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on 27 January 2013
I am giving 5 stars becouse it doesn't have the option of 4,5. I'm using the mouse for over two months and I am extremely happy with it. The shape is absolutely perfect for my hand (I have a normally big hand). Buttons may seem many at number but the design is flawless and I find them at the right place. Fingers are going naturally to the right button. The free-fast rolling of the mid-button for large docs or web pages is a small miracle, works perfectly. Customization will make the mouse fit for every you need it. Macros are working good. I have though a problem there with macros using the first key pressed followed by another (eg. ALT+TAB). This doesn't work but maybe it's me doing something wrong (not sure).
I am very dissapointed by the feel and sound from the middle button. It's so cheap. It works fine but the feel is not worthy to the rest of the mouse. The click of the main buttons could be also a bit better but is in better place compared to the mid-button.
The battery life is quite good in economy-every day use. I get about 6 maybe 7 days before I charge it. In gaming setup it will deplete in about 10 -> 12 hours. I am good.
The cable is also rigid enough to move the mouse or feel it and creates a big dislike.
Overall I like very much this mouse, was a good value for money. I am not a serius gamer but it helped me raise my scores significantly and made the experience in game better, the same way it did with the rest of windows or other programs.
Can't imagine my self now with out it.
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on 25 July 2013
As soon as i ripped through the packaging like a rampaging colossus i put my hand on the mouse and all of a sudden i just felt calm again as if i just woke up in the morning to an amazing day. It fit my hand so nicely i just lost it completely i didn't know what to do after that, so i went downstairs again and poured myself a nice cup of orange juice and plugged my G700 into my gaming laptop, i downloaded the software almost instantly from the Logitech website, the software is SO simple and easy to use!

Being able to use this mouse wireless or wired is great, plus it comes with a single Eneloop AA battery, apparently they are really good. The wireless receiver is tiny and compact so it fits nicely in the side of my laptop.

Overall i'm very happy with this mouse i am sure i will have many fun times with it and i will recommend this mouse to anyone.
I will update this if anything goes wrong with the mouse but i'm sure it will be just fine.

Thanks Logitech, thanks Amazon.
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on 9 May 2013
This is a really good mouse. Very smooth to use and just the right weight for me (just as well as the weight is not adjustable).
I like being able to turn on/off the mouse-wheel-ratchet and there are plenty of configurable buttons to make oft used tasks closer to hand.
I'm not a gamer but I like being able to configure profiles to use with different applications (e.g. photo editing) - would be great if the mouse could detect what application you are using and switch profiles automatically but it is easy enough to hit the switch on the mouse.
Other commentators have complained about battery usage but I've had no problems at all. I don't have it on the most extreme power hungry settings and I generally switch it off when not in use (switch on the underside) and plug it in to charge every few nights when I remember.
You don't have to be a gamer to appreciate a good mouse/keyboard. If (like most office workers) you have to spend more time every day holding your mouse than your partner's/children's hands then you may as well invest in a quality mouse.
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on 13 March 2013
Bought for my grandson for Christmas. He had asked for the cheaper G300, however the G700 was reasonably priced, was within what i wanted to spend and it was just a case of would the G700 really be quicker or would the additional controls actually slow him down and the zombies get him. He said no, the additional controls are great, are easy to use and it is way quicker than his previous mouse. Delivery was prompt and it was well packaged as you would expect from Logitech. Recommended.
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on 25 September 2013
I purchased this mouse after my RAT 9 stopped working when I spilt coffee on it, and I was unable to fix it. I was contemplating another RAT however i had been having some issues with mine for a while, so thought i would try this as i had wanted one for a while and it had been reduced (due to the new model being released).

First off, this is the old model of the G700, the newer model comes with a new design with a hydrophobic coating mean that your hand should sweat less, and also an upgraded sensor, I decided that the extra money wasn't worth these upgrades as i never hit the top sensitivity on on my RAT and still haven't used the highest sensitivity on this mouse either.

There are so many buttons on this mouse that i tend not to actually use most of them, I tend to only use the four thumb buttons as they are in a useful position and some of the others can be awkward to reach in a hurry. The mapping software is the same as for the other Logitech gaming hardware such as the G series keyboards meaning that it didn't require me to have yet another program running. The software allows you to map abilities to almost every control on the mouse and will automatically swap to the correct profile when the game/software is switched too, even works with alt-tabbing/ on a second screen so no more forgetting to load the profile for the game. The software makes button remapping and macro recording easy and quick.

When switching between wired and unwired or vica-versa there is some mouse slowdown which then speeds back up, this is understandable but does make the time taken to switch between modes longer as it means the mouse isn't too useful for about a second competitively, although it is still useable.

As the battery is simply an AA if you find the battery life too short you can swap it out with a higher capacity one, however with fairly constant use I don't seem to be having too much of a problem with it.

- Works excellently wirelessly or wired.
- Sensor has a great range so is suitable for either high or low DPI users
- Profile automatically changes for the active game/software
- Lots of buttons which can be programmed with macros or simply remapped.
- Store profiles on the mouse
- Fits nicely in the hand
- Free spinning wheel is useful for long documents or facebook feeds
- Multiple customisable DPI settings
- Textured grippy surface on the sides of the mouse stop fingers from slipping

- Charging cable is a little stiff for use when charging but I get used to it quite quickly.
- After using a Cyborg RAT which has metal construction and weights, this mouse can feel a bit light, however that is personal preference and I am getting used to it.
- When not in free-spin mode the wheel could use a bit more resistance for my taste as it is quite light and fairly easy to move it too much which can be annoying in FPS or such when precision is key, however i am getting used to this and after 1-2 months of use it is rarely an issue anymore.

Overall this is a great mouse and my issues with it are generally from a personal preference point. I am lovin the use of the mouse the ease of the four mouse buttons has made my DOTA play better and haven't had any technical issues with the mouse.
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on 25 May 2013
Its a pretty good mouse that could become truly great with a few minor changes. Bought it because i play a lot of games but also use netflix on the PC to watch movies with the gf and hence want wireless so i can sit in the sofa.

The good stuff:
Its solid, and the grippy surface around the thumb area feels great. I love it.
The buttons really work well. All of them. I thought at least some would be a bit awkward to reach or distinguish between, but they are not. Great placement and good definition so you always know which one your finger is resting on.
DPI and responsiveness is really good. I have not noticed any degradation at all due to wireless signal. No latency or anything like that.

And then the reasons i gave it 3 stars rather than 5:

The USB cable is MUCH to stiff. Really they should have sent a soft, fabric/threaded USB cable for charging it. As it is i really cant play hectic games with the cable connected due to resistance impacting precision. Will order a separate cable for it, but then it wont have the very nice thicker 'head' to make it fit perfect and snug in the mouse which i have not seen before but think is a great touch.

The mouse wheel is to light. No resistance what-so-ever in the mouse wheel. When surfing i keep inadvertently zooming in and out. Not a big issue, and not noticed it whilst gaming. But can be annoying.

Software for programming buttons is not great. Goes in the same interface as my G15 keyboard. The software works, but i tend to have to restart it once in a while when its stuck in the wrong profile and some things are rather unintuitive to set up.

Overall im not regretting having bought this. I use it without cursing and really its a step up from my MX500 or whatever it was i had before. But its not the mouse to end all mice.
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on 28 May 2013
The Good:
Great design with well-placed and useful buttons, extremely ergonomically comfortable, solidly built and a good battery life with ultra-high DPI. Supplied cables are just right for any mode of operation. It's ideal for gaming, great for everything else and is very reliable once software is properly run (see below).

The Bad:
The supplied Logitech Gaming software to map buttons, set DPI profiles etc. is atrocious; the UI is confusing, redundant, non-responsive, and it must always be manually closed and re-run at PC bootup, otherwise the mouse is unusable. Setting on-mouse profiles to work with non-Windows computers is tenuous and not reliable either.

If you can around the very user-unfriendly software, this is the best mouse that money can buy.
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on 1 March 2018
5 Star product from Logitech

Ergonomic easy to use when charging to some time forget to take the cable out for wirless use.
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on 19 February 2013
I bought this mouse to replace my old wireless mouse and to play World of Warcraft. It fits nicely my the hand and I haven't had any connection issues. The charging cable (a micro USB cable) has a form fitted end that fits into the mouse quite neatly and allows the mouse to be used even when very low on charge or charging. You could use a standard micro USB cable if you wanted.
The only issue with using it to play WoW is that not all the special buttons on the mouse map to the in-game functions. A work-around for this is to use the Logitech Gaming Software to bind the buttons to keyboard keys and bind the actions in WoW to those keys.
It should also be noted that the charge doesn't last too long but with the charging cable I haven't been bothered by it. Other than that I've had no problems with the mouse.
I would definitely recommend this mouse to others.
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on 22 August 2013
Easy to use software from the Logitech website for programming key bindings, setting dpi and changing profiles.
The mouse is comfortable and the thumb buttons designed well. I don't use the buttons on top so much but they are shaped so you know which ones your pressing without having to look.
It is very smooth on the mouse mat (15 years old, non gaming)

I first had this mouse running window vista, no problems what so ever, wired/wireless.
When I moved to Windows 8 had minor problems with the LGS software but the support from Logitech sorted that out.
Overall a really good mouse. Rechargeable via usb - big positive.
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