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on 21 August 2012
I have DVD player, A Blu-ray player (faulty- will not play DVD's, hence a separate DVD player), and a HDD TV-recorder, and only one HDMI port on my TV.

This solves the problem perfectly, all three plug into this, and onto one cable, into my TV.

I can not watch 3 different things at the same time on one TV so why have 3 HDMI cable into it?
This unit will select the player that is on and playing, and send that signal to the tv ALMOST without fail.

The "Almost" is because if/when my digital TV HDD recorder starts to record a program it will steal the HDMI signal from my DVD or Blu-Ray (if on), and give a blank screen as the HDD recorder is in standby and recording.
Not this switch's fault exactly, as it detected the HDD recorder coming on-line when the recorder should not be sending a "I am on-line" signal when it is on standby and starting to record.
I just press the "select device button" on it, and switch back to what I was using.

For the price it is excellent value, and I am very happy with it.
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on 18 November 2015
this is a great piece of kit that enables you to keep hdmi cables connected into a tv BUT the cable was'nt quite long enough for my tv fixed to the wall as i wanted the splitter to sit on top of my tv unit underneath so i have had to use a spare hdmi cable and buy a 90 deg and a socket to socket
hdmi adaptors available from cpc.co.uk part numbers are av1977403 and av1878403 respectively depending on how your hdmi cable goes into the back of the tv you may need a 270 deg adaptor! i have used adaptors as the space behind the tv is limited and stops having to bend the cables
and the soc / soc is used to join 2 hdmi's together
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on 24 August 2014
This has become a valued gadget enabling extra hdmi connections to my tv. Especially useful for linking my older Kindle Fire to the TV to display games or to relay my music collection via the TV to my 5.1 sound system.

The connection is far more reliable than using the wireless facility on the later Kindle Fire models which lack a mini hdmi port. This suffered from frequent drop outs of the sound plus a complex set up procedure involving an app from outside the kindle market to adapt the TV.

As is sadly usual with these devices, documentation is minimal. However I simply plugged it into the TV hdmi port and hooked up my devices. Selector switches are provided to choose sources but the device automatically selects an active source if others are inactive.
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on 10 January 2014
After reading a good chunk of mixed reviews on and off undecided over 3 days, I breath a sigh of relief that it works just fine for me.
I use it to connect my virgin media box and playstation 3 to the HD TV whilst my media player uses the second HDMI socket in my TV.
In all honesty I haven't bothered to work out how to make use of its intuitiveness as I am simply grateful to no longer have to switch the leads from socket to socket sticking my hand behind the equipment, turning it or sliding it out, fiddling about and possibly eventually causing a short in the cable with dragging it out when I can't be bothered to contort my back, neck and wrist and squeeze my fingers to grip the proper place of the HDMI cables which sit FIRMLY in place.
Simply pressing the little button on the neat little splitter which sits hidden away is fine by me! (It actually looks better than the picture in reality)

I'm glad to say the picture and sound remain perfect on the two items I use this splitter for.
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on 17 June 2014
I bought a different HDMI splitter a couple of years back and it was CRAP, it didnt work with Sky, and so it just ended up not displaying anything on my TV if it was plugged in. With this one, its brilliant, I plugged it into my TV and then plugged in an Xbox, Sky and a HDMI connecter for my laptop and all I have to do is turn on the Xbox or plug in my laptop and it switches automatically to that device. It will also switch back to Sky whenever the other laptop or Xbox are plugged out/turned off.

Brilliant price and saves me destroying my TV's HDMI port, from all the previous switching.
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When selecting a splitter I looked at this item and the three way boxy affair but chose this as no extra HDMI cable was required and it is more practical and tidy to have the ports lined up next to each other. Anyway, installation was simple and it works beautifully with my PS3, PS4 and Google Chromecast. Powering off one and powering on the other switches seamlessly between devices but there is a manual button also. I'd recommend self-adhesive cable clips to keep things neat at the back of your TV.
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on 3 July 2014
PS4 not compatible and the switch Button does'nt work, I have to keep unplugging this device to get the next HDMI device to work which beats the purpose of this device. I thought this was gonna be great at first but it has quickly turned into a nightmare, for instance I learned you need to switch off the last device at the power source IE turn off at the wall, fair enough, so I thought.

Then I noticed that the button wasn't switching when I pressed it, well it was, the red light changed number anyway but the TV was just a blue screen, until I unplugged device and plugged it back in then the device was on screen.

I had to manually change HDMI for devices before I bought this product so 10 quid down and back to square 1, returning this item as not fit for purpose, its that you get what you pay for. This device is probably good if you have 2 HDMI items with only 1 HDMI port on TV if the item actually works.
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on 23 December 2013
The switch "just works".

I can understand peoples problems however with it not auto-switching. The switch detects signal and then switches to that port. If you have a device which does not stop sending a signal (such as Roku, Sky Box) then there will be problems. That said, if you have a device that does this and a device which does not (A games console for example) then when the device is turned off it WILL switch back to the device which does not stop sending a signal.

If you have two devices which do not stop sending a signal, auto switching will NOT work for you and it is likely that no device will automatically work for you (I suggest you go for something with a remote). However if you have games consoles and up to one device which persistently transmits signal, this is a perfect buy.

The quality is not degraded and it appears to be a 1:1 transmit, no ghosting etc.

I recommend this if you have multiple games consoles.
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on 9 December 2014
Absolutely no success with this.
Having 2 HDMI inputs on TV (Tested on Sony and Samsung TVs) but 4 sources, I hoped this would free me from swapping cables. No. Not at all.
Sony BD, PS3, Chromecast, Sky+HD - if three devices were connected, it wouldn't behave.
Does not like the Chromecast at all - whichever port the chromecast was in would be selected within a couple of minutes, then the signal would be lost and the device needed everything unplugging before it would respond again.
Worked most of the time with PS3 (old 60Gb model) and Sony BD, if the PS3 was in port 1, but not if Sky+ was connected too. Turning one device off and another on would just make the LED flash and the TV wouldn't get a signal from anything until it was all unplugged then reconnected.

Following the logic of "You have to walk over there to put the disk in anyway" I now use a £3 manual switcher which just works.
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on 22 December 2015
Literally just plug in and go
Gold plated connectors
No increase in lag for 1080p gaming
Price! around 7 quid delivered at time of review

Our Samsung TV took forever to cycle through hdmi sources using the remote (didnt give you option to pick what source you wanted, had to cycle through all HDMI's/exts) this product has eliminated that pain! I have it connected to PS3, Apple tv, and a NAS system. Literally just plug in and go, switch works fine for me leaving other devices on standby, auto selects based on device actually turned on.
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