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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
FIFA 11 (Xbox 360)
Price:£8.84+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 21 July 2017
Not as good as FIFA 17 of course, but still hours of excellent footie!
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on 13 March 2017
Fantastic item, highly recommended seller. Just as described.
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on 9 October 2014
Great price and delivery
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on 21 May 2011
This game is like smoking crack, so addictive. I got the game week ago (I know, I'm a late-starter) having never really played any FIFA / PES titles in the past. I thought it was so-so if I'm honest.

I then realise there is a download add-on for the game called "FIFA Ultimate Team." I loaded it up and this is where the problem started. The objective is to build your own team and play against other people online. This mode reminds me of being a kid and collecting football stickers and doing swaps in the playground afterwards.

So I've been doing a bit of wheeling and dealing and after a week of trying to earn lots of money, I've got a dynamite team that can beat anyone. There is one weak link though, and that is me. I'm not very good at it!

But I still love the game, mainly for FIFA Ultimate Team. This game has caused some sleepless nights this week and long may it continue.
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on 23 November 2010
This is one of the best game franchises I've ever played. It beats Pro Evo hands down.

I don't really have many problems with the game, there are a few changes I was expecting to be better.

Mainly the create a team because I was expecting it to be all based in game and more interactive, but you create a team online then load it onto the game, also the team you do create can have whatever skill levels you want, which will make it boring when everyone has level 99 players.

The only other addition is the crowd chants and stadium music, which is a good idea but I haven't even bothered to load a song on yet.

The career mode seems to have stayed exactly the same but merged be a pro into it, which is ok if EA would have actually modified the career in some way. It's very repetetive, not much happens outside of the transfer window. I just seem to buy and sell a few players then play games and sim inbetween when nothing happens.

The best feature of this game is Ultimate Team, very clever idea and it's got me spending a lot of Microsoft Points on player cards. The only thing I would have liked is the option to move my UT from Fifa 10 over to Fifa 11 or at least got the coins for what they were worth, I spend ages on UT in Fifa 10.

Another good feature is the video playbacks. The match highlights where it shows all best parts of the match is very good I use that quite a lot and it means I don't have to worry about watch the replay straight away and then saving it if I like the goal. I would like the ability to save more videos to my EA account though as I am currently overwriting my old Fifa goals and I don't really want to.

The personality + is a good feature. I have noticed a big difference in the way that people tackle mainly, which is good.

EA have also sorted out the problem with keepers not being able to save a chipped goal. I barely ever see chipped goals now and the game is so much better.

I would like to see a few updates in Fifa 12, mainly in career mode. I want it to be more in depth. I want to be able to be a manager and make choices that affect the club, similar to the older versions of Fifa where the board and fans ask you questions etc. I also would like to see the only good feature of Pro Evo 2011 which is the locker room cut scenes. On be a pro I would like it to be a bit better with what targets you have to achieve. The game needs some work but it is easily the best football game on the market.

The most confusing thing about the game is the fact that Fifa 10 is so similar to Fifa 11, yet because I've now got 11 it makes 10 obsolete. It is a highly addictive game and I would recommend this to anyone that has even the slightest interest in football or gaming.
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on 19 March 2011
I upgraded from FIFA 10 as the price of FIFA 11 has come down now. I've had this game for a week or so now and having played it, there are a number of improved areas, but more horrendous ideas have been put into this game. It's plays much like FIFA 10 but worse in my opinion due to a number of issues
First of all, this game is so cheap. I don't mean how much it is, but in terms of playability. The ref penalises you for making the slightest contact with the ball carrier when tackling. You'd never think you were playing a contact sport. Yet, the computer is freely allowed to barge you over and off the ball resulting in nothing.

Secondly, tackling is ridiculous, it usually results in the ball flying off miles away or bouncing off you and your player tripping over the tackled player. It's so stupid sometimes.

Thirdly, they seem to have designed the game to try and get everyone doing the stupid tricks on the stick. You can no longer rely on a player's speed to burst round someone, the computer will keep up with you and tackle you. The tricks are fine for Ronaldo and a few others, but when league 1 players are doing maradona esq runs through your entire team, it's laughable. They seem to have focused on trying to get these tricks into the game a little too much. I'd rather play a pass and move game, which is much harder in this game than FIFA 10, due to the computer swamping you immediately if you have the ball. If they want to integrate these tricks, they should make them easy to do like Pro Evo, not random wiggles of the stick.

I have to also mention the passing is terrible, why did they have to mess with this? The passing was fine in FIFA 10.
The online mode is ok, the servers are usually stable and there are still a plethora of quitters. Graphics are nice, high profile players look a like, but not much effort has been put into the rest. The gameface is still trash, much like FIFA 10.

I was glad to see Ultimate Team is free this year, as I feel that everyone should have the option to use this feature with the price of the game.
Lastly, there has been no patch to compensate the January Transfers, which is either laziness or lack of care on EA's part. So if you want Torres at Chelsea, Suarez and Carroll at Liverpool etc, you'll have to do it yourself.

Overall, I'm fairly disappointed with FIFA 11 compared to FIFA 10, I hope this isn't a slippery slope downwards as FIFA 09 and FIFA 10 were so fluid and satisfying. This game just frustrates me with it's cheapness.
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on 1 November 2010
First of, I should say to anyone thinking about purchasing this game in the near future... don't. Honestly stick with FIFA 10. If up to date teams and lineups are important to you then I would suggest waiting until you can pick it up for cheaper. Otherwise; STAY AWAY.

FIFA 11 held so much promise. After rightly sweeping to the top of the football games market with 09 and 10, EA had held back their Konami counterparts with a consumate brilliance; creating games that while not overly realistic, were a meld of fun, challenge and innovations. 09 and 10 may have been tough acts to follow, but really all EA had to do to make 11 the best game yet was tweak a few faults from the previous installment.

But no, they decided to make the game more 'realistic'. All this really means is that scoring from open play is exceedling difficult (I'll come back to this point) and passing, while never an art form, is often innacurate and random. I honestly can't say how they're able to advertise it as 360 motion control, all whatever mumbo jumbo, when your telling your player to pass to a player in space and he decides it would be better off if he passed it in the opposite direction. The frequency of this innaccuracy is infuriating, especially when it could have lead to a goal scoring opportunity, but even when they do pass it in the informed direction, the reciever will often turn away from the ball like a frightened school child. I'm not even going to get started on through balls because they're virtually impossible to play perfectly, even at the feet of a Fabregas, Xavi or Messi.

However, I don't want to be completely misleading in my indulgence of fury, so i WILL stop to say that when you do get the ball zipping around with first touches it feels exceptionally smooth and possibly even improved on fifa 10; making it more of a shame that this is such a rare occurence.

So what makes scoring from open play so much harder than fifa 10 you ask? The new 'realistic' battles that you will have between your attackers and their defenders. The opposition defenders are impenetrable walls of steel possesing superhuman strength that quashes the prospect of blistering pace with a mere shoulder. Think you can create an opportunity by playing a through ball down the wing to a Walcott or Messi who's only opposition is an ageing Neville or pedestrian Baines? Think again. Think your Villa, Torres or Rooney should be able to turn the defender behind him on the edge of the box to shoot? Think again. The AI defenders will hound after you like stubborn dogs, sticking to you like glue before proceeding to the nick the ball from your superior players toe, leaving you wondering how your super fast winger failed to leave them behind.

There are plenty of other problems with this game, faults in the manager mode, trigger happy referees, typically repetative and terrible commentary (will that ever change?)and frankly pathetic computer AI that make playing as just your virtual pro, be it goalkeeper or outfield player, as tedious as hell. Honestly you might as well watch paint dry. But I'm not going to harp on about the numerous other problems with the game because I think that they will be the least of your worries compared to the gameplay. For me football is an art form and so when I put on FIFA I want to simulate an arsenal performance of possesive dominance and intricate passing, or a barcelona performance of unstoppable wing play and untouchable teamwork; I don't want to simulate a dull 0-0 between Preston North End and Grimsby Town. Because that what my experience of playing FIFA 11 is like, it's infuriating, tedious and rarely ever... fun.

Ultimately I play games for fun, and for me, sadly, FIFA 11 nevery really falls in to that category.
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on 31 January 2012
I've played this long enough to get the 50 Hours achievement and tried as I might to give it and extra try I just gave up in the end.

EA churn out FIFA each year, we know that, but on this offering the end will be nigh. They try the cheap tricks like cancelling the servers for FIFA 09 and 10 JUST to make you buy the next in line, but poor programming ruins the overall effect.

Like you had to relearn to cross from 09 to 10 in 11 you have to relearn almost everything from defending to shooting.

The game is cursed with terrible AI, poor shooting and a vastly cut down manager mode that just is no longer worth the effort.

The AI is actually poor on your side not the opposition in single player. Picture this: you race your fastest winger down the left hoping to get someone in the box with a cross. But the striker you might be aiming at is..........running right in front of you down the wing. In fact at one point the ball hits his heels and goes to the opposition.

Truth is IF you do get a winger to the byline he'll just fall over when you try to cross - very realistic. Not.

The through pass is dead, it just does not happen. The curve introduced to such good effect in FIFA 10 is gone. You'll start pulling your hair out if you hear Martin Tyler chime that the referee has 'got in the way again' - he might as well play for a side the amount of touches he gets!

In manager mode all the scouting has gone, the ability to increase facilities and the like. A flat based mode now that has little to offer.

Try as I might I just could not find the FIFA 'magic' in this game. I know there will be people who think its the dog's bits, but you really need to be honest.

I've moved on to FIFA 12 now, with its better shooting, better manager mode but bloomin' awful 'tactical defending'.................EA? Will you ever learn?

(By the way I am aware of the fact that along with COD the FIFA series is always going to be the best selling game of the year, but you think they could actually get it right, leave what works alone and only 'improve' sensibly).
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on 3 February 2011
I am a fan of FIFA and have been as long as i can remember, it all started for me with FIFA 98 Road to the World Cup, with the five a side indoor games my favourite feature and since then FIFA has grown and added more features, this is all good however i feel EA are holding back.

Every year they release a new game but it seems there running out of ideas, the new goalkeeper mode is interesting but still lacks ambition, the manager mode is as repetative as ever and was my favourite mode in previous versions however now gets boring and theyve not really made any changes, its the same as fifa 10 with this years rosters.

The 11v11 Mode works well and is fun to play especially if you can get your own team together or compete in leagues.

My favourite mode is Ultimate Team which this year is FREE, you'll need Xbox live gold to take full advantage of the online tournaments, as always with online play comes dissapointment, more often than not, you can be winning a game when the other player disconnects, you then recieve no points for winning the game or a bye to the next round which is very frustrating and is something EA should be sorting out for fifa 12.

If you love FIFA you'll enjoy this, i just hope EA does what it has done with other EA sport titles and listen to the fans to find out how we think the game can be improved, then act upon it.

Im also hoping they release a new commentator dlc now andy gray has been disgraced, his comments are annoying and repetative.
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on 12 January 2011
I bought this game for my new xbox and must admit its been about 2 years since i last played a football game, in fact i used to be pes fan boy so was a little hesitant to get a fifa but after reading several reviews, people were adamant that fifa has taken over. Playing it, i have to say that i agree. Firstly, the football feels so realistic its scary. Passing around is fast and fun, scoring can be difficult but rewarding and building up a good move is possible. All in all its like watching footy on tv, the way the players move and position themselves and the way the play progresses.

Graphics? Thats what pes always lacked in my opinion. Fifa of course looks gorgeous and i as always am particularly impressed with the presentation screens, music and general style. The animations are also amazing with what looks to be specific ones created for some players - like berbatov who hulks around the pitch and then offloads to rooney who barges and sprints about the place just like in real life.

In terms of game modes, its all as you would expect. Tournaments like the premier league down to league 2 are available along with a bemusing amount of other foreign competitions. The mode where you can play as an individual player is interesting but seems a little diffuclt so far, possibly more of a gimic i think (especially when playing as goalie). Finally, multiplayer seems comprehensive whether it be thrashing your mates or against random people. As always you will be hard pressed to find someone playing as a team other than Barcelona but other than its good fun.

Downsides? It can be frustrating trying to score and i have noticed that for some reason defenders are faster than strikers? Finishing is also difficult and it feels like they have made it so realistic you need to be great at football in real life to make progress in the virtual world. In summary, its a great football game and lets be honest, if you like football and want the most up to date game than you will be buying this. Just be warned, put a guard on your tv for when you throw the controller at the screen after missing the 10th 1-on-1 in a row!
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