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on 6 June 2017
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on 15 October 2011
The sound from these speakers is astounding - read the other reviews for more information. What lets them down is the interference they pick up from nearby mobile phones. This prevents me from recommending them to somebody else. It is incredibly annoying - simple as that.

Unless you're happy to put your mobile two to three metres away (handy when you're sat at the desk and your phone rings!), I would recommend going for the Companion 20 speakers; I confirmed with Bose that the issue has been addressed in the Companion 20, and they sound better too.
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on 21 August 2011
I bought these not from Amazon, but from John Lewis (for exactly the same price - you rarely find Bose products dicounted). I was looking to replace an iPod dock, but stumbled across these and thought that, being Bose products, the sound quality would compensate for the lack of iPod dock facility. I was not wrong. I have had to purchase an iPod/iPhone mains charger, but for the £3 cost, this is not a problem.

The speakers were beautifully packaged and protected, and I have decided to keep the packaging as it is so useful for transprting and storing the speakers. The build quality is exceptional, as you would expect from any product of this price tag, and they are beautifully weighted, meaning that even on full volume, they do not slide across the table! Also, they are relatively small and compact, though they are slightly deeper than the picture on the box depicts. There is a mains plug provided, and on the back of the RH speaker you find a DC IN socket, a socket to connect the LH speaker (again, the cable is provided), and two RGA phono inputs. One RGA cable is provided, and I have sourced a second one for a matter of pence from Amazon.

As far as sound quality goes, they are superb. They are perfectly balanced, and provide a clean, accurate sound, while actively boosting the bass frequencies, to create a rich, warm sound. The salesman in John Lewis tried to persuade me to purchase the Series 3, at £150, simply because of the additional subwoofer, but honestly, for just using as PC speakers, you don't need it! These Series II are phenominally loud, and easily fill a large room, without even slightly distorting.

Overall, an aboslutley brilliant pair of speakers, at brilliant value. I would recommend to anyone looking for speakers, or an iPod dock!

Well done Bose!
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on 2 January 2012
These speakers are flawless for their purpose - if you simply want to listen to music whilst you work. I suspect that the serious gamer would want something different, but if the objective is to actually get something done whilst enjoying one's music, then the Bose Companion 2 is the perfect solution.

The tonal quality is rich and mellifluous. I have tried listening to a range of genres, and have not found the speakers wanting in any of them. Currently listening to Delius 'Sea Drift' as I type, and the reproduction is rich and authentic. Bass is just enough - convincing without being boomy. Volume-wise, you can ratchet these babies up to the point where it is uncomfortable sitting in front of them - but no detectable distortion to speak of.

The speakers are extremely solid and appear well-made - a much more substantial piece of kit than the equivalent Logitech model, which also seems highly-rated.

Great price too - like a previous reviewer, I actually picked them up in John Lewis for significantly less than the Amazon price, although I would ordinarily have ordered them from the latter.

Clearly, people buy multimedia speakers for quite different reasons - given that my emphasis is predominantly on being able to work whilst enjoying my music, this particular Bose model seems the ideal solution - and £100 less than the next one up the scale.

EDIT: I noted that a previous reviewer had complained about mobile phone interference with these speakers. Having now experimented at some length, by attempting to send texts or receive calls from my smartphone, by balancing it on top of the Bose speakers, I can confirm that there is absolutely no sign of interference whatsoever. It seems that Bose have now fixed the problem on this model.
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on 27 November 2012
The sound is great, no distortion at all even at full volume! The sound quality is absolutely superb. There is a lot of music coming out of this little boxes. They are surprisingly small and light.
i think they are very suitable for classical music as probably for all sorts of music, but not that suitable for a party with rock and reggae. They do not have enough power and bass to get a party going.
It depends on what you want from speakers. These ones offer pure sound quality there is no doubt about that, but i was expecting more power, and more bass otherwise very happy with them.
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on 25 May 2013
Having purchased these because of the great reviews I'm disappointed.

- these Bose speakers constantly pickup noise from mobile phones located 2 metres from them. My £30 Creative speakers do not.
- when not connected to my computer they hum constantly which is REALLY ANNOYING.

This is not what I expect from the product at this price range. The sound quality is OK - FOR THE PRICE. I think that the Bose Companion 2 speakers use active signal processing to boost the audio signal. I already sound pre-processing on my computer to improve audio quality that is much better than these speakers and there is no way to disable the Bose audio processing.

Summary, good value at £40 but not worth the £90 I paid. I'm returning them.
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on 30 November 2011
Well, not really so helpful to do a video review of speakers, I know. But I love 'em! And although my monitor is ancient, the PC system itself is decent enough with a sound card. Really just to give you an idea of how big they are and so forth. Pretty hefty wee things, actually. I rarely turn up the volume even half-way, to be honest. And you can input an alternative audio source (such as an iPod or whatever) using the extra twin RCA-type connection on the back of the main speaker unit. The secondary unit is attached with an adequately-lengthed mini-jack lead and there's a bass hole on the reverse of each. That's about it, I reckon.

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on 22 March 2013
The speakers were a Valentines present for my husband as he regularly listens to rock music through the computer - he loves them! So much better sound quality than the ones we had before. They were delivered promptly and very well packaged and I would highly recommend them. The only suggestion I would make to Bose is to put a light on one of the speakers so you know that they are on (they do need to be plugged into the electricity unlike our previous ones) but I do tend to forget to turn them off.
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on 24 October 2011
I use these on my iMac and they give a good sound, if a little too muffled as standard and lacking high end frequencies. This is probably the fault of the computer out signal (from the headphone socket) though not the speakers.

However, there's an equaliser in iTunes (Window>Equaliser) that can be used to improve this enormously, at least for this application. They transform the sound then.

They're good, heavy pieces of kit and are hugely better than the computer's built-in speakers.

I've had no interference at all to/from my mobile phone, which is a foot away from the speakers as I write, so the other reviewer might just be unlucky.

Recommended and reasonable value.

Edit: Aargh! Spoke too soon. Having now had these for a few days, they do pick up mobile phone interference within a yard or so. That intermittent be-beep be-beep sound. Not often but it does happen. It didn't happen with the built-in speakers so it is presumably an avoidable problem.

Knocked one star off now from 4 to 3.
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on 19 May 2013
It's a great pair of speakers. Great bass, great sounds. Other speakers might give you more bass with or without subwoofer. But a lot of bass is not what you want if you care about music quality. You might need to fiddle a little bit with equalizer settings to get just the right sound. Might take some time (1-2 days) to get used to different sound, but after a few hours you feel that the music sounds just right
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