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on 21 June 2017
Never understood why they've stopped making these video cameras. They're brilliant, quick and easy to use and you can use a 32Gb card. For this price, it's a no brainer!
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on 15 June 2011
This is a great little gadget that you can carry around everywhere. Not as sophisticated as proper camcorders but great quality for the money to be able to capture instant clips.
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on 25 March 2011
This is a very good purchase at a great price of £][. If you search on YouTube for this device you will find several very good reviews that show you how to set up and use this video camera. I bought a Lowepro Altus 10 Small Camera Pouch from Amazon for £2.29 and free postage that the camcorder fits into very snugly. Lowepro Altus 10 Small Camera Pouch ideal for Canon Ixus 80,Ixus 85, Ixus 95, Ixus 100, Ixus 105, Sony Cybershot, and Panasonic FX & FS series, Samsung ES15, ES55, Fuji J30 - black This is a good device to use on the beach and in the sea. I will use it rather than my mobile phone camcorder in wet conditions. It is so small and thin that you can carry it around in a shirt pocket.
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on 10 June 2011
Simple, basic, compact, convenient & good value for money (£29.95 from Amazon). Although not HD quality, the quality of the video is absolutely fine for watching on a laptop/PC, and uses less memory than HD, (equivalent quality to a top end mobile phone). I purchased this with a 16Gb memory card and that's enough to store over 8 1/2 hrs of video at the highest resulotion. The camera is so compact and light that I find I carry everywhere and it's so simple to use that my 6yrs old can use it.
Simple, though eqates to basic. Not that it's a negative point just that there's nothing to alter to adjust exposure and the digital zoom facility is best used sparingly as the video quality drops noticeably when used.
The camera can shot still images also, but the quality is low, (your mobile phone will do better), but it works and it's worth trying.
The camera is advertised as waterproof to 3 meters, however mine stopped recording audio after a dunk (of less than 25cms for a couple of seconds) whilst kayaking.
Thank goodness for Amazons returns policy, as a replacement was given immediately. Excellent service Amazon!
The screen is very good. It makes composing the video simple and you can playback what you've shot there and then.
The camera comes with, you've guessed it, 'basic', but effective editing software built in, which is easy to use and does the job. It allows you to crop/edit videos on your laptop/pc quickly.
Build quality is generally good and the hidden USB connector is really really convenient, and contrary to some reviews, I found really easy to use.

To sum up... If you want amazing video quality and loads of features, don't buy it. BUT, if you want a go anywhere, memory keeper that's easy and fun to use and that, to be honest at the price, you won't cry too much over if you lose or break it, then this camera is certainly worth buying.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 23 November 2010
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Kodak's ZM1 Pocket Video Camera is clearly aimed at the Facebook and YouTube generation who want to create and share clips online as easily and as cheaply as possible - and for that use it pretty much fits the bill. The video quality is a step up from most mobile-phone cameras (but not the better smart-phones) with surprisingly good colour rendition in lower lights - but of course you don't get high-resolution. Sound quality is a bit weak but, to be fair to Kodak, fitting a microphone in a waterproof camera must be a challenge.

The bottom of the camera flips open to reveal the memory card slot and pop-out USB connector, these are protected from moisture by a rubber seal running around the lid and a tight clip which then holds the lid in place. On my camera the fixing clip doesn't sit completely flush within the bottom of the camera and I'd be slightly concerned it could get caught on something in use and flip open the lid by mistake - it also prevents the camera from sitting perfectly straight when you put it down on a table, although this isn't really the kind of camera you'd use that way. The pop-out USB connector means you don't have to carry any cables around with you but in use it's a bit awkward - you have to release it with a tiny clip before and after use and having the whole camera hanging out of the side of your computer isn't exactly an elegant solution - but it works.

As a cheap(ish) and cheerful pocketable video camera its main selling point is the waterproof housing which should make it ideal for a British summer or for splashing around on some foreign beach. You don't get the best quality video but this camera is so small and light that you're more likely to have it with you ready to capture those fleeting moments when they happen. Don't forget to budget for a memory card as the inbuilt storage is only enough for a few minutes of video - a 4GB card for example will store approximately one hour of video at VGA quality, which is about as long as the battery lasts on a single charge.
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VINE VOICEon 4 December 2010
Colour: Blue|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As soon as I received it I started using it, and I've noticed a couple of points that I'd like to share before you make up your mind which one to buy. Hope this helps.

First of all, it's a tiny and light weight camera that comes with a strap, so it won't bother you if it's in your pocket or hand-held when you're not using it. It has a tiny but very good display to check what you're filming, and you can choose one of three video modes depending on how many pixels and video size you want. So the video quality is far better than that of your mobile phones, and it's far easier to get this camera ready than more proper camcorders.

The microphone is located on the front side (towards the subject) which records fine, and even if you (as a cameraman) do the commentary at the same time as filming, it won't be too loud. So, in my opinion, both the audio and the visual are good enough for this price. You can recharge the battery simply by connecting it to a PC via USB which is located at the bottom of the camera

But, it feels slightly plasticy, but to keep its weight minimum it's understandable, although I'm not sure how strong it would be when/if you dropped it - but it's Kodak, so I hope it's not so fragile! The camera has a tiny slot for a Micro SD (SDHC) card (capacity from 2GB to 16GB), but my one didn't come with this, so I had to buy it separately, which, I thought, was slightly annoying. But I soon realised if it had come with a tiny 1GB SD card, I would have had to replace it with a much bigger one anyway, as I would like to do a lot of video recording with high quality, so maybe it was good that I didn't have to pay for the smallish SD (SDHC) in the first place as it's not going to be very useful for me. If the main usage of this camera for you is to take still images, which you can do with this camera, 2GB SDHC would be definitely enough although the photo quality is not very high. It'll be OK to attach the photos to emails, but for photography I wouldn't say this camera would be a good choice. Just take it as a supplement to your video camera.

Anyway, hope you'll enjoy filming with this camera.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 30 November 2010
Colour: Red|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This cheerful little video camera is a very nice toy, rather than a serious camera. It's aimed at people who just want to press one big button, record their baby or their X Factor audition and put it up on Facebook or YouTube with the minimum of fuss, and in that way it does well.

I used the camera to put together a test video which I've put on YouTube. If you search for my real name and "mundane in the life" it should show up and give you an idea of the camera's performance indoors and outdoors and in low and high lighting.

The design and build of it is sturdy and a bit chunky-feeling- Kodak have clearly concentrated on features like 'waterproof' and 'rugged' (it would probably survive some hefty drops) rather than 'sleek'. It doesn't look especially 'cool' compared to some of the other cameras you can get. It's about three-quarters of the size of the iPod classic that it seems to have been designed to look like. (And incidentally, the round central button that looks like a jogwheel, isn't a jogwheel).

If you buy this camera you should DEFINITELY also buy some MicroSD cards at the same time. The camera only comes with 128Mb internal memory, a lot of which is reserved for the onboard software so it can only store 2 minutes of video before it's full (!). A 2Gb MicroSD card, available on Amazon for around a fiver, will give you over an hour's recording time at the highest video quality it can do- which is actually more than the Amazon description suggests.

The video quality is not outstanding, and other cameras and cameraphones are capable of much better resolutions. The best-quality video the ZM1 is capable of (VGA mode) has the following tech spec:
- 640x480, which is 4:3 not widescreen, and a little less than TV standard definition resolution.
- 30 frames per second, which is an American standard- you can't change this to the European standard 25fps which could be a problem if you ever want to put your movies onto DVD
- Between 5 and 6Mbps- a little bit high compared to other video formats
- 11kbps mono audio- a bit poor, technically less than a quarter of CD quality

The onboard microphone is OK, but gets overloaded too easily with loud noise and isn't good at filtering out background noise, so if you're in an air conditioned room the 'hum' will get picked up.

Also on the subject of 'hum', if you're shooting somewhere that there's flourescent lights you can end up with a phasing problem where the whole picture appears to strobe a bit- this is due to the conflicting frequencies between the camera scanning and the room lighting. If you've ever pointed a video camera at a computer monitor you may have seen that effect before.

The bundled software is PC only, and consists of some fairly basic tools to make uploading to YouTube and Facebook a little more convenient. For people who want things simplified they might be nice little tools, but uploading without the software is not exactly difficult. Whether you're on PC or Mac, you can also set it so all your videos and photos appear in a normal file window so you can copy and paste them like any other file.

The USB slot design is quite nifty- the 'stick' pops out when you press a release button. I couldn't actually figure it out until I looked at the manual. It's a nice design feature but it is a tiny bit fiddly getting the stick to pop back into the camera.

These are two minor gripes. Firstly, when you plug the camera into your computer USB port, it doesn't show up as a device unless you switch it on. This is unusual behaviour for a USB memory stick and originally made me think it was broken. Secondly, when you change MiniSD card, or switch from a card to the internal memory, the incrementing filename numbering is reset, meaning you can end up with several files with exactly the same name, which is bad practice and the kind of thing most digital cameras are normally programmed to avoid.

Overall the ZM1 is a decent toy, and if you want the video equivalent of a happy-snap camera just for fun moments and video diaries, it's a good product. If video quality is an issue though you may want to look at spending more and getting more.
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on 26 January 2011
I have had the ZM1 camera for about a month now and can say that I am very impressed with it. It is ideal for leaving in your pocket so you can record whatever you happen to come across. The video quality is good, we went to a butterfly farm recently and I was impressed with the amount of detail the camera captured, even on the smaller insects. You don't get HD quality recordings, but the low price & size means you are more likely to have this camera with you.

Video transfer to my PC was easy with the built in USB plug, although I do use an extension cable so the camera isn't left just hanging there during transfer. I have deducted one star as the internal memory is rather small. Without a SDHC card, you can only record a couple of minutes at the highest quality setting. However, memory cards are fairly cheap and with the 16gb card I fitted, I can now store over 25 hours of video at the same settings. In short, you will need a memory card!

A good little camera that gives great performance for the price. If you want really high quality recordings this isn't for you, but if you want a camera you can carry with you, without worrying about the cost if it gets damaged, this is perfect.
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on 10 November 2010
Purchased this on a whim and what a tool to carry, very handy and very easy to use.
I got the 8gb card to go with it but find 2 or possibly 4 would have been adequate. Down loads very quick and simply drag and drop.
Quality of zoom is reduced but not by much.
Excellent for the price.
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on 26 June 2011
1. Controls
Simple to use. Very few buttons to press. Simple, basic. Easy to operate when underwater.
2. LCD screen
Pretty good for its size.
3. Waterproof
'As it says on the tin', it's watertight to snorkelling depth.
4. USB connection
Everything is housed within the unit. It's fab.
5. Price
You can't go wrong for the price.
6. Readiness
It's ready to video in only a few (6 ?) seconds
7. Storage
I put in a memory card & I have yet to fill it. It will store about 4 hours of video on the uSD card I fitted.

1. Picture quality
Best quality is VGA. It doesn't look too good when seen on a big screen. It's on a par with my phone's camera for picture quality. The unit will do QVGA which is even worse. If this could do standard PAL picture quality, this would be my camera of choice for snorkelling.
2. Controls
When trying to film, if you press the left or right buttons you change video quality / stills/video selection so you can end up filming in the wrong resolution.
3. Screen
Needs to be brighter especially when underwater. It's difficult to see when it's recording - the icon is too small & too dark.

I bought this on the basis that if it was not very good then I hadn't wasted too much money but this turned out to be a real gem. You need to have the right level of expectation for the unit - it isn't BBC broadcast picture quality but more Facebook. It's great strength is that it is great for quick pictures & even the kids will take to it easily. Put simply, it's fun.
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