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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2017
Wouls used again thank you
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on 25 June 2010
Don't Blink! You don't want to miss a second of these amazing episodes.

Steven Moffat has triumphed in his two parter, 'Time of Angels' and 'Flesh and Stone' which sees not only the return of the creepy Weeping Angels (first seen in 2007's 'Blink') but also welcomes back Alex Kingston as the complex, timey wimey River Song. The Doctor and Amy are recruited by Doctor River Song and an army of clerics to search the crash of the Byzantium for the lone Weeping Angel trapped inside it. However things soon turn sinister as Amy learns the dreadful truth that even an image is powerful and Clerics begin to get their necks snapped. Soon The Doctor discovers it's not the Weeping Angel that's trapped, it's him! The Doctor and his friends are stuck in the maze of the dead surrounded by Angels, but there's one thing you never put in a trap - and it's him.
In what is the most cinematic episode of Doctor Who ever, Adam Smith directs beautifully, with the pace and action continuous and flowing wonderfully with Steven Moffat's juicy script. Matt Smith (incredibly this the very first episode he filmed) shows the more brooding, serious side of his Doctor and Alex Kingston returns with a much feistier River Song, with a more electric chemistry with this Doctor than the last.

'Flesh and Stone' picks up where the last episode left us with our jaws hitting the floor, and doesn't disappoint! The Angels are winning, Amy has seconds to live, The Doctor is helpless. It's a race against time inside the ruins of the Byzantium and the action doesn't stop! We soon learn the terrible truth of the crack in Amy's bedroom wall and that River Song isn't a woman to be trusted.
The conclusion is a satisfying one but with so many more secrets and revelations yet to be discovered. Again, direction and script are fantastic and the lead actors dazzle! Special acknowledgement goes to Iain Glen as the lead cleric, with a certain scene between himself and Matt Smith being one of the highlights of the episode, tragic and beautiful with a big fat juicy shocker!

Next we move to a stag party in Leadworth, and as the stripper arrives in a big cake... out pops The Doctor and he's got something to tell Rory Williams, his fiance tried to kiss him! So off we go to Venice in the aptly titles 'The Vampires of Venice' with a new Tardis trio, Amy and Rory are taken on a date to the most romantic city of all! Except instead of romance, death and mystery stalks the streets of Venice.
Toby Whithouse (Being Human), delivers a stellar romp of a script, with so many laugh out loud moments and great interaction dialogue between The Doctor and new recruit Rory. The direction is beautiful, with the streets of Croatia really becoming a believable Venice! Action, explosions, romance and some fish, 'The Vampires of Venice' is another hit for this series and continues to show just how lucky we are to have Matt Smith as The Doctor.

And remember, the image of an Angel can become an Angel...
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2010
Moving on from the first volume we have the next two stories compromising the seasons first two parter The Time of Angels and one parter The Vampires of Venice.

The Time of Angels has everything I want in a Who story and I firmly believe this story will go down as one of the greats. Moffat brings back two of his toys from the previous era in River Song (wonderfully played by Alex Kingston) and the Weeping angels who are turned up to 11. This story has no central set or location and starts off in all places a museum and after the hectic James Bond style opener catapults the regulars into the plot. Despite this being the first story filmed I think this is Matt Smiths best performance also of note is Iain Glen who is understated and wonderfully noble as Octavian. Keep your eyes peeled as there's a few moments that look to be linked to a later episode.

The Vampires of Venice is unfortunately a fairly weak episode, in my opinion the best qualities are the location work and an all round good performance by the cast who rise above the script they've been given. Also its got pretty girls with sharp teeth! The main huge faults in this are the direction and the script. Of note is Rory from The Eleventh Hour becoming a companion who is likeable in a bumbling way.

Both stories look like they foreshadow the end of season finale (which as I type has yet to be broadcast) with the cracks and some comments by the various villains. All in all four stars as Time of the Angels is so good it makes up for Vampires.
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on 13 July 2010
This series just goes from strength to strength. The Angels' two parter is an example of efficient and effective wrtitng upheld by good production values and acting. The cast are impressive from the regulars to Alex Kingston and the brilliant Iain Glenn. Lets not forget Mike Skinner's (Yes, him from 'The Streets'!) little appearance in the tightly written opening sequence which entertainingly re-introduces the voluptuous River Song. It all escalates after this into a mooody and scary race-against-time story with a nail biting cliff hanger in the middle. The Angels could be said to have been reinvented here but I feel they work very well in this rather wider context than 'Blink' afforded them. Well worth watching. 'The Vampires of Venice' is a rather by numbers production/plot for 'Doctor Who' but is still worthy nevertheless. Nice filming and camerawork from Croatia and some rather sexy Vampires. This is the story that does have one of those brilliant Doctor-confronts-villain scene which is actually quite taut and effective. Congratulations to all involved with this show - thanks Mr Moffat.
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on 15 June 2010
The first two parter of series 5 turned out to be fantastic, the first episode may of dragged slightly but i'll overlook that minor detail. Although the weeping angel two-parter was great, it didn't over shadow vampires of Venice, as others thought it would. But once again they were proven wrong. I am enjoying the series a lot and were almost at the finale. May i remind everyone that this series has had a lower budget than previous series, as the BBC didn't know if people would like the new doctor or the new series for that matter. But they were proven wrong. o i'm guessing that next series is going to be more action packed as was series 1-4, and this series too (but this series is a little talkative if you get what I mean)
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matt smith and karen gillan continue to impress in these 3 episodes. matt smith's in his stride as the doctor now. to me he comes across as a cross between patrick troughton, tom baker and david tennant while karen gillan is excellent as amy, one of the best companions ever. the 2 part story with the weeping angels is matt smith's first classic, and is one of the best of the series. the added bonus on the dvd being you hopefully wont get the annoying over the rainbow ad at the end of part one! the weeping angels are the best monsters that the new series has created and are destined to stand alongside the daleks and cybermen as all time classic monsters. the episode also sees the return of the excellent and mysterious river song, and the episode strongly hints that in the future she may end up not only becoming the doctor's wife, but that she might also murder him. vampires in venice is very silly but good fun. loved the doctor gate crashing rory's stag night! 3 excellent episodes.
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on 23 December 2013

as i will keep saying. Matt Smith possibly my favorite time lord of all time.
just fantastic to see him bring this character to life. action. comedy. and suspense.
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on 8 July 2010
This second volume is a great buy, the first story a 2 part one and well it's shows the new doctor in full swing. i'm not going to tell you much about the story find out for yourself by buying the dvd, lets say i think we have a great new doctor worth watching... the last story of vampires in venice was fine but not a top story in my book, i didn't like the ending much. the first season of the 11th doctor been fantastic and i can't wait for the next season and the xmas special due before that.... long live DR WHO.
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on 20 December 2013
More of the great original British TV series spanning 50 years. Superb and enjoyable Family entertainment for Dr Who fans.
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on 1 June 2013
Not one of the best but still good evenings entertainment and amusement Matt Smith is growing in to the part
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