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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 31 August 2011
Black comedy gangster movies were the hot trend in British cinema in the 2000s. London's Lock Stock, Snatch and Layer Cake etc were met by Ireland's Intermission and this, Perrier's Bounty. Whilst the grit of the English films is to be admired, there is a certain something about the Irish that allows the dark humour of the film to come across as more genuine and Perrier's Bounty is a great example of this.

Wonderfully casted, the film really fizzes from the off, with an unusual narrative beginning, similar to the Big Lebowski's intro, introducing the excellent Cillian Murphy straight into trouble with some heavies. In fact, much of the film is reminiscent of the Coen brothers' movies, with thematic cues from Miller's Crossing, narration that wouldn't be out of place in Lebowski and a few jokes that keep popping up throughout the film, akin to O, Brother, Where Art Thou? That said, there's certainly no harm in learning from two of Hollywood's finest minds, and this film certainly crackles with original Irish wit, despite the possible American cues.

Murphy is fantastic, and he is ably supported by the ever-wonderful Jim Broadbent as his Da and the impressive Jodie Whittaker as his female friend, whilst being brilliantly opposed by the intimidating Brendan Gleeson. A really engrossing film, well shot and, most importantly, genuinely funny. Hugely recommended.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 15 September 2011
This is a comedy crime caper from director Ian Fitzgibbon. It has a galaxy of Irish stars and Jim Broadbent doing a passable accent as the father of the hero Cillian Murphy. He plays Michael, who owes money to the Mr Perrier and unlike the water of the same name, he is far from soft.

The film opens with Michael being told he has until ten that night to find the thousand Euros. Meanwhile his neighbour Brenda, (Jodie Whitaker) and crush from afar is having boyfriend trouble, his estranged father appears to announce, that the next time he falls asleep, he will die and he gets offered a job with a Mr Mutt to rob a house for some ready cash. The latter plan seems like a no brainer, and so he signs up. Things go sour when Mr Perrier's henchman and gay lovers, turn up to break a few bones, one of them gets more than he bargains for. In the rituals of the underground, Michael and Brenda have gone too far and thus a bounty is put on their heads.

What follows in a tale that has dark comedy, loads of profanity and some quite good performances, we also meet a load of trophy dogs, wheel clampers, coke dealers and generally the seedier side of Dublin life. Brendan Gleeson is as ever excellent as the Mr P and gets more than his fair share of good one liners. This is not great cinema, but it is a ruddy good journey and with both action, a love interest and an examination of both family and animal values, but where it scores highest is the gallows humour, so if that is your thing then I am sure you will enjoy. A word should go to the Irish Film Board which keeps helping innovative cinema with funding as is the case here, it is a shame the UK has lost its' council.
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on 30 June 2013
This is a brilliant film, let me say that again, this is a brilliant film. I was told to watch this about a year ago. I remembered the name but never sought it out. It appeared on tele so I gave it a whirl..... Wow. I never review stuff on Amazon but after seeing the reviews that were posted I felt compelled. The script is so tight, so resonant, it's beautiful. The acting is superb, the cast.. pretty flipping stellar. If you like tight, well scripted, intelligent indie films, don't hesitate, just watch.
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Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later &Sunshine) plays a hapless Michael McCray who borrows money from the local gangster, Perrier (Brendan Gleeson - Green Zone). When he struggles to make the repayments, Perrier sends his enforcers round to collect, involving Michael's neighbour and long-time crush Brenda (Jodie Whittaker). When Michael's dad shows up (Jim Broadbent - Hot Fuzz) convinced that he will die the next time he falls asleep, Michael has to try and keep everyone out of harm's way and repay the man he owes, which turns out to be a lot more complicated than he ever could have expected.

With such an excellent set of Irish actors any story was going to be entertaining to watch, Perrier's Bounty is a sinuous tale about debt and gangsters. Jim Broadbent provides the majority of the comic relief as he desperately tries to keep himself awake with coffee, slaps to the face and other less-legal methods. Cillian Murphy plays Michael flawlessly but doesn't really invoke a lot of compassion for his character as he just seems to be so self-involved despite the plight facing his father and Brenda. Despite this, this is a fast-paced film, brilliantly directed by Ian Fitzgibbon, that will keep you chained to the sofa for the duration and provide a good few laughs. Worth a watch!!
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on 12 September 2013
I guess, crime thriller comedies are perhaps not everybody's cup of tea. Add to that this film's setting in Dublin, with a north side accent to boot which some non-Irish viewers may find difficult to understand at times (but, hey, there are always the subtitles), and I can see why some reviewers simply don't fancy this film. Perhaps they also don't appreciate the film's bizarre brand of humour, but if you, dear reader, appreciate all of the above, then this is the film for you. I found it truly funny and was delighted by the amazing Irish cast (Murphy, Gleeson, Cunningham, Wycherley, Delaney, McElhatton, Byrne [voice only]), cameos by one of Gleeson's sons and the author Pat McCabe (Butcher Boy, Breakfast On Pluto), and the very funny Brendan Coyle, playing a small role so unlike Downton Abbey's lovely Mr Bates.

To be fair, Perrier's Bounty is probably one of those films which one either loves or hates, but I - for one - thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on 28 November 2016
I have given this dvd 1star, not for the dvd but for the courtous and speedy manner in which amazon dealt with my telephone query..the dvd was in German which was quite a disapointment as I was really looking forward to watching it.
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on 7 September 2010
Perhaps it is significant that when I saw this film in a movie theatre in NYC I was the only person in the audience. Maybe not.

Jim Broadbent as Da has seen a ghost and is convinced that he will die if he falls asleep. Comic relief fails to describe his antics to stay awake.

Cillian Murphy as Michael McRea hasn't quite put away childish things. When he fails to repay a loan from Mr. Perrier (Brendan Gleeson) his thugs -- nasty people, they are -- are relentless in their pursuit, and one ends up dead from McCrea's gun by his ex-girlfriend (Jodie Whittaker) who really stole it to off herself, things get more than a bit crazy. Then there are the pit bull owners, the gay man bent on avenging his dead partner, and other Snatch- or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels-like weirdosities that Perrier's Bounty tries hard to emulate. And it sort of works.

Since I would pay to watch either Murphy or Broadbent read the telephone directory I rather liked Perrier's Bounty. I think you will, too.
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on 3 January 2013
OK - so I bought this on the strength of the trailer, which, (& I stand to be corrected), gives the impression of it being a black comedy in the vein of "The Guard"/ "In Bruges"/ "Divorcing Jack". However, (in my opinion) it doesn't fall under the comedy banner. It does have it's comedy moments, but so do the majority of films that fall into this category.

It's no more violent than any other film in this genre, if anything I found the violent moments to be some of the more comedic moments. The casting is spot-on, although Brendan Gleeson is becoming a little typecast as the gangster - but as it's a part he plays so well, why not use him for it. Jim Broadbent played his part well - his accent seemed convincing enough to me, but then again, I'm from Nottingham & any accent seems convincing to me. But I had no problems understanding the accents, maybe just the colloquialism, but that'll be the case of any film set in a area that you're not familiar with. Or indeed, being anywhere you're not familiar with. I found the character of Brenda to be irritating & whiny - no surprise her fella was groping someone else down the pub.

All in all, it's a good film - but don't be led into thinking this is going to be a comedy - in my opinion (& before anyone slates me, don't criticise subjectivity) I'd say it's more akin to say, "Layercake". It's a bit like thinking you've ordered a kebab & finding out you've been given fish & chips - both work equally well, but at that moment in time you would have preferred the one you were expecting!!
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on 30 January 2014
Enjoyed this film, A lightweight storyline The great Jim Broadbent stole the scenes for me not to take away from Brendan Gleeson who never faulters. Cilian murphy as usual grows with every film he makes.
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on 21 September 2016
Great little crime movie with some great craic.

Excellent turns from Murphy, Gleeson and Broadbent ably supported by Cunningham and others.

Speaking of Cunningham, this is a bit of a Game Of Thrones rehearsal with Con Hill (Varys) & Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton) also featuring.

Good fun crime caper for a Friday night.
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