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on 3 July 2013
I purchased this camera to record my motorbike journeys and it did the job OK.
The video quality is good enough to film the traffic but it can be quite tedious when setting the camera in the correct position and angle. Without video preview, there's a lot of trial and error. I kept getting too much sky, too much pavement or too much dashboard in the car, 3/5 times I would get it right.

Video looks zoomed in. Filming someone who is sat 2 metres away looks as if you've got the camera right in their face. Also, riding behind a car in front of you looks as though your tailgating on the video. registration plates are readable though. No point filming at night on roads without lamp posts though or places without a light source.

Didn't really test audio that much to comment on it, it worked is all I can say.

For those having problems with the battery lasting, after a little researched I found charging it from a computer will take a long time. I charged using my Iphone USB AC charger and it fully charged within an hour.

Instruction booklet didn't really help as the colours for the lights were wrong. I got blue and red lights but the book says yellow and red?

When turning on you get a blue light.
When recording, you get a flashing red light which is hard to see when looking from an angle.
When charging, you get a blue light with a flashing red light - cannot record at same time.
When fully charged the light stays blue and no red flashing light.

Overall I think the camera is OK, not great but does the job. I think I'll keep it as an extra cam but I invested more money into the Contour Roam which I'm quite happy with and was worth the money for me.
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on 14 July 2017
good camera
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on 24 June 2012
This "Mini DV" is not the Muvi branded one by any stretch of the imagination. And the included instructions are about as much good as a chocolate fire guard. But I'll do my best to help those struggling with it, you'll be surprised at it's capabilities.

Firstly - Charge it up! At a wall socket (not via USB) until the Red light (charging) stops flashing and you have a solid Blue light (charged). Once it has received a initial charge you can charge via USB later.

Secondly - SD card! Via your computer Format your chosen SD card to "FAT32" and NOT "NTFS", once that's done pop it into your camera brass contacts of the card facing the same way the lens does.

Thirdly - Install your drivers if you are having trouble with the driver disk as I did a quick google of "Mini DV D001" got me the drivers needed. Once installed connect your camera to the USB and it should find it as a removable drive.

Fourthly - Editing the time stamp. You will need to open a new document in "Note pad" and put in this.


Once you've edited the right time and date save it as TAG.txt and place the file on the SD card or save it to the SD card the choice is yours.

That should be the fiddly bit out of the way, now mount your camera where you want to. One press of the power switch should give you a Blue light indicating "ON" same thing to turn it off.

One press of the top button starts recording (be warned the lights go out when you do this :-/ so you don't realise it's recording) by pressing this button again stops recording. Simple really.

The Mode switch when recording will stop sound or video recording (bit daft really)
The Mode switch when not recording sets it to sound activated recording (cheeky surveillance)

Video can be removed from the SD card when you're done by simply connecting to USB and drag and drop from there DCIM folder.

I hope this helps. :-)
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on 28 May 2011
You get exactly what you would expect. It's cheap so I was not expecting much and that is exactly what I got, not much. Locating and removing a micro SD card was difficult and after 3 uses it failed to lock in position. When charged it runs for about 2 hours but after 3 charges both lights came on a stayed on and it would no longer record, not sure if this was due to the micro SD card no longer locking in position properly or some other fault. At under £10 it's not worth the effort of returning it. Picture quality was also what you would expect, i.e. wouldn't amaze you with it's definition but considering the price I thought it was very good in decent light. Obviously not so good as the light got poorer. Would have been perfect for what I wanted it for had it kept working but it didn't. I may have been unlucky and got a dud but at under a tenner I reckon there would be quite a few duds knocking about. Wasn't expecting much, but thought it was worth a gamble at the price. I lost.

Addition - Matrix Discounts contacted me out of the blue and offered a replacement after reading my rating, this was without me requesting a replacement (I didn't think it was worth the bother at under £10). Obviously they have faith in the product and a first class customer relations ethic. With that in mind I have upper my rating from 1 to 3 stars - assuming you get it from Matrix Discounts.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 January 2013
This camera is otherwise known as a D001, video quality is very poor, these are my test results:

Resolution: 320x240. Recordings are made at 720x480 but are up-scaled, a resolution chart shows the sensor is actually 320x240.
Angle of View: 20 degrees meaning effectively a permanently zoomed view.
Battery life: 30 minutes and even less when cold.

I have tried using on my cycle as advertised, but the low resolution & zoomed view mean resulting pictures are un-viewable.

The video shows the D001 picture in the car, I had to mount it on the headrest to get any sort of view, even so you often see only part of the road & things look much closer than they were because of the permanently zoomed view.
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on 18 August 2012
This camera is under £10 so I wasnt expecting alot. Fortunately, I got more than I was expecting in terms of quality. I have read reviews on here and YouTube about the problems this type of camera has i.e. micro SD card slot breaking, poor quality video. I have not had any of these problems.

I got the camera to be rear facing on my bike. I used the flat surface mount and attached it using selotape. It seems sturdy and strong. I have then selotaped the camera clip onto the mount. After going out on my bike today, the mount held its position and the camera only moved over the large bumps. I do need to adjust the angle of the mount as I seem to be capturing too much sky.
For the camera itself, I have attached the lanyard and tied the long bit to my bike frame and threaded it through the mount. Therefore if the camer falls out of the mount, the lanyard will keep it attached until I stop.

Video quality: The picture is a good quality but does have some problems with the sharpness and focus. It seems to make everything look gloomy however, when the sun comes out, all is okay. I have angled the camera to capture my rear wheel as this camera has difficulty showing distances. The picture does make cars look closer than they actually are and it appears that people are tailgating me when I know they are not. The video also has a timestamp at the bottom which can be changed when you plug either the camera or the microSD card into your computer.

Another problem is that it isnt waterproof. My ContourHD which I have on my helmet isnt also but it does have a little protection. Unfortunately, this camera has gaps around the buttons and at the SD card slot which means that water is very easy to get into it. A silicon case is provided, but cannot be used with mounts. Therefore I am going to do a DIY job and try to use parts of the silicon to cover the bits which need covering. I beleive that a waterproof case is made for this camera but I dont really want to purchase that.

Overall, this is a good camera and the quality of the footage and mounts exceeds my expectations. I will suggest that you get a Sandisk 4GB micro SDHC card as there isnt one provided. You will be able to find evidence of the footage on some of my videos at [...] . Pleasent purchasing.
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on 31 March 2012
Despite some pretty poor reviews here, I decide to take a punt since it was only a tenner. However, as these things have so many different quality clones, I decided not to go for the cheapest source and settled for the seller with the largest number of good ratings, in this case it was "MyMemory". It arrived 2 days later, and I popped a micro SD card in, turned it on and press the button. It recorded for about 20 minutes before going flat. The quality wasn't going to worry the cameras costing memany times more but it was definitely good enough for Youtube and better than most mobile phone videos. A full charge resulted in exactly an hour's video recording with the file size at about 1.5Gig.

So far it has been dropped several time, and the battery has been run flat half a dozen times, and it is still behaving itself. So the verdict is that it is well worth the tenner. Probably get another one. Please bear in mind that mind came from the seller MyMmemory. Your mileage may differ if you buy from somebody else.
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on 12 October 2014
Sent back for refund. Appalling! The technology is out there for a hi-resolution digital video recorder in this size, but the technology is not in this item. It is unfortunately the typical 'china crap' - sorry China but you know what you're making... so actually, not sorry!

Plastic body, very light but does not feel durable and mine had a fingerprint sealed into the outer case from the factory. The Micro SD slot was problematic and the card didn't want to stay in. The main button was hard to press and you couldn't feel if it had been registered as a press. You also couldn't tell as the coloured LED didn't honestly report the status of the device. I had done the setup correctly and tried a few times in different ways but I never got it to record and was never sure if it was even trying.

Even if it had worked, the lightness in the product and the rounded case makes it hard to stand up on its own and it doesn't sit level. There are accessories for mounting in various ways but these are not great either and add to the size making it less discrete.

This is not what you want. Put the money towards something much better. Something with a much more durable case, smaller size, and REAL FUNCTIONALITY. Don't waste your time with this. Even if it works you'll probably be disappointed with the video / sound quality.
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on 26 July 2012
UPDATE 05/12/12
I've used this for a while now and originally purchase it for use when riding my bike to the local shops as my Contour GPS HD camera seemed a bit over the top, unfortunately, it's totally unsuitable. It's down to the fact that the viewing angle of 62 degrees is not wide enough for road use. A white van (what else) came speeding round a corner and crossed over the white line when I was about to turn right, I then had to take avoiding action so I wouldn't be hit. The camera didn't get a single thing, not even a glimpse of the van. The video it produces is also very shaky, and, it's very hard to set the right viewing angle. I'll stick with my Contour GPS HD camera from now on as I know I can rely on it. It's probably okay as a spy camera if you spend some time setting up the right viewing angle; my one will be going in a drawer along with all the other junk.

The USB cable (type A to USB Mini B) supplied with the camera is cheap rubbish and will fail almost immediately, resulting in a "Windows does not recognized the device" message.

I've had two of these Mini DV D001 cameras delivered from My Memory, who are Jersey based. The first one was returned for the following reasons:

1. The camera only recorded 45 minutes of continuous video before the battery runs out - not two hours as stated;
2. It splits a continuous video file into three separate parts - not one whole file;
3. Doesn't display the UK date (DD MM YYYY) - only American: MM DD YYYY and you can't turn it off;
4. The USB Cable was faulty and unusable.

I received a replacement camera and guess what - it suffers from the exact same problems, except that the battery lasts a bit longer, about 1h:06s. As soon as I got the camera, the first thing I did was to charged it fully via the mains adaptor, then, I switched it on and left it to record. I still ended up with three separate files, which are 30 mins, 20 mins and then 16 mins in length - then battery runs out.

I can't believe that no one has mentioned this problem before, surely I'm not the only one? If you want one continuous file then you will have to stitch the three files together using video editing software, so you might get a few missing frames, not what you call ideal.

The camera doesn't come with a microSD card so I installed an 8GB, Class 4, card and haven't had any dropped frames. If you use a Class 2 card you could have problems with dropped frames. The camera uses the FAT32 format which can only address a maximum file size of 4GB before starting another video file. But don't worry the battery will run out long before that!

The camera seems to be a Chinese copy of the AEE MD80 mini camera, which has different buttons and a metal body, not plastic. Or, possibly the Veho Muvi, both cost a bit more, but are better quality.

A part from the problems mentioned above the camera seems to be okay. I don't know how long it will last, it's not what you call top quality, I'll just have to see. The camera isn't water-proof or even shower-proof; mine came with a silicon case, but when in place you can't fit any mounts - a brilliant piece of Chinese design. The mounts, by the way, are very flimsy and poor quality, I can't see them lasting. I definitely wouldn't rely on them holding the camera in place, the mount has four tiny lugs that attach to each corner, one knock and the camera will pop-out.

Also, when I returned the first camera, My Memory said that I had to return it via 'signed for post' to Jersey and stated they would cover the costs, but they haven't, so I'm not going to return this one and get stung again.

The reason I bought this camera is because I don't like to ride my bike without one - too many bad, angry, bike hating drivers about. I have a ContourGPS HD camera which is fantastic, but I wanted the convenience of a smaller camera on some occasions.

Would I buy another? If I found that I like this type of camera, I would do my homework and pay a bit more for a better quality one that records continuous video files.

The camera has a 2MP (mega pixel) sensor which records 720x480 (pixels) motion JPEG video in AVI format, at a ratio of 4:3. The manual is in Pidgin English and hard to understand, but there's help on the web.

Connect the camera to your computer using the USB cable. Your computer should recognise the device and should in stall the correct USB drivers. Worked with Windows 7, 64 bit. Once the drivers are installed the device shows up as another drive. You can then download your video files to your computer. I was able to view them directly without downloading them first. If you have problems try PotPlayer which is a really good free video player, you can download it from Softpedia. Don't download PotPlayer straight from the Korean home website, you'll probably find the latest version hasn't been fully translated and localised - unless you're Korean!

There are 3 buttons:
1. The "Power" button that turns power on & off;
2. The "Mode" button selects sound activated video recording;
3. The "Stop/Start" button for continuous video recording.

There are blue and red LEDs on top which light up depending on which function is in operation at the time.

Plug the camera into your computer using the USB cable, and go to the main (root) directory, there is a file called TAG.TXT which sets the date and time. My camera came with this text: 2012-05-01 23:59:59, which I think is the Chinese date & time format, with a <space> at the end, but I don't think you need it. The camera will only read this date format: YYYY MM DD, just change it to the present date and alter the time and add a couple of minutes, then save the file. When the time that you have set is reached, turn the camera on, the camera will read your file and set the correct date and time. The strange thing is the date will be in the American format on screen: MM DD YYYY - go figure!

The video files are in ROOT > DCIM > 100MEDIA directory and will be labelled as: SUNP0000.avi, SUNP0001.avi, SUNP0002.avi...

Weight: 14g
2MP (megapixel) sensor
Video ratio 4:3
500 Million CMOS
View angle: 62 degrees
Battery Capacity: 330mAh
Discharge Rate: 130mAh /3.7V
Storage Humidity: -20 to 80+
Operation Temperature: -10 to 50
Memory type: MicroSD card (class 4 or above)
Memory card capacity: up to 16GB
Video Format: 720x480 Motion JPEG AVI, 30 Frame/sec
USB Port: USB 1.1 / 2.0
Weight: Approx. 25g
Dimension: 55mm x 28mm x 20mm
Operating OS: WIndows 98SE / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

Mini Digital Video Recorder : 1 unit
Fixing Stand : 1 unit
Clamp : 1 unit
Multi-Purpose Fixing Stand : 1 unit
Lanyard: 1 unit
Rubber Protective Cover: 1 unit
USB Cable : 1 unit (very poor quality - beware!)
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on 30 October 2011
Small and neat, but doesn't work! The SD card slot is fiddly to use & it's difficult to ensure the card engages properly. The instructions mention red, green and yellow lights. It in fact has red and blue lights. So, no light combination marries up with the instructions. Oh, and it failed to record from the off and ruined the SD card. Avoid!
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