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on 12 August 2010
Great device, really intuitive. Comes with nice 'Magic Desktop' app that my kids will love and everything feels like quite good value.

Windows 7 is MSs Best O/S ever and the multitouch is a great novelty that does actually have some uses. This install has quite a few little touch apps to play with. There isnt too much junkware on the laptop but i dumped the norton crapware and installed MS Security Essentials as a matter of course. The QuickBoot Web thing could be useful to some but Win7 boots so quick on this its not quite worth it.

I had trouble finding the finderprint reader (having just jumped in instead of reading any guide thingies - I'm an experienced IT anyway) and was all disappointed until i bumped into it on the top of the right hand edge (when in laptop mode) - right next to the 'Rotate Screen' button (that allows you to do a great impression of an iPad if thats what floats your boat) - that works great and really speeds up logging in.

Comes with a nice neoprene sheath that could be useful but doesnt have anywhere to put the charger or (included) external optical drive. I bought another case for a £20 but there are loads of £10 ones that should do the job nicely.

In battery mode the GPU switches over to internal (from ATI mobility 5405 to Intel) - hopefully should extend batttery life a bit. I havent run any serious tests on battery life yet but i bet its going to last at least 4 hours, get the feeling it could be more like the quoted 6-8 (and if you let windows sleep when it wants to, many more).

It aint going to win any awards for speed (thats not the point - its an ultra portable not a desktop replacement) but its plenty enough for everyday usage - i wouldnt run autocad on it but it coped nicely with several logged in users all doing minor tasks so would strongly recommend it as a Lounge Internet Browser and General AllRound Device.

I personally dont like the 'Chakotay Tattoos' all over it but it is so good in so many other areas i'm willing to overlook that minor aesthetic preference (and it is targetted at the domestic market with Home Premium). My biggest gripe on the whole chassis though is the 'Power Button' feels really flimsy and i will be amazed if it lasts as well as i reckon the rest of the laptop will..

I was also quite miffed that i paid 750 and the next day they knocked 20£ off and wouldnt negotiate a reduction - at the new price its even better value and definetly better than the SU2100 and 4300 cpu based variants - dont try and save a few extra quid - go for the u5400, its a newer/leaner/better cpu.

If you are looking for a new laptop (and i dont mean you want a 200-300 netbook - and they are a bad idea anyway) and fancy treating yourself for a few quid extra, you wont be disappointed with this..


as a quick update to my review - just going to say that amazon did ultimately refund that 20£, maybe they felt it was as unfair as i did. Nice one Amazon - good to see a company trying to keep its customers happy, especially off their own back - makes me much happier to recommend/return. I also posted above that it switches to ATI-5405 should say 5450.

I did some basic tests on battery life last night - had a clear 5 hours of Internet/Browsing and Remote Desktop to other machines and battery was still above 25% - 6-8+ hours seems quite feasible now (not for 6-8 hours of movies but light usage). They keyboard is great, only marred a little by the top row NOT being F keys but otherwise everything was laid out nicely. I did see a backlit version of the keyboard somewhere but this laptop is too nice to ruin a warranty on that - would like to see it included by default on more laptops though.

It also easily passed the 'Wife Test' - she was happily scrolling through facebook using Screen/Pen - I think the fingerprint recognition works great and ties in really nicely to IE to store passwords but she 'struggled' a little to get consistent results. The kids thought it was great fun too (Finger Painting on the Screen especially).

My only real disappointment so far is there no hardware audio control (i.e. a slidy wheel/bar) to control volume but very few laptops have them these days and the keyboard volume buttons are fairly easy to find in the dark as they are right next to the wireless button that has a light on it other than that its about as close to perfect (for my needs) as it gets.

Great Fun, Really Portable and Flexible and caused quite a lot of green eyes in the office ;-)
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on 11 September 2010
I spent a long time debating the sort of laptop I wanted and longer still trying to work out which tablet-style was the best. In the end I came to the conclusion this was it and I wasn't wrong.

The size is big enough to be a useful laptop rather than a small netbook, but not too big as to be cumbersome - having recently taken it through four airports in a week, the getting through security and general carrying it was not an unpleasant experience.

Spec-wise it is pretty decent and runs at a good speed for Office software and the USB DVD drive that comes with it allows you to install/backup without sacrificing space on the unit. It has three USBs, a HDMI, headphone plug, card reader, VGA, Ethernet port and Wifi that has connected easily to every network I've tried.

The built-in webcam, mic and speakers give a great picture/sound for Skyping home. The battery-life, so often the weakness of laptops, is brilliant. I haven't quite got to the full 8-hours talked about on the box, but I have got over six before I even thought about plugging it in. My guesstimate is it would easily do seven hours from fully charged to flat on standard Office-style usage.

The fingerprint scanner not only offers security, but the ability to log in to your email/website accounts with your finger, which is a god-send for those who struggle to remember all their passwords.

Of course the USP of this machine is the touchscreen tablet. Spinning the screen around flat not only looks really cool (it impresses people even when the machine is switched off!) but also makes things like surfing and watch streamed video a much more pleasant experience. Touching with your finger is pretty responsive, though some websites have small links that can be difficult to click, and scrolling is much easier with the finger. The pen that comes with it is more accurate if precision is needed. A combination of both is usually best (oh but keep a wipe somewhere handy, because the fingerprint marks soon build up). You can also rotate the picture on the screen through each 90 degrees to see it in whatever direction you wish.

You can write directly on to the screen and the recognition software is pretty good, even with slightly scrawly handwriting, but it is a bit slow so I only use it for short notes. Likewise you can use a resizable palette keyboard, which is very useful when you've got the screen in tablet form. For `real' work, I still prefer the built-in keyboard.

The built in HP Touchsmart software is good, but I must confess to not using it much. You can have fun playing with webcam, pics, music etc and obviously it is setup for finger interaction, although boot is a little slow for these apps. Also the HP software that allows you listen to music, surf and look at pics without booting to Windows is OK, but personally I prefer the full functionality of booting, so only use it very occasionally. The Magic Desktop is also pretty cool for those with small kids, it's a v-tech style system with interactive games for the younger age group.

The swirly design is maintained from the cover, though the shell and even the desktop, it's nice and certainly beats standard black. Again people generally like the look when they see it.

I've had it about a month and wonder how I ever survived without it. If like me you are debating what you next PC should be, I would recommend this to anyone. Incidentally, a work colleague who was also looking for a laptop independently came to the same decision as me and this too is her favourite PC (and she owns about 5 or 6!).
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on 16 September 2010
Overall good. As mentioned in the specifications. Looks nice, feels good. I like the option to go to Internet without booting to windows, which is very Quick. Touch screen is lovely, hand writing recognition is amazing. External DVD writer is good, helps to keep the machine light weight. Graphics are fast enough to run 1050p videos from camcorder smoothly, with HDMI out.
Keyboard is soft and not sticky. 180 degree rotation of the screen is quite attractive, helps with drawing functions. Only reason why no 5stars is the viewing angle is not very wide, so the moment you go out from the centre, the colours are quite abnormal. (just like an old LCD), but I love this little lap top.
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on 16 November 2010
I've had this PC for four months now and have to say that I regret buying it.
The touch screen is nice but unless you absolutely feel a need for the function it's not that useful and only results in a filthy screen.

If you do get one make sure that the screen is locked down tightly when putting the PC away or in a bag. The swivel that allows the screen to rotate is very, very lose and it will result in the screen overlapping the PC body if your not careful. I'd had it a week when I took it out of my bag and found three cracks running the full length of the screen due to the screen rotating in the bag during transit. This doesn't affect the display but the PC registers the cracks in the same way it would someone touching the screen. this results in fits of cursor movement, programs shutting down at inopertune times etc. It's a nightmare!
I am planning on getting it fixed if I can but first I need to get the hard drive sorted out. It packed in after four months and is dead as a door mouse!
I guess I just had bad luck with this model but it has been very dissapointing for a £700 tool.

The only real functional issues that I had were with the touch pad. I had used a Sony Vaio for three years before getting this and had got used to a touch pad that was very efficient.
The pad on the HP is almost impossible to use in an office environment. If you want to click and highlight a body of text larger than a sentence then it simply does not work! you'll make your fingers numb from how hard you find yourself pushing! You can;t really use this PC without an external mouse. this is a bit of a killer when portability is one of the major selling points.

You may also find the external DVD a bit of a pain. The cable is only four inches long so unless you are at a table or have a USB extension it can be annoying. You'd think that the lack of a Drive would allow for a slimmer PC but it's actually thicker than my old Vaio.

All in all a big dissapointemnt. I never suspected that I'd be looking for a new PC four months after buying this one. It's beautifully made and very pretty but it's a bit of a pig to be honest!
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on 19 October 2010
I bought this laptop as a tablet to take notes in my lectures. Thus far it is living up to my expectations. The battery life is good (I can get a good 5hrs out of low power mode), the build quality is excellent much improved from earlier versions.

I have a couple of issues with this product though. The first being the touchpad. It's designed to be multitouch, which is useful I'll admit, but making the buttons part of the touchpad makes clicking and dragging a more complex affair than necessary. My other quibble is that if you want to have a fast running computer a clean reinstall is a good idea, as the amount of programs included on the drive is large, however upon reinstall much of the functionality of the tablet is lost due to not being able to download the right drivers. Things like the fingerprint reader and the rotate screen button have specific drivers that don't seem to be on the HP website.

Overall, this is a very nice laptop I would definitely recommend it.
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Having previously bought a first generation netbook, I wanted something faster but not substantially larger. I also wanted a tablet facility and a means to read e-books in portrait format.

I recently bought a lower-priced tablet from another manufacturer but it had functional issues that rendered it quite useless and it was returned. This is a much better product all-round - better brand, better construction, faster processor, better screen, higher resolution, more memory and it's expandable, 64-bit Windows and more. It also comes with a DVD writer, so you do not need to buy one. It was not provided with as much bloatware as the cheaper product to saddle the processor with more than it can cope with.

The first routine after set-up is to make a disk recovery set and that requires a DVD writer. There was one negative point and that was the DVD writer was dead on arrival - it was unrecognised by this PC and every other I tried with it. However I contacted HP immediately and they arranged a replacement. All credit to them; no major discussion, no arguments and no problem. Fortunately, I do have another and was able to proceed. The lead on the writer is fixed and rather short and you may want to invest in a short USB extension lead to provide a little more flexibility on its placement.
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on 2 July 2012
Hi - I was loving this purhcase (aug 2010) until June 2012 (of course out of warranty) the motherboard failed.

I spoke to HP who quoted minimum £350 to fix out of warranty.

I then decided to use a local PC repair shop who qouted £300 - one of the problems apparently being you can not get parts for this in the UK - have to purchase from the US.

I was asked if I purchased this in the UK as not many sold in the UK?????

Who knows - really gutted and £700+ down the drain.

Will probably invest in IPAD instead.
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on 1 August 2012
I purchase this laptop before starting my college courses and have never regretted it. The pen on this touchscreen is as smooth as writing on paper. I actually stopped using notebooks and just use this instead. I even started using digital copies of the textbooks to Llighten my load even more. Very fast laptop and has never failed me. Even used it for 3D modeling and Photoshop.
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on 23 November 2010
A great little computer, does everything I need, even though the screen twists it feels robust and as though it'll go on forever. The text recognition is great and has cut my work time in half, the touch screen is very sensitive which I think is good. The touch pad however is a little tricky as the button is not actually separate, so if you have your finger gently on the button it will move the mouse, just something to get used to. I carry the PC round as a tablet for 3-4 hours and don't find it too heavy. For me this product is perfect.
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on 1 December 2010
Still superb - stuff ur kindles, Ipads and such nonsense this does it all and well! Touch screen is darn good fun - im sure one day it will be important... :)
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