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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 31 December 2010
I got this DVD for christmas and what a season it is. Having watched Dexter since the first season was aired on ITV, I have been hooked. Fans of the show will know what I mean as Dexter is such an addictive show to watch. This is the first season I have seen straight on DVD and not on TV. As such, you naturally lose some of the suspense as you don't have to wait for the next episode to air.

Now, season 4 is very strong. It has different airs and graces compared to others but this is natural as I think we have to agree that each season of Dexter has its own distinctive feel, which is what keeps it so fresh. This season sees the arrival of a new serial killer, dubbed the Trinity Killer, played by the virtuosic John Lithgow. Lithgow is undoubtedly the star of the season and you will soon find that he illuminates (or should I say darkens) every single scene he is in. He is perhaps the creepiest character ever seen in the show and he even freaks Dexter out! Personally, I think Lithgow's performance makes the show here. Dexter seems to have lost his slick and cunning style we are so used to. This is no reflection on Michael C Hall as he is merely playing his part to perfection as the guy juggling too many balls. Lithgow oozes with cool, disturbia, violence, sympathy and evil all in equal proportions. Perhaps the finest performance by an actor in Dexter history.

I will not reveal any plot twists, as the show relies on them so much, but all I will say is that be prepared for some shocks and twists and turns as per usual with Dexter. The first few episodes are dominated by Dexter trying to balance his new family life with his job and his habit. I thought the baby would feature more heavily in the season but actually it is Astor and Cody who provide the most interest out of the children. There are some logistical changes due to Dexter's need to be at home with Rita all the time (I won't reveal them).

In terms of the other characters, again being careful not to reveal too much, Debra Morgan is given some great material to work with and is featured heavily. Also, I am thankful that she grew her hair back as I think it suits her better. Batista and LaGuerta are a bit wooden in this season and don't seem to be as involved in the main action although they still provide relief from the tension in other stories. Quinn. who arrive in season 3, is developed further in this season and, I think I can say this, is starting to slowly become Dexter's new Sargeant Doakes. Masuka is still providing his crude commentary throughout you will be glad to hear.

I am a Dexter fan who thought, truth be told, that season 3 was the weakest. I thought Miguel Prado was a welcome addition to the team but I thought it did not match up to the first and second seasons. It was only when season 3 got towards the end, ie when Prado became a killer Dexter was trailing, that the show caught fire. Dexter is at its best, for me, when there is a rival killer on the loose which puts Dexter under pressure and you get the whole admiration/hatred dilemma that faced him with the Ice Truck Killer. The 'man hunt' situation is when the show gets really gripping and that was what was missing for me in season 3 but, with Trinity on the loose, season 4 has that vibe again.

As I said, each Dexter season has a distinct feel about it. Comparably, this season is most similar to the first so if you love the first (personally season 2 is my favourite) then you will love this season. The presence of Trinity (though not Dexter's brother) gives the show that tension when you have the rivalling man hunts of the same man pursued by Dexter and his own homicide department. As always, Dexter has to pursue the killer whilst putting his colleagues and sister into an opposite direction. This is when the show is at its best and, with family demands, Dexter is finding this as hard as possible. The juggling act required of him means that Dexter is far more emotionally expressive in this season and loses it at times. There are many dramatic moments in this season and it is truly fantastic. Watch it. You must.
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on 18 August 2010
After season 2 I was a little disappointed by the direction taken by the writers. The coincidences and plots were simply too far fetched to ask even the most willing viewer to suspend belief. That said series 3 picked up and was simply spectacular, right up there with Breaking Bad for some of the best TV you'll be fortunate to see.

A recent trip presented the opportunity to catch up on season 4 and I can honestly say Dexter has once again raised the bar. Dexter is married, has a young baby, growing stepchildren added to which a new predator is killing in Miami. The game is on.

Casting John Lithgow was inspired and he leaves a very memorable character in Dexter history.

It is just starting on TV (FX) but this is one you might very well wish to buy. Outstanding.
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on 9 December 2010
I've had the privilege of watching Dexter since it first aired in September and 2006 and have been hooked by the unique premise of the show as well as the exceptional writing which is of a consistently high standard. The show is unusual as each season tends to get better and better. By now most of you will know that Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter analyst working for Miami PD during the day and a serial killer who operates using a 'code' by night.

I think one of the reasons is so successful is that Dexter (played by Michael C Hall) narrates the show at certain points and the audience has grown throughout each season much like the character of Dexter. I'm sure I'm like many of the other fans of the show rooting for Dexter not to get caught throughout each season. Each season has a story arc and builds towards a conclusion which neatly wraps up the events of the previous 12 episodes. Michael C Hall is excellent as Dexter and the ensemble cast is great too and each season they are also developed.

Season 4 picks up where Season 3 ended - Dexter is married (I wouldn't say happily as he still has issues) and I guess accepts his life to an extent with the birth of his son (Harrison) with Rita and being the father of the family. At the same time a serial killer called Trinity has started a killing spree again and Dexter becomes obsessed with the case and believes he can learn from this.

The season is jam packed full of drama and John Lithgow is an excellent addition to the case. I think it was the penultimate episode where they come face to face for the first time and boy do sparks fly. I don't think I've ever seen someone get under Dexter's skin quite like Trinity. The season much like the previous three builds to a great climax although the shocking finale helps bring the show full circle and in many ways will help the show remain fresh and innovative. I've had the privilege of watching some early episodes of season five and can confirm the show has lost none of its charm and is still as great back in Season 1.

Michael C Hall showed be commended on his protrayal of a very complex character who was born to play this role. I don't know how many more seasons are due to be made - but do wonder how the show will one day end. II have a feeling that Dexter will eventually die at some point as although I love the character and Michael C Hall I can't see how the writers can keep him alive. In many ways I can see parallels between Dexter and Michael Scofield in another of my favourite shows Prison Break. I quickly realised during the second season of PB that although Scofield had originally had the right intentions he had too much blood on his hands (metaphorically speaking) and Dexter is similar in that he's a flawed genius that will ultimately have to be killed/or die, probably at the hands of his masculine sister Deborah!

Dexter is one of best shows in recent times and deserves more recognition amongst the mainstream media. Here in the UK Seasons 1 and 2 were broadcast on ITV1 late during the evening and as a result never really built a following on terrestrial TV. Its a real shame as the show really is great and has largely become a hit in the UK because of FX and the release of seasons on DVD.

My final words - 'Dexter is king'.
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on 4 May 2016
Brilliant really Good and just keeps getting better I'm not a fan of killers but Dexter is a Cool Geezer that Ya end up rooting for Very Good Really Enjoyed now on to the next Season πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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on 1 June 2012
As far as long running TV series' go this is by far one of the most accomplished in recent memory. Each season has gone from strength to strength. As each season passes you are left contemplating on where exactly this can go next time round and each time the writers manage to throw you enough of a curve ball to bring you back.

This season delves even deeper into Dexter's mind. His situation becomes even more desperate when a serial killer torments Miami and spins dangerously close to Dexter's own life. Where this season excels over the others is in it's characterisation of the Trinity killer. A cold blooded, controlling man who stalks his prey and relentlessly follows a set pattern of events. A man so well versed in pulling off such heinous crimes, he leaves no evidence and always catches his target.

This is the first time the writers have really gone into the mind of the killer the Miami Metro are trying to bring in. He becomes a very real threat. You really get behind the killers motives and follow his story as well as Dexters. The Trinity killer is the most well written villain we have come across so far and John Lithgow deserves the praise reaped upon him for the portrayal of such a cold, calculated killer.

However you cannot dismiss the other returning players of the piece. As usual Michael C Hall plays Dexter with his usual suave charisma but it is arguably some of the suppporting characters that really get a chance to shine this time round.

The return of Lundy is a welcome surprise as well as Deborah's anguish at the events that shape her investigation throughout the story. Angel and La Guerta's unexpected relationship doesnt quite gel and feels a bit forced. Rita and the family are given a bit more to do this time round as the pressure of family life starts to get in the way. Some characters are given short shrift such as Anton, but this is a minor point.

Overall this season could not have been any better. It is very fast paced and each episode leaves you wanting to find out what happens next with regular revelations. It also has the hardest hitting ending which is harrowing and sad and will stay with you for a while after the credits roll. The ending also proves you never know what is round the corner in Dexter's world.
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on 14 May 2012
For me this is the best season of Dexter yet, (Having seen 1-6) Simply outstanding, Television doesn't get much better than this.

In season 4 we see a new side to Dexter newly married to Rita they have a son whom is named Harrison, So Dexter is now a father to three and is trying to keep his new ever needy wife happy, whilst taking out the bad guys.

In this season Micheal C Hall and John Lithgow are so strong that some of the other main characters kinda get lost, that's not to say there aren't some excellent story lines there to... There are, particularly between Debra and Lundy.

We see the return of Lundy who is hunting the Trinity Killer who he thinks has been killing in three's in a sequence ,a young woman in a bath, a mother of two falling to her death, and a father of two beaten to death. I have to say John Lithgow as the trinity killer is simply superb, he really is. Trinity pushes Dexter to his limit, the season finale is one of the best I have ever seen it is so shocking and very clever I urge you not to find out what happens I didn't and I was blown away!

Dexter is back to the glory of season one and season's 2 and 3 were pretty damn good to! Seriously this is some of the very best TV you will see. As you watch the pieces of the puzzle start to fit. your left wanting to watch more and more!

A very neat monster indeed.
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on 23 January 2011
This is the best series of Dexter yet - if you haven't seen series 1-3 yet then watch those first and then this one, you will not regret it! The acting really is complete class, I was hooked throughout and in particular the last two episodes were gripping. What an ending too, am still thinking about it now, roll on series five onto DVD please!
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on 7 January 2012
By far the best ever Tv series! Bought this to go with the my other Dexter seasons DVDs...for under Β£9 it's a bargain! The best Dexter season by far.
Although I've not opened it, it looks good on the shelf darling!!!!
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on 27 November 2011
I absolutely loved the first three seasons, but S4 was just a whole new level.

Michael C Hall was very deserving of the Emmy he won from this season, as too John Lithgow. I was surprised it didn't go home with best drama too.

This year's villain is Arthur Mitchell, Aka The Trinity Killer. He is easily the creepiest foe of Dexter so far, and Lithgow is mindblowingly incredible in this role.

The season ends with one of its biggest shocks ever, one that even had me in tears!
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on 2 September 2010
Having just sat through the entire season 4 all i can say is "Wow". I originally bought the first season without seeing a single episode and was hooked from the off.
Season 4 kicks off with Dexter now married with a baby son, desperately trying to juggle work & family life while still satisfying his "dark passenger". Sleep deprevation is causing him a problem as is the local neighbourhood watch but the reappearance of the now retired Special Agent Lundy sees our hero joining the search for the fabled "Trinity Killer", someone who has meticulously killed 3 victims in various cities for the last 30 years,someone that there is no definitive evidence to prove he exists at all.
As in series 3 Dexter forms an uneasy friendship with his target in an effort to understand and control his own urges but circumstances put him on a collision course that will change his life forever.
As always the cast are sensational with a special mention having to go to John Lithgow as the monster at the heart of the series.
Pre order this now - i have.
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