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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
Get Your Hands Dirty
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on 1 July 2010
I am not about to go into witty comments or indepth reviewing of the band and the songs, because that would kind of defeat the purpose of a band like this.
Like Airbourne, Jettblack play no nonsense, old school rock.
Its fist pumping rock that you love. Great hooks, great musicianship and a classic 'metal' album cover.
Is their anything original on it? No! But thats what makes it so good. They dont quite sound like anyone else, so they are not copy cats by a long shot, but if the likes of the aforementioned Airbourne, AC/DC, Iron Maiden or possibly even the likes of Thunder and Whitesnake, then this will probably appeal to you.
Heavy enough to appeal to the headbanging fraternity, but melodic enough to put the smile on a hair metallers face.
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on 29 June 2010
Saw them at the acoustic stage at Download,bought the cd the next day,didn't dissapoint.GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY is a modern take on the mid eighties glam/hair metal scene,complete with dumb subject matter,but with surprisingly elequant lyrics[their spelling and vocab is most likely better than mine].Steel panther they are not,probably closer to Endeverafter[best new band in the last few years],in terms of song writing and style.They have two good vocalists which makes them more melodic tnan most bands of this type,but keep the riffs and party atmosphere going through out.
Definately one's to look out for,both live and on cd,so go on support some new talent,they need it ,they say their broke and starving.
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on 18 April 2011
I loved this ablum! they have voices simular to david coverdales of (whitesnake) who i also love so yeah this c'd i really love and it's always playing in my ipod whenever i'm out or travelling so anyone who loves whitesnake i would say to buy jettblack's ablums because they wont dissapoint you in any means!
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on 5 October 2010
Great product thanks
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on 18 April 2013
The perfect and explosive debut album from Jettblack. So many good songs ( Not Even Love is a gem). Get Your Hands Dirty!
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on 2 August 2014
i have never bothered to write a review on amazon before,but I feel I have to on this particular album seeing all the 5 star reviews. I bought this based on those reviews as a blind buy.im a huge rock fan. my favourite bands being y& t, def leppard,heart,well to many to mention realy,but im sure you get an idea.
well im sorry I have to disagree with just about all the reviews on here on this album.yes its ok.but that's about it. its nothing special at all. every song sounds the same. its very boring in my opinion to compare to the likes of def leppard etc is ridiculous.
I cant quite believe no one gets this,no one hears what im hearing what a disappointment boring and dull,nothing stands out about this at all.please if anyone feels the same I would loe to know. I strongly urge anyone to reconsider before buying this.if you do loe def leppard y& t etc I can promise it is nothing like that,not even close..
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on 17 July 2011
I caught these guys at Sonisphere with absolutely no idea of what I was going to see, but I left the festival with their songs rattling round in my head, and considering their performance as one of my favourites of the weekend. They were superb live and the album is no different, it's very old school cock/glam rock with influences from everything from motley and W.A.S.P to Whitesnake and the Jovi, and by God does it sound good!
Excellent melodies, crunching riffs and more hooks than a cloakroom, saturated with screeching guitar solos and some brilliant vocal harmonies, they ticked every box for me. These guys deserve to go far so do them a favour and snap up the album, it won't leave your stereo for a long time, and you'll find yourself singing along for days.
Great stuff.
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on 21 November 2010
At last a modern british rock band that actually plays some rock n roll! For once i dont with id been born 20 years earlier.
I saw them surport the band WASP and they made them look like amatures, the bass player handed me a post card advertising the album after the show and i got the album as soon as i got home. Great riffs, great vocals and some decent soloing which is an art almost forgotten. Not a bad song on the album. Rock n'roll!
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on 5 July 2010
Few people will be unaware of the transformation that the music scene has suffered over the past decade. I'm not talking about itunes and the digital/mp3 era, but rather the attitude that lies within bands and artists: There is now such a clinical, soulless approach to `making it' as a band, in that ambitious musicians are forced to, or willingly, formulate their approach with such razor-sharp precision as to eliminate any and all possibility of failure, that it's difficult to identify the remnants of any kind of integrity or organic brilliance. Maybe that sounds a little bit harsh, and maybe those artists can't be blamed for adapting their every style, lyric, soundbyte and riff to achieve maximum success amongst an endless sea of aspiring rock stars. Maybe it's just the natural conclusion of the entire rock 'n' roll phenomenon, but it's difficult not to lose faith, as a listener, that there will ever be `real' music again.

I mention this because Jettblack are part of a new wave of retro-metal-revival. They are - in a sense - part of it, but there's a distinct difference: Jettblack are for real. Just one spin of their debut album should have every true fan of late 80s hard rock and heavy metal convinced that this is a group of guys who didn't just stumble upon Motley Crue and Iron Maiden last year; They most likely grew up on a diet of `the good stuff', perhaps whilst some of the early 90s stuff was even still around. To say that Jettblack are for real, and stand apart from their modern peers, isn't to say they don't pose for animated photos, wear their hair long, or write tried-and-tested good-time hard rock, because they do - just like most other quality rock bands. They're not breaking the mould, but they are filling with as much sincerity and quality as a band these days can. At the same time every other young band desperate for a piece of the pie is filling that same mould so quickly that it's full of air bubbles, inconsistencies and poor-quality substance. The results are fundamentally different. And to be honest, because of Jettblack's authenticity, they'll probably not see the success they deserve.

I've managed to catch Jettblack live a couple of times over the last few years and their show exudes all the same energy and conviction that this album does, if not more. One time they played to 50 people, another to 500, but the level of entertainment was the same. I, and by now I'm sure thousands of others, have waited patiently for the debut album to drop, and due to the quality of the riffs, hooks and choruses it's pleasantly familiar-sounding, and no filler in sight. Unfortunately for the UK, they'll probably be more in demand over in Japan, Europe, Scandinavia and the home of their label Spinefarm - Finland (all places where 80's style rock and metal still rule). But hopefully they'll still not neglect their home country.

Fans of Warrant, Skid Row and later Whitesnake... and just good-time hard-rock and 80s metal, should by all right love this.
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on 27 November 2010
This is quite possibly the best album I have heard in freaking years!!!! This is what rock is about,not that over analysing lyrical, boring melodic (lets have a solo here and a solo there) rubbish that the past 10 rock years have regurgitated out!!!!
Trust me you will be playing air guitar and drums with every tune!
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