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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2013
Everytime I watch this series it makes me laugh and the special was amazing. The It Crowd is recommended to all people out there who love comedy :)
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on 11 April 2017
As described
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on 24 March 2017
Promt delivery good quality
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on 3 November 2010
After a slightly dodgy third series, I felt that this series was a huge improvement. Firstly, the storylines are very funny, some of the very best yet. The series is also consistent, not one poor episode,which is a rarity these days.I also thought that the acting was also excellent. Matt Berry is, of course, exquisite as the slightly dememnted, Shakespearean Douglas, Moss has some side-splitting lines ("I came here to drink milk and kick ass...and I've just finished my milk!")and Roy is very funny, especially when confused ("A fire...at a Seapark?"). Even Jen is funnier than she used to be ("Vienetta Fiat Punto!"). All the episodes are hilarious, but there are some truly priceless moments. Look out for Moss's emotional role-playing game, the tense game of Street Countdown, Roy trying desperately to tell someone he is NOT a window cleaner,Jen pretending that she can speak Italian, and Douglas'appalling court performance. Graham Linehan is undoubtedly one of the best sitcom writers around at the moment, and this is a creation of sheer brilliance. I would recommend it to anyone, you won't be disappointed.
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on 25 August 2012
This series is the best yet. If you are new to the IT Crowd, you may want to start from series one to ease you into things, but the series really is hilarious, with brilliant characters and a great script. If you are already hooked, this doesn't disappoint and is a fabulous addition to the already beautiful IT Crowd.
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on 24 May 2011
I've always found the IT Crowd a welcome pastime, and if you haven't yet watched the first 3 series I would highly recommend them. It manages to strike just the right chord of humor for anyone who's day-to-day life involves computers in some form or another. Series 4 has one or two gags that fail to hit the mark but it still had me laughing out loud on the whole.

Obviously the life force of the show is down to the three main protagonists, who I'm glad to say are all on shining form in this series. There's still the unlucky-in-love, computer game geek Roy who never fails to raise a laugh; the nerdish Moss who's cringe-worthy antics will still have you in titters; and finally the hugely likeable corporate girl Jen trying in vain to get around her total lack of understanding of anything computer related (I swear Katherine Parkinson justs gets sexier with each series too). The series has them getting into all sorts of well-written antics, including Jen filling the role of a pimp, Roy trying hard to disprove to an old colleague that he's actually a window cleaner, and Moss taking part in an episode of Countdown (which really had me in stitches).

The show's hilarity is given a boost though by who I consider to be the ace in the hole, Matt Berry's sex-mad boss of the IT Crowd, Douglas. While I did think Christopher Morris' turn as Denholm in the first series was funny, it was a masterstroke to bring in Berry as his hyper-horny son. Some of his lines have had me exploding in the past even well after he's left the screen, and in series 4 he's still got some cracking one-liners and a decent amount of screen time so fans shouldn't be disappointed.

I would have gladly given series 4 a 5/5 rating had it not been that I felt this series contained what I thought to be the weakest IT Crowd episode yet in 'Something Happened.' This episode revolves around something rather uncomfortable happening to Roy, which whilst funny the first time ends up getting dragged out for the remainder of the show making you wish they'd just stick a fork in it. I was able to shake it off as just a bad day at the office though and thankfully the quality soon resumes in the final 3 episodes. There is also a great return cameo from an old favourite in this series, as well as a few acknowledgements of previous happenings and storylines. The only strange thing is these acknowledgemnts don't come across as jokes but rather awkward silences. It's like, 'Oh yeah I remember that one.....Ok now on with the rest of the show.' A bit flat.

If you're a fan of previous seasons then series 4 of the IT Crowd still delivers the same amount of chuckles you've come to expect from our three lovable wackos. It might be the weakest of the IT Crowd series so far, but it certainly isn't enough under par to put you off the show altogether and will still leave you welcoming of a series 5.
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on 25 November 2011
This has to be the best show on TV right now. We finally got some episodes over here in the US a little while ago and I've been hooked ever since. Moss is the greatest!
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on 19 August 2010
So here we have a sitcom about two computer geeks and their clueless supervisor, closeted away in the basement office of a powerful (but non-specific) multinational organisation run by a loud-mouthed, womanising simpleton. If that sounds like a bad Saturday night "comedy" offering from Channel 5, you've failed to include Graham Linehan in your equation. He takes a fairly moribund, sitcom concept and, with the help of some excellent comic actors, turns it into one of the best comedy series to grace our screens in the last decade.

The first three series are already available as a box set and this new, fourth series simply continues to tap a rich vein. If I'm honest, I didn't find S4 quite as funny as its predecessors and I wonder whether the writing and acting is getting a little tired. Having watched it through a few times, my initial assessment changed and I'm happy to say that it is still a great laugh and well worth the money, but I think it's getting a bit forced and I wonder whether we'll see a fifth series (I've heard talk of a Christmas Special).

Series 4 retains all the familiar characters - Roy, Moss, Jen and Douglas - and themes. I won't plough through the series episode by episode (six of them), but the Countdown episode has to be the best of the bunch.

As far as the extras are concerned, you get the standard helping of outtakes and a "making of" feature and a few rather boring twiddly bits that don't add a lot. The DVD case also promises "hidden extras" that I haven't found yet, but the best feaure of the DVD edition is the menu system which is based on the Flash games "feed the head" and "windosill". It's worth sitting back and watching these menus play out and then, as I did, going to the game website and playing these games - they're great!

"I came here to drink milk and kick ass. And I've just finished my milk."
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I don't know about anyone else, but I shrieked with mad, geeky laughter when I found out that there would be a fourth season of "The I.T. Crowd."

And once the Britcom geekfest gets going again, it's almost like it was never gone (the familiar cluttered office, the rampant technonerdery, the idiotic plans of the crazy boss). The first episode is a little bland at times, but the five that follow are absolute, sheer brilliance -- plenty of surreal situations, great acting, and general weirdness.

Hoping to get new job opportunities, Jen applies to be the new Entertainment Manager... only to discover that it means being Douglas' "Fredo" (ie getting hooker and strippers for his business buddies). Her best bet is to unload the visiting guys on Moss and Roy, but can a RPG game possibly save the day? This episode was a little on the limp side, especially since so much of it focused on Roy deteriorating after a bad breakup.

But things go back to normal in "Final Countdown," in which Moss becomes the new champion of a TV quiz show and is admitted into an exclusive club, while Roy desperately tries to convince an ex-classmate that he's not a window-washer. And in "Something Happened," Douglas tries to convert all his employees to "Spaceology," while Jen dates a staggeringly boring rock musician and Roy suffers a horrifying personal violation ("My trouser hams are not for sale sir!").

Jen ends up with "Italian For Beginners" when she convinces Douglas she can speak Italian, and ends up as his new translator; Roy becomes unhealthily obsessed with his girlfriend's tragic past, and Moss ends up stuck in a vending machine. Roy and Moss decide to be "Bad Boys" at a local mall, while Jen frantically tries to fix her virus-riddled laptop. And finally, it's "Reynholm Vs. Reynholm" when Douglas' blink-and-you'll-miss-it marriage blows up and he finds himself relying on the IT crowd.

Butt-kissing, brain-dead rockers, D&D, shoplifting DVDs, incoherent Italian, an obscene trophy and Moss giving birth to an iPhone. "The IT Crowd: The Complete Fourth Season" piles the increasingly bizarre sitcom problems on our already overburdened, underappreciated IT personnel, and (except for the bland first episode) is a thoroughly satisfying fourth helping.

It still has plenty of brilliant writing, riddled with surreal situations (Moss asks if he can keep a robot he encounters on the street) and weird dialogue ("Fredo, in the film, he was essentially a pimp." "No, he took the ring to Mordor!"). And while the IT department's social awkwardness is still the main theme, their problems have become even stranger with time (Moss becomes very jealous when Douglass gets a robot arm).

The three main actors are still utterly brilliant -- Katherine Parkinson's Jen keeps falling afoul of her own technological ignorance and workplace lies, Richard Ayoade's twitchy Moss gets to play the part of a cool guy and/or a delinquent, and Chris O'Dowd's Roy gets hilariously obsessed with a burning sea park, freezes in fear, and comes up with countless euphemisms for his backside in court.

It starts a little shakily, but "The IT Crowd: The Complete Fourth Season" doesn't take long to launch itself up into the comic stratosphere. Hilarious, delirious and lots of fun.
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on 1 November 2010
Absolutely love the IT crowd. I would recommend this to anyone, although would urge you to buy/ watch the other three series first if you have not yet done so. It's very funny, especially if you are a bit geeky or have ever worked in an office, in IT or anywhere with an IT department. Luckily, I match this description perfectly! For comparison, other british comedy shows I enjoy include Blackadder, Gavin and Stacey, The Imbetweeners, The Mighty Boosh, PhoneShop and similar.
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