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on 7 December 2015
My husband bought this for me a few weeks agp and I am very impressed with it. It is a bit heavy but the way it is designed balances this out. I've found you can hold the massager anywhere along the handle and, if necessary you can support the head with your other hand.
I have a couple of medical conditions - affecting my circulation and my pelvis - which result in inflammation and muscle pain and spasms in my lower back and water retention in my legs and sometimes my arms. I have found that this massager helps relieve the water retention and makes a big difference to the muscle pains and spasms in my lower back and seems to help with the inflammation.
After a session with the massager, I use it on it's lowest setting, my body feels more awake and relaxed and I feel ready to get on with the rest of the day.
This is the routine I use - it takes me 10 to 15 mins:
First: I go over my lower back and hips (I work on this area twice during the massage because of my health issues).
Second: I run the massager from the knee to the top of each leg eg complete upper left leg then do the right. I slightly overlap each stroke to ensure that all of my leg has been done.
Third: I do the same on my lower leg, starting on the same leg eg left first
Fourth: Starting again on the same leg again, eg left, I run the massager up the whole leg from the ankle to the top of the thigh, again overlapping each stroke as I work around the leg.
Fifth: I run the massager up my torso, front then back, again overlapping strokes. When I do my back, I hold the massager close to the head for additional stability. When I've reached as far up my back as I can I then do my shoulder blades by reaching over each shoulder.
Sixth: I do my arms in a similar way to my legs - eg start on upper right arm then left. Then do lower arm starting with the right one. Then do complete arm from wrist to shoulder again starting with the right.
Seventh - Having now been over all my body once, I now go back to my lower back and hips and give them a second good going over.
For me this has been a brilliant purchase - it allows me to have a massage every day and it is helping me cope with my medical issues.
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on 3 February 2018
I purchased this some time ago as my wife suffers with recurring back problems. We've only recently tried it as she was hesitant about using it before, but a recent back episode prompted her to give it a go. She wasn't impressed.
It does run reasonably quietly, but it is quite heavy and would be awkward for one person to use on their own. The percussive effect is far too strong when the recipient is of slight frame and my wife managed a couple of minutes of me applying it to her back before she'd had enough. It actually jarred her bones. The heat pads get barely warm and I can see no useful benefit from them.
It's a nice idea and would probably suit some people better than others, but for us it wasn't a winner.
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on 15 July 2016
Years ago I had strained the muscles in my shoulder and now sometimes after a long day of work or sleeping funny it gives me problems. Rather than pay to go see a masseuse every time I bought this percussion massager. It is fantastic. The weight of the head gives just the right amount of pressure for me so you feel it without it hurting (you know what I mean if you ever had a deep tissue massage). I followed the instructions to not keep it in one place for long, although I was very tempted, even so after a short while I could tell my muscles were relaxing and the discomfort was significantly less. I also tried it when I had a cramp in my calf but because the space between the knobs kind of sandwiched my muscle it wasn't as comfortable, but once I turned it so it is 90 degrees to my leg rather than parallel it felt much better if more awkward to hold. How well it works for you depends on what your need is, however I can say for me it has worked a treat.
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on 2 April 2016
This massager came very promptly and cheap as it was on a daily deal so I took the plunge as my better half sometimes has a bad back... The device itself is quite large and bulky but it is well equipped with a few heads to choose from, the favourite being the heated ones... It's not the most quiet of devices but it does exactly what you would expect.

I've tried battery powered massagers and manual wooden ones and this definitely does a better job but you need to be near a plug and you'll be fine!
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on 5 March 2016
Recommended by my physio therapist, this massager is what I have been looking for years. You get your moneys worth.
Variable 2 speed and heated pads means you can use the massager for different treatments. As a runner this has become part of my training regime after a long run and it helps. Neck tension, calf and thigh treatment are just 2 of many treatments. Love it and would by it again.
Only four stars as I find it rather heavy and large which I find tiring after a while. If it were any smaller you probably wouldn't be able to massage your own back.
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on 24 December 2015
I suffer from cronic pain after having been hit by a car 4 years ago. I've got all sorts of permanent injuries which I wont bore you with. This little machine literally works wonders. For just £25 it really feels like it penetrates the pain and gives relief. I thoroughly recommend it.
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on 17 January 2016
Percussion massager is quite heavy if you want to use it yourself. It is great though if get some one else to do it for you and also lie down then the weight of the product actually does help get all your aches and pains out. It's not suitable for the elderly or weak hands. I would preferred slimmer nodules on it to get to specific points. It does come with different nodule covers with variable hardness but I personally have only used one set, and also has a mild heat setting. It also has a fairly long lead (77"in) so you don't need to be too close to a socket.
I have had my massager for a couple of years now and I use it occasionally. It works well with variable speeds. It vibrates when on. That's what they mean by percussion. It is thorough when used properly and actually revives you. So overall a great product but quite heavy to handle.
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on 16 January 2016
For the price this is brilliant. This massager can be used on your own thanks to the long handle, and the fact you don't need to hold any buttons down. It also isn't uncomfortable for someone else to do it for you and is quite good as this item can be a little heavy if you are holding it for a long period of time.... and you will because it feels great. I have been mainly using this massager on my shoulder and neck and have to say that they tension has almost gone. However, I do have to say that the cups are a little way apart meaning it does go either side of your neck if you don't position it. You can use this product easily on top of clothes or directly on bare skin. The different cups are useful and you can alternate them depending on where on the body you are massaging, if the area is slightly boney I would advise the softest as other wise you might get a little sore. The heat ability is really nice and soothing, but it does take 5 minutes to warm up so when you start it will be a bit colder. Overall this product is well worth the money and is nice after a stressful day.
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on 31 August 2013
I love this, it has been a boon with my severe leg pain and tension in my shoulders - wouldn't want to be without it.
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on 28 November 2014
Really great. I get migraines/bad headaches sometimes and when I use this with the heat pads, on the back of my neck, shoulders and even up the back of my head or behind my ears, it almost always gets rid of the headache within 5-10 minutes.

I haven't tried the other pads because I love the heat ones so much, but I am sure that they work fine.

It won't really work over any boney areas due to it's percussive action, but works fine for neck, back and shoulders...and feels amazing when you stick it on your ear lobes...Insanely good when you use the heat function.
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