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Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 12 August 2010
I have to agree somewhat to the reviews here that this book is so simply written that it does insult our intelligence, but you could say that about most of james Patterson's books in all honesty.

This time he sticks his hand in the mafia/mobster bucket and pulls out a decent thriller. The story reminds me a lot of Jason Pinter's 'THE MARK' which is actually a lot better than this - a journalist is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets caught up with all kinds of dangerous goings-on - but this is still an entertaining novel all the same.

As others have mentioned, this is a summer read, written by James Patterson, so anyone who's expecting 'CRIME AND PUNISHMENT' or 'THE GODFATHER' are most likely to be disappointed but if you read it for what it is then it's great! 3.5/5
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 August 2010
I pre-warn you, I am on a serious case of getting on my soap box here so if you don't want to listen to 50% opinion and a 50% rant to the author then please feel free to read no further.

The fact that I read this in a day and a half, and then spent a 20 minute walk moaning about it to my sister speaks volumes. You read the jacket and find yourself thinking "it sounds pretty good". How wrong could I have been?

The story is the most important part of a book closely followed by the writing style and talent of the author. Clearly James Patterson though both these things were irrelevant. There has been a lot of hype over the deal between JP and his co-authors with some people claiming that JP contributes very little to these books, however nothing has ever been confirmed or denied from the Publishers.

This story was just awful and to be truthful so far fetched and ridiculous it made the plot from the film Crank look realistic! I have to mention in particular the fist major scene which is the murder of a mob lawyer. Now you have to bear in mind that this scene is set in one of New York's most `happening' restaurants which is full to the brim. This `assassin' manages to walk in (obviously he knew the Maitre De) walk past all the packed tables and manages to approach the table and cut this mans eyeballs out. I have no knowledge, but I am guessing that this sort of killing in real life takes a little more than a minute or so. But still this killer manages to do all of this in an exceedingly short space of time. Once the task is complete, the whole restaurant is screaming but luckily there are two off duty police officers who `draw their weapons'. However, the killer manages (with two guns pointed at him remember) to produce two guns of his own. Not only does the killer manage to retrieve his two guns before the police discharge their weapons, he also manages to kill them both with a single bullet to the middle of the forehead. Following his miraculous shots he exits the building through the kitchen and vanishes!

Now do you see what I mean about the ridiculous storyline?

Aside from the major flaws of the story being so far fetched it's ridiculous it also lacked any real oomph. The characters are one dimensional and the dialogue between them is laughable. The only good thing about this whole book is the fact that the chapter layout and style is the typical Patterson special. Short and sharp, it's just unfortunate that it's the only positive I can find. The ending was predictable and everything wrapped up like a perfect Christmas gift.

Never before have I read a Patterson and hated the characters as much as I did in this one. The main character Nick Daniels is like a modern day Indiana Jones but even Indiana doesn't get as unlucky as this guy. nearly every chapter produces a scene where the guy is 'nearly killed'. His so called relationship with another character in the book Courtney was like something out of a teen flick and made me cringe. Never one to give up I read the book from cover to cover and found that the nearer to the end I got the happier I felt. The sooner I finished this mess of a book the better. If this was a debut novel with no authors name on the front I would be surprised if many readers bothered finishing it, let alone reading another.

This may seem ridiculous to people that I feel so strongly about a book, but I just feel.....well robbed would be the best description. I have personally contributed a lot of my hard earned cash to a man that is an excellent writer with an extreme talent, who insists on producing far too many books. In turn I feel like he is cheating his fans into buying anything with his name on it.

I still believe that James Patterson is a very talented man that can produce books that all his readers would love. However, I am beginning to think that JP maybe doesn't care what his readers/fans think. I mean he is hardly doing this for the money now so why his continues to co-write such a vast number of books is beyond me. I would rather have to wait a year for one book that would be his work and his work alone. Mr Patterson, your readers deserve a refund!
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on 9 December 2010
Well a lot of what I thought has already been said. I have read every single Patterson book he has released (apart from the Maximum Ride, Manga etc) and this is just like it's from a completely different person! It makes me wonder whether Patterson even saw this book before the co-writer published, or even more worryingly, Patterson has had his co-writers writing so many of his books recently that when he has put pen to paper he's forgotten how to do it.

Book description 'James Patterson delivers his most heart-pounding thriller ever'. Did he? When? There was absolutely nothing heart pounding about this story. Bring back the early Alex Cross days, now THEY could be heart pounding. A book you could get your teeth into and really enjoy. I only finished this because I can't not read a book to the end.

The ending of the chapters reminded of stories I would write at school "And you'll never guess what happened next?!". It was just a variation at the end of each chapter. So repetitive. I love the format of the short paragraphs but every single one of them seemed to have to show suspense, that it became boring and quite immature in the way it was done.

This was absolute rubbish. By the end of it I wanted the main character to die, purely because he was doing my head in by always cheating death. There's fiction and then there's fantasy so far fetched it becomes unbelievable.

I hope Patterson is back to form soon.
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I agree with many of the other reviewers that it appears that James Patterson had little input inot this book. However, it was co-written by Howard Roughan and I feel that he did a pretty decent job of it. I enjoyed the book, but have to admit I was a bit confused at times. Contrary to another review I really liked the characters and feel they were well written and beleivable. The ending came as a complete surprise to me, but I thought it was really good and certainly beleivable. There is a lot of action and many deaths but these all add to the tension. I would certainly recommend this, but just don't expect a James Patterson novel.
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on 17 October 2011
As a real fan of James Patterson, I was really looking forward to it, but the early chapters are so far fetched that the story loses all credibility.

I agree with the other reviewer that the scene with the murder of a mob lawyer, set in a busy New York restaurant stretches credulity to the limit. My other concern is that the characters aren't well rounded and so you don't really care for them... you certainly don't root for them to succeed in the same way that you do for Alex Cross (or Jim Reacher, or James Bond or even The Thunderbirds!)...

Much has been said about the sheer number of books that James Patterson produces. Much as I hate waiting for twelve months or more between new books from my favourite authors, it is usually worth the wait. With these collaborations from Mr Patterson, it rarely is and by producing poorly crafted storylines with weak characters he is damaging his reputation as a first class author of crime fiction.
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on 8 August 2010
I do not usually write reviews but having just read Don't Blink I feel I must try to prevent other fans wasting their money. This is without doubt the worst Patterson book I have read. It reads like a bad Hollywood 'B' movie script. On the plus side the extract from The Postcard Killers, looks like he may be back in form!
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on 12 February 2014
Gritty Gritty crime drama from Mr Patterson telling the adventures of a young journalist who jumps out of the frying pan into the fire almost literally. My gran used to say don't go looking for trouble it will find you all by itself. A story of a lifetime comes his way and he can't throw it aside or so his editor tells him. Before he knows where he is he is witness to a horrific murder and becomes a person of interest very quickly. Yeah you guessed it he finds trouble Big Time and he is left running for his life. Problem for Nick is he does not know which is up and which is down ? who to trust and ? who to fear. His one constant the love of his life is engaged to someone else can she help? will she help? and who will he put in harms way? There's a great balance in this book good story with car chases, gun fire, planes, trains and automobiles, love, fear and a little bit of crazy for good measure. I was on the edge of my seat and could not put it down. Well worth the read and the time it takes you to do that.
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on 1 February 2015
Title was right. Blink and you miss a important part of the story. Can't afford to miss paragraphs. Great story pure action from the start lots of twists and suspense. Just when you thought it was finishing something exciting happens a d it continues. Loved it all the way
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on 26 July 2014
A book choice is a personal choice by the reader. For us the author James Patterson is the main one. Patterson is simple a prolifik wright of many top sellers. many of which we have. Need a little action in your life remember the name James Pattison Top Knotch.
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on 14 January 2012
This is one of Patterson's books that I wish I hadn't bothered buying. It also makes me think that this has been rapidly put together with another writer simply to meet a publishers contract. I've read so many books co-authored by Patterson with another author which are not up to the standard to which his readers have become accustomed. I for one, have stopped buying Patterson's books.
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