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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 12 March 2016
Not watched yet but great price and quick delivery
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VINE VOICEon 23 December 2010
This is a very original British comedy drama with great acting & writing to produce an unbeatable level of entertainment. Definitely on a par with Californication Californication - The First Season [2007] [DVD] and The Inbetweeners The Inbetweeners - Series 1-3 - Complete [DVD] for original comedy.

Misfits is about 5 teenagers who are doing community service, who are struck by a supernatural storm and develop superpowers - a cross between Heroes & Skins. But they are not conventional heroes battling evil, they are more likely to be trying to sort out their own personal issues.

In Series 1 there are just 7 episodes of about 45 minutes with each one focusing on a different charactor, and a finale climax. In each episode they are basically trying to keep out of trouble and cover up the secret that unites them all. I love Episode 4 where we discover why Kelly, Simon, Nathan , Curtis, & Alisha are on community service.

Series 2 continues straight on from the first series and adds a few new interesting characters and twists. I can not say more than this in case you have not watched Series 1. Nevertheless Series 2 is just as funny, more sexually explicit, and very addictive.

DVD extras include: Behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew, Simon's films, & The making of Misfits.

Do not miss out on the hottest comedy drama series in an ordinary town with extraordinary charactors!

Let's hope that there is a Series 3 commissioned. Update: series 3 is being filmed from the 25th April for an Autumn release, but one character does not return...
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on 15 February 2011
Judging by the trailers you could easily mistake this show for a missable E4 cross between Heroes and Skins. I'm so glad I gave this programme a chance.

The show follows five ASBO teenagers on community service. However, the characters are all "Misfits" in another way: each is a uniquely social misfit, too. One boy can't help offending everybody he meets; another is a disgraced former athlete; one girl has an unhealthy obsession with sex; the other girl is a misunderstood and at times aggressive chav; the final character is an uncomfortable nerd.

Naturally, these characters don't form the most cohesive group. However, a thunderstorm in the opening episode gives four of them superpowers and inextricably binds the group together. The natural frictions between them result in great comic/dramatic effect, but it's also a joy watching this unlikely bunch slowly become friends over the two series.

Each characters' superpower reflects an aspect of their personality. The nerdish one can turn invisible, for instance. The superpowers aren't uniformly super-awesome, though: one girl's power is that anyone she touches becomes uncontrollably horny for her. This power becomes very burdensome, very quickly. This makes the show all the more "real" for me, despite the supernatural setting. Sometimes, life just sucks like that. (The other girl's power is similar: she can hear peoples' thoughts, which mostly consist of them calling her a chav.)

The former athlete can turn back time, showing his deep regret at how things have turned out for him. This power is used as a great dramatic device -- utilised to seamlessly fill out each characters' back-story in one episode -- as it's something he has less than perfect control over (otherwise, things would be too easy). This power leads to an incredibly inventive story arc over series two which had me applauding by the conclusion.

The final character (the gobby offensive one) doesn't have a power at all. This is also appropriate, as this character would be far too annoying if he had a superpower to boot. Again, this just makes the show all the more real, as each character is flawed in their own unique way (the sex-girl is incredibly annoying to begin with, a stereotypical "pretty girl", but somehow you manage to sympathise with her by the end of series two).

Each series is a narrative masterpiece -- unfurling over six episodes like a novel. The writing is at times clever, funny, and serious too. It's all thanks to the show's writer, Howard Overman. This show gains a lot from being one writer's work; it's a great pity when other drama/comedies farm each individual episode out to a separate writer, sacrificing quality for quantity (such as how Shameless now does). I'd much rather have six brilliant episodes a year than 16 mediocre ones.

If you needed yet another indication that this show is more than the standard E4 fare, all you need do is look to the fantastic soundtrack, covering genres from the blues, to dubstep, and everything in-between. Some great artists are there: The Velvet Underground, UNKLE, Joy Division, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Kraftwerk, and Aphex Twin to name just a few of my favourites. The music is used to brilliant effect, with the two versions of Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" touching me every time I watch S1E2.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 February 2016
Although the last three series of 'Misfits' were thoroughly entertaining, I definitely regard the first two, which were broadcast between 2009 and 10 as the very best. This DVD box-set contains the complete two seasons, which chalk up to twelve 45 minute episodes, plus the Christmas special.

Many people will already be aware that television drama series and movies surrounding the adventures of troublesome teenagers can be very hit-and-miss affairs, but the BAFTA winning 'Misfits' is instantly engaging, very entertaining, and one of the most original television programmes of it's kind that I've had the pleasure to see. It was recommended to me by a very good friend of whom has excellent tastes, and I'm very grateful to her. Just because the characters in it are teenagers, don't be fooled into believing that this is the only market of people who will enjoy this, it isn't. Anyone who appreciates a good piece of television, outstanding for a channel like E4, will be able to enjoy 'Misfits', which charts the adventures of five unlikely young heroes.

Every central character, portrayed by an incredibly good cast of young talent, is very different to the other, but all of them are likeable in their own ways. There's the shy but very sharp Simon (Iwan Rheon), the hard-as-nails chavvy Kelly (Lauren Socha), the one-time sporting hero Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), party-loving Alisha (Antonia Thomas), and my absolute favourite, the cocky and sarcastic Nathan (Robert Sheehan). All of these guys are paying the price of their crimes by carrying out community service. After being caught in a freak-storm, they suddenly find themselves with strange superpowers.

Things start of with some wonderful quirky British humour, but isn't long before the series moves into fairly creepy territory. It's all of these different elements of comedy, drama, supernatural, intrigue, suspense, and first-class writing, storytelling and acting that makes 'Misfits' such quality television. There's a lot of sex references and bad language that earns it's 18 certificate, but come on, that's life!

Series two opens where the first left off, with the 'immortal' Nathan lying awake in his coffin, and following the chaos and snuffing out of two probation workers, there's a new one on board. An interesting twist in the story of Simon also takes place, as well as a surprising family revelation for Nathan.

Like I mentioned earlier, the other series, which kept the show afloat until as recently as late 2013, were good, but Robert Sheehan decided to move on to pursue other roles (and he has been very good in a string of other dramas and films) after series 2, and so Nathan was to never appear again. The quality of the clever writing continued to keep the programme on a high, and the new characters were fascinating, but I did miss Nathan and his tactless comments terribly, for me this lovable rough was the real comedy backbone of 'Misfits'.

Special features on these DVDs include 'making of' featurettes, lots of short online films (all 'Misfits' related, such as what Nathan did whilst still in his coffin in the first eisode of the second series), and behind-the-scenes footage, including interviews with the cast and crew members.
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on 4 January 2011
I watched this series on 4OD because of the buzz going around at my sixth form college so I thought I'd have a look to see what all the fuss was about. I was drawn in pretty much by the end of the first episode!

The characters are perfectly cast and the writing is brilliant, hilarious, edgy and original. It's like 'the Inbetweeners' sort of humour but funnier. The way the characters develop too is one of Misfits' strengths.

I am so pleased that it has been commissioned for a third series! Simon is my favourite character along with Alisha and Nathan takes a minute to get used to but he is actually incredibly funny.

If you don't mind a bit of swearing and have a bit of a dirty sense of humour, you'll love this!
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on 3 January 2011
At first I though this looked like a bad combination of Skins & Heroes. Oh how wrong I was! With lovable characters and unexpected twists there's a lot to be had from this great British show!. The script isn't bad (not GREAT either...) but all of the "misfits" are perfectly cast and brilliantly acted.

I can't recommend this enough! Let's hope there is a season 3!!!
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on 22 January 2011
This is certainly what I would normally pick up to watch, but having just finished watching I have to admit that I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this show. As many have said, this is essentially a somewhat watered down version of Heroes (which is not a negative) with and upgraded cast and plot. Presumably this show is aimed at the teen/early 20s market, but it did not detract from the entertainment in the slightest.

The plot may be insane, but it just shows how some clever dialogue and some fine characters can really make a show. Granted, the second series was not nearly as great as the first but that can be expected. It did seem to suffer from the American trappings of having more money being thrown at it after a stellar first season and as a result relying more on effects and increasingly bizarre plot-lines than snappy dialogue. The first season itself I would have ranked at 5 stars, but in it's entirety a solid 4.

This will certainly not be to everyones taste, but I for one hope there is a return in 2011.
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on 8 February 2011
Unfortunately, the Canadian tv network that ran Series 1 has yet to show any of Series 2.
Fortunately I don't care, as I've now got this lovely complete set.
Extras, captioned, great a/v quality.
No complaints. I'm delighted to have unrestricted access to this excellent show, and it bears up to repeat viewing.
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on 28 March 2013
My sister nagged me for weeks to watch this programme. I remember the advert of Series 2 being broadcast in 2010, however it never really caught my attention, but when I sat down to watch the first episode I thought "Oh my God, why haven't I seen this before?"

I think the most loveable thing about this programme is the fact that the characters are not perfect, obviously. They're all young adults all with their different stereotypical faults, and everyone who watches it will be able to relate someone they know to each of the 5 characters. There's Kelly (the slightly chavvy, opinionated one), Alisha (the sex-obsessed, stereotypical popular girl), Simon (the socially retarded one), Curtis (the disgraced athlete) and Nathan (the damaged one who never seems to shut up), and when all of them (except Nathan) get superpowers, things start to get complicated. Because of this and the hilarious, dirty and clever plots and scripts, these episodes become more addictive the more you watch of them.

Personally, I loved every single episode of Series 1 and 2 - each was funny and different enough from the rest that you remember each one individually. In my opinion I think Series 2 probably just had the edge as the script seemed to reflect the writers becoming more confident with what they were doing, which definitely benefits the series as a whole.

I must admit that I haven't actually watched Series 3 or 4 due to my (possibly unhealthy) love of Robert Sheehan's character Nathan, and even though people tell me that Series 3 is almost as good without him, I still don't want to watch Misfits without Nathan, because the misfits aren't THE misfits without all five members.

Still, I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone, although it is moderately rude with a lot of sexual references.
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on 30 April 2011
Let me preface this interview with a common misconception - that this series is a "cross between heroes and misfits". While you can somewhat agree with that statement, it's not the main selling point of the whole series.

I shall debunk that myth for you:

It's like Heroes because it's about superpowers.
It's like Skins because it's about teenagers and it's on channel 4.

On that basis, you could also say it's a cross between Shameless & Fantastic Four... or Hollyoaks & ummmm Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. This is just a lazy journalistic comparison. Yes, they're teenagers and Yes, they have super powers, but what skins doesn't have is an interesting storyline coupled with top notch acting with a little bit of black comedy mixed in.

From the word go, you're on the Misfits side. What Howard Overman has created is 5 well balanced characters who bounce off each other flawlessly. I personally found the chemistry between Kelly (Lauren Socha) and Nathan (Robert Sheehan) to be the source of the greatest comedic moments in Misfits.

As you go into the second series, Misfits really begins to mature. The storylines become a lot more enthralling. You begin to see both sides of the coin with how the powers begin affect relationships around the group.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone, I'll let you decide for yourself. If you like, ahem, Heroes and Skins, then Misfits is surely for you.
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