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on 15 January 2018
I bought this for my husband as he loves to have soup every few days or so and we were tired of the old leak-y plastic container that we used before this. No more cold soup for my hubby for sure!
Now, I can't take this as set in stone because what hot soup means for him is just a bit more than lukewarm to me. Anyway, after around 8h he claimed the soup was so hot he had to keep the flask open for 20+ minutes to cool down, for him to be able to eat it. I keep forgetting to test this claim myself but since he's the one using it, I just believe it keeps it hot enough to enjoy it after several hours. The soup was very hot when i poured it into the flask as I had just finished cooking it so that might be one reason it was still too hot to eat after 8 hours.

- The flask is completely cold on the outside while I pour really hot soup into it and it stays cold while keeping the food inside hot for several hours. So it is totally safe. It can be even safe for children as long as they can unscrew the top easily without the risk of pouring hot liquids on themselves, it seals very well so it might not be that easy.
- Completely leak proof. Nothing escapes the vacuum insulated cap, which is covered by a plastic bowl like cap and then another cap that you see in the presentation picture. So two screw tops plus the plastic insert between them (that I don't know what it's for). I have not noticed any leakage what so ever no even within itself.
- We got the 700ml one, which holds up to two bowls of soup. Wasn't sure about getting a bigger one or not, but my husband says this one is big enough for him.
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on 28 January 2017
Having left my old faithful one that had served me well for many years when visits family far away I needed a replacement urgently, searched throughout Amazon reviews and chose this ........ it didn't work, I usually put porridge in at 9.30 pm and eat it at work 7.30 am ish but it was just a cold lump, tried with soup and a casserole same. Tested it with hot water having warmed it first and two hours later is was lukewarm. Returned it and am happy with another bran I purchased
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on 5 December 2017
Influenced by the claims of keeping things hot for 8 hours, I ordered this product as a food flask along with a vacuum jug for liquids. What a disappointment. Filled with boiling water at 11pm I checked it the following morning at 6.30. The water was warm and I surmise that had it been soup it waould have been similar. Tried it again and checked it 3 hours later. The top cup as very warm; the inner cup was even warmer and the water itself was hot but not hot enough to make coffee/tea. Heat was being lost through the lids. I poured it out and found that it was only as hot as the water that comes out of the hot tap! Once again, a soup would have been only warm if it had been left for the usual five and a half hours. My old food flask would have definitely kept it hot for 10+ hours - I often had my hot soup at 5.30pm if I didn't have it at lunchtime.
I am returning this item for a refund.
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on 17 September 2015
After getting this for my husband last year and then for a few of our friends, I finally got myself one.
No longer do I need to queue for the microwave at work and waste half my lunch break, I now sit down at 1PM and enjoy piping hot soup that I microwaved at home at 6AM this morning and it's hot!
Would recommend this to anyone, whether your going out on a picnic, or fishing or just to work this flask is ace :)
review image
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on 12 November 2017
Keeps my daughter lunch hot until school dinner time. We love it.
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on 20 March 2018
this product is the worst thing i have ever bought. on several occasions now i have not been able to open it at my lunchtime due to the vacuum. i have had to pour boiling hot water round the edge of the lid in order to get it to release. not safe for me and as this has only worked once for me i have had to go without my lunch on more than one occasion now and it is really frustrating. i would not recommend this product to anybody.
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on 24 August 2016
I have ordered few months ago my first flask and it arrived faulty (when closed had small gap in between lid and actual body- did not close tightly as it should have I was sure if it was only me so got my all family member to check and it was faulty) sent back got refund but decided to re-order as I really needed flask to keep my morning porridge and this seemed to be one of the best in the market for very reasonable price. There is no plastic materials interacting with actual food (heat holder top bit is plastic but it does not touch food- well should not - as you not meant to Overfill if this makes sense) item second time arrived in perfect condition and I love this food flask as much as my morning porridge because before I used to carry my porridge in open bowl covered with tin foil to my work from home which is ridiculous right.. anyway I do not like breakfast from anywhere as much as from my kitchen and porridge seems to be the healthiest and tastiest so big YEY this flask is lovely for SOUP if you like or anything one person portion. Keeps food warm for several hours and is very light to be carried in my handbag!
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on 12 October 2012
I purchased this flask after reading the great reviews. Our new office at work is a long walk, two flights of stairs and four locked security doors away from the kitchen so I thought this would be perfect for hot foods and soups. Sadly, my food is cold a few hours after. I'm not sure where I am going wrong and I don't really see how this flask works as its only a metal tube. Perhaps I'm missing something.
It didn't come with any instructions in the box, but I thought I would have to warm it up first, so I have tried warming it with boiled water for a good 15 mins before I fill it with food. I've tried it only with soup in case it didn't keep more solid food such as casserole warm and I've tried it filled to the top in case that is what is needed (although this is an awful lot of soup). Still I have cold food.
Back to my search I think.
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on 14 March 2018
Item bought for my husband to take soup and hot meals to work. Filled up with hot water the first night and was left for 8 hours was still hot in the morning. If part full food still stays hot enough after 7 hours, not boiling but pleasant enough to eat. Item has not leaked and is a good size especially for a stew or bulky meal.
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on 15 October 2017
Although it does retain the heat fairly well, the main issue I've had, is with the lid. The rubber seal comes off too easily and is hard to get back on. This results in the lid jamming when trying to undo it. The seal also causes the lid to mis-thread, meaning that eventually it jammed so tight that I couldn't open it at all and had to throw it away after 8 months of intermittent use. Until this issue is fixed by the manufacturers, I would say that this flask is not worth the money.
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