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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Starring Tracy Beaker
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 16 March 2017
I love this book but read it at Christmas the main reason I like it is Tracy is a terrible show of of corse I'm not but any way she's so careless and Tracy really stands up for herself to Justine Little wood and Louise just read it all ready suitable for age 7-11
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on 1 April 2017
I recommend this book to all my friends and family members.
They would really love this book and I hope you think the same
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on 11 March 2007
Tracy Beaker is back once again! Jacqueline Wilson's best-loved, award-winning character who featured in `The Story of Tracy Beaker' and `The Dare Game' is back in this fantastically witty and moving story. This brilliant new story shows Tracy at her cheekiest and most appealing.

Tracy is ten and lives in a children's home, "The Dumping Ground", where she longs to be reunited with her absent mother. She is desperate for a role in her school play A Christmas Carol and when she is cast the main role, Ebenezer Scrooge, she wants to know whether her mum will make it back from Hollywood in time to watch her in her starring role. However, Cam is the one helping her to learn her lines and Cam is the one Tracy ends up spending Christmas with. Tracy sadly realises that it is not her mum that she can rely on; but Cam.

Over the years, the reader has followed Tracy through the highs and lows of her life. I feel from reading this book and every other Tracy Beaker book that I know her and am fond of her. Jacqueline Wilson makes her not only a sad, aggressive and boisterous person but also vulnerable, sensitive, creative and extremely cheeky indeed!

As a 14 year old I utterly loved this book. It is hilarious and heartbreaking and I recommend it to all ages from 7 upwards. Tracy Beaker has never been so vibrant and entertaining! Enjoy this masterpiece!
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on 26 December 2010
a great story about tracy beaker who wants to get the main role in the christmas play at school and hoping that her [apparently] famous mum will be there.
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on 17 February 2007
Description of story and main characters:
Beaker is back and she's desperate to be in her school play (A Christmas Carol) to impress her film star mum.

What I think about the book:
Tracy is the narrator of the story and she tells us about her life.

Before I read the book I always thought children in orphanages were sad, worried and frightened, because of the films Oliver and Annie. Sad because no one cares about them. Worried because they might be put with someone mean. Frightened because the care workers assaulted them.

Jacqueline Wilson's book changed the way I thought about kids in care. Kids have fun and they feel happy, content and safe. They also experience the wonderful feeling of having brothers and sisters. The carers look after them in same way as parents.

I was surprised to see a swear word in the book.

Jacqueline Wilson develops the characters throughout the book. The structure of her writing is without chapters, consequently the narrative continues without stopping from the beginning to the end of the story. This made it difficult to put the book down.

In conclusion, I think that this book was fabulous. I feel this book should only be read by 10 years and over because of the swear word. Will Justine be mean or will Tracy get her revenge? Read this book to find out!!

Lara Aged 11
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on 19 August 2015
I re-read this book recently because I love Jacqueline Wilson and I thought I'd re-read all of my old books whilst awaiting some new books to arrive. Jacqueline was my idol and I adored every single one of her books growing up, so I knew that I would enjoy this.

Tracy Beaker is the most famous character in Jacqueline Wilson's books. She has a movie adaptation, a series and even an ongoing spinoff set of series' just from Tracy's story. Tracy is loud, aggressive and most of all: she lives in care. She is known for her lies and her stories she tells whenever her mum is mentioned (Tracy claims she is an actress), and with people like Justine Littlewood around (her arch enemy!) Tracy has to find herself believing in her mums acting career to keep her going.

Starring Tracy Beaker, may be the third novel in the collection of Tracy's life, however this book is actually set before the book The Dare Game. It was slightly confusing to me, but I still went with it as you can read them in any order you like. Tracy is still in the care home and she has potential foster mother, Cam, set up. However, Tracy still longs and hopes that her mum would adore her and desire for her as much as Tracy does for her mum. The book is set at the festive time of Christmas and Tracy is picked to perform in the school play, and she is determined that her mum will come to admire her acting skills and whisk her away. However, like all good Jacqueline Wilson books: nothing ever goes to plan and Tracy is left on this path of finding herself and rediscovering her true traits, before being faced with the heartbreaking truth.

The characters in this book, are the same characters we all love. Tracy hasn't changed...much! She is slightly more grown up and goes through phases of caring more, and when the truth hits her she is a lot more grown up and understanding. She takes it rather then hiding it with a warped imaginative story. Cam, Jenny, Mike, Louise, Peter and Justine are thoroughly mentioned, as they are part of Tracy's growing life, and all of them are portrayed beautifully so that you can accept and love each character to your own will. There are a few new characters in this book, however they are mostly teachers and it begins to highlight how some children are treated in their school life, however they are not overly impactive on Tracy's experience in the book, apart from one small time.

Personally, the structure of the book was a little bit all over the place for me. I like to read books with chapters because I use chapters for bookmarked areas where I put the book down. This book: did not have chapters. Not a massive problem, as I still enjoyed the book. And of course, there could be reasons for Jacqueline to have set her book like this. It could be: Tracy's conscious stream of thought or even a semi-journal thing that isn't a diary so it doesn't have to be sectioned off. However, I like the first person perspective and the whole idea of telling a story, as this can be engaging for a younger reader and help them create empathetic feelings towards individual characters.

I think Jacqueline has managed to successfully highlight the life of a care-home living child. She has managed to highlight how a child who feels abandoned would act out and how children homes may not be nasty places, but they are a haunting memory for children who have lived there. Also, she successfully touches on the harsh truth of a parent not wanting a child, and she does it in such a subtle way that you almost feel more towards the character instead of processing the thought of the horrid parent leaving their child behind.

A really lovely book that I think a younger reader would thoroughly enjoy. Although I am not the target audience anymore, I still enjoyed the book.
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on 20 February 2014
In my opinion this book is not as good as the other books that Jackie has written al that happens is tracy gets a part in a play that her mum never comes to see her in.
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on 21 July 2012
i was very surprised when another tracy beaker came out. I have enjoyed reading it and I hope another one comes out.

I live with my mum but if you think of what a poor child Tracy Beaker is because she cant find her mum (or souldI say her mum cant be bothered to come and see her .)

If there was another book of Jacqueline Wilsons Tracy Beaker i would deffinitley (sorry if ive spelt it wrong! ) i would deffinitley read it.

I think that children in care should be looked after propley but if their real parents cant look after them then fair enough.Children shouldnt stop in care , why should they suffer when its the parents fault.

As I was saying if theres another Tracy Beaker I would read it because not only because i would be wonderin what tricks Tracy Beaker would be doing on people i also want to find out if tracy beaker finally gets a day with her mother or to call her mother and speak to her on the phone

read this book and you WILL enjoy it.

happy reading!
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on 6 December 2014
I thought this book was quite sad as Tracy thought her mum was coming for Christmas but in the end she only sent her some flowers as this was my first time reading a Tracy beaker book I can't wait to buy another on my kindle Tracy is sort of like me as I have aspergers and it means I have slight anger problems
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on 18 October 2006
Yes, it has been fifteen years since Tracy first hit stores nationwide, but she is back again to delight us in another fabulous book from Jacqueline Wilson, Children's Laureate 2005-2007. This time, she's landed herself the main part in the school play of 'A Christmas Carol'. Who better to play Ebenezer Scrooge than Tracy Beaker?

Amidst learning her lines in preparation for the big performance, Tracy has one desperate wish which, if it came true, would be the highlight of her year. The wish is that her superstar Mum would come and watch the school play starring her daughter. And Tracy is convinced that she will make it.

Read this fantastic episode with Tracy Beaker and be thrown right back to the Dumping Ground - remember Justine Littlewood? Nothing has changed.
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