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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£24.10+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 8 March 2017
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on 2 March 2017
Great buy
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on 3 March 2017
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I am the stereotypical Nintendo Wii casual gamer. I put my hands up - I'm not entirely green, but I don't know a great deal about video games. More experienced gamers might think that is very apparent from my review, but there must be lots of Wii owners like me out there: we play Super Mario Kart / Galaxy with the kids and a bit of Wii fit when we're feeling guilty - and that's about it. As a big James Bond fan, I thought that it was high time I reclaimed the Wii for a bit of grown up fun. This game is a reworking of the classic, genre defining Goldeneye game originally seen on the N64 - that's why it's Goldeneye and not a more recent Bond film. This time around Daniel Craig has stepped in as Bond (something to do with licensing agreements) but everything else (as far as the film is concerned) is as it should be.

The first thing that struck me about this game were the production values: A proper James Bond soundtrack provided by David Arnold. The voice talents of Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench. Even the titular Goldeneye song has been re-recorded by Mrs Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Scherzinger. These production values continue as you play the game - When you enter a night club the song playing is Samantha James - Right Now which is a Hed Kandi classic. And what follows is an incredibly atmospheric slow motion shoot-out to Billie Holiday's The Man I Love - "One day he'll come along, the man I love..."

I'm playing the game with the Nunchuck and Wii-mote. I tried a Wii-Zapper (the gun) but didn't think it really added anything and went back to the standard setup. You point the Wii-mote around the screen to look and target your enemies and use the joystick on the Nunchuck to move around. I struggled to begin with (I've never played a game like this before), but as I practised a bit and refined the controls (there are almost infinite controller options) it became easier and easier. By the end of my first afternoon I was creeping down corridors, taking out CCTV cameras and unsuspecting enemies with my silenced PPK like a true double-zero. This is by far the most satisfying and engrossing aspect of the game. You can enter a scene guns blazing with your AK47 and get besieged by the enemy, or you can creep about and clear a room without anyone else even knowing you were there. There are tons of different guns to pick up along the way and you can even sneak up on a badguy and shake the Wii-mote or the Nunchuck to silence him-to-hand. There's an impressive amount of detail too. Walls become bullet sprayed. You can shoot locks on doors. You can remove air-conditioning vents and crawl down conduits. Even traffic cones and other inanimate objects bounce about and fall apart as you empty more and more bullets into them. Everything is shown from the first person perspective to the point that when you're a passenger in a truck that flips over, your vision goes blurry and you see your hands infront of you, pawing your way out of the wreckage.

There will be lots of experienced gamers out there that know their stuff and they will be able to tell you how this game compares to either the original game on the N64 or other First Person Shooters on the Wii and other platforms. I really respect that, but I'm afraid it's not me. All I can tell you is that as a relatively inexperienced gamer with no preconceived ideas of how this game should look or play, I absolutely loved it. I found Goldeneye Wii to be a thoroughly engrossing and extremely enjoyable game - that looks and sounds great and gives you a real sense of the James Bond franchise. As a footnote, the game is rated 16 but although there is a lot of killing, it's not graphically depicted - people go down with a yelp or a scream, but their bodies then dissapear without a trace of blood being shown.
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on 31 May 2011
Many websites say that there are 5 top action games for the wii: Goldeneye, COD black ops, COD modern warfare 2, COD world at war and Star Wars the force unleashed 2. Out of those, I'd say this game is the best. I never liked the force unleashed, COD games are brilliant, but only on PS3 or Xbox. They're simply not for the wii. But because this game was designed for the wii, it works great with it. The wii is a good platform in many ways, but alot of its games ae very cuddly and nice. Soon, i (like many others) began to crave a bit more action and shooting, and because i don't have an Xbox or PS3, I was delighted when this game came out, as this was the best A/S for the wii. For singleplayer you basicaly play james bond in the storyline of Goldeneye, split up into 6 missions. There are some differences, of cource, but it generally sticks to the plot. For multiplayer, you have lots of different modes to play around with online and offline. Offline is good, and I don't have the online but i know that it is fine but you get alot of freezing because of the wii's limited processing power. There are only 2 bad points to this game; the first is the darkness, sometimes you literally can't see at all, even when you have a decent tv and ajust the brightness settings. The second is easily avoidable, and that is that YOU MUST GET THIS GAME WITH A CLASSIC CONTROLLER PRO. You can get it with the game in the limited edition or buy it seperatly, (if you do this just remember that you have to get the pro,'cause the normal one doesn't have all the buttons needed in this game) it doesn't matter, but its so important that you get one. The normal cofigureation sucks, you can't aim properly and if you don't hold wiimote stock still, you spin around like crazy. The difficulty on this game is fine, but if you can't shoot properly, youll get nowhere, so its so important. Otherwise, the singleplayer is fun and exciting, and the multiplayer is great if you've got your mates round, or just playing online. A definate best buy.
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on 18 January 2011
I bought this as I'm a big fan of the Bond franchise and a big fan of the old N64 classic. The graphics and feel of the game are excellent, and the multiplayer will mean the game never runs out or becomes stale.

I found the wii remote and nunchuk controls a bit difficult to begin with, I suggest using a classic controller and I found this much easier to play, and made me a little bit quicker for multiplayer games.

Very happy with the game, and with the price it is currently, I would heartily recommend it.
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on 4 November 2016
Was very excited to play this after being a big fan of the n64 version - this is borderline unplayable - terrible controls no matter what setup you use, avoid avoid avoid
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on 17 January 2014
a wii pile of poop wii should all try to avoid. i would have rated double O if i could
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on 27 December 2010
I can just about remember playing the original Goldenye on the N64 when I was younger and it was so fun and definatly set the benchmark for FPS'. So when it was remade, there was a lot of pressure on wether it would deliver and to me it did. I'll start off by mentioning the contols, and personally I didn't like the wii controls but I found an old GC controller lying about and used that instead which made the gameplay more comfortable and easier. The graphics are...well its the wii and I didn't expect great graphics which is what I got, but its passable. However the gameplay is just brilliant and on it's day could match the fun of call of duty. It is set out like a Bond game should, with stealthy missions, great weapons and an awesome storyline. I haven't had chance to try the online multiplayer yet and I've heard its pretty good but I have tried the splitscreen multiplayer and found my self dissapointed. This is because there is not AI or Bots which previous bond games such as Nightfire on the GC had and therefore I couldn't play on the same team as my brother, it was simply me vs him which was annoying considering the tagline states 'bringing multiplayer back to it's roots'.

Overall I think Goldeneye on the wii is brilliant, but personally I think it is just short of 5 stars. The only thing that I feel let the game down was the absence of AI/Bots on splitscreen and I'm looking foward to playing online. However, if you're looking for a serious FPS/Bond game on the wii then look no further as this will be a great game for fans of the original and players new to the game aswell as those looking for a good shooter on the wii.
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on 26 May 2011
Well where to start.

I was always going to buy this game as I loved the N64 original and spent around five years of my life addicted to the multi-player and single player missions. Goldeneye on the Wii is it better than the N64 version in its prime? No. But it is different and a great game of todays generation.

Graphics: Fantastic. This game really pushes the Wii to its limits. The Character models, backgrounds and effects are all very well done and although still not as shiny as the HD consoles games, Goldeneye looks and runs great.

Controls: Excellent. Many modes to play. Wiimote & Nunchuck, Classic controller, Gamecube controller and finally the Wii Zapper. The latter is personally my Preferred way to play. Which ever method you choose all are highly customisable to allow you to find the perfect control method.

Gameplay/Plot: The Plot and gameplay have both had a major overhaul from the original game and film. Locations have been modernised and the story has been altered to allow for this modernisation. Locations are beautifully redesigned to alter the lever layouts. No matter how much you have played the original game you will not have any idea of what waits around the corner. Using Craig rather than Brosnan to me was a bit risky as I prefer Brosnan but with the up to date locations and story it works really well.

Multi-player: As additive as the original with the option or both online and local multi-player in your own home with friends. Many hours will be spent trying to become the deathmatch master but with opponents all over the world rather than just in your room the challenge will be all that much harder.

All in all this game is not an original idea it has been done before. What it is though is an excellent game that brings an N64 classic back to life with better graphics, new ideas and modern ways of playing. If you need a FPS for the Wii this is the place to start. Bond may have returned in a place he has been before but revisiting it in this new and glorious version is well worth it.
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