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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Format: Box|Change
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on 9 July 2012
Christ is possibly the best word to describe what I felt playing through Dead Space 2. There are moments that would make me stop the game, sit back and simply say "Christ" in disbelief at some of cut scenes or interactive areas. Dead Space 2 is not for the faint hearted, or those with a serious problem with horrific violence. Its brilliant.

Moving on from the original, Engineer Isaac Clarke, the unluckiest man in the universe has arrived on the Sprawl, a massive space station orbiting Saturn. The Ishimura and its horrors, long left behind him, are still with Isaac. He suffers from hallucinations, voices and bouts of physical madness that can endanger his life. He is not a well man. And who could blame him! As the game begins after a short "previously on Dead Space" style meeting between Isaac and a physiatrist, the Sprawl is under attack by another Necromorph outbreak.

The game is never positioned as Isaac being the hero to save the day, but rather a pure survival game where the main protagonist must survive the onslaught and from going completely insane. Isaacs insanity takes the form of his long since departed girlfriend Nicole, who appears as a bloodied and gaunt figure with fire blazing eyes. She provides some of the creepier moments of the game.

Dead Space 2 is a violent game. Make no mistake of this as the violence at times is truly shocking and will cause the "Christ" moments. It's not just the visual violence, but the audio too. The gurgling of blood from a slashed throat or the tearing of a limb that has been caught in an elevator door, that's the stuff that will stop you sleeping. Compared to the first game, DS2 is another level of wrong. The original is mild in comparison. You have a greater level of threat in DS2. The enemies are stronger, faster and more varied. You have the original Necromorphs and those frustrating black ones, but now you have devil children and exploding babies (another "Christ" moment) and a huge monstrosity know as the Tormentor. If you lose against this enemy, it will provide one of the worst death scenes Isaac can experience... that and the eye machine.

Weapons and Scenery has been greatly improved, with a wider variety of weapons and a greater sense that the environment you are walking through can act more as a defensive or offensive obstacle for you to use against the hoards. The harder the difficulty you play, the less the ammo becomes and the greater role the environment plays in your survival. On the hardest setting (below Hardcore) Dead Space 2 can be very unforgiving. The Final Chapters on hard is sodding hard. Hardcore mode is just absurdly hard. I still haven't completed it and probably never will.

There is a DLC pack which allows you to play as another character called Gabe, a security officer who is in the mines at the beginning of the outbreak and tries to get back to his wife. This was a bit of a letdown as Gabe's story does not have any effect on Isaacs, rather just run alongside it. It's also not set in any new areas of the Sprawl which is disappointing. It's cheaper to get and will add to your achievements but it's nothing that special.

I loved Dead Space for its story and for what it set out to be, a blood and guts fright fest of a game. Dead Space 2 delivers this in spades. It has been criticised by a few reviewers for being spread over 2 discs, but you can see why with the sheer scale of the game. What Dead Space 2 doesn't need is multi-player. Dead Space 1 got by without it fine and EA just buckled. Admittedly its fun but I haven't bought this for the online.
Better than the first game, bloodier and scarier too.
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on 1 July 2013
It's good, imaginative, but for rubbish gamers like me very hard, even on the 'casual' setting.. 'been looking at YouTube walkthroughs to see how it's done.. I had to start again from the beginning, after reaching chapter 9, as I ran out ammo, and couldn't kill a giant cyst. So now I'm more careful with the saves, and stock up on good guns and ammo.
The game is more-ish, and hard to survive the hoards of horror 'children' or killer, exploding babies, that look like big ticks.
Very cheap now.. good value for money.. I bought all 3 in the series recently. Once you get to know the tricks of the game, it would be easier to progress.
'Much more horror than Halo; more like Doom.. dark, trying to see the screaming monsters as they dash madly at you.. stasis is a good feature, as it the vero gravity, and vacuum of space, which you don't get in Halo or Crysis.. so it's more of a space-game, as well as a dark horror-shooter, and visually it looks very realistic, much like the realism of Crysis.. good graphics.
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on 9 April 2015
Got this for dad and according to him it's great, having completed the first dead space game I ordered this and the 3rd one for him, carrying on from the 1st game you are the same character and once again you are set missions through space trying to eliminate monster creatures en route, he gives it 5 stars.
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VINE VOICEon 17 February 2011
If you were a fan of the original Dead Space then your expectations for the sequel will be either for something fresh like the first game, or more of the same. Those of the latter's opinion certainly won't be disappointed. Dead Space 2 is really an extension of Dead Space; the story continued, different locations, a few new enemies and puzzles but essentially not that different. However I did feel, in parts, that this game didn't deviate enough, or perhaps the game developers weren't taking enough risks with the format. At times you felt a little short changed spending thirty nine pounds on something you already had. That's perhaps being a little too harsh as this is no bad game.

The game takes place on Sprawl (a station on one of Saturn's moons). The station has been working on a new marker (an alien mind controlling monument built by humans from the original marker found on Earth) with the aid of Isaac Clark's memories. The game is again a race to destroy the marker. Along the way you'll encounter the usual hideous necromorphs, with some nice additions (chargers and... em... pukers). You'll also have help in the form of Ellie (a CEC officer) and the vision of Isaac's dead girlfriend Nicole.

The graphics are very good (once again) and in particular the voice acting is top notch (particularly Ellie who is a really strong character). The story, while a little slow to begin with, gets better towards the end. As a "horror" game it has its share of shock moments but doesn't quite build suspense as the first game did (not far off though).

The game play is essentially the same. Zero-G movement is much more flexible allowing you to move around 360 degrees and accelerate to different locations. There are additional guns (which I felt only the Javelin was that useful) but you can play around with the guns alternate firing mode to increase your chances of survival (for examples the mines used with the line gun). The necromorphs are a little trickier this time as the game has them spawn behind you frequently, this was obviously done for "scares" but ends up being plain annoying as you constantly spin Isaac around to make sure you've finished all the necromorphs off. That aside I found the game play to be very similar to the first game with very little surprises along the way.

The multiplayer is a little flat in my opinion. The premise is that one team controls the necromorphs and the other team has the humans. The humans have objectives to complete (destroy markers, access terminals) and the necromorphs must stop them. As the necromorphs its fun at first but then you realise that you die far too quickly and getting a kill isn't that easy. Humans can easily stick together and complete the objectives without too much hassle. I didn't feel much desire to play it after the first handful of tries. A shame as it could have been a lot better.

Overall though Dead Space 2 is a good game and I would recommend you purchase it if you enjoyed the first game (those who haven't played the first, buy that then this). It's similar to the first game, so don't expect something original, but as a continuation of the Dead Space story it's fantastic.
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on 1 February 2011
dead space 2 starts off at a very fast pace and maintains it all the way to the end with nicely spaced and well presented cut scenes and set pieces, the sprawl is beatutifully rendered and reminds me a little of rapture from bioshock in its atmosphere.
As in the origional the game builds tension cleverly and then hits you with wave after wave of necromorphs, which at times actually gets a little unfair as ammo and health is scarse if you play at the harder settings.
I played through on Zealot and finished the campaign in 8 hours game time (probably around 12 hours real time as I died a bunch).
The length of dead space 2 is its biggest let down for me, with so many games these days running into 20 - 30 hours I feel it lacks the longevity that the £40 price tag warrants.
Summary -
Brilliant, beautiful game with superb voice acting and set pieces, let down in my opinion only by the length of its campaign. I personally have not played mutiplayer yet but the campaign is excellent.
My only concern is that the game may not have much longevity.
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on 14 February 2011
Isaac's second foray with the unitologists is an excellent addition to the Dead Space series. I really liked the first Dead Space and had high expectations for Dead Space 2.
It has all the good bits of the first edition, but with better action, much more varied environments, and of course a veritable feast of top quality killing and dismembering. Having always been a stalwart advocate of the Half Life series as my all time favourite, I found that once started, it was very difficult to put Isaac down. Certainly the most gory game I've played on the 360, and all the better for it.

Serious action, nicely scary, fantastic sound quality, (this is what really gets the atmosphere going), and just a non-stop cavalcade of appalling carnage hacking up those beastly Necromorphs. Top stuff. I played Dead Space 1 through 4 times over a year, and enjoyed every trip, I'll be doing the same with 2 for sure. Looking forward to Dead Space 3!
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on 1 February 2011
This is the sequel to dead space 1 which slipped in under the radar a while back and pretty much did everything that resident evil hasnt done in a long long time.The game was a joy and the story was sci fi and it was awesome.So to the sequel and a new enviroment, more weapons, improved graphics and controls and an atmosphere that horror flicks would die for.I like a challenge and will be playing this game on the harder difficulties but for now im engrossed in taking in the atmosphere on a normal setting on my large lcd telly with the lights down on my nights off dear issac the main charecter the game plays tricks on you and scares you and at times will make you feel uncomfortable.This is a game that you just have to soak in and therefore not just consider it a zombie blaster...get left 4 dead for that.I have had so many moments of emotional content so far that i just cant write them all down and yes i fully admit im only on chapter 6 but this game oozes class.You will jump and you will say what the hell was that and yes theres alot of come and get it but the spine tingling panic that can set in at any moment is just so well set up.The first time you meet the pack and you dont have the right weapon for the job out or the zero g moments when that counter starts dropping and your getting knawed at by a necromorph with no sign of a safe zone.A roar heard down a corridor or a mind bending flashback.
look i havent tried the multiplayer and no i havent completed this yet but i cannot recommend this enough.My only fear is that those that give this game a 1 star are idiots with 12 inch tellies that arnt accustomed to really getting into their games and just see another 1000 microsoft points up for grabs. All the games i try i keep for the atmosphere and the way they make me feel.I have 32000 odd points but that means nothing compared to the moment when a game just works for you so well that it reels you in and emotes such feelings like dead space 2 does.Dont rush it just embrace the journey.Anyway im hooked and already looking foward to dead space 3 (trilogy you see).The only way this could be worse is if my xbox red rings again and i cant finish issacs 2nd journey.Just buy'll see.
ok finished the one player.Apart from the annoying as hell unkillable bad guys at the end im impressed.multiplayer needs dlc and patching but its fast and frantic fun.the game does go the way of games like doom 3 and re spawn bad guys bhind you alot nearer the end but it doesnt break the game by no means.My only other gripe is that towards the end i found myself running and using stasis over and over again simply because it was the only way of just getting away from all the madness on screen.oh and stock up on ammo for the final showdown...youve been warned.
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on 5 August 2011
I've not played the first Dead Space so I can't compare it, but what I saw was a game that could have been good brought down by some basic flaws.

The graphics are clear and detailed but tend to lack character. The aliens are well animated and their dismemberment effects suitably gory. There is a certain sense of menace in the game but all too often there's an over-reliance on darkness. You game creators, please understand, dark is boring. Not scary, not atmospheric, boring. If the dark were scary I'd save £20 and switch the lights off. Also, you can only marvel at the technology that produces telekinesis and artificial gravity but can't create a torch more powerful than a lit cigar.

As with most similar games you start off with little means of defending yourself, although in this case the initial scenes of being straight-jacketed take the concept too far. There were a few of these mini set-pieces in the game and I found them cheap and pointless.

I must say the telekinsis effects are well done, especially the physics on the corpses. This is one part of the game I never got tired of. I liked how many of the objects were moveable too, not just textures pasted onto the background, this was impressive. The weapons themselves... well, not too bad but ultimately unrewarding. They start off unimpressive and barely improve throughout the game, even with fully upgraded capabilities. Maybe I was using the wrong weapons, however, as if you try to use all or even most of those available you'll end up spreading your upgrades too thinly. The Line Gun was satisfying to use, cutting off limbs and heads as it did, but again it could have been better.

Which brings me to the worst aspects of the game - the actual combat. What can I say? Disjointed, confused and ultimately frustrating. Many of the enemies either fall on your head or jump on your back, meaning that no matter how careful or skillful you are you're going to get hit. The game creators need to stop trying to make the player jump and get back to good, honest gameplay. If in doubt they should play the original DOOM to see how it should be done.

When grabbed by an enemy, which you often are as it's unavoidable, you need to hammer the A button repeatedly. If you manage this highly skilled manoever (I'm joking) you're treated to a 10-second set-piece of alien strangulation for which the camera angle often changes so you end up not knowing which way you're pointing (usually it's dark anyway so it doesn't matter).

And then there's the weapon reloading. Come on, hands up, who originally thought that dedicating what must add up to an hour of weapon reloading in a game is a good idea? I know it's in almost every game now but it really needs to go. If I want realism I'll join the territorials - I want SHOOTING and ACTION and CARNAGE! I don't want to watch my character fiddle around with his ammo for extended periods every three seconds, it's boring, pointless and depressing. You can decrease reload times by collecting Nodes but not only does it make little difference, you end up having to sacrifice other attributes. The same with weapon capacity - none of your weapons will allow more than 10 seconds' of fire between reloads even on maxed upgrades.

One plus point is that there are relatively few cut-scenes and those that do exist are over pretty quickly. The inability to save whenever you want isn't great but there are quite a few savepoints throughout the game so it's not a big deal.

Maybe it's because I keep thinking back to Bioshock 2, but I was underwhelmed by this game. I didn't care what happened in the end and I didn't feel like I'd engaged in anything deeper than alternate button bashing and squinting into darkness for 12 hours. I'm not saying it's a bad game, it isn't, but from my perspective when you measure it against Bioshock, Gears of War, Darksiders, the early Halos and the like it doesn't bear up in comparison.
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on 21 July 2011
Controls are responsive, useful and intuitive: replenish you health or stasis meter at the touch of a button (assuming you have med kits/stasis kits in your inventory.

Graphics are atmospheric and great quality.

The camera is your friend. It's amazing how some 3rd person shooters get this so wrong (read GTA IV/Red Dead Redemption) when DS makes it look so easy to get right!

Sound is brilliant, increases player immersion, build tension appropriately and complements surprises. You also frequently find audio logs of people trying to escape the Necromorphs or ones of people before the outbreak who suspect something is wrong. You can listen to these as you progress and they help fill in the story between the DS1 and DS2, or just provide greater immersion.

Gameplay is half fast-paced tactical shooter (ie you can't win without tactics) and half creeping down dark corridors with a flashlight, listening for the slightest sound that might give you the early warning you need to survive. Both instances are very tense and extremely enjoyable, particularly on the harder difficulties.

Difficulty progression is well balanced (you can't change difficulty mid-game but that doesn't bother me). The game start of normal is as hard as the game end on easy and so forth to Zealot. Hard core (highest diff.) is a different story though; no checkpoints and only 3 saves allowed for the whole campaign.

Cutscenes/dialogue are engaging and well written, helping to develop the main characters (mainly Isaac). They are often action packed and/or figments of Isaac's dementia. They are also frequently interactive, requiring a button to be hammered or something to be shot before Isaac gets killed.

Characters in general are poorly executed, except for Isaac. In the first game Isaac didn't even speak so this was a major issue but in this game, the only real person you care about is Isaac anyway so it's not so bad. Having said that, this is a computer game rather than a book so a focus on fun and action over character development can be overlooked.

Severed DLC is good too, worth the MS points.

I haven't played the MP yet but I'm not too fussed about it. In general it seems that the more effort that went into the singleplayer, the less impressive the multiplayer will be (and vice versa), so it'll be a while before I give it a go.

All in all, a great game with a lot of replay value and some great achievements to be had. Haven't tried for the 'Hard to the core' achievement yet but I expect a lot of swearing to be followed by immense satisfaction (still talking about the game).

If you're worried about it being scary, firstly: the fighting is only scary before you get a feel for the controls and become a competent killing machine. Then instead of crying and wetting your pants you'll be shouting "Damn, son, you ain't got no legs! Holy crap, where'd your head go? Now who the f**k's next?!"
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on 14 February 2013
You will need to play the first Dead Space before you play this, in order to understand the story. But as a Sci-Fi horror/action game, it's probably one of the best around.
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