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on 14 August 2016
Sometimes, a miniseries can tell a better story than a
movie, and this is a case in point. This is a story of 3
men who fought through the Pacific Theater campaign
of WW2. The source material, are 4 books written by
by men who were there, and we see the that war with
all its complexity on the human spirit, and in parts it
is very UGLY. Remember, in war, good men have to
do bad things, and here we see it all...

This series is as good as any of the movies on the
Pacific War made in recent years, and concentrates
on the main battles, but also includes the little known
battle of the Island of Peleliu, which covers 3 episodes.

Peleliu was a bloodbath, and the first battle were the
Japanese dug in to defend to the death. To say this
battle was horrific, is an understatement, and here
we see some very gruesome things, but this is war,
and we see the psychological effects it has on the.
troops. Brave men fall apart after so much violence.
After the Battle of Okinawa, the Americans had over
26,000 psychiatric casualties, and the troops were
exhausted, and this was one of the main reasons
the USA dropped the Atom Bomb. Think what you
want about the A-Bombing of Japan, but I feel they
had no choice, and besides that, the Japanese were
as bad as the Nazis, and would have never given up
without it.

If you have any interest in the Second World War. this
is worth watching.
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on 1 August 2016
Bought this as we loved Band of Brothers and this claims to be the Pacific equivalent. Found that it did not work as well at following one central character and felt like I was playing catch up every week. This may be in that it was based on more than one book from more than one author, but felt it never quite drew you in early enough to who was who.
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on 30 April 2016
This is (like Band of Brothers) obviously a produce t and as a product, it's designed to make money but it certainly
is no wham, bang, blood and guts for the sake of it war yarn. There's plenty wham and bang and blood and guts but ONLY as part of the narrative,
any sex and violence is part and parcel of the whole.
I am a real critic of war movies set in the 20th. century, mainly because I and my family served and have to say that there's nothing at all
that is over-dramatised or tasteless about THE PACIFIC or indeed BAND OF BROTHERS, it is carefully researched and there is a sincere respect held by the actors for the men and women they portray.
It's perhaps not totally appropriate to file the DVDs under 'Entertainment'... I feel it's intended to be and succeeds at being, much more.
Others who view the mini series may disagree but it is only my opinion.
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on 19 June 2015
I've read quite a lot of the reviews about this, I have the box set and have watched it twice now. Band of Brothers it is not - it seems a little disjointed, it tends to focus on 3 main characters whereas BoB gave you a better idea of those who went through it together from start to finish. The Pacific is spread over 3 different marine companies so it was always going to be difficult giving many of the other characters much of a story. This is essentially where it loses itself, it's still good but it has it's flaws, it's based on the books of two marines and the life of one other - and whilst the stories of Eugene Sledge and Bob Leckie are well known and documented, John Basilones character lends itself to too much artistic licence. The book that accompanied the series goes into far greater detail and centers around 5 characters but this would have diluted the TV series even more, however, I feel that Sidney Phillips could have been given a bit more exposure along with some of the others. As one other reviewer states, the Thin Red Line is a far better film about the Pacific and builds on more characters in a much shorter timescale. With this one, they kind of used the winning formula of BoB but got it all muddled up.
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on 31 August 2011
As with Band of Brother which is from the same Hanks/Spielberg stable this is a historically accurate and absolutely captivating drama. The story of the US forces, and particularly that of the US Marines, follows their progress through the Pacific campaign to overtake islands held by the Japanese. The action and battle sequences, like those in Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan are so realistic (if we're allowed the luxury of imagining how horrific battle would be) as to be edge-of-the-seat gripping and quite frightening. We're left in no doubt about the fear, the suffering and the horror of battle, it is brought real into our living rooms.

The story, as far as the main characters are concerned, follows the trials and strife of a few real-life soldiers from the campaign, one of whom may be the bravest soldier of the twentieth century. In any other era of film making, we could be forgiven for assuming that the exploits had enjoyed some Hollywood over-dramatisation; not so, if anything, the heavily decorated John Basilone was even braver in real battle and real life than he is portrayed in this mini-series - I looked into his sadly short career on Google. Suffice to say that the producers have not exercised any moviemaking license or dramatic hyperbole in the making of this series, and they needn't have done, the truth is startling and frightening enough.

The characters are well drawn, youthful, callow as the teenagers and frightened as the young soldiers of WWII would have been. There is no schmaltz, no tackiness in sketching the relationships, even when playing out the brief romance and even briefer marriage of Basilone.

Shot in low saturated colour, the photography gives the movie a feel of the period, a period of history which we all think of as having taken place in black and white and which makes us uncomfortable with livid technicolor. Each episode is so captivating and seems so short (though they are not) that I challenge you not to watch at least two episodes on the trot.

A fabulous dramatic roller coaster and I recommend it to you.
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on 6 May 2017
Although I thought Band of Brothers was slightly the better series, The Pacific still rates quite highly and also serves as a reminder of how brutal and unforgiving war can be. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic series and definitely worth purchasing.
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on 14 March 2017
This series make you think and realise what war does to people and that it is not a game. It is not light entertainment but an excellent representation of what it must have been like. I also learnt things about that time I did not know. This set is "a keeper" and I will watch it again at some point.
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on 10 August 2016
Superb show and a great quality bluray, really puts you in the midst of war, this time in the Pacific.
Superb gritty visuals, are followed up with excellent audio, makes you feel part of the harrowing reality that is world war 2.
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on 7 February 2018
Not quite the level of Band of Brothers as some of the stories are less compelling but again a gritty exploration of the horror of war and the sheer bravery of the men and women on all sides who fought the great fight for their countries. Like Band of Brothers the scenes of war are horrifying and bring to life the sheer terror faced by the men on the front line.
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on 26 January 2016
This is another fantastic series from the same people who brought you Band of Brothers. I purchased this as a gift for a family member, who has never seen BoB or The Pacific, they loved it. I was gripped when I first saw this on sky.

The modular delivery of the stories and perspectives from each of the main characters is excellent. I must say that when i watched it I had to wait each week for the different installments, my family member watched the entire series in a week.

I like The Pacific for its authentic appeal and its story telling. I would recommend this to anyone.
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