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on 20 December 2010
I bought this 'game' to compliment my home yoga practice and have enjoyed many hours on Dance Central too.
Being naturally thin i have no need for the personal training section that seem to be aimed at fat burning mostly so i have no comment on this section and i also have a aversion to squats that i regard them as the most unnatural movement and potentially harmful to the knees movement know to man! What i do enjoy is the Tai Chi and Boxercise. These are unlocked by doing the class to a standard in segments. The full (3 each) classes are about 13 mins give or take each. They are a good level for me and motion detection is good but not perfect. Tai Chi is quite a workout but no real breath control is instructed and this is a minus as this is fundamental to Eastern holistic teachings. The gym games are OK but not as much fun as they should be and WHY cant you set the time that you want to play?
To sum i see a updated version that will include more customisation of class length and the ability to preset routines (The PS2's Eye toy sports game had this???) and better gym games. The menu is bordering on awful and can break the action up somewhat, But,it will get you off the sofa and inspire you to come back for more with gentle and well worked help from you onscreen instructor and 30 mins a day will soon have you feeling the muscles working and stress levels going down that come with exercise.
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on 24 January 2011
This game is really great at getting you motivated to exercise. The personal training is brilliant with good variety of workouts. What's also great is there will be more downloadable content too so you won't get bored. The only thing is that sometimes the Kinect doesn't register your moves sometimes. This doesn't really matter, as long as you know you're following the exercises correctly! In terms of losing weight, yes if you do 30 minutes 4 times a week and keep watch on your intake of sugar, salt and fat, you will notice a big difference. Don't think just by buying this game and playing it once a week that anything will happen. All in all, this is excellent value for money.
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on 6 January 2011
I got this 'game' when I bought the Kinect. I've put the word 'game' in inverted commas as it's not a game, and the reviewers who state that this 'game' is not much fun seem to be under the impression that it's supposed to be fun.
I've been using it now (every day!) since Xmas, and I've already starting seeing results - I'm using the Men's Ultimate Fat Burning program (A leg burner, especially when carrying the 5lb weights as recommended (3 pairs of dumb-bells - Argos £9.99)), as well as the cardio boxing and the toning. I've managed to keep this up not so much because the product is 'fun', but more because it's a gym in my living room (real gyms are so Boring!), and it's addictive and challenging with good feedback...which are good features to have in a product designed to make you fitter, as this will only happen with continuous use.
So, if you're prepared to keep it up, this product is highly recommended, and you don't have to wear the obligatory turquoise lycra leggings and leg warmers to pose around in...
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on 22 March 2011
If you are at home and outside it's raining hardly. It's sunday and you have eaten quite much more than necessary, this is your game. Move your ass out of the sofa, switch your xbox on and try to burn as much calories as you can. It's an incredibly addicted game. More if you play with someone.
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on 18 November 2010
I have been using Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360) for 4 days now and although it takes a while to get used to, I consider this to be the best fitness 'game' out there at the moment! Unlike other consoles' fitness 'games', you don't require to hold onto any controllers which allows you to concentrate more on your workout. The design and layout of menus are very simple and easy to use and everything is explained in a very clear manner. The personal trainer's comments and instructions keeps you focussed and it feels like a real-life person training you in a gym. Some other users complained about this, however if you are not prepared to stick to proper exercise with direction, then maybe you don't really want to work out. This is not just a game, this all about your fitness. It's simple, don't buy it if you want to play a game, definitely buy it if you want to enjoy a really good daily workout with a really good selection of workout types and levels of intensity. I highly recommend this!
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on 18 March 2011
Good interactive experience, once you get into it. Cant say its as enjoyable as call of duty but the purpose of this game is different. plenty of variation in activitys keeps your interest and the gradual increase in intensity ensures you are not left crying on your living room floor after 1 session. certainly a revolution in the video games market as this is now played everyday in combination with other forms of exercise.
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on 23 January 2011
if you are looking for a game to work out on and get you a sweat this is the game for you out of all the kinect games released SO FAR!you can have your own personal trainer working cardio.toning etc with you or you can have zen classes which strech your body out well.the mini games are fun especially if you play with your freinds and family,but it is not the main focus of the game.the game reads yopu well and it also tells you how much calories you are burning also.its a great game to play by yourself and just play for 20mins and you will be up in a sweat and you will have your workout done for the day.i reccommend this game if your are looking for a work out game!!!!
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on 11 November 2010
I got this title today with my Kinect. I am interested in toning up, but also enjoying a light workout here and there. I normally go to the gym and play football, but some days I just want something that I can do at home.

I love the way the software will analyse your body and then set you targets. I hope I can make some gains using this software and it sure is different to sitting on the couch with a controller.

Looking foreword to the Yoga and Xen sessions, and hope my body benefits from more flexibility. I would recommend buying this title if you want to enjoy some physical activities at home. Glad I purchased this title, don't dither just get it. Hey at worst it's an excuse to lose all the pounds after Christmas!!!!
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on 8 January 2011
I bought this game just after Christmas to help me do some extra workouts when I can't motivate myself enough to go to the gym!

So far it's been excellent. The personal training sessions are broken down into short sections (probably about 6 minutes each) so you can build up as many or as few sessions as you want. they are also split into cardio, toning and sculpting so you can focus on one section each day or do a couple of sessions from each one.

Additionally there are gym games - quick fun games to bun a few extra calories and gym classes.

I haven't explored the gym classes much as yet - I've done a few of the Zen sessions which are yoga/tai chi based and one of the cardio boxing classes. Both were good and I think I will definitely do more of these classes. You can also buy more classes with Microsoft points on Xbox live. They currently have a New year programme, Bollywood dance, Toning and more boxing but I hear they are doing a "beach body" class for summer 2011 too.

I've been happy the the amount of programmes already available on the game and I'm nowhere near to having tried all of it yet! The personal trainer on the game also gives you feedback on how you're doing (lift your arms higher, slow down, etc) which is great.

Overall this is a great game You can track your progress on the Your Shape website which links to your xbox live profile and form there you can set challenges and goals to keep yourself motivated.
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on 3 January 2011
This game is great fun and a great workout.
With a great choice of activities to choose from, the instructions are clear simple and easy to follow. Th interactivity with the Kinect is fantastic - but as the Kinect can see you it will pull you up on not doing what you are supposed to be doing!!! Exactly what I needed, I heard you could fake it with the Wii but here you aren't kidding anyone! Really, really impressed and I finally like going to the gym!
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