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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360 4GB|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£201.14 - £919.40
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on 13 October 2010
I'm not sure what product all the other reviewers bought, because I found my Xbox 360 Super Elite 4GB Console stunning and well worth the money.

This particular 4GB model was obviously made to attract more buyers due to the lower cost, and to be honest that is why I chose Xbox over the PS3. I'm a busy man - I'm a medical student - but even we need to chill out sometimes. So I got this 4GB Xbox and it has not given me one single problem.

NO problems with fan.
NO problems with heating (it was on for 10hours last Sunday).
NO problems with controller.
NO problems with noise from fan.

Other reviewers have been saying that there isn't enough space etcetc, well in my opinion, if you require more space, then why didn't you for God's sake get the 250GB model??? Or get an extra hard drive?? The purpose of the review is not about how YOU don't have enough space to download a whole load of demos or extras, it is about how this console functions, and I think it works brilliantly.

As for shipping (after reading a few complains), I have nothing bad to say as well as mine came 2 days ahead of schedule.

I highly recommend this 4GB Xbox model, but as I said, if you need more space, don't be a bloody cheapskate and get the 250GB version instead of whining and complaining.
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on 25 August 2010
The New 4GB Xbox 360 console has had a lot of improvements from the older generations of Xbox's. Microsoft seem to have really done good job.

Firstly the fans are a lot quieter which is surprisingly noticeable as they are incredibly quiet.
Secondly their are lots of air vents around the body to give better ventilation so their is going to be no more three rings of death because the console automatically shuts down when the new heat monitor records a rapid rise of heats and so stops this problem from happening.

Another great feature is the high speed wifi connect which is actually high speed and also a lot more USB sockets which was demanded by reviews from the previous models.

Also new touch sensitive buttons have been put in to replace the old non touch sensitive and even the lightest of touches will start the console or open the disk drive. This is slightly addictive as it does make some really cool noises when these buttons are pressed.
To be honest the whole package is a bargain because it comes with the new black xbox 360 wireless controller valued at £35 in GAME as well as a new black headset, smaller wires with a new smaller brick that doesn't overheat ever time you play and the wifi which overall values at around £95.

Even though this is a great console, the hard drive is great and very suitably for the occasional gamer but for someone serious it is definitely worth upgrading the hard drive (which is extremely difficult at the moment because their are none on the market)or buying the 250GB Slim Xbox. This is simply because their isn't enough memory for map packs which we all know are extremely important or game add on's and Game demos but but for Game saves and pictured or music storage it is perfect. Otherwise ths console is Perfect!

20GB Hard Drive:BrainyDeal 20G HDD Hard Disk Drive for Microsoft Xbox 360 S Slim £20
250GB Hard Drive:250GB Hard Disk Drive for Slim Console (Xbox 360) £55
320GB Hard Drive:Hard Drive - 320GB Model (Xbox 360) £60

So i do highly recommend this item if you are not the more sophisticated gamer but at this price you get everything the same except the glossy finish and extra memory of the £169.99 Xbox but the Memory capacity does let it down.
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on 5 November 2010
Don't panic if you've just discovered you can't play Halo ODST / Reach in online co-op mode because there is a very easy fix you can do. You will need an old style xbox hard drive but you can pick these up on [...] for £15-£20 delivered which is a damn site cheaper than the 250gb hard drive for the new slimline models.

I've just received my new Xbox 360 4gb this morning and what I had thought might be a moment of despair is in fact a minor triumph!

Yesterday whilst reading the reviews on here I read about the problems people are having with Xbox 360 Halo games in this new 4gb console due to the lack of a hard drive. First I'd heard of it.

Ironically this would never have been a problem in my previous 3 years of Xbox 360 ownership as I never played online...however now my wife fancies playing Halo in Co-Op it seems the 4gb xbox has a problem with this. My old 20gb Xbox 360 has the Red Ring of Death so I planned to repair that & with the new 4gb xbox I've just bought we could play at home together on my home network. now That was looking like it wasn't going to happen.

I did a lot of web research last night and for some stupid reason that Microsoft & Bungie couldn't be bothered to sort out before release, Halo ODST / Reach does need to detect an actual hard drive in the Xbox 360 to play online Co-op or firefight. This has nothing to do with available memory and 4gb is plenty unless you want to download lots and lots of content, just that the game needs to see a Hard Drive rather than flash memory. Microsoft say there will be a solution but there is no timescale for this.

BUT I also found something a whole lot better at the same time...someone in these reviews had already mentioned you could modify an old style xbox 360 hard drive to work in your new slimline 4gb xbox...but it seemed a bit complicated & I didn't pau it much attention as it seem like youd be fiddling with things that would void the warranty. What I did find was lots of forum links to a You Tube video showing exactly how this was done & I realised it was a piece of cake, and more importantly shouldn't effect any warranty issues as you were only adding an external hard drive - but it would solve my problem!!

Anyway, following the YouTube video I did it this took me literally 5 minutes to take apart the 20gb hard drive from my old RRoD'd xbox, and then 30 seconds to slide it into the empty hard drive bay on the new 4gb Xbox 360. Seriously, there's no fiddling or whittling required.

I turned on the new 4gb xbox and checked the settings & now it shows my 20gb hard drive - no problems! Now theres no reason it won't play Halo Co-op and I've no need to buy a 16gb flash drive as now I've all the storage I'm ever going to need on an xbox.

Oh and as this is meant to be a review, the new slimline xbox is a damn site quieter than my old 360 and operates to the same high levels of quality!

I am not encouraging you to do anything without doing your own research first. If you can't be bothered to do that you should just spend another £100 on a 250gb xbox 360 or wait for Microsoft to implement a solution. Or not play Halo Co-op on line.

Make sure you know the results of your research before attempting anything. Know what you are doing and be happy that YOU are happy with what you need to do.

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on 15 November 2010
Firstly - still have original xbox with a number of games.
Then bought PS3 - which developed fault in motherboard, which meant no internet connection for upgrades etc. Too expensive to fix.

So went to shop and asked about xbox 360 - 4Gb cheaper - so asked what difference was - assistant said if only for game saves and playing games 4 Gb was plenty, and usb ports means you can add an external hard drive. - so bought 4 GB connect.
4GB is internal storage; no hard drive.

Kinect is fantastic family fun (note family fun - 7 year old grandson loves it, 25 year old daughter really likes it (the dance program).
The matt finish of this 4GB box is better than the glossy one of the one with the already built in HDD.
Optional Hard drive simple to install.
Can use USB memory sticks - but see below.
Games not that bad - but feel the PS3 is better graphically.

Forza Motorsport requiures both discs to be installed to play properly - 2nd disk takes up 2GB of your storage.
Kinect takes up approx 1 GB of storage
Zune - if you go for dowloading music films (but you will never get a film on bare 4gb machine)takes up more space.
Demos ooff XBOX live will eat the remainder.
External hard drive will need formatting to be xbox compatible (xbox is fat23 not NTFS) so only 16gb is available to use with xbox and then it says it might give problems with games.
Need fast transfer USB stick - 16GB up to £30
This model is not backwards compatible to original xbax games - you will need to add the additional optional xbox HDD (if you want to invalidate your warranty you can use a cheaper laptop drive but you will need to know what you are doing, plenty of advice and videos online to show you how.
Not all original games are compatible.
No blu ray.
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on 27 August 2012
A very good console with some great titles available, has only 4GB of storage which is fine for saved games and if you wanted a hard drive model you can spend a little more on one. The console also came with a months xbox live subscription.
A special mention must go to carriers yodel who simply left my xbox360 outside my front door, i am amazed it wasn't either stolen or soaked, it is service like that which puts me off buying from amazon.
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on 25 September 2012
Don't know why there are reviews saying that the 4GB Black Xbox is poor etc, I admit that 4GB isn't alot but you can buy a 250GB external hard drive for pretty good value, which I worked out that for me it was cheaper than buying a 250GB Xbox.

I have had the black Xbox for 2 years and not had a problem with it, so it isn't cheap quality etc those people just need to treat the console better, then they wouldn't complain about it.
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on 14 September 2010
My friend purchased this a few days ago and we have now discovered that the Xbox 4GB does not have a hard drive - it is internal flash memory, I feel this is an easy mistake to make considering the title of the item. The reason it is a problem is that some games require a Hard Drive to fully function (e.g.) Halo 3/ Halo ODST - campaign can not be played cooperately online without a Hard Drive.

So to sum it up; beware of this issue when purchasing the Xbox 4GB, I have researched on google and it seems this problem is not exclusive to the Halo games.
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on 28 July 2014
Disgusted! Xbox didn't work when we recieved it just kept freezing on the first screen. Didn't come in original packaging. We recieved it wrapped in a black plastic bag and bubble wrap. What a waste of money!!!
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on 15 October 2013
Brought this console because it was cheaper than a ps3, and I also chose the 4gb version to save money at the time.
Pretty quickly I realised I didnt have much memory to even download any free demos of xbox360 games from microsoft marketplace, and that there was no chance of me using the very usefull xbox360 "install game feature" (Install any game you have onto the Hardrive to reduce loading times of games and it also reduces noise of the xbox as it doesnt need to read the disc while playing)
I chose to buy a separate official hardrive in the end for about £65 at the time but it was well worth it for me, *I recommend the 250gb version of the console instead and 250gb is more than enough to last and even install loads of full games etc.
I would say this 4gb version would be for people who dont plan on downloading any demos, any extra downloadable content for games, installing games, or even any apps like youtube, only just to make game saves.

There are alot of Xbox360 games to date and I still enjoy buying games that came out awhile ago and adding to my collection, with Xbox you have to pay if you want to play games online by having an xbox live gold membership, So if you want to play multiplayer games online it isnt free (like on a Ps3) I think buying a yearly membership from an online retailer would be the cheapest way to go, about £30 a year approx when I last looked (You can still download free demos and downloadable content without a Gold membership which is still great) If you choose not to buy an xbox gold membership kids shouldn't be able to go on the internet or interact with other players online so could also be a bonus in that way.

I have a Wii and an Xbox360 and this console has far more better graphics and more games on it for adults, but still has lots of good games for kids. I have really enjoyed buying this console and with all the different games that have been released since it came out, it got me back into enjoying gaming again. Must have console unless you prefer to get a Sony ps3, but Xbox360 gets my vote! :) Hope my comments have helped
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on 26 March 2014
Got this xbox for the wife to keep her away from mine. The 4gb is ok for games played from the disc drive but if you need to instsll any games or game add-on's then get a larger hard drive although if you require more hard drive space you can buy internal drives from amazon for a reasonable price and they are easy to inset in the xbox ( read my other reviews for internal and external drives ). I found that constant playing from the disc drive was wearing my system down and there was a lot of ginding noise but then i play mine about six hours a day every day so it's alright for light use.
Did you know that in Mississippi USA...Outside burglar bars which are viewable from the street are not allowed.
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