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on 5 November 2012
The fact that this is the first fitness game that puts you into the game scanning over 50,000 points on your body says it all. The tracking is suberb, no lagging at all. Plus there's 4 fun games that can be played from 1-4 players. I like the bit where you simply select the number of players by using your feet to select the number icons which is situated on the floor! The menus are easy to use and you feel as though you are in the game. To start off with, the kinect scans your whole body and you answer a few questions about yourself in order for the game to choose what excercises suit you best. Then, as you progress further, the excercises gradually become harder. This fitness game suits everyone from the beginner (like me) to the expert. I think it is perfect in every sense, as you do built up a sweat even on the beginer levels. The only downside is that they should of included cross-country running and press ups (which are included in Your Shape fitness 2012), which is the next fitness game that I will be buying!
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on 17 April 2017
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on 11 November 2010
I bought this product as my second product for the Kinect I bought yesterday and must say it is a good buy. I have been aiming to get fitter. This product I feel already is going to do.

At the start I just played a few of the fun games on it. I then went in for the mode that tests your fitness and allows you to select fitness programs depending on what you want to increase. From toning to even having programs to help women after having a baby to get into shape and cardio work. I spent a couple of hours on this and I now feel the muscles burning.

It is great from the point of view that it measures your body accurately. I would recomend for the actual working out regimes to wear some loose clothing. I believe this will help with toning up and I found it a lot easier to use than the Wii and with facial recognition it means that if my brother goes to use it, he can have his own profile and not mess mine up.

I also enjoy thr fact that it has games that are multi player up to four people which I imagine will be a good laugh. It also includes Tai Chi classes.

All round it is great and am so glad I bought this.
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on 10 September 2011
I have been working hard at this game for a few months now and I have really been enjoying the concept of gaining achievements and seeing my progress as I move through the excercise sessions. The concept is great, the look and sounds of the game makes you feel like you are in a special spa retreat, and the avatar trainers keep you motivated because you feel like you are working with somebody else. BUT - and there is a big frustrating but here - the accuracy of the sensors can get out of line on some sessions where it is fine in others. E.g. the sculpting sessions totally ignore that you are moving your leg and therefore you get less % points. Also keeping in rhythm for this class is very difficult even if you are matching the trainers movements exactly. Saying that though, there are enough classes on this game that are consistent and recognise your movements fine, to keep you into the game. Also one MAJOR MAJOR flaw on this game, is that there are special reccomended sessions put in for you called for example 'perfect butt & thighs workout' which are your 'daily sessions' you are supposed to do everytime you play the game, and it is supposed to count down 11 or 12 sessions each time you complete one, and supposedly advance the routines in the sessions until you complete it, and possibly unlock new sessions. However I don't know if this will ever happen, because the game RESETS your progress everytime you play a different session, and so you perpetually have '11 sessions left' to complete. Very frustrating. One thing I have got to say is THEY HAD BETTER FIX THESE PROBLEMS SOON AND RELEASE A FIX UPDATE - AND HAD EVEN BETTER FIXED THIS PROBLEM IN FITNESS EVOLVED 2012. It would be very dissapointing to have such a great concept to work to your fitness goals, and when it comes to achieving your well deserved progress, the game conveniently suffering from memory loss.
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I like this game and I like the Kinect technology. But I am not sure if this has enough activities to keep you occupied forever despite its claims. I think that you probably will need to do what exercise addicts do and cycle through different kinect fitness disks to keep your enthusiasm up.

Ok- it was a toss up between the two fitness programs initially released. I've got into a rut and am not fit (and too podgy). The "nice and easy" program (huh!) seemed the most suited for me out of the many, many exercise classes. This is 13 minutes of repeating bouncy arm and leg movements and trying to keep up with stick figure Barbie, aka the trainer. Thankfully the program automatically pauses when you collapse part way through. I've done a few days only out of the 12 (it's quite easy to keep coming back to it) - already I feel an inch taller and I've got a slight bounce to my step, I'm sleeping way better (middle aged insomniac). Impressive.

The Tai Chi and the Boxing (disco with punches) are very pleasant, without at the moment being mind blowing - but don't seem to have many variations. I'm not overkeen on the gym games- Kinect Adventures is way better at getting you moving!

If you have no patience then you will get a little irritated with the two phase hand operated menus you have to use to navigate everywhere- it took me several days to work out how to even exit the game (out of the activity and select the Kinect hub). Also if you do collapse part way through, you have to reactivate the kinect tracking by walking towards and back to it. And you're portrayed on screen as an orange or blue blob as seen by the infra-red camera- it's a bit disheartening for the very blobby!

Compared to the Wii, you actually do get to do the activities at a reasonable pace without faffing about going through menus and scores. It also allows you to do enthusiastic arm and leg exercises simultaneously (the Wii always constrained you because you had to make sure you didn't damage the delicate electronics of the board). And no stupid controllers to pick up and put down. Superb!

UPDATE: 2 WEEKS IN- I've completed "Nice and Easy" and switched to "Break a Sweat", which has increased the workout time to 20 minutes and contains completely different exercises. (I did try out "Sculpting" but it seems to have a bug which stops it from counting down the exercise repeats). Er, inch off bust, inch off waist, half inch off hips. No change in diet (which has been fairly restrained for 2 years without any weight loss). A bit of extra bouncing around to Kinect Adventures etc. At one point I had worked up to 2 hours a day on the Wii Fit without any impact on body shape, and losing weight is a big struggle- so after TWO WEEKS on the Kinect I am well impressed!!
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on 13 February 2011
I love this 'Game' it is not really a game but an exercise program. I used it about twice a week and just enjoy the fact it gets me up and moving, setting goals and recording your achievements.

The menus are not hard to navigate, and i find i am sweating by the end.

Sometimes while doing certain exercises it tells me i am out of rhythm and to me i think i am doing it exactly as the on screen trainer, this can be a little frustrating if you love trying to achieve 100% and you feel a bit robbed at the end. But i don't know if that's me not doing it right or if it's the technology.

As for the Kinect it's amazing and to think this is first Generation , the mind boggles how they will develop and improve it over time.

I have no regrets about buying this game, or Kinect.
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on 19 January 2011
I go to the gym regularly (5 times a week) and am a bit of a fitness fanatic, I'm also an ardent gamer so buying a fitness game for the Kinetc was a must for me.

There are quite a few fitness titles to choose from but all the reviews pointed to this as the one to get. The first thing I will say is that this knocks the socks off of my wife's Wii Fit. The game (if that's what you can call a title like this) is definitely aimed at the person who is serious about their fitness.

The first thing that blew me away was that an actual digital representation of you is reproduced on the screen, not some cartoony avatar with limited movement and a big head. As you move your digital you moves precisely as you do. A few minutes of fun was had playing around with that!

The presentation is very slick and it does a great job of introducing you to the interface, measuring your statistics, asking you about your goals and suggesting workouts based on your specific requirements.

The exercise routines are well paced, catering for beginners right up to advanced classes. I went straight in for a professional athlete workout and boy did it put me though my paces!!

Each exercise is demonstrated by your trainer before the class begins and you follow their lead throughout the differing routines. The game does a good job of giving you feedback during the class so if you aren't doing something properly your trainer will tell you what it is and how to correct it. The music that accompanies each class is well paced and complements the routines perfectly.

BUT, there are a few niggles that whilst not major do start to grate over time and take the shine off an otherwise excellent title.

- Each class is broken down in to a sub-set of exercises with a pause between each excercise whilst the trainer explains what is coming next. Whilst these pauses only last a few seconds it breaks up the class in to numerous fragments.

- Once a class has been completed (say on beginner level) you cannot automatically begin the next (intermediate) level without navigating completely out of the menu system and back in to select the next level up. Very annoying.

- 90% of the time the game does an excellent job of tracking your movements, even complex ones, but at other times it appears totally incapable of following what you are doing, particularly for some of the simpler, slower exercises. This can get frustrating when you are copying your trainer perfectly only to get a low score because the tracking failed.

- There is quite a bit of purchaseable content within the game (extra workouts and routines). I don't like the idea of games with masses of purchaseable content as this will only lead in one direction. But I guess this is a sign of the times.

Overall, as a launch title this is a great fitness game and a good indicator of the potential for the Kinect. I would recommend to anyone keen on upping their fitness levels.
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on 10 November 2010
When it came to Pre-Ordering the Kinect I saw this title and was interested for the fact I'd put a few pounds on above the already slightly overweightness I had been for a year or two. The result a fun interactive game that from the first play and setup had me not only hooked and interested but burning some of those callories too! There could be more mini games to entertain you after a work out but who knows they may come as an update or as DLC (Download Content).

To start off the game - or should I say product! it looks you over and measures you up then asks for your weight in pounds. After this you are put through a small exercise session to evaluate your overall fitness level.

One thing that you can do if you're serious about losing a few pounds and toning up is to purchase some 5lb / 2.3 kg dumbbells or heavier if you're a bigger chap, the workouts are provided from experts and contributions from Mens Health and Womens Fitness too. The game will not do sit ups and push ups which could be something to do with the sensor not picking you up properly in a prone position, who knows...

So is it fun? Yes and No. Is it going to get you to burn some calories and lose a few pounds - heck yes I really do believe it will.

The only real improvement I can see is if they managed to incorporate Heart Rate with Polar Heart Rate Monitor devices, I see EA are bringing out a version for Kinect priced at double the average game and has heart rate monitor of thier own bundled.

I have rated this 5 stars for the fact it's fun and functional - you'll only get out of the product what you put into it, if you own a connect already and looking to lose a few pounds then this is money will spent.
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on 12 December 2010
I bought this for my wife as she has always wanted a wii fit, but they seem a bit old hat now. She absolutely loves the game, and says the cardio areas are very similar to the aerobic classes she attended before pregnancy.

The game starts with a series of tests to get your level, and then there are several options of workout category depending on what your looking to improve.

There is a specific 'after baby' program, and the game tracks your progress so you can see improvement. She loves the fact that things such as calories burned and time are clearly displayed on the screen so she can set her own goals as well as the ones set by the game.

A well thought out game for those with a purpose, I might even give the male specific workouts a try!
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on 20 December 2010
I bought this 'game' to compliment my home yoga practice and have enjoyed many hours on Dance Central too.
Being naturally thin i have no need for the personal training section that seem to be aimed at fat burning mostly so i have no comment on this section and i also have a aversion to squats that i regard them as the most unnatural movement and potentially harmful to the knees movement know to man! What i do enjoy is the Tai Chi and Boxercise. These are unlocked by doing the class to a standard in segments. The full (3 each) classes are about 13 mins give or take each. They are a good level for me and motion detection is good but not perfect. Tai Chi is quite a workout but no real breath control is instructed and this is a minus as this is fundamental to Eastern holistic teachings. The gym games are OK but not as much fun as they should be and WHY cant you set the time that you want to play?
To sum i see a updated version that will include more customisation of class length and the ability to preset routines (The PS2's Eye toy sports game had this???) and better gym games. The menu is bordering on awful and can break the action up somewhat, But,it will get you off the sofa and inspire you to come back for more with gentle and well worked help from you onscreen instructor and 30 mins a day will soon have you feeling the muscles working and stress levels going down that come with exercise.
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