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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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While you wonder whether Professor Green (Hackney white rapper Stephen Manderson) got his names mixed up from the Cluedo characters its another form of mixing that dominates this very assured grime music album. Green's use of pop songs like INXS "Need you tonight" or even more commercially "Just be good to green" mixing and merging the S.O.S. Band's "Just Be Good to Me", with Beats International's response "Dub Be Good to Me" is clearly a sign that like Plan B the confines of a club will not satisfy this young rapper. Adding Lily Allen into the mix suggests that total chart domination is his target. And yes at this point it is almost compulsory for the Eminem comparison to come up since there is something about the swagger and self belief on this album that does remind you of Detroit's finest.

If you don't like the pop orientated stuff that shouldn't detract potential buyers of "Alive Till I'm Dead" since this remains a very strong grime album with tracks like the stellar "Jungle" (Feat Maverick Sabre) bringing together a dubstep swampy feel combined with huge blocks of synths that gives it a nice sinister edge. Its by far the best and hardest song on the album in an urban ode to the streets of Hackney. In a similar vein are the brilliant "City of Gold" from which Dizzie Rascal could learn a thing or two and the deep dub heavy "Closing the door" feat Fink of which veterans Sly and Robbie would be proud (plus anyone who can nick a line from Dire Straits and make it work in a dub song must have something going for them). "Oh my god" almost sounds like a heavy metal and sees Green claiming to be "rap's George Best" and sets out his ambition to do rather naughty things to Ms Pixie Lott. A correspondence course in "confidence building" would be sadly wasted on the good Professor!

"Monster" (featuring Example) alternatively has "single" written all over it, the opener "Kids that love to dance" feat up and coming R & B singer Emeli Sandé is pure party music and "Where do we go" featuring Shereen Shabanain in turn shows that Green can perform the slow rap ballad with real style. The final track is "Goodnight" a heartfelt piano-driven tribute to the grandmother who brought him up and is the albums highlight. It shows that Green has talent to spare with a huge orchestra and a brilliant climax. Granted there are a couple of songs on here which are a bit to close to Eminem for comfort (Do for you) or the Mitchell Bothers (Falling down) but overall this is truly solid album. Professor Green on "Alive Till im dead" must be near to the top of those rap artists who its worth putting a huge bet on when it comes to the crossover stakes. That said the airplay friendly parts of this album are nicely balanced with a much harder edge. In tonight's edition of Metro picked up on the train its review states that "there's a sense of kinetic energy bubbling under these productions, heightened by Green's deadpan self-deprecation and refreshing willingness to mix up musical styles". Couldn't agree more, since this is one of the most confident albums by a British artist in urban music since "Original Pirate Material" and thus fully recommended for your listening pleasure.
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on 12 January 2011
Liked all of his singles so far so decided to buy the album and there is not a song I don't like. It is honestly the best album I've ever bought! I can't stop listening to it! The songs are all so varied and not samey at all. The lyrics are really well thought out and are obviously from the heart and make you think as well as make you laugh. Pro green has got some serious talent; having watched him doing rap battles for jump off TV on youtube in his early days (i advise you to watch them!), I think he'll be around for a good while. Can't wait for his second album "The Myth" to be released later this year if the first one is anything to go by! Strongly recommend you buy this!
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on 21 July 2010
Not technically a start of course as 'Lecture Number 1' was released through the now sadly, defunt The Beats label...but a first album release on a major label. The album really does get off to a flyer, 'Kids that love to dance' is ace and is followed by 'Just be good to green' and 'I need you tonight' which pretty much ensures you will carry on listening if you like PG's style (and face it, a LOT of people will have got this album on the strength of the 2 singles). PG has a really good flow, but for me it seems to get lost sometimes behind the music, which is well produced throughout. As another reviewer stated previously 'Monster' is almost certainly a single, although I think it sounds more like an Example song than a PG song, which almost certainly won't do it any harm to be fair. There are a couple of songs at the end of the album where it slows down a bit('Where do we go' and 'Goodnight') which, whilst accomplished musically, don't hold my attention as much as the rest of the album (saying that, it could be an issue with me as my interest also tailed off at the end of Example's 'Won't go quietly'). My personal favourite track on the album is 'Falling down' which has a theme we can probably all relate to where as soon as things are looking up the rug is pulled from under your feet and you end up on your behind. The lyrics are strong throughout, but I feel they are a highlight on this track as PG narrates his rise from the street (dealing) to The Streets (well, The Beats at least!) and down again following The Beats collapse, then up again (eventually) with Virgin...although it is a cautionary tale and left open ended as he admits he has no idea whether it is all going to work out.

I am really enjoying this album, just waiting for it to really grab me and demand to be unforgettable yet though.
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This is the first major release from Hackney-boy Professor Green and man, has it been well received. His name is derived from his time in the herb-distribution industry, something documented & referred to frequently on the album.

The two singles so far 'Just Be Good To Green' Feat. Lily Allen &'I Need You Tonight' Feat. Ed Drewett are very catchy and have raised the Professor's profile somewhat with some serious airtime. Both of these are remixes of classic singles though and it's alway easier to land a hit when remixing a popular classic so you would be right to wonder if the album holds up to scrutiny.

Alive Till I'm Dead is not happy sitting nicely in one groove and jumps seamlessly between production styles; 'Jungle' featuring Maverick Sabre is a grimy but electrifying dubstep experience whilst 'Falling Down' is a textbook dance track. In contrast, 'Goodnight' is a full-orchestral ballad that is a fitting end to the experience. 'Oh my God' featuring Labrinth is one of the catchiest tunes on the album, whilst the surprisingly Timbaland-esque 'Monster' will be sure to be bouncing out of your radio speakers sometime soon. It's also surprising just how contemporary the lyrics are, at one point he mentions a bus advert (Pixie drinks Lotts) that is still doing the rounds on the streets of London as we speak.

Whilst Alive Till I'm Dead is definitely a grime album, Professor Green seems to be pushing the envelope as to what grime consists of; some of the songs will make you wonder whether he is a rapper or a singer and the production will have you tapping your feet and nodding in public. Recommended!!
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2010
If you've come this far, then it's probably because you heard either Track 2 (Just Be Good To Green) or 3 I Need You Tonight, or like me you watched the video for the former 5 times & decided "I definitely got to get this!"

And believe you me, you will not regret it for these tracks alone, although there might be a nagging doubt in your mind that maybe Professor Green is the next Vanilla Ice & that he has nothing but rap cover versions to offer.
Some of the first tracks on this album may give this impression & songs such as Oh My God  & 'Jungle' were definitely weak & make you realise how difficult Eminem's job is (though he makes it seem easy).

That said, like The Slim Shady LP, this album was never going to be seminally brilliant from the off, but what it does show is a great deal of lyrical talent and that all important ingredient: Promise.

Tracks such as Monster &Where Do We Go show great lyrical ability combined with a producer who knows what he's doing. There are also surprises such as City Of Gold &Goodnight which reveal a talented performer who can equal the compelling edge of well-made American Hip-Hop.

I especially remember lyrics such as "I wanna thank Peter Andre/ for looking after my kids..." " & "Five foot four and three quarters/ Half Italian Half Japanese/ And she can make cars crash in them jeans", and I strongly got the impression that Prof Green is no MC Hammer as his lyrics are soulful & compelling, rather than pop.

Which brings me to a point that must be considered when listening to the album: get past the first 3 tracks & listen to the remainder at least twice before coming to a decision. There may be only 12 tracks on the album (compared to the normal 18-odd of American rap), but the lyrics he uses are lyrically d0pe in the same way as Eminem's & really grow on you with listening.

So, if you've stumbled across this album & are wondering if he's the next Mike Skinner, then the answer is yes: he is. Ironically enough though, this album is produced by The Streets' record label & hence displays two traits.
One, like A Grand Don't Come For Free, the best tracks are not the singles & the album should be taken as a whole.
Two, although this album is good, Professor Green gives the impression of needing a little more evolving before he's on top form.
If you are looking for the next big thing in British Music then, by all means, get this album. However, if you only have £10 in the whole world, then wait for the next album. I guarantee: you won't be disappointed.
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on 11 August 2010
When I heard the Singles Just Be Good To Green and I Need You Tonight, I had high hopes for this album. When I recieved the CD I instantly liked all of the songs on the album. Each song is brilliant in it's own way. City of Gold, Monster and Jungle are three of my favourite tracks on the album.
A deffinite ten out of ten for Professor Green.
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on 22 August 2010
Alive Till I'm Dead
Loved this album! I have not listened to his stuff before, very impressed!You will be pleasently surprised if you think its going to be all comercial, its not!!
A massive range of music styles coupled to Pro Greens own style of rap.
If you like Enlish rap have a listen.
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on 27 January 2011
I got his cd late, but it was fine, i just love it. The only problem that could occur is the cd case may be cracked, mine was, but its the contents that matters :D
I really do love Professor Green, his music, his style and just Him. I really enjoy listening to him, i never tire of his music it is really inspiring and i can relate to it and access all kinds of emotions from his music. LOVE IT! <3
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on 12 September 2010
basically all of the songs are excellent i like: Oh my god, Where do we go, city of gold,jungle and monster. (ive overplayed Just be good to green and I need you tonight )
Certain tracks I'm not as fond of but feel most if not have have potential to become number 1's. The artists who feature in his tracks (example, emili Sande,labarinth,maverick sabre...) really make the songs have feel and sound great.
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on 24 November 2011
Having listened to a single that was on TV and realising that it's not on the album I was somewhat bemused. The album for me is a cross between a poor Emenim and a British guy trying to do what has already been done. In parts the album was a nice change to the constant manufactured crap you hear but in other parts I wish he never bothered.
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