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on 25 August 2015
I wish that I had found this system years ago. It would have saved me a lot of neck pain and bashed equipment from collisions with fences & gates etc. while my gear has been slung around my neck, not to mention my ice cream dripping on it in hot weather!
I am an 18 stone, 6 foot 2 inch tall guy and I have always been concerned that straps of this kind would end up putting the camera in the region of my armpit, but after watching the video where it was demonstrated that the strap could be extended by clipping in another uni strap, I decided to take the plunge.
Briilliant! The XL uni strap that I fitted is way long enough and in fact I have had to shorten it right down. The camera is at my right hand, just where I want it and it slides up the sling to the shooting position with no hindrance at all.
The neoprene strap is really so very comfortable that you forget you are carrying the gear. The only negative for me is that the only thing between £2k worth of gear and the pavement is a single plastic clip. I did buy another pack of XL camera connectors, so I am going to look at a way of doubling up on security without interfering with functionality. I have fitted the little Velcro strips to prevent accidental undoing of the clip, but I am more concerned with the clip failing all together. I will find a way. I am sure that I am just being over cautious but better safe than sorry as they say.
One this is for certain though, I will not be going back to the bog standard straps out of the box.

UPDATE: The little Velcro strips are good but they make the connector tight against the strap so the ability to slide is impeded. Have taken them off.
To satisfy my psychosis about my camera hitting the deck, I have fitted the QR mount for my tripod and attached the other Uni loop connector to that, so there is a failsafe should one clip fail. I can attach to the tripod without removing the uni loop because there is a recess in the QR plate.
Now I am a happy bunny!
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on 27 May 2017
Why do some companies insist on branding their products so prominently? This is a great strap, but it loses a star as a penalty for me having to tolerate carrying a large and very obvious Op/Tech USA advertisement on my shoulder. It can give people the impression that I'm from the other side of the pond - which, in places like India, means the price of everything I want to buy immediately doubles! Their name's silkscreen-printed in bright white, but I'll figure out a way to make it a bit more discreet!

The strap gets its remaining four stars for being comfortable, stretchy and non-slip - totally fit for purpose. It's so much better to carry a camera at waist height than have it hanging around your neck or over a shoulder. The elasticated padded section takes off so much weight when you're carrying a long lens (or even a short one for a long time).

Like many others, I ignored the instruction to fit it to the right-hand side of my camera - which made it almost impossible to use the camera in portrait mode. It works just as well, although the camera does hang slightly more awkwardly, when fitted to the left-hand side. I've fitted another connector to the right-hand side so, if need be, I can use my Op/Tech wrist strap (which doesn't have an obvious advert on it!) instead.

Unlike other reviewers, I'm not unduly concerned about the clips or fabric connectors breaking and allowing my hugely expensive kit to crash to the floor. They seem to be made of tough stuff and I'm sure that, given the Americans' love of litigation, Op/Tech will have tested them to destruction. My only concession to added security has been to tailor-fit a Velcro cable tie around the quick-release buckle.

I have previously been a fan of the over-priced Blackrapid R-Strap system, but I'm pleased to recover use of the tripod mount on my camera with the Op/Tech system. I also find this strap significantly more comfortable - on my shoulder and on my wallet.
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on 1 October 2017
I bought this together with the Optech wrist strap with a view to chopping and changing between the two on a travel trip - but they were obviously designed by an imbecile. The wrist strap fits perfectly, and (think about this one) I fitted it to the right hand side of the camera, where the grip is...I'm sure most people would do the same.

3 days later the strap drops in the door. It has 2 movable clips on the strap to connect to the camera - a male and a female - and the part on the camera from the wrist strap is male (are you with me?). So guess which one on the strap goes to the grip side of the camera? - that's right, the MALE side!!! - how stupid is that?... This now means that I can't use the wrist strap and strap together, and if I did clip the camera onto the strap then the lens is poking me in the gut and the screen is next to the world, just ready to get smashed.

A perfectly good product, designed by an imbicile. My first and last purchase from Optech...
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on 10 November 2013
I've been using a home-made sling since first coming across the original R-strap many years back. Never want to use a neck strap again. The idea is great, but the original cost far too much back then.

Had previously owned and used traditional Op/Tech straps and when I saw their far more reasonable price of their sling, with other positive reviews, I bought one.

Glad I did. Very comfortable, and holds the weight of D300+grip+flash+medium zoom lens very comfortably over long periods

Being a portrait shooter I connected mine to the LEFT hand side of the body, contrary to the instructions. For me, a portrait shooter, this is far easier to use with a body+grip. There are no problems with the strap dangling between eyepiece and eye.
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on 10 August 2014
Overall I am very impressed with this sling type strap.
I find they are a lot better than the neck type strap you get with the camera.
The strap is well made and comfortable and the camera hangs comfortably at my waist so is easy to reach.
The only couple of negative points I found is that the strap may not be long enough for many people, it is fully extended for myself and I am only 5'8", if you are any taller it may not hang in a comfortable position.
Also the sling comes with two attachment loops. If you fit both to your camera, one each side of the body, the camera does not sit properly and is awkward to hold. I found on my Nikon D5200 that it is better to fit just one to the right hand side of the camera body and then it hangs perfectly and is perfectly placed for my right hand.
On a plus point optech other items that go with this stap. If you are not sure about the security of the quick release clips, you can get velcro strips that fit around them, also if you buy the optec hand strap, the quick release clip is the same so you can change from one strap to the other easily!
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on 25 January 2016
A number of friends at our photographic society recommended a sling strap such as the Black Rapid etc. They seemed quite expensive so I was looking around to see if there were any alternatives when I saw this. I already had an Optech neck strap and the beauty of this solution is that, if by using the clip connectors you can swap between different carrying modes. And you can disconnect any strap completely when using on a tripod. Also because it uses the camera strap connections not the tripod mount you don't have to unscrew it to use your tripod.The Optech is a system not just a single function item - there are various options available. Thoroughly recommended - oh and it was considerably cheaper than the alternatives.
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on 7 June 2016
Simply put, a perfect solution to the "neck strap" strain issue. It's comfy and my only complaint is that my body's too long for it as standard, but the extensions make it feel a bit too long (although I can still obviously reach the camera with my hands).

Product quality is great. I gave it a "test" stretch (I'm not weak by anyone's standards) and it held up just fine, so it'll definitely handle my D7200 and any walk around lens I feel like shoving on it.

Honestly, this is great quality product and I spent a lot of time (probably too much) looking around before I took the plunge on this one.
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on 7 August 2013
Ive just taken delivery of the op/tech utility sling strap with loop's, and its just great, ive been looking for some time now for a decent strap and purchased a neoprene one from e'bay and while it was ok it was never going to be the main strap on my canon eos 7d dslr with battery grip, i was lucky enough to meet someone with the op/tech strap on their camera and after trying it out i was sold on the product, it does tick all the right boxes, as some of the reviews have mentioned here when you are in the portrait position with the camera the straps do obscure the main screen on the camera but all that needs to be done is to move the small loops over to one side and the problem is solved, or if you are using both the loops why not just disconnect the left sided one no big deal there, the strap is wide enough and also has enough depth in the padding on it that it does not dig in about the shoulder area, it is also very easy to adjust the length so that it fits all sizes of bodies, all said i will be buying another one for my eos 50d with battery grip, and i would recomend this product to all looking for a good camera strap. John.
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on 12 September 2016
Probably the best item I've bought for my camera. Great for travelling, very comfortable when walking all day. Extra padding on the should/chest is great but can get a bit sweaty in hot climates.

I was dubious about the strength of the clips but so far they seem very strong so far. Using the second clip for a second item (eg. lens pouch) causes extra weight pulling down when taking a photo, which becomes very annoying. After a few months I stopped using it. I would recommend it perhaps for heavier camera (two points of securing?)
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on 23 May 2013
When you first buy a Dslr Camera, many factors might direct you to your final purchase. Weight will not normally be one of those factors.
Then you buy a better quality Lens, maybe a Battery Grip, and most likely a Flash unit. Well that's my story anyway.

Soon that strap that came with your camera does not spread the load, and everything hangs on a small part of your neck, and carrying this lot becomes a chore... not a pleasure.

With one of these Straps you will hardly feel these additions because all the weight is spread around your shoulder.
The camera attaches to a sliding clip, and can be brought to your eye in one sweep.

My main hobby is nature photography, and once in the field my Canon 70-200 L + Battery Grip + Flash if doing Birds can come to some fair weight... with this strap, it is honestly not a problem.

The shoulder pad is very wide and rubbery in feel, and your Camera comes to rest at your side. Adjusting this strap dictates just were this rest point is.

I love mine, and I think you will love yours too, because when you upgrade your camera, you will sell it with the Other Strap... and keep this one.
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