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on 3 October 2011
Given the outlandish retail price of most plasma brackets from the usual high-street and av specialists, I was initially sceptical that a £25 item would be up to the job. Though but for a few minor niggles, this is an excellent purchase.

First things first. Ignore the built in 'level'. With the bracket up and square on the wall, the bubble on my unit is right up at one end of the level.

How I fitted:

1) Attach the arms to the TV using whatever hardware is required. (There are screws/washers/spacers for lots of different TV fitments included)
2) Clip the main bracket to the arms and tighten the required screws and knobs.
3) Get someone to help offer the TV up to the wall and mark around the wall plate to get a rough placement.
4) Dismantle again, then take the big front plate off from the wall plate and canti arms using the 5 screws. It's much easier to manoeuvre the backplate without the front attached.
5) Pull out the cantilever arms from the backplate so they are angled out at about 20 degrees.
6) Place up against the wall and put a spirit level on each section of the arms, and adjust until level. The most important thing to get level is the action of the arms as they move in and out. If this is level, then the screen will stay level when you move it in/out and swivel. When you're level, trace the wall inside each of the mounting holes with a pencil.
7) Drill holes for the mounting bolts. I placed one at each corner and 2 towards the centre. I used a 9mm masonry bit, not 10mm as written on the plugs. I also used a larger masonry bit to make a shallow countersink for the flanged end of the wall plugs so they sat flush with the wall. As I was a little worried about the render on my 100 year old walls, I also used 2 larger and deeper masonry bolts in the holes next to the arm pivots. Maybe overkill, but good for my peace of mind.
8) Attach the wall plate using the bolts and washers provided. So long as you drilled the holes in the centre of the tracings, you should have enough wiggle room to get things all levelled-up.
9) Re-attach the front plate and level. When the screws are backed off just a little, the whole plate pivots around the centre one, allowing adjustment.
10) Double check all the screw and bolds are tight.
11) Offer the tv up to the bracket and clip the tv arms on to the front plate.
12) Pray!
13) You may need to adjust the up/down angle to account for some sag, and tweak the left/right angle of the main plate. There was a little twisting of the main plate when I hung my 37" plasma. Only a couple of mil, but it's worth being aware of if you're trying to get the screen close to a counter top.
14) When you've finished adjusting, tighten the screws that fix the tv arms to the main plate.
14) Sit back, relax, and admire your handwork.* :)

I hope this helps someone.

* Or admire an expensive pile of broken electronics if either of stages 7 or 12 weren't completed to the requisite standards for your wall/deity. ;)
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on 9 March 2015
I've been installing TVs for almost 15 years and in that time I've used a lot of different brackets and hand on heart this is by far the best cantilever bracket that I have fitted! I really wasn't expecting it to be great considering the price but it holds my client's 55" LG TV and soundbar in the corner of his room with ease. A lot of these types of brackets lose their level when you articulate them but this one is rock solid! If I had to find something bad to say about it, it would be that it's pretty heavy and therefore a touch cumbersome to hold it to the wall while you mark out where you're going to drill. Other than that it's perfect! I'll be ordering a lot more soon!
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on 13 July 2011
I bought this to mount my 37" Pansonic Plasma to the wall, with Plasma's being considerably heavier than LCD's and the new ultra thin and light LED TV's I did have some doubts. First thing to note is that the bracket monting system is heavy so when I saw only 6 bolts to mount it to the wall with I wasn't sure it would be enough, especially when I knew there was the weight of the plasma to add onto it too.
It took me approximately an hour from start to finish to mount and fit this item, while it does have a small built in spirit level in the bracket itself I would highly reccomend using a seperate one as the built in one I had was at a slight angle, giving you a false reading. I used the 6 bolts and large raw plugs the unit came with to mount the unit to the wall (a 10mm drill masonary bit is required) and after taking my time to ensure everything was lined up I got to work. I manged to conduct the vast majority by myself although I did get someone else to tighten the bolts the last 3 turns while I held the heavy bracket in place to ensure it was nice and level. You could prossibly do this single handed if you either have the strength or aren't quite as fussy as myself in being assured that alignemnt on the spirit level is as close to perfect as humanly possible.
When I put the TV on the bracket I admit to a small heart in mouth feeling although this was very short lived, it's more than up to the job and was nothing more than myself getting over my own fear or it not sitting on a cabinet and with nothing but air beneath it. I pulled the mechanism all the way out from the wall with my heavy TV attached and there is no sign of any movement in the bolts to the wall, it's certainly assuringly strong and secure. I have seen posts about people using different bolts or extra screws as a "just in case" and if this makes you happy then so be it but the 6 that come with the unit hold my exceedingly heavy old 37" plasma to the wall with ease.
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on 23 November 2010
I think the person who delivered this to me must have walked away limping as this thing is HEAVY!

Far, far heavier than the 37" Panasonic LCD panel I bought it for.

The mounting screw bolts it came with are beefy and long (2.5"?) but after feeling the weight of this monster I decided they were not enough and I went and bought 4 12mm diameter rawl bolts to make sure that this wasn't going to drop my panel onto the coffee table.

The build quality I would say is generally high. Solid construction, heavy metalwork. The swivel bearing are very stiff - by design possibly so that a heavy panel stays where you position it perhaps - but I really have to wrestle the thing out of its home position when I want to move it - it may ease with use?

Hanging this on the wall is a two man operation because of the weight and because of the offset. The back plate which is fixed to the wall is smaller than the plate which the panel hangs on and it is set to one side - this can make this a bit difficult to hang as I was placing my panel inside a surround we'd had made for the chimney breast and it would have been more useful if the back plate had been the same dimensions as the front plate so one could easily see where the panel would eventually sit.

A word of warning - do not use the bubble level which is attached to this bracket. With the bubble smack in the middle the level was off by a mile and I've found this to be the case with a number of Vesa mounts I've come across. Use a standard spirit level for accuracy.

Even using a spirit level the sheer unweildiness of this thing makes it hard to get the level bang on and I wish there had been a fine adjustment device built into the frontplate which could allow one to rotate the panel a fraction of a degree to get it bang on - but no.

I'm generally quite pleased with this bracket - it seems like good value for money but it takes some thought, effort and some considerable muscle to get it setup properly.
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on 7 September 2010
This bracket is fantastic...I was a bit concerned that, due to the age of my house and its brickwork, the walls perhaps wouldn't support this bracket, let alone the TV. but I have to admit, its great!
I would advise using a masonry drill bit to hang from a brick wall
I tested it with my own weight before hanging my 40" Samsung and its as sturdy as any
other bracket I've seen.

Its certainly a super strong bracket and the versatile mobility of the unit is superb, it can seem tense, but I feel this is
an advantage since I don't want my TV swinging about on its own!

It is a heavy unit, and took 30 minutes to hang correctly using my own spirit level, but cannot fault the product and I paid the extra next day delivery charge and sure enough it came next day! Thanks Amazon, another hassle free buy!
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on 10 April 2016
Excellent. This mount is built like a tank, there's 0 concern of this not being strong enough for most TV's.

I have a 39" Samsung tv which has fairly small bezels and use it regularly angled 90 degrees against the wall (ie, the TV is facing perpendicular to the wall). I would expect a 42" could probably just manage it though it'd be close to the wall when swivelled (see photos).

The bracket itself is quite large and has 6 fairly big screws bolting it to the wall, taking up a fair surface area of the wall. Personally I quite like this for assurance of strength. The arm is smooth and the bracket the TV attaches to allows for some horizontal adjustments (see image of back, TV can slide along the back panel) as well as the ability to angle the TV slightly upward or downward.

If you want to be able to swing it out at times whilst also being able to put it flush against the wall you'll need to manage your cabling carefully as you'll need a fair amount of slack to cover the full motion.
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on 26 November 2010
Yes, a good sturdy TV mount, but it's advertised as being ok for samsung 32" TVs when it's not. The brackets on the back are too long so slightly visible from the front. I've stuck with it, being as the mount is otherwise great, but it does ruin the streamline look of the TV a bit.

...Quite a long time later (sorry, I meant to do this months ago)...
To update this review, the sellers contacted me to ask if I would like a replacement. It was very nice of them, but I decided to decline as reusing the holes drilled in the wall always weakens them. I don't really notice the overlap any more.
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on 28 October 2012

I first looked in a well known high street chain for something to do this Job. Thiers was over £200!

On arrival my first impressions were that it was heavy. This unit is solid where it needs to be.

The arms that screw onto the back of your TV come with a range of different size bolts to cater for different TV's. The 6 bolts for the wall required 10mm holes to be drilled for the supplied rawl plugs, a 13mm socket/spanner to bolt the unit to the wall.

The arms bolted to your TV then hook onto the bracket screwed to the wall. Simples!

The end result is that I'm comfortable that my 21kg TV is going nowhere.

About to buy a second for my lounge. Happy to recommend.

Purchased 2nd unit. Even happier as 2nd wall not perfectly vertical. Rotation adjustment of the front plate allowed me to compensate.
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on 6 September 2010
What can I say...I ordered the bracket at 10am and received it the very next day! The bracket was exactly as described and very easy to install. All of the parts to attach the bracket to the wall and the TV to the bracket were included. The bracket allows me to pull the TV away from the wall so that i can easily connect and disconnect any cables very easily and the tilting feature is a great way to get the perfect angle. If you need a tv bracket I would definately recommend this one!!
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on 20 October 2010
I have always been skeptical about mounting my TV for fear of it falling off the wall and destroying the consoles and other goodies underneath. However, with the reduction in price of this one, I thought I would take the risk and placed the order. The package arrived on a Tuesday (ordered on Sunday), which was a pleasent surprise.
I ripped it open and checked the contents expecting to have to pop to a local hardware store to pick up the final piece to make the bracket useful. A selection of bolts and washers were neatly and usefully arranged in a strip of seperated bags, so it was easy to find the right bolts to mount the bracket to the back of the TV.
The next stage was possibly the most difficult, and I recommend having a partner; holding the wall plate against the wall to mark the holes. The built in spirit level made this much easier to ensure the bracket was level.
Cue drilling, banging, screwing and other alsorted DIY noises (ideally without any yelps of pain!), lift the TV and align, plug everything back in. Job done.
I was amazed at how simple the operation was, impressed at how strong the backet seems to be as well as being easy to move and adjust to get the perfect viewing position.
If you're looking in to mounting your TV and want it to be adjustable, I would highly recommend this bracket, even if you have a 32" TV; if you ever decide to upgrade, taking the bracket off one and attaching it to the new TV couldn't be easier.
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