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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 March 2011
As someone getting on in years (stopped counting at 40), I wouldn't have expected to find myself buying, let alone reviewing this. But, I bought it and like it so much that I've bought tour tickets. Now I need to find out if there's anyone I know who's still up for this sort of night out... I don't know my D&B from my Elbow, but in my head, this is a great album to bounce about in an embarrassing fashion to.
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on 9 June 2012
I waited for "No more Idols" with much anticipation and from the first track through to the last, I played it again, again, and again until I didn't know which track was first or last! The album is so innovative, an almost game-changing piece of production that is my definite choice for album of the year 2011. My reviews of each song:

1. No more Problems - 7/10, love the opening but than is a little too fast-paced where i start suffering to keep up.
2. Fire in your Eyes - 8/10 - You can feel the album coming to the boil.
3. Let you Go - 9.5/10 - The music video is what really makes this song. Lyrics are incredible too.
4. Blind Faith 10/10 - The standout song of 2011 and a reminder of the warehouse-garage scene of the 90's.
5. Fool Yourself - 8/10 - Deep, soulful, electric. Plan B and Chase and Status are a match made in heaven.
6 Hypest Hype - 8/10 - A more bouncy song by C&S, again that has you jumping up and down during the build-up.
7 Hitz - 10/10 - Gives you an almost Pineapple Express vibe. Tinie Tempah, steps into the role perfectly.
8 Heavy - 8.5/10 - You want find a tune with bigger bass all year.
9 Brixton Briefcase - 7/10 - Not one of my favorites. Just don't like Cee-Lo Green.
10 Hocus Pocus - 7/10 - I really want to know what they were smoking when this went into production. Because i want some!
11 Flashing Lights - 9/10 - Just close your eyes and see your whole life flashing right before your eyes!
12 Embrace - 10/10 - Along with Blind Faith, the best song(s) of the album. A shift from C&S. For god's sake it was even used in Gossip Girl to perfection!
13 Time - 10/10 - The album is coming to a close, but you just don't want it to end. Delilah's tone of voice goes perfectly with the backing breakbeat.
14 Midnight Caller 8.5/10 - Tranquile.
15 End Credits - I0/10 - The first single of No more Idols and the best way to finish the album.
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on 31 January 2011
I don't normally do this, but I thought I would take the time out to write up a detailed review of this new release.
I had been eagerly anticipating the release of Chase & Status' new album No More Idols for a long time now, and have been following the duo closely after their sublime 2008 album, More Than Alot.

However, as predicted, the album is a bit of a disappointment, personally I feel due to the lack of D&B on the album. Don't get me wrong, their production is second to none and there are a few stand out tracks on the album such as 'No Problem', 'Blind Faith' & 'Flashing Lights' (only because co-produced with Subfocus) & 'Time', however quite a few of the tracks on here are absolute trash. I don't know what the duo were thinking with the production of 'Fool Yourself' with a nice intro by Plan B only to be ruined by a cheesy drum loop and MC Rage shouting the same petty phrase repeatadly over it. Most of the tunes have a guitar based melody to it which only reminds me of pendulum and rock rave commercialism, and just by looking at the colabs throughout the album one could have predicted this.

Again, many of the best tracks on this album were released as singles (Hypest Hype was even released for free) before the album itself which makes the album even more disappointing. I only fear that the majority of these tunes are going to be played in my local Oceana instead of Fabric and other D&B clubs where essentially this music belongs.

All I can say is I am glad to have witnessed the days when tracks (Smash TV, Take me away, Eastern jam) off More Than Alot tore down clubs like Fabric & Matter and sent crowds into a frenzy, however only a select few off No More Idols will be able to compare to the masterpiece of 2008.

If it is Drum & Bass your after, you will be disappointed with the new C&S and be better off buying one or two singles rather than the album as a whole, but if you like all genres with a splash of dub then you could possible be for you.

Chase & Status, remember where your roots lie, Im sure you've made good money through this album by attracting a wider more commercial audience, but please can we have some future classics released for the D&B heads in the future please!

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on 4 February 2011
For those with a wide ranging taste in music this album is simply brilliant. The number of different genres covered and high quality of songs on this album is amazing. The Stand out tracks are- No Problem, Fire In Your Eyes Let You Go, Blind Faith, Fool Yourself, Hitz, Hypest Hype, Heavy, Hocus Pocus, Time and End Credits.

Yes they may have gone more mainstream but so long as the song quality is still as good as this I can't see why it matters. If you are only really into D n B this is probably not an album for you just certain tracks.
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on 15 April 2011
A lot of people say they've turned mainstream, and it's true there's definitely a large change in sound since More Than Alot, but I'm not sure mainstream is the right word. There is such a wide range of sound that you couldn't define it in a word. This obviously isn't popular with pure drum 'n' bass and dubstep fans (which I also like), but personally I liked all of it. From the raves of No Problem and Let Me Go to the mellowed sound of Embrace and Midnight Caller, it all has the duo's stamp of brilliant producing. I own and love More Than Alot, but if you want more of that, this isn't for you. The album ranges from drum 'n' bass to rap to some sort of prog. rock, all of it great and something everyone in producing should look to.
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on 9 May 2016
As an old skool rave-head, I never quite got the Dubstep fever. I recognise, as with rave before it, new-age before that, punk, minimalist etc, that it's not aimed at my (rave)generation, but several generations younger than me, which is an awful place for an electronic music fan to find himself in.

I tried; I failed.

Lucky for me I found these chaps and their dark, hard, sometimes funny, always entertaining dubstep-influenced electro grime rave choons. I guess at this point, with no more physical music shops left to carefully place albums into genre for us, all we can do it look to the music itself, and this is damn good music wherever it comes from. Taking it's cue from Dubstep, adding a little bit of grimey rave, and a lot of drum n' Bass Amen Breaks,"No More Idols" feels like a genre travelogue.

That it hangs together is testament to the production and sequencing skills of the titular duo. Though their collaborations never really over-step the line beyond "Urban" vocalists such as Plan B, Tempa T, good oul' Dizzee Rascal and - on one of my personal favourite pieces "Brixton Briefcase" - Ceelo Green, the boys make a virtue of these vocalists additions through their sequencing - placing blistering opener "No Problem" right next to the soulful "Fire in your Eyes" and onwards.

This is a complete album filled with dark wit, cave-deep bass, stabbing synths, and thrilling percussion. My own personal recommendation comes from close to the end, Delilah collaboration "Time;" an alternately tear-jerkingly slow and fiercely angry piece.

I'm liking that as I scan some of the other reviews I can see chaps and chapettes my age and older digging this soundtrack to someone else's youth. Whatever, this is great electronic music.
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on 1 February 2011
Hi, I am from America and I got interested in to chase & status after listening to End Credits by them. I Was real excited for their new album to release after hearing singles like "let you go" and "blind faith". I've heard that they were going more mainstream on this new album but i didn't really care because they are not popular at all in the USA either way. Although I was a bit disappointed by this album, if you are a fan of them than you should buy it.

No Problem 4/5 - The album starts out good,it sounds like your going through the jungle and you see these african people dancing to techno. The thing that I don't like about this song is that they added too much sound effects to it which ruins the song if you compare it to the leaked version of this song.

Fire in your eyes 3/5 - It's energetic and uses guitar, but it gets boring after listening to it for a while because it keeps repeating the same lyrics and I don't think the voice matches the song.

Let You go 5/5 - I don't think I have to explain why it's a 5/5

Bind Faith 4.5/5 - It's very upbeat and very energetic.

Fool Your self 2/5 - Why didn't they just make plan B sing and rap the whole time?

Hypest Hype 3/5 - Upbeat but repetitive and mainstream.

Hitz 1/5 - your not a hiphop beat producer Chase & Status! plus the lyrics for Tinie sucks (partially because America has influenced the UK to rap about power, money, and sex). If you want to make good rap just listen to immortal technique or the good eminem songs.

Heavy 2/5 - Like I said before... chase & status is not a beat producer for rap... the only things that saves this song is that the rapper here is better and it uses some dubstep elements (but i still don't get by what he means by I'm so "heavy". It sounds like hes bragging about his fatness.)

Brixton Breifcase 3/5 - It's not bad but it's not good either... its hard to explain.

Hocus Pocus 4.5/5 - This is more of what Chase & Status is like, it's not mainstream which is good thing but why would someone make a song about hocus pocus???

Flashing Lights 5/5 - Great song. usually DnB and dubstep are full of repetition in terms of beats but they change the beats for the 2nd chorus. Probably the best song that wasn't a single.

Embrace 4/5 - This is one of the few songs thats not repetitive in terms of lyrics at all. It's actually more like a rock song than a DnB track.

Time 5/5 - Forget about what I said about "flashing lights". This is probably the best track that wasn't a single on this album.

Midnight Caller 4/5 - It's a more of a down beat track and not really DnB. But it's still good.

End Credits 6/5 - Masterpiece
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on 16 August 2011
The best tracks on this album are just outstanding. Its classic Rave music with a Banging
Edge. It gets a bit hardcore in the middle, but its balanced by some 'sweet' harmonious tracks. You'll love it, if you like: dance, dubstep, hardcore, old Drum and Bass, all mixed with some punk attitude.
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on 31 January 2011
I've been eagerly looking forward to this album for ages now, half expecting a delightful array of DnB and a slightly less eagerly expecting some dubstep, in the same style of More Than Alot.

The first song, 'No Problem' started off well, but then no big crescendo (to quote Music Club) materialised and no big drop for me to throw my hands to. This continued all the way through the album, I wanted a CD full of 'Take Me Away's and 'Hurt You's and even an 'In Love'. Fast, racey beats, big drops, big bass lines. There is hardly any of this.

Blind Faith is a lovely tune, but the Lonestar Remix is better, and more attuned to what I expected to be on the album. Time, Flashing Lights and Midnight Caller are excellent songs in their own right, but for anyway, it's a step backwards from their previous album in terms of DnB. The production values are clearly up and I'm sure a new crowd of UK Grime/Urban will be feasting their ears to this album and raving about Dizzee Rascal, Tinie Tempah and Plan B being featuring here, which is cool, but I'm sure a lot of DnB followers like me, will listen once or twice then looks for remixes of the better songs.

Overall then, disappointing, but not entirely surprising.
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on 30 March 2011
This album is totally amazing, particularly tracks 3, 4 (the absolute hottest and total old skool style; the video will make you all smiley faced!! particularly if you lived it large back in the 80's/90's) 7,11,13,14 & 15.

These guys really know how to do an authentic album like this with finesse. They take great lyrics and mix it in such a way that it catches your mind immediately. I have played, and played this album at home, in the car and it is THE best fusion of old/new, rave, rap, dance, trance, etc. They totally get the underground, white-label, authentic feel (no bubble-gum tracks for the masses); total style, absolute class and outstanding vibe. Buy it now, listen to it again and again and you'll like each track more and more each time you hear them.
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