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Platform: PC|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
Price:£2.95 - £39.99

on 3 December 2010
I'm 40 y.o, and since i was a kid that i play footy games. I still remember when i played Match Day 2 for the first time, i got amazed with this ZX Spectrum game.
After this game i've played few footy games because i always was a first person shot player, in spite i love football, soccer games on pc were very bored to play and the realism was not the better i was waiting for. Pro Sensible Soccer, Fifa 99, PES 3 and PES 6 (specially this last one) were the best footy games that i have played in the last 15 years. With PES 6, i wasted more than 10 hours per week playing it online with my friends, and after this game i really got disappointed with the next ones (PES 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) and Fifa (2007,2008, 2009, 2010). I always prefered PES because Fifa games had horrible movements and the players were very small in comparison with the field. Sometimes it seemed a soccer game of dwarves ...
Some weeks ago i've bought PES 2011 and I got disappointed with the game, specially with ball control and lags during online matchs. A friend of mine (we spent lots of hours playing PES6 online) told me great things about the FIFA 11 and I decided to try it...

Fantastic ball control, dribbling perfect, good positioning of the opponent on the pitch that make you have to think twice before continuing on, , slender system of shots, passes and crosses, superb graphics (no more dwarves ...), large and pretty stadiums, and a good atmosphere competition even when we are tired we can do with one more game to play.

In FIFA 11 you can not think you're the Ronaldo or Messi of your street, because if you keep dribbling around, your risk of losing the ball is high, so you'll have to opt for collective play if you want to reach the net with more facilities and opportunities of scoring a goal. Of course you also can do some dribbling to the audience, especially if you're not playing in the highest category (professional or as a veteran).
The only thing I didn't like in this game was the positional side of the players. In games like Pro Evo. Soccer you have a system where you can manually drag a player to a specified position in the field. In FIFA you can only choose squad systems (4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-1-2-1-2 ...), but even with this fail, I say that the game is terrific!!!
Even the online mode is terrific, with no lags (like we ALWAYS have in P.E.Soccer games...).
My sincere congratulations to the producers and directors of this game! They gained a new fan!
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on 6 January 2011
I love fifa games but this was just a lazy port of fifa 10 from the xbox 360, they have sorted out some of the bugs the manager mode has been mostly fixed as far as i can tell so far which is a massive Fix from the xbox version BUT they have left alot of the new features out of the engine from the xbox version of fifa 11 and the game still has MASSIVE bugs.

The game crashes during matches ussually late on and often when you have got a accomplishment done with a player, the manager mode is the same as fifa 10 on the 360 and not the new one developed for fifa 11 on the 360.

The patch has seemed to help this problem but not completely my game still crashes at times.

The game also suffers from lag at times my computer is about average in terms of performance and i can run other high end games with other programs running in the background with no issues but fifa 10 on lowest performance settings STILL suffers from issues.

a good pro about this game however is that there is lots of support from the online community I recently found a code to play the game in windowed mode which is not standard in the game.

If you are a PC gamer then might be best to look elsewhere but if you have a console get it for that instead, it may be more expensive but you are paying slightly more for a newer experience
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on 11 November 2011
Played only the 1st 5 mins and decided to shelf it.

Everything about the game (inc Menu setup, playability, incompatibility with my controller which is actually compatible with FIFA 2008) I dislike. So I stuck to playing with FIFA 2008 which is by far the best version released on PC.
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on 4 October 2010
As others have already said, this is a huge leap forward for FIFA on the PC. Can't say I'm too happy seeing my beloved Manchester City playing in a version of Stamford Bridge (again), but the Edit facility means that can soon be changed for the better. Also, the game's box cover is pretty horrible, but there are custom ones available for those it really offends.

But enough of the negatives, because this is a genuinely good football game. The graphics are just the most obvious improvement, and while they don't quite have the bells and whistles of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, they are very customisable, so those with the very highest of specs to those who just have rudimentary setups can expect a good looking game. Then there's the all important gameplay - a great improvement! Last year's iteration was, I feel, one of the worst in the series' history, and it looked like EA Sports might even be abandoning the PC gamer altogether. Thankfully, our loyalty through thin and thinner has at last been rewarded with a studied, thoughtful game, containing depth and intelligence as well as those nice graphics. Excitement once again, too, which is something the cheating AI of FIFA 10 sapped right of me: even at 3-0 up, you weren't safe from the bizarre AI of that game, and matches routinely ended 5-4 or 6-5 with goal fests arriving in the amazingly long periods of stoppage time. I won't be uninstalling PES 2010 (with Smoke Patch) just yet, however, as two high quality football games aren't to be sniffed at, and this is a very nice surprise.
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on 23 September 2014
It's the first game I see where "press A" does not mean that one should press the "A" key, but the key to whom the "A" key of an hypothetical XBOX 360 gamepad happens to be mapped. Hey, developers, if I wanted to buy hardware to play football games maybe I would purchase a full console, don't you think? No, they apparently don't, so one has to learn the gamepad-to-keyboard mappings (or to change them, but only out of the main program, using an application which appears to have been designed under Windows 95), and is not allowed to associate the unused extra keyboard keys to other functions (tactics etc.). Same situation for the video: it's maybe tolerable that they recycled the engine of FIFA 2010 for the console, it's much less acceptable that all the options menu are designed having in mind a low definition TV screen instead of a typical PC monitor: so, don't even think to be able to see your entire team (on the field + bench) on a single screen, or to visualize more than 5-6 options at a time. Noooo... you must navigate with the RB/LB keys (you remember to which keyboard key are they mapped, don't you?). Even worse is the replay function, which seems not aware of those modern inventions such as mice.
About gameplay I cannot say much, as I played too little time. Anyway, I found defending very difficult, not because some subtle game imbalance, but simply because the indicator of the selected player is a tiny triangle of dark green (sigh!) color.
Two stars for the detailed graphics, but enjoyment is practically inexistent.
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on 26 October 2010
I am of course talking about the appalling bugs that continue to plague FIFA on the PC. I've now got to the point where in Manager Mode I'm unable to play and save a game without it crashing to desktop. And after numerous complaints about it worldwide EA have still not done anything about it. Don't waste your money on the PC version unless you want to spend hours trying to fix the myriad of bugs and to no avail. A disgrace, frankly.
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on 31 October 2010
This game is a big improvement and a step forward for PC Fifa games, this game may be more like Fifa 10 on console but it won't be long before they are in the same league. The new engine works wonders and is a massive improvement as it is really realistic.
The only problem is the Keyboard system is very complicated and can take the fun out of it, if you were to buy it buy a Xbox 360 Controller for Windows and it would be a top class game and a lot of fun.
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on 8 June 2011
I hadn't played any football-related games in several years and FIFA 2011 is certainly a good alternative to (re)start with. The game is very well balanced, allowing for a progressive adaptation to the increasing difficulty levels (going from Amateur to Legendary). The graphics and sound quality are also pretty good (the graphics in particular isn't extremely demanding, even on higher levels).
But be warned...the game does feature some more or less irritating bugs - at least in the PC version. Few are visible (or audible) during matches (the most are present during the management stage) like having the same team appear twice in a league or, when playing in competitions like ECC, not being able to actually see the other groups (cycling through the groups only ever shows the group your team is actually in). Also, some things still need a bit of tweaking - like the fact that you may have a lot of transfer funds but only a very small wage budget (and you can't balance the two like you can on the Xbox version), which means you may be stuck with several hundred million euros for transfers but no good player would come to your team because you can't offer him high enough wages.
In all, FIFA 2011 is a game which will likely be enjoyed by the enthusiasts, especially since there's a large variety of moves, shots etc. which you can perform during the game. Also, the game is good for you if you're the kind of person that likes to play occasionally, for no more than 10 - 15 minutes (which is the length of an average match). It does tend to become boring if played very often, but then again that's just my personal opinion.
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on 8 October 2010
A family member I live with has a PS3 and had FIFA 10 on it. This was a great game and because FIFA 10 was so rubbish on PC I just played that instead. I can't be fooled though EA Sports, this is essentially FIFA 10 for PC, the way it should have been. Exactly the same game basically with none of the career options that come with FIFA 11 on the console version.

Would have been a 5* if they actually had bothered to port the correct version for the year, as the FIFA series is great and 2010 was good, so this ISN'T a bad game. It's just incredibly lazy of EA sports and mocking of PC gamers who have shelled out their cash for the game expecting FIFA 11 and all the add ons that the adverts have been promising and you don't get them.

EA Sports, could we have FIFA 12, at the same time as FIFA 12 on the consoles and not have to wait for FIFA 13 to play it? Thanks....
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on 19 October 2010
Ok having ignored any fifa for pc before as tried the demos and they were just rubbish!
I used to pay fifa 09 ,fifa 10 on xbox 360 and loved them.but wondered why us pc gamers never got that same game the console players got.
But then fifa 11 came on pc and i read it was using the same engine as the consoles,I was shocked also wondered why they could.nt make it better than the consoles as the pc is far more powerfull.
Anyway i got the game and was shocked it is better than fifa 09.fifa 10 on the consoles ,but its not really fifa 11 as theres no pro passing and personality features,WHY DID THEY LEAVE THEM OUT.
Maybe as adig to us pc gamers or to keep the console big spending people happy to spend the extra money.
I give fifa 1 on pc 1010 there are a few little bugs ,But a patch should dort that out,But a very good game indeed.
p.sthe pro passing and personality are not all that so i dont miss them.
Pc gamers get this game and i see u in a head to head ea name ,sinbad28 (happy gaming)
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