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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 1997
This book made me laugh and cry. I enjoyed it to the fullest extent possible. It means a lot
to me, and says so much about the difficult stage of teenage life. I think on my next trip to
the bookstore I'll pick up another book in the series! It was just that good. Chicken Soup
for the Teenage Soul is a book I will always refer to and cherish. A precious keepsake to
treasure forever. This is a definite recommendation to all my friends. This book has helped me through a difficult time in my life, the death of my Mom. Reading the chapter "Tough
Stuff" helped me to deal with this and realize I wasn't alone. This is definitely a book you
can relate too! I love to read books, especially fantasy - but these real life stories topped
them all! I can't wait until " A Second Helping" comes out, I hope to be the first to buy it!
The experience of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul will stay with me all my life.
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on 9 February 2015
I bought this for my teenage daughter, but am in the process of reading it first before I give it to her, so this is a parents view. Having been a teenager myself, a long while ago, the stories / anecdotes in the book really struck a chord. They deal with the kind of everyday upsets and learning experiences that hit almost all teenagers and cause much upset and frustration... from losing friendships to bereavement. As a parent it has also brought into focus the kind of development and social issues my daughter is likely to be facing (and align with what she is telling me). A useful book.
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on 6 August 2000
i loved it. it talked about stuff that i was going thru. stuff i had to deal with . stuf i thought only i was going thru. i felt like i was talking to someone that was going thru it too.just from reading the book . basically i'm saying thanks for writing it and thanks to the people who contributed their stories.
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on 27 December 2000
i got this book from Christmas, and had finished it by the end of boxing day. It was that good. I don't usually like these 'self help' books, infact i'd go as far as to say, i thought they were weird and for mad people. But i saw this in a shop and asked my mum to buy it for me, it had something special about it. As i said, it took less than two days to read because i simply couldn't put it down. The stories were brilliant and really made me think. Mostly they made me realise that there is hope in everything, and no matter how bad something seemed it could get better. i loved the book so much, i fully intend to buy the others and will get as many people as i know to read it!
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on 25 April 2016
The name of this book is called Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul 101 Stories of Life, Love and Learning (Paperback) by Kirberger Kimberly. This book is jammed with many stories written by real life people who had actually experienced what they have written in this book. An example of a story that in this book would be about a girl who had her heart broken because her boyfriend decided that they best way for them was to end the relationship. She said that she hated it and that she hated how she saw him so happy with other people and when he was talking or hanging out with other girls she would assume that they went out. She would throw herself to guys and try making him jealous. But one day she just couldn't take it anymore and she decided to call him and tell him that she didnt know how to be her without him. But they never went back out. She said that she was slowly healing and she started making plans with friends and how she forgot about him over time and there were even days she wouldn't think about him. But now shes over him. This is just one of the many stories that are in this book.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone at any age. But i would especially recommend it to teenagers because there are a lot of things that we can learn from them so that we feel better about ourselves and we know that we aren't the only people in this world going through this situation.
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on 12 September 2001
... it was so worth the wait! I brought the book to the Irish College and we all sat around reading it out to each other, the other girls would come into our room and so it brought us all closer together. I read a story out in class the other day as it was my turn to read out a prayer or reflection and now everyone is reading their reflections from it! Even my teacher took a lend of it! So Im online to order a book for my friend becuse she loved it so much. These stories are so inspirational and moving, everyone can relate to at least one of the stories if not more. Im not going to say that I reccommend this book because I dont just reccommend it to you I absolutley assure you that however together you may think you are this book will fill in the gaps, give you solutions and help you cope with everything from deaths to births. I never knew a book could touch and bring together so many people:)Gra agus beannacht
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on 4 September 1999
chicken soup for the teenage soul is definitely worth putting into your collection...and I agree with the others, its a great inspirational book, but sometimes I get the feeling that its too perfect. I mean that's not how the real teenage life is portrayed with a happy ending. Teenagers go through real problems and its not as simple as the story shows them. The one thing that INFURIATES me is that this book seems to think it is the solution to the problem but it is not. A book is just something to read. Read this book if you want, but I think its all hyped up by the media.
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on 18 June 2014
This book was stained ( coffee, tea or gravy ? ) to an unsatisfactory extent but the literary content outshines the grubby exterior. I bought this for an angry young man who lost his mother to Leukaemia after a year long struggle to prolong her life for her children. I cannot know if my 15 year old friend will gain anything from reading it but its profound depth touched my weary old heart.
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on 12 August 2004
I was introduced to this book when I worked on a kid's camp in America for underprivileged children. This was one of the 'night time sories' that were read to the older kids and teens. This book is aimed at some of the problems and situations faced by teenagers, but I am 22 years old and can still relate to so much of this. I am truly amazed by how I can re-read pages of this book and still cry at the stories, (happy tears), even though I know the ending. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, corny as it sounds, this is the book I turn to as it really does "restore your faith in human nature". This has now become a book that my whole family enjoy reading and discussing as well as the friends I have introduced this to.
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on 1 August 2012
i dont see what all the fuss is about. Maybe its better for younger teenage years but i found it poor and based mainly on religious hope rather than general conscious humanitarian hope.
I guess it doesnt help that im from England, the 'sophmore, freshman' talk for example is just hard to relate to when i barely understand its meaning.
Ill be returning it and dont have any intention of reading again.
I'll stick to my hardcore Psychology books with evidence based studies and stories.
Its not a bad book but its not my thing.
And also after a bit of digging , i found out that a lot of the stories are fictional yet theyre portrayed as true and contain no mention of this which is just plain sneaky.
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