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on 13 January 2012
After reading all the reviews on the coffee machines I decided to go for the Senseo, glad I did as the machine is fantastic takes around 20seconds from start to finish and you get a delicious cup of coffee/tea/chocolate/cappuccino what ever you fancy, I am very impressed it saves on electricity too. One problem I can't buy the Senseo coffee any where here in Cyprus, not a big problem as I will order online.
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on 15 September 2013
I ordered this one as I thought my old machine had ran its course, however before it arrived i found the old machine had only failed due to a coffee grind being stuck in the pod holder, but i started using the new machine and now cant stop i love it, coffee appears warmer and i can make 4 cups at same time (2only with previous) great machine love it
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on 5 July 2011
Got the machine quickly and immediately noticed a nasty plasticy taste. Had a check on the web and plenty of people complaining about this very problem tried all the solutions like boiling the holder and putting it through the dishwasher, no real improvement was noted.

So I contacted Philips to see if there was anything I could do to the holder to stop the taste, it's the holder that is tainting the water, it's quite a horrible smell/taste. Philips said that it's probably due to the chlorine and minerals in the water - body swerve - and I should only use freshly drawn water for each cup! The thing is I live in an area where the water comes straight from a fresh source (Northern Scotland) it couldn't be softer and without chlorine. I told them this but in all honesty they didn't give the impression of being a company that cared, hardly unusual these days.
I have persisted but after 3 weeks of use I still have a nasty tainted taste but it's not as bad, so if I persist it will probably improve. So at the moment I'm drawing water for every cup which makes the water holder totally useless. I'm in two minds as to whether or not I should go through the RMA process or just stick with it.

On the plus side, if you buy a Coffeeduck adapter for it you can use whichever coffee you want in the machine, it makes significantly better coffee than the pods particularly if you use dark roasted fine coffees. If you must buy one, get a coffeeduck as well, it's essential.

At the moment, I really feel that I wish I had bought a Nespresso machine. I may still do this once I get the value out of the Philips.
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on 17 May 2011
As a coffee lover, I never would have considered any artificial/gadget type coffee maker such as the Nesspresso range (I mean they make nasty instant coffee for god's sake!). Traditionally I stick with filter machines, espresso machines or a cafetiere.
One day on holiday in Germany I booked an apartment which had one of the Senseo range machines and nothing else (I was dreading it). I soon found out that there is nothing unnatural about the coffee pods. In fact it is simply coffee wrapped up in a filter pod and the senseo is a glorified espresso machine... But that is the great thing! It's nothing like to gadget-like machines that produce artificial coffee.
The only difference here (when compared to an espresso machine) is that it is much easier to use and requires no maintenance. Everything is done quickly and cleanly. Perfect for a quick cup of coffee (less than 1 minute preparation time). The coffee is quite good too. I must admit I had to try various pods until I found the one I like and the UK does not stock more than the Senseo range which is unfortunate. There are so many brands in Germany including fair trade and organic varieties. The Senseo dark roast is okay if you are going to stick to their range though...
This machine is a must have addition to your other coffee machines. You should always have a filter machine or cafetiere in case feel like something else (without foam).
I did not detect any plastic taste but I did clean out the machine properly and went through a draining cycle before drinking my first cup... maybe there was a bad batch for people that did taste it?
My only problem here is the limited pod range available in the UK and the lack of other brands which leaves me importing coffee from Germany. If they get them here than this machine is a must have just for convenience alone.
Again, this is real coffee unlike what the Nesspresso machines produce. The coffee is the right temperature too provided you don't add cold milk. Add a bit of cream instead (this way your coffee still stays hot and tastes good). If you want to froth milk then that is good to but it does defeat the purpose of a quick cup of coffee...
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on 26 January 2012
I bought this Philips Senseo Quadrante for my wife for Xmas but unfortunately it did not work but informed Amazon and they sent another out straight away. It is working and the wife loves it as she had the smaller model. It looks good and she informs me it makes loverly coffee! A good buy!!
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on 13 June 2011
Bought this to replace our old model which gave up the ghost after at least 5 years! For us this is the best coffee machine as it is pretty idiot proof and supplies us with great coffee. We do buy boxes of 'Luxury Coffee Creamer' from our local Costco which compliments the coffee well!
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on 24 September 2012
Howdy folks, I just received my new machine HD7860 model yesterday from (Shavers) , and it works perfectly without any flaws. I read other reviewers complaints regarding the smell in the water tank and mine did not have any weird or unusual smell. Really, there is nothing wrong with it.
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on 30 May 2013
Excellent Service - it arrived the day after I ordered it.
The coffee machine is good quality and simple to use. It was an update on my previous Senseo machine.
The coffee pads are also simple to use and environmentally friendly.
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on 16 November 2013
This is my second Senseo machine the last one I bought in Belgium when they first came out which is over 10 years ago it is still working but my wife wanted me to order a black one so that it matched the rest of our kitchen appliances
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on 10 March 2011
replaced our old Senseo with this new updated model, much better design then the prevoius model, the coffee tastes better from this updated model.
Philips HD7860/60 SENSEO Quadrante Coffee Pod System
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