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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2010
Brilliant performance by The Everly Brothers of their reunion from 27 years ago.

This reissued DVD by Eagle Vision is a completely different from the first release some years ago. As the concert was originally recorded over 22nd/23rd September 1983 different song performances were edited together. In this DVD version it's the same lineup though for some reason 'So sad (to watch good love go bad) has been ommitted but additional songs: Medley-Take a message to Mary/Maybe tomorrow, I wonder if I care as much and Temptation have been included.

This DVD also includes a bonus feature: Highlights of a video called 'Rock 'N' Roll Odyssey' released in 1984 during The Everly Brothers reunion concert. The original video was 75 mins and on this DVD it has been cutdown to 45 mins. All the original full length songs, clips from TV shows have been ommitted as well as others, though tiny snippets are included. The relevent interviews with the Everly Brothers are intact. I have the original video to compare with which is brilliant but this bonus feature highlights have been heavly cut. But despite this the documentary is still great viewing. The picture quality is just slighty upgraded than the original VHS version.
In the 'rock 'n' roll odyssey' documentary watch out for the different 'Alternative Date' complete performance of 'Let It Be Me' from the reunion concert at the end of the programme.

This is a great DVD package, though it would be nice to see the full lengh version of 'Rock 'n' Roll Odyssey' on DVD with all those historical full length clips intact.
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on 23 September 2014
Just how did they do it? After a huge and successful career, these brothers fell out big time in 1973 and actually walked off stage right in the middle of a performance! Was it booze, or was it a nervous breakdown? Their split was well documented, but the real reasons were never spelt out. However, each of them then followed individual careers for a decade, the late Phil having the most success. By the early 1980s, they saw fit to patch up their differences -- the result of which was a friendly coming together for a Reunion Concert, held here in the UK at London's Royal Albert Hall on 23rd September 1983. It was such a huge and unforgettable success, so much so that it even prompted Paul McCartney to later write 'On The Wings Of A Nightingale' especially for them. This DVD represents most of the event and lasts a whole 120 minutes, but do beware of 'bonus' DVDs though, put out with cheap reissue CD sets, as they only last a mere 75 minutes. It was like they'd never been away, and they both sang and played hit after hit, the ones we'd bought when we were just teenagers, continually looking at each other's eyes in order to keep their trademark harmonies as tight as ever. But why London? Melting in sweat underneath their bow-tied evening suits, and to rest their now aging bodies in between songs, there's a bit of chat, and we're told that they 'had such fond memories of performing there with their Dad, Ike Everly, founder of their family's 'Kentucky scene', they chose our country's capital to make their come back'. I'm sure you must know all the songs only too well -- there's a good 25 of them, from country-based American folk, to sweet teenaged pop and pure upbeat rock 'n' roll -- yes, believe you me, they could still do it, and almost perfectly 'live' on stage too ... and that's sheer class, the sign of real talent from a pair of true professionals, not forgetting the able and sympathetic also the backing provided by some hand-picked British stalwarts, Albert Lee and Pete Wingfield to name but two. Love it!
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on 25 October 2010
Great new camera angles.Very different to the old DVD.

I was at this concert.
A wonderful experience never to be forgotten.
The DVD is the first night of the reunion concert.
The CD is the second night concert and not so good as they had strained their voices on the first night.

Wonderful, Wonderful,BUY IT NOW!!
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(A Slightly different take/track-list of the Concert to the DVD I reviewed recently which i'd owned for several years now, this
a later release of the Concert in 1983 and to be honest being offered at a somewhat more attractive price on Amazon to
the version reviewed earlier)
Don was born in 1937 in 'Browne, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Phil was born in 1939 in 'Chicago' Illinois.
They received 'The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame' award in 1986 - 'Country Music Hall of Fame' in 2001.
During their early years they performed on K.M.A and KFNF radio in 'Shenandoah' with their parents - The Everly Family Show'
In 1956 as a duo they signed up for RCA records but had no success, in 1957 they were persuaded to sign for the 'Cadence-Label'
this signalled the beginning of a sparkling Chart Career for the Brothers, three years later they switched to the Warner-Label, their
first release penned by Don and Phil proved to be their most successful Chart-Hit ever - 'Cathy's Clown'
They continued to pepper the charts both sides of the Atlantic especially during the early 60's, but faded some during the group
revolution of that time.
In 1973 sadly after a fall out they split and pursued solo careers, 'Don' had some moderate success in the U.S Country Charts, 'Phil'
had very little however, but as fans will know did have a Top-Ten hit in the early 80's with 'She Means Nothing To Me' sung with 'Cliff
When they performed their reunion concert at the 'Royal Albert Hall' in 1983 it sure pleased many of their 1000's of fans that had followed
them during the early years like myself.
As mentioned before i was fortunate enough to have seen them on stage, firstly in 1962 though 'Don' had returned to the 'States' with
health issues, 'Phil' continued the tour, however on their 1965 tour i was able to see both on-stage.
Sadly i was unable to attend a concert at the local venue during 'Don and Phil's' farewell tour in November 2005, i'd have loved to have
seen them perform one more time.
This release i've owned since it's DVD release, the reunion in front of a packed audience at the Royal Albert Hall 'September 23rd 1983'
Pure magic, great memories, and good quality picture and sound.
They continued performing together until 2005, the Brothers inspired many that followed them in the 60's including 'The Beatles' 'The Stones'
and 'Simon and Garfunkel'
The Track list on this DVD -
01 Claudette
02 Walk Right Back
03 Crying in the Rain
04 Cathy's Clown
05 Love is Strange
06 'Medley' - 'Take A Message To Mary' / Maybe Tomorrow
07 Wonder if i Care As Much
08 When Will I Be Loved
09 Bird Dog
10 Be-Bop-a-Lula
11 Barbara Allen
12 Put My Shoes Away
13 Long Time Gone
14 Step it up and Go
15 Bye Bye Love
16 Wake up Little Susie
17 Medley - 'Devoted to You' - 'Ebony Eyes' - 'Love Hurts'
18 (Till) I Kissed You
19 All I Have To Do is Dream
20 Temptation
21 Lucille
22 Let it be Me
23 Rock'n'Roll Odyssey
This an essential must-own for all fans of this inspirational duo surely..
Sadly as all will i suspect know - 'Phil' after a long illness passed away 'January 3rd 2014
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on 17 September 2014
Brought as a gift but first one sent would not play, kept freezing/sticking then stopping altogether. Returned product & requested another in it's place, fair play the sender did send another one (brand new & all wrapped up, like the first).
Yet when I tried to play it same thing happened again at the same points in the dvd.
Gave it up as a "Bad Batch" returned to sender and got a full refund.
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on 19 December 2013
Many years ago, I watched this brilliant performance by the Everly Brothers at the Royal Albert Hall back in the 1980s. I then acquired a VHS video, and I finally have bought the DVD!
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on 24 February 2014
Simply superb.. What can you say about perfection? No one today can compare with the Everly Brothers. The world is a poorer place.
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on 6 September 2011
Absolutely brilliant, anyone who likes anything to do with sixties music must buy this. Brings back so many memories, of great times.
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on 14 March 2014
I've been a fan of the Everly Brothers since the year dot and was sorry to hear about Phil passing away. I sent for the DVD of the reunion concert and really enjoyed singing along with all the old favourites.
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on 3 August 2014
This is an absolutely wonderful DVD, received in excellent condition and very promptly. I would recommend it to anyone - the Everly Brothers were on top form, and my only criticism is that the original concert was cut down to the normal DVD length. It is a shame that this was done, and I would love to see the entire performance.
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