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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 September 2010
In an illustrated encyclopedia the word 'grower' would be attached to the side of a picture of the front cover of this album. Like many others on first hearing I thought it seemed weak and, to my horror, rather weak in places. But then I re-listened and re-listened and it all started making sense and I found myself being swept along the ethereal wave of bliss that comes with perserverence. Some have said that this album is a 'PDA' short of a masterpiece, that is not true....a bass driven monster like that would not fit in with the overall package that this album delivers.
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on 30 January 2011
Like a young actress who won her Oscar a bit early or , more appropiate , an old indie favourite that has now a substantial fanbase , Interpol have not been given the credit their work deserves ever since 2004's Antics won them a wider audience .
I , though , still find present in their records the qualities that made me love that band so much in the first place : an extremely dark romantism , Paul Banks striking baritone and their strong , punctual songwritting , " born out of a forced discipline " as drummer Greg Drudy has said in an recent interview .
Lyrics rarely say something specific in rock music and here its no different . What's so capturing instead is this whole sense of unintentional menace of enigmatic lines like " I've got two secrets but i only told you one ..." from " Success " or those nightmarishly oh-la-la's towards the end of " Memory Serves " . Stand out tracks include " Barricade " , " Success " , " Lights " and ( personal favourite ) " Try It Out " with it's devastating climax . Critics may follow trends but music fans know better and should stick with this talented group for the long run .
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on 7 September 2010
It's been a long wait, and I definitely understand where "Dan" and Jonboy" are coming from, but i have to say I think Interpol have come back with another fantastic album, re-affirming their status as simply the best band out there. Just like OLTA, this album is a grower, and now having listened to it all of the way(s) through 5 or 6 times, it gets better and better. Why would they want to make TOTBL part 2 or Antics part 2? Yes, they have embraced the 'orchestral' sound that was first seeded on tracks like Lighthouse and the re-working of Pioneer To The Falls, and even Wrecking Ball, and yes Carlos D has really got into the keyboards side of things. And to me, it sounds great!! It's an album that takes you on a journey musically and lyrically, with some of their trademark sounds still intact, but with them pushing the boundaries of the Interpol sound. I have to admit I'm bias, they are my favourite band of the 21st century, and are moving towards being my favourite band of all time. When you put their 4 albums together then their cv speaks for itself. Give it some time Interpol fans - you will admire and love this album! I just hope we get to hear a 5th album down the road, meanwhile here's looking forward to their UK gigs :)
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on 4 January 2012
I really love this band! I find great how they make a new cd every time without stagnating in the old one. You can't miss this! :)
Highly recommended ;)
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on 15 March 2012
I was really surprised to find so many less than happy with this album. I like it very much and, having been slightly bored with their last release, was pleased to fall back in love with this wonderful band.

Contrary to the 'running out of ideas' line of argument that I've seen, I think this album demonstrates a developing of the band's sound beyond 'antics' and 'our love...'. Subtle, I grant you, but there has been progress!

Paul sounds wistful and full of regrets which is just how we like him, I'm sure. His delivery is cold and dispassionate but I don't interpret this as 'bored'. For me, it adds weight to his confessions of bitterness and loss. Listen to the backing vocals of 'Lights': this is not a man going through the motions!He sounds in turn bitter, cynical, angry and at times downright obsessive and creepy. Good man.

The album plays well, it sounds very much like interpol but with a richer sound than was evident on 'antics' and 'our love...'. It seems unfair to compare it to 'turn on the bright lights' because that was 10 years ago - it's a very different beast. It's like comparing a student party with a dinner party - I have fond memories of passing out in flower beds but I much prefer conversation over a glass of wine these days. That said, I've only given this album 4* because there's nothing that comes close to 'leif erikson'. Or 'untitled'. Or the barely contained exuberance at the start of 'Roland'. Oh, I'm such a sucker for nostalgia...
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on 9 February 2014
I am somewhat obsessed with Interpol and unsurprisingly like the album. I do however like their previous ones slightly more. There is still a number of great songs here. Maybe with another few listens I will grow to love the album (pretty much what happened with their earlier stuff).
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on 27 January 2011
I love Interpol and everything they do, and everyone of their albums has been an instant like.

This album however is differnt I listened to it for a couple of weeks none stop to try and get a feel for the music and what direction the band where taking.

At first I didnt get it and would have scored the album 3 out of 5 as it still maintained that sound that is Interpol.

A couple of weeks ago I stuck the album back on and bang ever song was so much better than before, each song felt more upliftiing then when I first listened to it, and I finally got the album

I cant explain why it took so long for my ear to begin to enjoy this album but finally I have.

Save to say I have had seveeral debates with friends about Interpols best album, and I have argued that this is their best piece of work to date. In fact Barricade could be their best song.

All I ask if you like Interpol, or are new to Interpol, give this album time and you will not be disappointed
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on 11 October 2010
Interpol Made an Honest album with a couple of catchy tunes like barricade and memory serves. It's not an awesome album but It's still a good piece of music made by talented musicians. I fear we will miss Carlos Dengler in the future...
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on 20 August 2015
Good CD . As a big fan of Interpol, I really like their music but this one is good but not as great as Antics. But still a nice one to have. For a more in depth review see some of the others.
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on 30 December 2010
After albums 2 & 3 sounded similar and after a long gap before this one, it was necessary for Interpol to change the formula. They've done this in a few ways: By adding more keyboards, by writing as few choruses as possible, by sampling and looping Paul Banks' vocals to produce some disturbing sounds and by ditching conventional song structures, especially on the second half of the album. 'Interpol' mainly seems to consist of pieces of music rather than songs. All of this makes for an album which is difficult to listen to and impossible to love.

When I first heard it, I thought it was dreadful. It improves slightly with each listen but plateaus after the fifth or sixth listen. The more experimental tracks like Always Malaise are destined to be listened to a few times and never again, whilst the other tracks are second rate versions of stuff they did better on previous albums. It's sad to see such a classy band deteriorating like this.
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