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on 3 October 2017
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on 7 December 2016
Best game ever for the Wii, love this.
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on 11 October 2010
Party game? Oh no.. I hear you cry! Wii Party isn't like all the other Wii games out there that have 'party' in their title. Ok, it still has 'mini-games' as the bread and butter of the gameplay, but each game has so much attention to detail that it doesn't feel like just another mini-game. The mini-games are played to decide the order of play amongst players in multi-player modes like house party (2 to 4 players) or party (1 to 4 players). You can play single player style in party mode (computer controls other 3 Mii's) or solo mode, which has you playing through mini-games and depending on your success allowing you to advance through a path littered with mini-games. For every mini-game you fail you loose a heart, along the way you can pick up extra hearts when you have completed enough mini-games, lose all your hearts and your solo game ends. When you copmplete beginner level (5 mini-games), you then unlock intermediate, and when you complete intermediate you unlock expert (50 minigames without the option of choosing your path!), a true test of skill.

When you progress through the 4 game types (party, house party, pairs and mini-games only), you randomly encounter mini-games and when you finish a particular game (like board game island or globe trotting, in the party type games) you will unlock other game modes like challenge mode and rule reversal mode in the mini-games only type. Mini-games can then be played on their own, where you can play freestyle or in competitive mode (with another player). There are several game modes to play when you select the mini-games option (if you just want to play through mini-games rather than house mode or party mode or pair mode), here you can select from solo mode (a one player only event), freeplay (1-4 players), battle (1-4 players), challenge (1-4 players) and rule reversal (2-4 player). Admitedly, single player is not as much fun as multiplayer, so if you can't get friends or family involved regularly, then your not going to get as much enjoyment from this game as you would otherwise like to. in the solo mode, you not only have to come 1st or 2nd or 3rd to progress, you need to try and get the highest score possible in each game to try and get the highest score at the end of the path of mini-games, as there is a leaderboard of all the Mii's that have completed that path of mini-games in each difficulty level that that Mii has played in.

Here is a list of the game sections and types of game modes in each:

Party games: Board game island
Globe trotting
Mii of a kind

House Party: Animal tracker
Hide 'n' Hunt
Time Bomb
Word Bomb
Buddy Quiz

Pair Games: Friend Connection
Balance Boat

Mini-games: (just mini-games on their own)
Free Play
Rule Reversal

The mini-games are choosen by the Wii depending on the game mode choosen, this keeps the gameplay varied and is a better organisation of the available mini-games than other party games.

Some game modes have to be unlocked, by completing other game modes first.

Some of the game modes, keep a tally of your score throughout your progress based on your mini-game performance, this can be viewed as a leaderboard from the main menu.

If you can't decide how to play, then there is a suggestions option which will ask you questions then decide the order of play based on your answers.

The game has just enough depth to keep you interested and challenged for a couple of weeks, but the game on its own, doesn't warrant the full retail boxed price of around £30 (I got it for [...] from [...]), but the really smart thing that Nintendo did was to include a Wii Remote inside the excellent HUGE thick cardboard box. Not only is there an additional remote, (which gave me 3 remotes so I could get my parents involved), but to my surprise the remote came inside its own rubber jacket! There were even 2 batteries, but I use my rechargeables instead. My Mum beat me on the first game we tried in the pairs section (2 player only games), in the match two Mii's mini-game! You don't have to be a gaming genius to be good at this game, as luck also plays an important factor too.

Here is my percentage analysis of this game:

Gameplay: 89% Mini-games are varied, and involve skill and sometimes just sheer luck, which helps weaker players. Mini-games are wraped in game modes ranging from 1 - 4 players, like
the board game and going places. Mini-games can be played on their own in a variety of play types, like free play (once mini-game is unlocked) or copetitive or high-score.
Very polished gameplay, and it has the Nintendo 'magic touch', you can feel the Nintendo quality control that has been applied to every aspect of this game!

Graphics: 82% Nothing very fancy, but it doesn't have to be to convey what the game has to offer. The Mii's are very nicely handled in the game, and the action is smooth and colourful.

Sound: 80% There are sice sound effects and voice-overs, and the music that is there keeps the action flowing along. Perhaps the weakets element of the game, but satifactory none the less.

Fun: 90% Wii Party is all about the fun, and it has it in a large measure. Challenge friends and family in 4 play modes across 80 mini-games from 1 player, (mini-games on their own and
solo mode)or 1-4 players in party mode, or 2 - 4 players in house mode.

Overall: 86% If you call yourself a hardcore gamer, and you have a predujice against casual games, leisure games or anything with 'party' in the title, then your obviously not going to
want this. You don't know what your missing out on and you will never know unless you try it. On the other hand, if you fancy entertaining some family and friends at
the Christmas party, then you should look no further than Wii Party. It will be the game to end all party games that have come before and after it for the Wii. I have enjoyed
what I have played so far, and am looking forward to discovering the rest of what Wii Party has to offer. It's not an expensive game, you shoudn't spend more than £30 on it, and
by now you may even get a second-hand copy. If you have an inkling for this game, then you should spend your £30 on it, as there aren't any other 3rd party titles like it on the
Wii, and wont be for some time. Go for it, you wont be dissapointed, if you really want to get a party game for your Wii this year!
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on 13 October 2010
Wii Party is enjoyed by my whole family which is aged from 4 years old right up to 60 years old! There are lots of different games for you to enjoy with your friends and family in four player mode such as:

Time Bomb is a mad game where you pretend the Wii Remote is a bomb and you must pass it around without shaking it whilst holding a button down then the next person grabs the Wii Remote whilst holding a different button. You have to be fairly fast as the time goes down faster and faster.
Word Bomb is very similar to Time Bomb but this time each player has up to 10 seconds to say a word from a given category such as drinks. If you don't say a relevant word and press the A Button in time, then the bomb explodes and it's game over with your Mii flying right up high towards the tv screen!
Board Game Island is a great fun where up to four players take it in turns to roll the dice and advance along a single route towards the summit of the mountain. At the beginning of each turn, everyone plays a mini-game, and the order the players come in determines which bonus dice they receive. This is a great board game where you swing across vines and get thrown up into the sky by a big hand made of rock across the mountain.
Spin Off is my favourite game at the moment where each player takes it in turns to spin the wheel by holding the A Button and swinging the Wii Remote left or right. most of the time you will land on a spot which wins money that goes into the bank. If you our good at the game and a bit lucky then you will land on a mini game battle and, if you win the mini game then you win all the money thats in the bank at the time.
Balance Boat is a right laugh and you must work together as a team whilst you all place your Mii characters on a ship. If you do not balance your Mii's good enough then the ship will tip over and all of your Mii characters will fall into the sea. Befor you place your Mii's on the ship you must play a mini-game together which if you fail to complete the Mii characters will be different sizes making it harder to keep the ship balanced.
Wii Party is the best multi-player game on the Wii since Wii Sports Resort and will be enjoyed by any type of gamer. You must buy this game I have only sketched the surface with what you can do and not only are you getting a excellent game but a free Wii Remote too!!!
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on 16 October 2010
I bought this game after seeing the ads on TV mainly for the kids but i havent been able to get my husband of it yet,its brilliant and such a laugh,before you know it you've been on it late into the night because there's so many games. Both my children have been able to play it fine and there 6 and 10 yrs old so its great for all ages, shop about for a good price because it is out there cheaper we got it from a internet games website (sorry Amazon) for £29.99, i think you can only get it with the controller though which was fine for us as we needed another one but not so good if you dont need it.
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on 5 November 2010
I'm not a great games player and use my wii for wii fit +. However, during school holiday time, we have our 6yr old Grandson to stay and he has introduced us to wii games. We have wii sport and wii resort and enjoy playing the sports games with him and will play sonic & mario games with him if we have to. With recent tv advertising of wii party I thought this would be a useful addition to help pass away half term. What a blessing it turned out to be! We happily spent several hours each day going through the various games and minigames on wii party. There were enough games to keep everyone happy and they are good family fun. I'm already planning some wii party nights here for friends, and intend ordering another one to send to my sister and her family in Australia as their christmas present. This is a game for all ages and abilities. There isn't a lot of jumping about and several of the games encourage teamwork. A really good game which will be much used by all the family.
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Wii Party is essentially a collection of mini-games which are categorised into groups accessed from the main menu. There are different sorts of games depending on how many players there are - some of which see you battle against the others players, and some have you team up or play 3-against-1. Those without friends needn't worry - there are many games which can be played against CPU and there are solo games too!

This is Nintendo title rather than a third party game, Nintendo's own games have consistently been the best quality releases for the Wii and Wii Party continues that trend. The graphics make the most of the Wii's capabilities and any movements are smooth, the games utilises 3D and as the viewing angle circles around or zooms in, the quality (though not as great as more graphically superior machines) is impressive. This certainly looks and feels much better than Carnival: Fun Fair Games, for instance.

Some of the minigames may seem a bit boring and some simply rely on luck (for example; choosing a firework and then seeing which soars the longest before exploding) - but these games ensure that there are times when anyone can win. It's also a matter of taste, my wife and I have enjoyed playing Wii Party but there are some games a much prefer and see has her own favourites too. Nintendo's trademark inclusive approach to gaming means that people of all ages and skills can have a go at this an know that they have a fairly good chance of a victory. I have two young daughters and we love to play this if only for the hide-and-seek game where the Wiimotes are hidden and they have to find them (the Wiimotes make animal noises every 10 seconds to aide their discovery!).

My main gripe with Wii Party is that it sometimes feels a bit convoluted, there are so many ways to start playing games and countless journeys which lead you through games that it can be a bit overwhelming, for casual gamers like me who maybe only play on the Wii once every few weeks it would be great to be presented with a simple list of games. The "Globe Trot" for example takes some time to get used to - playing mini games to earn coins and then select cards which then lead on to getting more coins - and that's before you play the game you actually wanted to play! These extended sessions sometimes feel a bit tedious when there seems to be lengthy sequences between each game, sometimes you just want to play!

I am impressed with the "board game" play mode though. This allows the players to compete in a mini-game and this then determines how many numbers you can roll using the dice. This helps to provide a competitive element as performing better at the mini-games gives you a chance to roll higher numbers. To make sure that nobody storms ahead, the winning player frequently finds themselves up against barriers which once destroyed mean that the rest can follow. Try not to take it too seriously though - it's easy to end up finding yourself swapping places with the player further behind if you (or they) land on the relevant 'swap' space. The board game mode is a good way to tie in quite competitive play into a light-hearted game that anyone could win.

In a nutshell: This contains some absolutely brilliant mini-games - some are tricky, some are hilarious, some require no skill at all. For every mini-game you aren't too fond of there'll be 3 or 4 that you love. The additional Wiimote definitely adds to the value of the purchase (this is rarely ever sold at full RRP), if the interface was streamlined then I'd probably give this 5 stars - but as it stands this gets a solid 4 from me. Those who play very infrequently may prefer Wii Play.
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on 1 January 2011
Why buy just an extra controller when u can get a fun game and a controller only for a few more £'s. I'm really pleased they did the controller in black, as it goes with the latest wii colours.
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on 10 October 2010
I bought this today at asda, it was only 29.99. my girls who both are aultstic love it. they love playing the mini games and they are easy enough. They have been really enjoying it and it has been teaching them team work playing together. if you liked wii play this is a better version and i believe your like this.
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on 10 November 2010
Brilliant game for all the family. spent hours playing a mixture of board game and mini games all in one. One minute you are horse racing and the next jumping over logs. The hide the remote game went down really well with the kids and had them screamming with laughter whilst trying to remember names whilst passing the remote to one another before the bomb goes off. A great game with the bonus of the extra remote. Great value
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