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Customer reviews

3.1 out of 5 stars
3.1 out of 5 stars
Driver San Francisco (PC DVD)
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£8.61+ Free shipping

on 25 April 2017
Driver SF is an object lesson in how not to do installers and copy protection.

Installer - it is Java based which is bad enough, but it also needs to be run in compatibility mode for Windows XP to actually work. Once you have got passed that it attempts to open a web page of information, except that page no longer exists.

You do HAVE to setup an account with Ubisoft, presumably so if they have a data leak your details go off somewhere.

Once that is done it then wants to download the whole thing again, sorry, er, I mean patch what you have to the latest version.

So after 4 hours of this I looked forward to playing, except NO! it doesn't work.

At this point I gave up.

I'm sure certain web sites (maybe even illegal ones) have versions of this which do not require the DVD to be present or for an online connection. Maybe Ubisoft could take a look and work out just why some people go to the effort of doing this when they make no money from it.
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on 9 June 2015
Great Game with fun story line to play along with if wanting to.

Free play is also available to just have fun!

Great game would recommend to anyone
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Former racing driver-turned-undercover cop John Tanner has put his arch nemesis, Charles Jericho, behind bars. When Jericho is sprung from a police van on his way to trial, Tanner responds to the call but is severely wounded in a car crash. Tanners wakes to find himself suddenly blessed with the ability to 'possess' any driver in the city and take over their car. He sets out with his newly-acquired power to stop Jericho from carrying out his next masterplan: a terrorist attack on San Francisco.

The Driver series began back in 1999 on the original PlayStation. Clearly influenced by the original Grand Theft Auto but casting the player as a "good guy", the original Driver was a fun game that mixed racing and crime-solving. Driver 2 and 3 made ill-advised detours into aping the Grand Theft Auto model of letting the player get out of their car, something the series did not excel at. With this fifth entry in the series (a narratively unrelated spin-off, Parallel Lines, separated the games), the developers have made the wise decision to refocus on driving.

Along the way they developed quite a nifty idea: at almost any time, the player can "shift" into another driver in any other car anywhere else in the entire city. This gives players a lot of freedom in how to approach missions: you can defeat an enemy by shifting into another driver and total their car in a head-on crash.

It's a clever mechanic, constantly and cleverly developed as the game proceeds, but it's one that's quite hard to justify through exposition. So the game goes down the same route as the original, classic British TV series Life on Mars: Tanner is actually in a coma and (almost) the whole game unfolds in his head, the real-life search for Jericho filtering through to Tanner's consciousness via the TV news left on in his hospital room. It's stark-raving bonkers, to the point where you can't quite believe that Ubisoft went for it, but they did and it results in a game that almost gleefully engages with its own goofiness, all the more amusing for doing it in a very serious and well-known franchise.

The story is dumb as a box of frogs but told entertainingly, complete with TV-like "Previous, on Driver: San Francisco" segments between groups of mission and a cast of entertaining characters. The driving model is pretty decent, with the various cars having different strengths and weaknesses. Traditional video game conceits - upgrades, unlockable vehicles and collectibles - are justified as being the products of Tanner's warped and comatose mind.

The game also has fun with side-missions, some generated when Tanner jumps into particular vehicles in the city. Some of these are great, such as the two students who need to win a race to get money for college but Tanner's outstanding skills inadvertently see them recruited by a gang to race for them. Tanner only intermittently drops in on their story, and it's quite funny seeing what mayhem they've been up to inbetween his visits. Other activities include races where you have to switch between two cars and get them to not just win, but finish in a particular place which is fiendishly tough but satisfying when you accomplish it.

I wouldn't have recommended Driver: San Francisco (***½) at full price, but given that it came out six years ago you can now pick it up for pennies. It's a fun, undemanding and goofy game that is a fun, disposable and enjoyable way of filling up time between heavier and longer games.
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on 18 July 2012
Ubisoft and its love to make it honest customers difficult. Yesterday Uplay was offline (I think because of the steam sales their was a high number of new authentications) and I was unable to play Driver San francisco. Offline mode didn't work because I needed to authenticate my game, which isn't a problem but the damn servers are offline that is needed to authenticate my serial.

The only people that could enjoy the games without any sweat where those who have pirated the game and aren't even a paying customer, where is the logic in that ?

Beware if you buy a Ubisoft game because they like to punish their paying customers for some weird sadomasochistic reason !
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on 9 November 2011
I got this game a little while after the initial release. I was determined NOT to pay the full asking price on Steam and because I am a bit old skool I prefer physical media anyway. For measly £16 I get the DVD version. Installs with little issue. I must say I do find the UBISOFT DRM very annoying. You MUST have an internet connection live to install the game. Also the game searches for updates every time you run it which is also irritating. However, these issues to one side what you get is a nicely put together game. A good story line that makes you feel you are taking part in a film rather than just a game. The game isn't without flaws, the cars as mentioned in reviews I've read are indeed handbrake heavy but they are not overly twitchy like they are in some games which would make them frustrating to control. Car handling and crash damage isn't terribly realistic but it doesn't detract from the game. Driving around is a pleasure and the missions are challenging to maintain your interest. The cars are cool and there is a nice little easter egg in the game when you drive the Delorian for the first time. :-) Take a guess. The game characters are not in anyway annoying which makes a refreshing change. The concept of shifting from one vehicle to another is a unique and nicely intergrated feature of the game. This game isn't a simulator, it is more of an arcade game but it is really nicely put together and good fun! Certainly worth a look. :-)
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on 13 November 2011
This game is a lot of fun if you don't expect it to be a real driving simulation. There's loads to do and you're not constrained by a "route" through it, though you do have to do challenges to open up new parts of San Francisco. You'll also find a steering wheel a great help - I bought the Guillemot one from Amazon (check the compatibility list on the box) - it's cheap and works incredibly.
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on 1 December 2012
Well what more can I say for £8 a must buy, I'd recommend a game pad of some sort to experience the game properly. I personally use a 360 pad and can't fault it.

Anyway from what I have seen so far
1st - The graphics are very good I wasn't expecting them to be as good as they were
2nd - Very fun loads of things you can do if you don't fancy doing the main mission which could of maybe been slightly better but on the whole, very good game play and enough variety to keep you from making your own fun.
3rd - The models of the cars and the variety of cars is very good not seen models this good in a non driving sim

Bad points well maybe they could of introduced a bit of fluidity into the game I find myself just roaming a lot doing other things and then by the time I get back onto the main story it seems abit lost on me as a lot of other things are happening in the game at once. They also could of improved the music in the game found my self on mission the characters seem to ramble on with themselves over the music and can become annoying at at times.

Overall defiantly say buy it if you are looking for a time waster game, and for the price you can't really argue.
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on 18 November 2011
I like the graphics and the feel of the cars. The story, however, is poor and quasi-paranormal (to justify the ability to "jump" into other drivers heads and control them. The story is overshadowed by many, fairly repetitive small races, stunt challanges and pursuits that have little or nothing to do with the story. So much so that the game needs to re-tell the story...a lot!... "previously, on Driver San Francisco..."

All in all: a nice-looking, sort of inventive game, but a poorly told story and a concept that doesn't really work for me. That said... maybe I had high expectations since I loved Driver 1.
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on 11 January 2014
I tried running it on a system with FX-8350, GTX760, 20GB RAM, lowest settings at 2560x1440 (I did also try lower resolution) and get a unplayable framerate. Also tried on a i5 2500, HD7870XT 16GB RAM lowest settings and still unplayable framerate. Online also kept disconnecting. And the Uplay software is terrible.

Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on both systems. I assume the game works if you don't have Windows 8, but didn't test.
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on 26 August 2013
first of all let me start by saying that this game is brilliant the story-line is engaging and the dynamics and the graphics of the games are well done. The care designs are pretty good and the handling allows you to have a lot of fun when you are driving anything in the game. The Game-play slows down at high speed this can be a problem. having said that game play hardly ever slows down but when it does it fixes quickly. There is a lot of content here you can play this for a long time without being bored. however some of the races like the street races and the cop chases do seem repetitive at times. The dialogues are vague however if you have head phones on they sound better. So overall a great game with lots of time and love to give....

NO comes the bad part: It takes a long time to launch on windows 7 and I have a good graphics card, plus you have to connect to Uplay which is stupid because they spam you with loads of crap about games that are way too expensive. Uplay is vital the game doesnt run without it that is stupid, and often uplay needs updating and that causes the game not to launch so you cant play it. so u play is bad otherwise independantly the game is good.
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