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on 29 April 2015
This camera was a real pain to get working, it took 3 of us to try and understand the instructions which I must say are maybe better read in a foreign language, the english version is miss-spelt and is pretty rubbish.
After a good 2 hours we finally got it operating and the quality of the video is quite amazing and voice recording good, so to give you a bit
of advice on this wee Mini DV watch the Youtube video's for information and use it, does help.
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on 12 November 2012
Nice little camera. Easy to use. You switch it on. Lights flash for a few seconds. Press button on top to record.
Press button on top again to stop recording. Press button on side to switch off. To view what you have recorded, Connect camera to computer via USB cable and view videos. To charge connect to computer via USB cable. Camera will charge. It takes about 2 hours to charge fully. Camera needs to have a Micro SD card in it (up to 8GB) to work properly. Without a card camera will power off after 10 seconds.


Kingston 8GB Micro SD HC - Class 4
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on 18 August 2012
This camera is under £10 so I wasnt expecting alot. Fortunately, I got more than I was expecting in terms of quality. I have read reviews on here and YouTube about the problems this type of camera has i.e. micro SD card slot breaking, poor quality video. I have not had any of these problems.

I got the camera to be rear facing on my bike. I used the flat surface mount and attached it using selotape. It seems sturdy and strong. I have then selotaped the camera clip onto the mount. After going out on my bike today, the mount held its position and the camera only moved over the large bumps. I do need to adjust the angle of the mount as I seem to be capturing too much sky.
For the camera itself, I have attached the lanyard and tied the long bit to my bike frame and threaded it through the mount. Therefore if the camer falls out of the mount, the lanyard will keep it attached until I stop.

Video quality: The picture is a good quality but does have some problems with the sharpness and focus. It seems to make everything look gloomy however, when the sun comes out, all is okay. I have angled the camera to capture my rear wheel as this camera has difficulty showing distances. The picture does make cars look closer than they actually are and it appears that people are tailgating me when I know they are not. The video also has a timestamp at the bottom which can be changed when you plug either the camera or the microSD card into your computer.

Another problem is that it isnt waterproof. My ContourHD which I have on my helmet isnt also but it does have a little protection. Unfortunately, this camera has gaps around the buttons and at the SD card slot which means that water is very easy to get into it. A silicon case is provided, but cannot be used with mounts. Therefore I am going to do a DIY job and try to use parts of the silicon to cover the bits which need covering. I beleive that a waterproof case is made for this camera but I dont really want to purchase that.

Overall, this is a good camera and the quality of the footage and mounts exceeds my expectations. I will suggest that you get a Sandisk 4GB micro SDHC card as there isnt one provided. You will be able to find evidence of the footage on some of my videos at [...] . Pleasent purchasing.
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on 8 January 2014
For less than 10 pounds, I didn't expect much from this camcorder, and sure enough the buttons on it did not work when I took it out of the box. However, I opened it up and found out that the fit of the plastic pieces inside was so bad that the plastic buttons on the outside was not quite lining up with the buttons on the circuit board inside, and fixed the problem by adding in paper spacers to make things line up properly.

Reasonable video and sound quality for the price, but unreliable and temperamental.
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on 21 January 2015
If this was advertised as a desktop camera, that was never moved then it would be ok ish, but as soon as there is any movement the picture blurs as the frame rate is so low. I took it snowboarding in the hope that 'you get what you pay for' would somehow miraculously be different here. But it's not, none of the video footage I took was of any use, even standing still with it clipped to my beanie while chatting was useless. So like I said if the camera remains motionless then it would be ok for basic footage, but since the taglines in the description are helmet cam and cycle cam, I can't rate this for what it's advertised for. The first one I bought wouldn't charge, and fair play, they sent me a replacement straight away, it will need overnight charging with a wall plug for it's first charge. Once the light on the top stops flashing it's fully charged. To use it, press the power button and the light on top will be solid blue and flashing red, when you press the record button on the top the red light will go off and just be solid blue, this is then recording. I tried to stop it recording but it wouldn't so to get it to switch off you need to pop the sd card out for few seconds until it automatically turns off. You will need to use a class 10 micro sd card as anything lower will make the quality even worse (and we don't want that!). Size wise, it's about the size of my thumb, and it weighs virtually nothing. Hope this helps.
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on 31 December 2012
I bought this camera to connect to my bike or helmet to record mountain bike rides to show to my friends and family. I do mountain biking a lot (a few times a week) and am quite an experienced and must say, fast rider.
The camera came very promptly in good condition so i was very happy about that. It was very easy to set up and understand with a red/blue light indicating what it was doing.
It comes with attachments for the camera to attach to different things like bikes/helmets which was very handy.
However, after a few weeks the screws came loose and the camera dropped off almost losing it. A few tie wraps fixed this though but it looked very sketchy.
Connecting the camera was very simple through a USB lead and was very easy to get clips off of it.
However the quality of the clips were very poor and weren't ideal for the type of biking i was doing. I could see this being an adequate camera for when i do road biking but i still wouldn't recommend it. The picture was very grainy and didn't like a lot of movement as it blurred the picture.

Overall i would suggest going for a more expensive, better camera as this one just doesn't do its job very well
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on 13 April 2014
Hi there,
the camera is a good little thing and works well. The quality of the video is great but the sound... Not so good. If you stand too close to the camera and speak normally, the sound quality of the camera is pretty shocking but it improves dramatically to no crackly noises at all when you move further away.
The camera does come with mounts sand a little skin sleeve to put over it which is good. Yet the one I bought did not fit any of it's mounts as all of their arms' to hold the camera in place were a frustrating few millimetres too short. despite this I have managed to put it into the mount with the aid of a tiny bit of tape, but for 8 quid its ok.

However there are instructions to this device which are simply beyond me as the clearly translated language uses words which are just not in the english dictionary!

i have figured out how to use it in the end with a few phrases from the instructions i was able to decipher.

this is a simplified version of the instructions for some of the features:

first you will need to charge the device. when it is charged the blue light should be constantly on. When its charging it will flash slowly.

next you must make sure there is a micro SD card in the slot because if there isn't and you turn it on the lights on the top will flash blue/red. Also some other reviews say stuff like the micro SD card wouldn't hold itself in after three uses, well you don't need to take it out. you do not need to by one of those Micro SD card usb up loaders shown on the frequently bought together. you can upload video's straight from the device.

moving on, once it is on you should a blue light on in the top for three seconds and then a small flash of red to tell you it is ready, after this you can press the record button and a slow red flash should take place. it is now recording. be quick to do something with it after turning it on of it will go to standby and then after thirty seconds, shutdown.

There is a second function of the camera which is where if it hears something over sixty Db it will automatically start to record. all you have to do is press the mode button until/after which the blue light should flicker very quickly. now whistle, LOUD and the same red light should flash slowly on the top. to stop the recording is as before, just push the same record button.

well there you have it. trust me, that will be useful.

I do recommend this to a person who wants a cool camera for under a tenner for something like putting it on an RC car or plane like i have, for much else, no its not great but its good fun!!
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on 12 September 2012
Overall, a cheap introduction to video recording. I wasn't expecting much for the price and to be honest my expectations weren't high. Using the recorder is fairly straightforward, however the power on light is not really bright enough for outdoor situations. So when using outside it will not be easy to tell if the recorder is active or not. Connectivity is fine to the PC and generally, however be careful when inserting the SD card as it is quite fiddly. I reckon it's about 40 mins recording per 1Gb so a fairly decent quality.

I bought this as a casual back up video to go on holiday, unfortunately the connecting clip and bracket fell apart almost out of the packet, doesn't really bother me as they won't be used, but could be an issue for anyone planning to use in a sporting environment.
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on 17 December 2014
If I had bought this for a reasonable amount of money, I might be slightly disappointed. The accessories are a bit cheap-looking (though functional), the camera splits video of a 20-minute cycle into at least two files rather than a single one, the clock is set some time in 2046, and the video is ok quality but no better.

On the other hand, at the price that it is sold for, it is absolutely incredible. Very easy to operate, nothing has broken (in the first few days at least), it is small and very neat, and overall it is very easy to use.
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on 6 December 2013
I guess you get what you pay for, but even so, the instructions are/were poor and the item I had didn't seem to record for long periods before shutting down, even after an eight hour charge. Picture and sound quality are also poor for this particular model. There are similar models on the market so don't be put off as they may be of better quality and design but I cound this particular one next to useless. Very poor quality design and manufacture. Wouldn't recommend.
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