standard lamp with a flat base it will happily climb onto the lamp, so I move anything like that out of the way.

I have not tried scheduling it, but I suspect that will be easy as the remote has enough buttons to make the job simple (i.e. not 4 buttons doing hundreds of actions, but lots of buttons with icons for each action).

Easy of use - pretty easy - the manual is short so read it once and then read each section the first time you use that feature
General cleaning - good on carpet and hard floors
Cleaning corners - not brill
Maintenance and cleaning the bot - brilliant
Spare parts - good, it included spare brushes, filters and a brush to help you clean the bot
Battery life - OK at 1.5 hours, charge time is long (5 to 6 hours)
Noise level - not too bad, certainly not as loud as a non-robotic vacuum
Price - £160 at time of writing = bargain compared to Roomba models
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on 2 November 2014
I have held off for a bit just so we can get past the usual novelty period.

I can honestly say that I am tickled pink with this product. I had a bit of an issue at the start which the seller resolved promptly so quite happy to give it a full 5 star.

There are many far more expensive products on the market but with this at less than half the price I thought why not .... if I like it .... I will just get 2 of them. Well tbh .... I am close to getting another one now !

It does what it promises. Starts at 7am and goes about its business. Don't get me wrong this is not a fire and forget missile. It will not cover 100% always but it will have a good attempt at it. I read that other models had learning features but that didn't make sense to me. If it learns one day that a chair is there .... then you move the chair ... what has it learned ? .... anyway this thing has all the sensors and just through persistence and battery life does what is expected.

The only drawback is the maintenance. But funnily enough .... I bet they all need maintenance and reading in the reviews I went through on here they said it was really easy to do. Well I can confirm it is fantastically well designed for some maintenance and please be aware ...... you will have to do it. Emptying the cartridge is very straightforward but if like me you have some humans as well as pets biding with you then you will have to remove anything that rotates as human hair will tangle up on the rotors. To be honest .... that's what happens on every brush hoover anyway ..... but because its a small item and tbh I just like doing the maintenance now anyway ..... I do it every 2-3 days. I am sure its more than is needed ..... but its my wee intimate moment with Eva ..... yes its got a name .... same as the others ...... WallE inspired.

Anyway as robovacs go I cant imagine anything else being any better than this item. Certainly not for the £'s I see advertised which is frankly laughable.

Oh and the thinkgizmos service .... excellent !
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I thought This was going to be a waste of time, Its Kept My flat spotless, Its a Pleasure to Have Spotlessley Clean Carpets or In My Case Rugs. and what surprised me was how Much dust and dirt they can pick up, considering the size of the Rubbish Bin. They were right when they said "Its an advance Model" Because for the Money, Its a Bargain.. If Youve never owned One of these My advice is get one... I`m still Trainning R2 D2 Of How to get to the dock to be charged. They say If You show The droid, It remembers.. Excellent Buy and Ive only had this Robot for 2 Days, Long May It Last....
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on 4 June 2014
I have had my robot for a week now and overall it's much what I expected seems to clean the carpet well misses the corners but that's to be expected from this type of cleaner, battery lasts about 1.5 hours and it runs without making much noise.
On the down side it has never managed to find its way back to the base station to charge its self up, even when I place it within a couple of feet from the station and press the dock button it still struggles to get back ( made in China )
Instructions are not too difficult to understand and setting the auto start is simple.
Overall I like it a lot and have already recommended it to friends.
I am giving it 4 star rating because of the docking problems.
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on 20 January 2014
Not worth trying to save money. The robot worked well for few months. Then the run times were decreasing and decreasing until it only lasted for few minutes, even when apparently fully charged. I spent over 40 GBP on a new battery, but this did not solve the problem. Still not lasting enough to finish the small kitchen. Finally the charger stopped working... no lights...
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on 8 January 2012
We've been using this cleaner for a few weeks now, and once you get to know it's strengths and weaknesses, it is a very useful family addition.

Great points:

> Quite intelligent and doesn't give up easily trying different routes and directions if it comes across a problem ... Easily handles the transitions from floor to rug and new items 'dumped' in the room.
> Good battery life. 2 hours or more before it attempts to goes back to its base to recharge itself.
> Unobtrusive, and not too noisy. You can easily have it on when in the house though probably best not used overnight.
> Can program it to switch on at a certain time of day for any day or days of the week
> A bit quirky and fun, the kids love it.

Not so great points:

> Needs emptying most days (Normal family of five)
> Has an 'obsession' with certain corners and areas, going over the same area maybe 10 times or more, but other areas it only does once, and sometimes not at all.
> Fairly slow: Takes around 2 hours to do our downstairs rooms and the hall (About 700sq.ft) ...though I guess that's not an issue if you're out!
> Takes a little while to get accustomed to what it can and can't do ... for example it obsessively tries to 'mount' the foot pedal on my daughter's drum-kit (Tries for 10 minutes or more)
> Doesn't handle long tussles on the end of one our rugs...we've folded them under our rug but this might be a show-stopper if you don't want to do that.

Overall, this is a great little inexpensive product and although I wouldn't sell our upright cleaner, it's use is now limited to the more disastrous spillages or post-party clear-ups.... and of course the stairs!
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on 24 December 2013
I bought this robot after reading the reviews on Amazon. I actually bought it directly from paramount zone, where as another reviewer pointed out it was £10 cheaper.

The robot comes with the side brush and mopping attachment, something the description doesn't make clear.
Within a few hours my robot, which appeared to be mainly charged was happily wandering around the room doing what ists supposed to do. The dust collector is easy to empty and the filter easy to remove and clean. The rollers are also reasonably easy to remove and clear, as they tend to trap human hair around the spindle which stops them rotating, and an error message to appear.

The robot really sweeps the floor rather than vac it, but it does work quite effectively. It cannot clean into corners and into narrowish gaps, and has managed to get itself trapped inbetween my dining room chair legs.
It also has completely refused to clean one particular rug, which I can only assume is because it has a grey and white pattern, which maybe is confusing it?
Anyway apart from these minor gripes I absolutely love it. It saves me vacuuming every day, and the vac is only needed once a week.

Would I recommend it? Yes

Would I use it to mop? Absolutely not, it may sweep well but dragging around a damp cloth is not its forte. Just get the proper mop out.
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