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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Flavour Name: With Beef|Size: 60 g|Change
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The caring cat owner should really beware that if you get these for your cat just ONCE, you may end up regretting it. They seem to have an almost drug-like effect on cats that creates an addiction and dependency on them. Cat will definitely feel happy and be purring like a Porsche with a new engine, but it'll also just want more, and more, and more...and you'll find it very hard to refuse when the greedy desperate behaviour of the cat starts kicking in.

While it is nice to treat your cat with something delicious, these are not even actually healthy for the cat at all; they are made with grain, which cats aren't really built to digest properly or gain any actual benefit from (they're carnivores, after all). I suspect something addictive has been put into the mix or sprayed on so that cats find it impossible to resist, quite dependent upon and leading to owners being guilt-tripped into buying.

A lot of people are finding since introducing this product into their home, their cats have become increasingly fussy when it comes to other food, turning their nose up at wet food and dry food alike. It's amusing at first, when you bring a packet of Dreamies into your house and your cat goes cuckoo over it, practically trying to trip you up and howling when you go to open the packet because you're not quick enough or accommodating enough. But this soon wears thin...when the cat is literally refusing to eat and hanging around where you keep the Dreamies waiting for his next 'fix'. Our cat does this really annoying thing of "pretending" that he needs let out to do his business...only to trick you into getting up so he can lead you to what you think is going to be the door, but actually is to where he knows the Dreamies are kept (cats aren't stupid but we humans can be). I've heard of other cats doing the same with their owners over this brand, which was amusing at first, but is now slightly alarming.

Several accounts I've heard of cat owners going through three or four bags of these a week - and you're only meant to go through twenty pieces a day - simply because their cats have become so dependent on them and so fussy that they won't eat anything else. The bag says 'treats cats crave' on it, which is definitely true, but in essence...the cats won't crave anything else, giving owners a lot of issues if you've gotten the cat into a perfect eating routine (especially if you've just gotten your cat into being content with the tasteless economical brands).

If you're the kind of person who is having a hard time getting their cat to eat anything at all, go for the Dreamies by all means (desperation must, I guess). But I'd suggest if your cat has a really good routine of eating right, don't bring these into the house and DON'T let a friend or neighbour treat your cats with them. Introducing these could mean having to retrain both cat and owner respectively just to get the cat rehabilitated from them, lol.

So three stars for the fact they do what they say on the bag, but two stars deducted for the fact that really, there's something much deeper going on with this brand that really needs investigating. These are cat drugs essentially, and that can't be good.
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on 9 January 2015
My partner and myself recently introduced our cat to dreamies and it has totally changed his whole demeanor and certainly not for the better! As soon as he eats just one dreamie he goes stir crazy running round the house like a total lunatic, his heart pounding. But it doesn't stop there! He goes to attack our faces and is just generally viscous and aggressive. If he is like this outwardly I only dread to think what toll it's taking on his little insides. He also stopped eating his regular food, turning his nose up at even the most expensive cat food. Both my partner and myself were at our wits end.

We tried everything, changing his food brand, putting him on tins of pilchards etc, we even bought him a Feliway Diffuser hoping it would settle him yet nothing changed, so we decided it must be the dreamies. We didn't give him any for a week and he was fine, the old little cutie came back. Last night I gave him 4, just to clarify it was the dreamies that were causing the issue and unsurprisingly he began hurtling himself around the house again and once again become aggressive.

So needless to say all dreamies have been banned from our house. Please don't give them to your pet!!! They should be investigated!!!!!
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on 12 May 2014
we stopped our 5 years old ruby eating dreamies on may 8th.It was making her very hyperactive and crying most of the time.
Now we have her back to her old self. Last time I took her to the vets he suggested only giving her a few a day it didn't work.
Now she is back on iams biscuits and drinking plenty of water.The reason we say this is because it can take them off their proper food which can be harmful to them.
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on 26 February 2014
Dreamies have 2 issues

1 - they have been designed to be seriously addictive and make your cat aggressive towards getting their fix of dreamies. there are cases starting to come in with cats just sitting all day waiting for their fix or trying to tear the packets open clawing their owners.

2 - there are also starting to see health issues with the urinary tract and kidneys associated with these things.

before you feed your cat these things because you think its fun to see them go berserk THINK.......... would you feed your kids LSD just for kicks to see them trip out!

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on 7 March 2011
My back up supply of 8 packets of Dreamies has just arrived and I can only say thank goodness for Amazon, not only a good price but nice fast service too. I was trying to make the first pack last until the new lot arrived as I just didn't know how to explain to the cat that he had eaten them all, my life would not have been worth living! (I live nearly two hours from the nearest supermarket so couldn't just pop down and buy some more) My cat is 18 and he thinks he has already died and gone to heaven and you would honestly think he was two months old, the acrobatics he goes to, to get me to give him some more. He actually sits on the arm of the chair staring at the packet, willing it to fall off the shelf and magically open. I have written to the manufacturing company to complain to the 'inventor' but have been informed "he is currently on the run from owners such as yourself who are driven to distraction by the constant demands of their feline companions".
I can only advise you not to by this product unless you want to turn your cat into a drooling demented loonie!!!
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Our cats are terribly difficult to please when it comes to their food and can often turn their noses up at a bowl of what they had declared to be nectar the previous day. I therefore purchased these treats with some trepidation, unsure whether they would turn out to be a hit or a miss.

Well, a handful of treats is hoovered up in super quick time, without any of the usual sniffing that can accompany something new, or any of the fickleness that they often display on day two, three and so on. They tried the cheese version of the treat first but have now also tried the beef, chicken and salmon - I am amazed to say that they are all a big hit (beef seems to be their particular favourite) and are certainly worth considering as a treat for the cat or kitten in your life. Middle cat's eyes light up when she just sees one of the treat bags being picked up and she gets terribly excited - she is normally the most ambivalent of cats, so these have to be good.

The Thomas' cats vote this cat treat a HIT - and they are certainly not easily pleased.
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on 6 April 2011
I've been informed by a friend of mine that Dreamies is like crack cocaine for cats. I don't know what they put in the stuff, but next doors kitties go ballistic over the damn stuff. Ok that's that out of the way. The reason I've put fingers to keyboard is that these packs retail at £1.38 at the local supermarket (The one where you slap your backside as you leave) If you don't mind the wait, purchasing them off of Amazon you get them for £0.94. That's a saving of 44p a packet. Which in the not so long run adds up something rotten. And supermarkets are where you are supposed to save money.
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I've been buying another brand of cat treat for many years now for my cats. I saw these and wondered if my cats would like them, so bought some and shouted the cats when they got delivered.

Yeah! Nash and Molly LOVE these. They scream for them now, they love them so much. I've gone through packets of them already, as they go to where they are stored and scream for them when I don't give them to them lol

I love my cats and my cats love Dreamies, so they get them :)
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on 3 February 2015
Service was good but I have to agree with other users noted here - this 'food' is really bad for cat behaviour and creates an almost instant addiction and. I would warn potential buyers to read the comments section first. Getting your cat off of these 'treats' is HELL
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on 1 June 2014
Our cat was given some Dreamies by a well-meaning friend some time ago. We started to buy them and within a few days she became addicted. Any rustling of foil or cellophane on packaged goods sent her into a frenzy of expectation and she also focussed her attention for long periods on the kitchen drawer where the Dreamies were kept, meowing at us when we came near. She even started to ignore her usual food. I stopped giving her Dreamies, but the unwanted behaviour took about six weeks to stop and even now, a year later, she is instantly alerted by the sound of cellophane crackling (something that never affected her before Dreamies). I cannot help but suspect some addictive substance is being used in the manufacture of these cat "treats", to promote sales at the expense of the animal's well-being.
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